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Japanese: キズナイーバー
English: Kiznaiver
German: Kizunaiver
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 9, 2016 to Jun 25, 2016
Premiered: Spring 2016
Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:30 (JST)
Studios: Trigger
Source: Original
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.391 (scored by 325684325,684 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #20692
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #239
Members: 662,694
Favorites: 4,632

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All of the characters of both series are brought together through events none had asked for. They are tasked with understanding each others pains both emotionally and physically. A seemingly usual day like none other will soon spiral into a chaotic array of self discovery, growth of interpersonal relationships, and unwanted thoughts are brought to the surface. Unconscious decisions are suddenly questioned and naïve ones could prove fatal. 
report Recommended by PinkHeart19
In each show the main cast is forced to suddenly forced into a situation where they have to work together as a team to accomplish one goal. All the characters are quite different from one another in both Kiznaiver and AnoHana. Their friendships gradually develop along with their differences. The art style is also very similar in each show. The main difference is the plot and the end goal. If you enjoyed the unique characters in either series or liked the way the story unfolded I would recommend the other. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Sci-fi backdrop becomes the catalyst for an ensemble of teenagers to learn how to understand and come to grips with interpersonal relationships. Melodrama and love polygons ensue in both. Additionally, both shows are productions with the talent of Studio Trigger. 
report Recommended by jinruihokan
Both series are about a group of teenagers who may have never met otherwise being brought together under a common goal through shared supernatural abilities. 
report Recommended by Achachan
-Both have flashbacks -Same sorta art style -Love both of them  
report Recommended by Tvler
Both place an emphasis on connecting and relating to others. 
report Recommended by Nathan_B
One word: connections. The circumstances which the main characters are dragged into force them to find out more about each other - whether they like it or not. As their relationships grow and change, they come face to face with what it means to be truly connected with others. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
Searching for more crazy love triangle/polygon/whatever? Then check Ano Natsu de Matteru. Both shows are about a group of teenagers living their summer with each other and experiencing feelings of friendship and love. Some characters really resemble each other as well, and it's hard to know who to root for when there's so many lovable people involved.  
report Recommended by MaahHeim
- In both shows we meet a group of young people who are all very different from eachother. - The characters in both shows are forced to be labrats for some madmans invention. They are then forced to work together towards a common goal to be set free again. - The mcs from both shows are both rather dense. 
report Recommended by Kyabi
Both explore the topic of human emotions and relationships in a darker setting. 
report Recommended by animedork95
The premise of a gorup of peopel who have to work together to solve a problem. With Kiznaiver, the characters are connected through shared pain, while for Tokyo 24-Ku, their strength lies within a mysterious phone call from a dead friend which heightens their individual strong points (strength, intellect, logic). Both settings are in a special administrative zones or experimental cities that separate them from the standard governance of typical Japan. 
report Recommended by MMayonaka
Spoiler? Both are about children and research. Underground/ hidden because it's inhumane... 
report Recommended by WeiWeiWei
Both anime mix serious, psychological questions with weird and funny situations. They both have a mismatched group of characters being forced into hard tasks by mysterious, unknown people. If you like one, you'll probably like the other one.  
report Recommended by lunarpen
Random characters learning to accept and share the pain with each other to make more friends . 
report Recommended by FilipeJourney
Main character has insignificant memories about a mysterious female character. The animes both include some kind of hidden laboratory involving children. Each anime involves the characters having to participate in unwanted challenges to survive. Deadman wonderland is a lot more gore and serious, but Kiznaiver has blood too. 
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
Colorful anime with equally vibrant and interestingly queer characters that share an unintentional connection. They both have a mix of drama and action with a good focus on character development. While it's more evident in GC, both works touch on the subject of society structures and dynamics.  
report Recommended by Tunpa
Both showsdrive our attention towards the psychological tendencies of characters and their way of interacting with their environment. Each story takes place in a reclaimed territory (Youkoso -- Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, Kiznaiver -- Sugomori City), processing some kind of a special plan for advancing society (being world peace in Kiznaiver, and highly educated students with guaranteed university admission and employment in Youkoso). Consequently, the main setup of the plot are teenagers try to deal with the challenges and trials imposed on them from above by a powerful system. The main male characters resemble each other too. Those who enjoyed either of them  read more 
report Recommended by kanade1111
Both focus on the development of the characters and their relationships, mainly teenagers with some kind of trauma or existential angst/dread. Both from studio Trigger, so expect flashy art style and animation.  
report Recommended by ThatGuyNaruto
Friendship is tested as well as the secret/hidden society element. In both anime, there is a start of despair that the characters harden up to make it through. 
