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Alternative Titles

English: Kiznaiver
Japanese: キズナイーバー


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 9, 2016 to Jun 25, 2016
Premiered: Spring 2016
Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:30 (JST)
Studios: Trigger
Source: Original
Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.551 (scored by 188,568 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #15552
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Popularity: #182
Members: 389,290
Favorites: 3,046


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Jun 25, 2016
Veronin (All reviews)
Kiznaiver is so stylish and colourful that it is almost blinding. But behind Trigger's beautiful visuals, there just isn't a whole lot else besides an extraordinarily average, if somewhat enjoyable anime-- one that is certainly a noticeable step down from their previous work, Kill la Kill.

This should not be taken as an insinuation that all Kiznaiver has to offer is style without substance. There is value here, and Trigger has evidently tried to capitalise upon some of Kill la Kill's prior successes, particularly with regards to its characters. Kiznaiver tries-- it tries ever so hard-- but in the end crumbles under its own ambition. It read more
Jun 25, 2016
lawlmartz (All reviews)
If you don't know what state your wounds are in, or where you're hurting; if you don't know that for yourself, then there's no point in trying to share it with others is there? -Hisomu

What makes an original?

Is an original a piece that spawns copies, or something that comes from within a creator; something that no one else has ever before thought? Have you ever had an original thought? What if, despite your thought that your idea was original, someone across the globe, someone with whom you have never and will never have contact with had your same idea and yet, weren't able to read more
Jun 25, 2016
ZephSilver (All reviews)
Forced drama, what does it entail? Is it the act of searching for genuine emotion in a place that never offered it? Is it not understanding the limitations of your screenplay? Perhaps it comes from honest attempts to create something organic. Whatever the reason may be, when it happens, it doesn't leave a good aftertaste.

So which is it for Kiznaiver? Is it truly trying to craft something memorable? Is it seeking poignancy in the anguish of others? Is it studio Trigger trying to branch out into unfamiliar territory; a leap of faith, hoping their dedicated followers would comfort them when they fall on their read more
Jun 28, 2016
Cinnamon_Pramma (All reviews)
Have you ever wondering how it must feel when one of your friends or loved ones are in despair? When they’re having a despondent day? Well, look no further because Kiznaiver portrays this theme, and I mean literally.

Kiznaiver is an anime revolving around bonds through pain and sentiment. The story circulates around that of our main protagonist, Katsuhira Agata, a modest, slow teenage boy that grasps no emotions within his hands, accordingly making himself a bullying target. However, the bullying that consistently approaches him from every direction is beyond his concerns and most notably, his pain. Him, alongside with 5 other teenagers’ read more
Jun 25, 2016
MozillaFennekin (All reviews)
Something something, anime is saved. Except that’s for Luluco.

Welcome to Keeeeeeeeeznaiver, the new full-length anime series from the meme machine known as Studio Trigger, where we come together and cut our pain into pieces. You might be thinking that this show is edgy. And it totally is. But then you watch red-headed Kamina punch someone in the face with his ass and then teabag him, and it’s reassuring that this is gonna be much more light-hearted than you’d expect.

Going more into detail about what this madness is about, it’s easily one of the lamest concepts presented in a while. It’s about seven weirdos who get read more
Feb 1, 2017
Momoka- (All reviews)
Why do we hurt each other? Have you ever walked by a couple on the street, bickering and arguing, and suddenly wondered why people are so keen on making each other suffer? Why is it that we feel so frustrated seeing someone get viciously angry in an argument, yet when we’re actually a part of the argument, we feel justified to do so? Why is it that when we witness conflicts revolving around things we deem insignificant, we think people are ultimately petty, yet we have arguments equally as petty all the time? Why is it that we feel so frustrated when someone talks behind read more
Jun 25, 2016
Xururuca (All reviews)

Have you ever planned to watch an anime with no expectation then it impressed you so much? For me, Kiznaiver is the first anime in that situation.

I read the synopsis of it and found it interesting but thought it would probably be really bad. When I watched the first episode I was impressed and it was interesting. Then I continued and ''Now, this is really good.''

The thing that I liked most about the anime is everything fits the anime nearly perfectly. The art, the music, the characters, everything... Just give the director his award already!

Every episode I get sad because I think ''This probably read more
Jun 25, 2016
Stark700 (All reviews)
Ah Kiznaiver. From the studio that bought forth the crazy battle-centric Kill la Kill and supernatural battle school theme series When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace emerges this series. As an original title, I had some doubts about the show at first. Because quite honestly, the show’s premise invites a lot of questions. These may include what exactly is the “Kizuna system”, what’s its purpose, and why does it exist?

Coming into this series, I was a little intimidated at first. The idea of the Kizuna system brings a connection between characters (whom become known as “Kiznaiver”) through human emotions by sharing wounds and pain. These read more
Jun 30, 2016
LIQfilms (All reviews)
Kiznaiver was the latest anime production by Studio Trigger, a studio who I really like and the one I am most anticipating whenever a new anime is announced from this studio. However, Kiznaiver, while not a bad show, was one with a lot of forced drama and it's characters felt more so like plot devices than actual people.

The main problem I had with this anime was the narrative and the characters. Now, on their own, I found the characters to be fun and likeable, and the interactions and comedy between them felt natural and genuinely funny. The only problem with the comedy was the timing. read more
Jun 25, 2016
Genjutsuhh (All reviews)
Human emotions is a topic that has always proved to be challenging to present in any form of media. It is something very vast and the understanding of which completely varies from person to person, thus often leads people to having different perspectives towards the work in question. Kiznaiver stood as one of the shows to take this challenge upon itself but like most, was unable to deliver in a way that could be deemed worthwhile.


