Oct 8, 2017
zlello (All reviews)
Note: I've only read a few manga, but please hear me out.

Even though this manga is titled and was designed to capture the reader with the subject of female homosexuality, it successfully captures two sides of different coins. From the surface, one might assume that the whole manga's subject matter is only about lesbianism and the mental damage that affects the protagonist of this manga. However, the manga makes it so that it tackles the struggle of being a lesbian and the mental luggage that can be carried with it, and the author's witty but striking experience as an adult, surfacing to society and its expectations and norms.

In terms of art, the art style is cartoonish and changes when the story needs it. The cartoonish style presents the manga as the author's somewhat comical interpretation of her experiences, and this juxtaposes what we would view as grim and depressing. The use of pink also complements the overall theme of the mang. Overall, the manga is well done and very entertaining. You'll get a laugh here and there and then pause to reflect on the fact that you laughed at someone's demise.