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Aug 9, 2020
Tower of God has got to be the most boring shounen anime I've ever watched in my life and this is coming from someone who generally enjoys watching shounen. Almost everything about this series, aside from its actions scenes, are equivalent to taking a bunch of sleeping pills. Hell, my brother has insomnia and he thanked me for recommending this series to him because it actually made him f*cking fall asleep. I guess that's one part of the show that I'm grateful for. /s

(There will be SPOILERS in my review)


The ridiculous over-hyping from the manwha fans wasn't the only reason why I was hyped read more
May 14, 2017
I haven't watched "New Game!" in like a year now but this OVA just further proves to me why I fell in love with this series. Characters are still great and their interactions are as great as ever. This OVA should be enough while I'm impatiently waiting for the 2nd Season (Why can't July come soon enough?? X0)

Anyways, the cover should give you an idea of what this OVA episode is going to be about. After finishing their project, they hold a company vacation and decide to go to a ski resort. Just like the series, I love this episode because of its hilarious moments read more
Dec 31, 2016
Hibike Euphonium getting a sequel was a big surprise for me but I was excited nonetheless. As someone who loved the first season so much (mostly because I'm part of a concert band (Percussionist) ), I had high expectations for the sequel and now that it's over. It definitely lived up to my expectations.

(There will be SPOILERS in my review)

[Story]: (8.5/10)
The 2nd Season of Hibike Euphonium picks up right where the first season ended. The Kitauiji High School Concert Band has won a gold and they now have have a new goal: To reach and win the Nationals.

You'll notice something different when you read more
Dec 24, 2016
I was excited when I heard that Working!! is getting a new anime series. Working!! ended on a beautiful and conclusive note but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted more so I prayed for more and I guess the Gods of Anime must have heard my prayers by giving us this "spin-off". You know what I have to say about this new series? It lived up to my expectations.

WWW.Working!! is technically the first in the franchise. This was adapted from a web manga called "Working!! Web-ban" which came first before the beloved "Working" which we all know and love. Basically, it was like read more
Dec 20, 2016
I know you're looking at the studio right now and thinking "Hmm White Fox? I bet this is also going to be dark like Steins;Gate or Re:Zero". I'll get right to the point but this is NOT a magical girl show with a dark atmosphere. This is just a regular magical girl show. However, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this show.

[Story]: (6.5/10)
The story of "Soushin Shojou Matoi" (or Matoi The Sacred Slayed in English) isn't anything special like Madoka Magica or Yuki Yuna is a Hero. It's basically about a normal middle school girl named "Matoi" who wants to live read more
Nov 12, 2016
When it comes to anime that's focused on hotspring setting, you usually get a lot of fanservice but Hanasaku Iroha is not one of those anime. This series is one of most captivating and relaxing slice of life series I've watched.

The number one criticism that I heard the most in this series is how the staff didn't stick with the plot that the first two episodes showed us and instead showed us a bunch of random slice of life "filler" moments until the last few episodes where they "finally got back on track". I put those quotes there because I did not say read more
Nov 5, 2016
It's honestly sad that this series sold like garbage in Japan when this series is clearly better than a bunch of magical high school harem ecchi garbage that we get nowadays. Out of all the A-1 Pictures anime shows I have watched, Shinsekai Yori is definitely one of, if not, their best series that they have ever made.

[Story]: (9.5/10)
The story is set in Japan a millennium from now. Five children—the protagonist Saki, Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, and Shun—have been born and raised in a tranquil town that can be described as a utopia, overflowing with water and green foliage. After a certain incident, Saki and read more
Nov 4, 2016
I learned two things while I was watching Tales of Zestiria the X.
1: Ufotable is one of the few studios in the world who can adapt a video game properly and with extreme care
2: Their visuals and animation never ceases to amaze me.

[Story]: (6/10)
Tales of Zestiria doesn't really have the best story out there. It's nothing innovative, it's nothing new and it's been done before. I played the game and I wasn't really impressed with the game's story and it's the same case here. It wasn't shit or anything. The story was just decent, at best. It's just a story of "Good vs read more
Oct 29, 2016
We all know that Love Live! is an economically successful franchise. I admit, I've also sinked some of my money on Love Live! 'cause I'm a big fan of the franchise. So it's no surprise that this got a spin off. I was really hyped for Sunshine and now that I finished the series, did it live up to my expectations?

(This review will contain SPOILERS)

When Sunshine got announced, I got really excited because I wanted to see more Love Live!. I was skeptical though because when I saw the 10 minutes character introduction PV for LL Sunshine, not only do some characters of this new read more
Oct 22, 2016
Barakamon is one of my favourite slice of life anime of all time and I was disappointed that it only has 12 episodes. After hearing about the prequel, I got a bit too excited because I get to see more of Handa but I also told myself that the prequel exists just to capitalize on Barakamon's success. And.....After finishing the show, I guess I was right.

There's a lot of reasons why I love Barakamon. From its relaxing settings to Naru being one of the cutest and most fun anime characters to watch to Handa’s amazing growth and him coming to terms with his career read more