The concept and setting of the show is fairly interesting. It’s sure to grab anyone’s attention as the nature of the show holds a lot of potential for deep storytelling read more
Oct 17, 2016
WhiteMale (All reviews)
What does it mean to hurt? What does it mean to love? What does it mean to be a friend? Kiznaiver, a Drama/SciFi manga adaptation from Studio Trigger (Spring 2016), takes a stab at a heavily character driven story and completely succeeds. The show uses it’s beautiful animation + soundtrack, objectively unique and strong characterization, and deep philosophical questioning of human connection to deliver a new twist on the plot of Rebirth and a meaningful re-imagination of anime’s friendship cliché.

Love or hate the show, there’s no denying Studio Trigger ‘showed up’ for the art of Kiznaiver. Each character has an identity, their looks reflecting read more
Jun 30, 2016
SixZeroSeven (All reviews)
What better way to make friends is there than making them feel your pain?...Is most likely an accurate way to describe what this anime is about.


Kiznaiver is an anime that focuses more on the characters and their development rather than the story.Because of that,there is the imminent confusion to where the plot intends to go.
It starts with Katsuhira and his dream of a blue haired girl telling him that ''he'll definitely get his pain back''.Because of his lack of feelings,Kacchon is bullied and extorted money from.One day he meets a mysterious girl who pushes him off the stairs.The protagonist wakes up in what seems to read more
Feb 4, 2018
Misperception (All reviews)

This anime had an original idea, amazing potential, and good art, but it went downhill very quickly after about the fourth episode. Honestly I normally wouldn't rate an anime with a 1 unless I really, really disliked it, but this was definitely one of the most disappointing anime I have watched. A large part of the reason for that was all the unnecessary, forced shipping.

I know that a lot of people hated Chidori, but I actually liked her. She had a lot of passion for Katsuhira, and loved him deeply. Not to mention she was friends with him for many years, and even read more
Jan 30, 2019
ivanespanyol (All reviews)
The plot isn't mindblowing despite the originality of the kiznaiver project (although I really liked the idea) and there are some scenes that are "unnecesary" if you take them like real events, but they are metaphors used to get the messages across.

If you take seriously the points that brings to the table and think thoroughly about your memories, relations you had or have right now and... the human condition in general, I think that you can really comprehend what they wanted to achieve and see how well they did it.

I was skeptical and I though that it would be an anime just read more
Jun 26, 2016
JOJVONJOJ (All reviews)
Kiznaiver's is a mess that devolves from a show with an interesting premise and wacky trigger-esq characters into a melodramatic, boring waste of time that fails to deliver any real depth and ultimately leaves you regretting giving it the time of day.

My biggest problem with Kiznaiver situates from its dialogue; the writing in this show is absolutely atrocious and towards the end of the show becomes downright cringy in its directness. Few of the conversations between the characters feel legitimate as the characters are screaming the situation at you and telling you how to feel. Dialogue is meant to be utilised to give the read more
Sep 16, 2016
AoiHonoo (All reviews)
There are so many things wrong with this anime and its setting. The Kizna system in the end is just a plot device as a cheap explanation to have things make sense and fails at that. The warning signs were right there from the first and second episode. The protagonist gets pushed down some stairs, he's saved by having his pain shared among six other people (how the heck that works is anyone's guess), yet he and the six others right afterwards look and react totally fine, when the protagonist should at least have a couple broken bones and that pain should read more
Apr 28, 2017
FrozenRoy (All reviews)
Kiznaiver is a show with a fairly interesting premise and some actually quite good art and sound design, which is largely let down by a somewhat flat and rushed plot. To start with, the opening is a trippy experience with some slick visuals and a catchy song and the most memorable part of the show for sure, and I should note it has a pretty nice ED too. The character designs are for the most part pretty good and only Sonozaki is notably generic, and even then it actually works fairly well with her characters. The introduction makes her come off as rather crazy and read more
Jul 3, 2016
jc9622 (All reviews)
So what happens when 7 people, who knows almost nothing much about each other, are forced into a situation where they have to work together, know about each other's past, feeling each other's pain together (both physically and emotionally) and etc.? Well, Kiznaiver shows us how and they did a pretty good job presenting us how

[Story]: (7/10)
One day Katsuhira, Chidori, and four other teenagers are abducted and forced to join the Kizuna System as official "Kiznaivers." Those taking part are connected through pain: if one member is injured, the others will feel an equal amount of agony. These individuals must become the lab rats and read more
Jun 27, 2016
BlueKite (All reviews)
Kiznaiver is a show that has an absurd premise yet fails to deliver because it tries to take itself way too seriously with the melodrama. The main cast are a bunch of eccentrics, some stand out and some feel underwhelming. The stylistic visuals are nice to look at but any other show can uphold that characteristic. The Kizna System is an interesting concept that could have been used as a subversion of “the bonds of friendship” cliché, yet it tries to reinforce that very own cliché and even wander into romance territory.

The “sharing of pain” is not properly grounded. What if the other person read more
Jul 23, 2017
Aidan (All reviews)
As an anime established around people and how those people interact with one another, Kiznaiver’s cast should be memorable and fleshed out. However, for over half the characters, this just doesn’t seem to be the case as they fall short when compared to other anime with similar goals such as Hibike Euphonium and Zankyou no Terror.

In fact, Kiznaiver flounders in almost every aspect aside from it’s stunning visuals and decent soundtrack. These strengths are made apparent in the anime’s opening theme which pairs a decent and memorable song with flashy visuals that catch the viewer's attention. I think this opening is also full of read more