Nov 5, 2016
Josh (All reviews)
My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness is a tragicomic autobiography. Kabi Nagata documents her unfinished journey towards adulthood. She experiences loneliness, mental illness, sexual confusion, and general angst about the state of her life. The frankness of Nagata's report is both appalling and amusing.

Nagata lays bare her deepest flaws and darkest thoughts without embarrassment. She doesn't blame other people, an amorphous "society", or bad luck for her personal struggles — she owns them. Other people are portrayed as genuinely helpful, even as Nagata's parents sometimes (inadvertently, comically) contradict her. Nagata's humble expression of personal autonomy is refreshing and sympathetic.

Nagata has a deadpan narration style. She uses irony, caricature, visual metaphor, and other devices to create humour that lifts some of the emotional burden. She avoids flippancy by including some moments of sober reflection. Those moments are unexpected when they arrive, but powerful and necessary.

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness offers much to be appreciated.