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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
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DeidarasRing Apr 29, 5:57 PM
Kytren Apr 14, 8:26 AM
You don't continue some sequels like kizumonogatari 3,mha s5 and aot s4?
YeetYoloLol Apr 12, 10:35 AM
Fellow Hu Tao connoisseur I see.
Monkey_Business Apr 5, 6:41 PM
Yeah it is, at first I was kinda underwhelmed and didn't really want to continue but due to my no-drop policy I had to continue and I don't regret continuing.
Monkey_Business Apr 4, 6:27 PM
Hey dude, I recommend Megalo Box, it's a sport anime but it's not cringe, not full of pretty boys, not melodramatic and stupid. It's raw, gritty and realistic. Don't worry I'm not a fanboy telling everyone to watch it, I just checked your profile and I was curious on what you'd think of it.
KuroNekoAlchemy Mar 29, 11:15 AM
I fucking pulled 100 times during hu tao banner and got keqing
FpsArena Mar 24, 10:06 AM
Oooof, the day they are going to do a rerun of Ganyu is the day I'll become a whale on this game. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm also waiting for the return of geo daddy Zhongli, which is hopefully about to come soon.
Kytren Mar 23, 6:16 PM
you don't watch your ptw list? especilly opm
FpsArena Mar 23, 11:01 AM
Hu Tao supremacy (but best waifu is Ningguang).
vegeta8639 Mar 12, 8:36 AM
Well for good reason since Ayaka's design is probably the best in the game so far and it looks like she'll be incredibly strong too. Not to mention her Iai fighting style and the fact that she's from the region based on Japan so I'm sure many anime fans would be interested.
Don't care about Rosaria either but Venti's ult is kinda busted so I'm tempted to roll a little just to see what happens. Probably won't get to 75 pity anyway since I'm mostly f2p.

Regarding the weapon banners, in terms of making the characters I like stronger it's either weapon or constellations and I figure a no refinement 5 star weapon is a much higher power boost than just their C1 or even C2. Especially for someone like Hu Tao where her C1 just makes her charged attack not cost stamina. I'm sure it's nice but the weapon is gonna have way more impact. Hopefully they'll give us a nice banner where both 5 star weapons are good so I won't be too upset whichever one I drop. Pretty much any bow would work or a 5 star book for Klee.
vegeta8639 Mar 10, 6:01 PM
No I mean the standard banner unfortunately. My primogems went towards the Hu Tao banner since getting the spear wouldn't make much sense with no actual Hu Tao to use it. Maybe if they rerun the spear in a few months I'll try for it but I am planning to save for Ayaka currently.

But regardless I heard pretty much any 5 star spear would be better so I don't wanna waste my starglitter just to drop a better spear a week later. With 5 weapon types the odds should be around 10% for any spear so I feel like it's worth waiting when I'm this close to the pity anyway.
Not like I particularly need Hu Tao to be battle ready right now. I got her to level 90 with lvl 6 talents so she can relax in the back while I farm her artifacts with my other characters.
vegeta8639 Mar 10, 5:34 AM
Hello I also have a Hu Tao. Have literally no spears though except for the shitty Dragonspine one so she's not doing much yet. I'm hoping to drop a 5 star one from the standard banner (currently 67 pity) or else I might buy the crit damage one from the shop.
imaclassicman19 Mar 9, 9:19 AM
Nice! I've accepted ur friend request! I've been playing since November but then I took like a month break back in December. Came back in January and I've been having a blast ever since!
maxxielow Mar 7, 9:19 PM
Hello! Thanks for accepting my friend request!

JuanlikesAnime Mar 4, 4:39 PM
F in the chat