report Recommended by AngelOfGrace123
These are alike in the fact that they both feature the love interests of a bunch of people instead of focusing on just one couple. Difference mainly is that kiznaiver has supernatural elements that are a great part of the show where Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita does not* 
report Recommended by BlondiG321
Both of them introduce us in a new world, or the race to make it one, with a group of differents children who are discovering themselves but with the same long distance goal: to connect people, to stop war, to prevent violence. Kiznaiver is more drastic at the beginning, while Shin Sekai Yori is quite at ease in the introduction. Both of them have a unique art and design. But if you like the dark themed, psychological and ideal-making-world, you will enjoy both. 
report Recommended by requimcompany123
Gave me really really similar vibes. Both involved characters befriending new people and growing through situations with them.  
report Recommended by brokenraccoon
Both main characters have trouble with displaying emotion 
report Recommended by MercerTheLegend
Before noting similarities, there's a huge difference: Kiznaiver is intense since it has mystery and dystopian elements, and Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda is really light hearted and closer to real, normal life. But if you like anime about a motley crew who come to share cute and heart-wrenching friendships and relationships, then these two both give groups of people who become close despite the odds. 
report Recommended by stars_and_mars
First of all I've got to say that I got pretty much the same vibe from K as from Kiznaiver. In K the main character doens't know everything of his past and who he really is, so it is also in Kiznaiver. In both anime the main character has a funny and eccentric company and tries to survive with them in a bit weird(?) environment while other people tries to have fun of them or get rid of them.  
report Recommended by Suoniemi
Dealing extensively with the concept of adolescents about friendship, attachment, and intimacy as they deal with angst, grudges, and confrontation with one another. The distinctions are in the ambiance, atmosphere, and concepts used. I think both can give the same feelings of grief or sorrow as both have a heavy dramatic premise. 
report Recommended by Solaris-----
I know, Kanon looks like it was made decades ago. (It actually did) but I still watched it for only about 10 times. (There are ones I've watched over 20 times and hitting 30) and Kiznaiver is rather new. Kanon has quite a few dramatic stories and arcs, and Kiznaiver is mainly about *Ahem* Dramatic physical attacks to one another (With a scar). But yeah, watch them both, even though people dislike Kiznaiver, and I don't get why. (Maybe they need to think more to get the story). -Both are dramatic, and heart warming. 
report Recommended by 7Raen7
Both have a similar plot about human connections. If your there for that kind of plot that is. Although evangelion does it in a more metaphorical way, kizna does it in an easier to understand way, physically showing the connections 
report Recommended by skyzer14
This one also deals with lots of emotional , traumatic experiences of teenagers, the sci-fi aspects are there so are a varied cast of characters. Plus its also from the same writer of Ano hana so thats there 
report Recommended by memSaheb001
Both have a very fun storyline and very heavy focus on characters, which are very exaggerated and lovable! ALso both have an amazing art style and BANGER OP xD 
report Recommended by MrCattyWolf
Both of these animes explore emotions and explore the feelings of empathy and those that come with making connections with others. Both are good to watch if you're ready for some feels! 
report Recommended by nikster111
Both are niche anime that scratch that itch for a story-based anime with a fun and colorful cast of characters that drives it home. Also, both are set in a semi (but not completely fantastical) non-realistic universe that you're sure to enjoy. 
report Recommended by MrCattyWolf
"Just Because!" reminds me of "Kiznaiver" despite it lacking the sci-fi aspect. The romantic character dynamics are complicated but in a good way. The two can genuinely bring in the excitement as each scene unfolds; this is due to the fact that it introduces a fresh concept, an idea where two (or more) persons love the same person. As for my opinion, both are entertaining to watch, although it might be boring in some parts it is satisfying nonetheless. Haven't watched anything like these in a while, and I am glad I gave it a chance. 
report Recommended by Solaris-----
Similar in terms of their premise, having high school students form a connection with one another as they strengthen their bond. A bond that deeply introduces the concept within the difference between platonic attachment and romantic attachment, utilizing the said concept that highly influences its plot. As for my opinion, I think they are similar due to them focusing more on the character-driven aspects than the plot-driven ones. Moreover, both have the same gloomy, dramatic, and angst atmosphere with a background that is pretty much the same if it wasn't for the genre (since one utilizes fantasy concepts while the other uses sci-fi ones). In any  read more 
report Recommended by Solaris-----
They both have a very select group of people who have supernatural phenomenon forced upon them by an outside force. Both shows have a believable hook, and well written characters to go along with it. The romances in both shows are understandable and both have very satisfying ends.  
