Aug 4, 2017
fishpun (All reviews)
So much about this really hit home for me. It's kind of amazing how two people, brought up on opposite sides of the globe, could have an almost identical experience when it comes to identity, sexuality, and mental health... Having said that, I think even if you are straight and/or a man, there's still a lot of enjoyment to be taken from this humble little volume.

First and foremost: though I know many of you will find other means of reading this story (*wink*), I still feel it's worth mentioning for anyone contemplating buying the physical release that Seven Seas did a fantastic job with this printing! It looks and feels good. Thick, quality paper, crisp and clear print, etc.

But back to my previous point.

Though I feel a good chunk of this manga's audience will be lesbian/bi women and those with mental health issues, I think it's a good read for anyone who fits neither category. The art style is adorable, full of expression and life and she does an excellent job at creating diverse-looking characters so the narrative never gets even mildly confusing! On top of that, it's a good look into many social aspects of Japanese life: how their society deals with mental health, of course, but also more broadly relateable topics such as the quest for love and understanding, the struggle of living up to your parents' expectations, finding a job and the general hardships of entering adulthood.

Another aspect I find deeply fascinating, is that her way of living during this period of her life could be defined as an almost hikikomori lifestyle. So I would say you also get some insight into that aspect of Japanese culture to some degree!

Really, despite its rather dark and dreary subject matter, Nagata does well to emphasize the importance of self love. This is definitely the story of a fighter and not a quitter, so you don't need to worry about coming out of it feeling worse than before! I've only owned this manga for a week and I've already read it twice, because it actually feels like a very uplifting read to me, despite being so uncomfortable (for me, it feels like a mirror is being held up in front of me at many points, haha).

There's still so much more I could say about this manga! Instead I'll end it here with a short summary: 10/10, and I hope and I pray that Seven Seas also decides to release her sequel manga!