report Recommended by Am_Meep
Although the stories are completely different, but both titles share some similarities. Characters There are some characters that looks similar -Decim & Katsuhira : Both white haired main characters who cannot feels pain and doesn't have many facial expressions.. (spoiler) But they cry like a baby after seeing the sad truth (end of spoiler).. -Ginti & Tenga : Both are high tempered guys. -Clavis & Hisomu : Both have piercing and somehow have similar personality (although Hisomu is a masochist). Both anime filled with drama and its elements.. and the characters in both anime must playing games in order to accomplish something.. 
report Recommended by renzospark
Legitimately the same exact concept except M3 is a mecha series and Kiznaiver isn't. Group of teens learning to understand each other and feel each other's pain. 
report Recommended by RogerSmith2004
Both are fun, colourful and crazy. Friendship is a heavy component. Both stories become clear and serious at the end. 
report Recommended by OddOnes
Both titles delve into the themes of exploring interpersonal bonds in unique environments against their will of the protagonist, pairing them up with complete strangers. While having different settings, both plots incorporate a sci-fi mystery aspect that is well crafted that unfolds and thickens the plot greatly throughout the story. They both start off on the lighter side, exploring characters and their bonds and finish with deep and interesting plots worthy of making them sci-fi tags. 
report Recommended by Tenebris-Lux
Kiznaiver and Punchline! are crazy similar and I'm surprised it hasn't been recommended yet. Both have two main characters who remember they were in an experimental hospital thing when they were young and both start to remember old memories of the stuff done to them. Both have a romance between the characters that were friends when they were little and both are great Sci-fi shows with awesome endings. 
report Recommended by Thnx4dafood
A Breakfast Club-esque group of teens from vastly different cliques are kidnapped by a shady organization, experimented on, and told that they must work together to complete several bizarre missions or they will all die. Both are anime-original shows that feature the writing prowess of Mari Okada and about as much teenage angst and melodrama as you could hope for. Both also have strong, unique senses of style with striking character designs and fluid animation. Red Garden focuses on its female protagonists and is more serious and grounded, whereas Kiznaiver has a male lead and is much sillier, but while their tones differ their central  read more 
report Recommended by q_3
You might think that Re:Creators and Kiznaiver have nothing in common, but I'll show you otherwise. Re:Creators is set up as a reverse isekai with action, but the narrative effort is on the forced melodrama from the characters lying to themselves and others. Conflict is resolved through introspection and mutual understanding rather than beating your opponents. This is very much the reason why people like Kiznaiver. If you disliked this aspect of Re:Creators then avoid Kiznaiver at all cost.  
report Recommended by lancelot200
Random characters learning to accept and share the pain with each other to make more friends . 
report Recommended by FilipeJourney
Two short animes about love, friendship, supernatural stuff and serious topics that aren't usually mentioned in anime. 
report Recommended by Sir-up
Both series develop their characters to make the audience sympathise with them (Nico and Diana) and then put on a darker plot twist near the end of the story to know how messed up the situation/storyline is (The Kiznaiver system and Shiny Chariot's magic) And lastly, they're from the same studio (Trigger) 
report Recommended by uchimaki131
+ Visually distinct + Great soundtrack. + Centered around pain, love, friendships and hardships.  
report Recommended by Minoo_
-> Both are very colorful animes -> both have MCs that took part in an experiment when they were children -> both give a similar feeling off Main difference: Hamatora is about an agency that deals with supernatural powers, Kiznaiver revolves around wounds that connect people.  
report Recommended by Nao
Both shows have a cast of characters that have broken or dysfunctional traits who are sucked into a program that intends to give them a purpose or goal. Both series also share the same director and script writer.  
report Recommended by SeasideLua
-Both anime have something to do with the seven deadly sins -Both involve a group that are connected -Both have a lot of main characters with very colorful personalities  
report Recommended by thelectricow
Kiznaiver and Dimension W take place in a futuristic society. In each series there is a futuristic version of modern technology/services, In Kiznaiver it's kind of like a futuristic version of free health care, where the six main characters each feel pain for each others wounds. While in Dimension W it is a futuristic version of energy called coils, which were implemented after they discovered the fourth dimension Dimension W 
report Recommended by 64BitRatchet
The main characters all get together through a power that has connected them. Both are in a school with most of the story being character driven. 
report Recommended by kurac
Similar atmosphere, teenager as the main casts, sci-fi, supernatural things, and human experiments. 
report Recommended by renzospark
Both of these anime have strong plots and well developed characters to keep you invested through the whole show. They also deal with themes such as love and friendship, however they use different plot devices to do so. As each show progresses, different character relations form and conflicts between friends will arise, which really helped flesh out the characters as well as add another level of suspense. Overall, these anime have different plotlines, but deal with similar elements, whether it be themes or characters. 
report Recommended by Gameface121