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Sep 25, 2016
Battery (Anime) add (All reviews)
Every so often comes along an Anime within the sports genre which gives us more fun games to explore and exciting moments to look forward to, but how often do we get a sports Anime that goes slightly beyond the standard. One that attempts to push the envelope, one that tries to introduce a thought provoking idea, all the while presenting its sport of choice by its side and using it as an enhancement to its overall storytelling. Battery… Was ‘supposed’ to be one of those shows.


One thing that I strongly feel a need of getting out before anything else is that this may or read more
Jun 26, 2016
For the spring 2016 Anime lineup, Boku no Hero Academia was considered as the main shounen title of the season, and for good reason. It had everything going for it that you’d need in a good shounen and was something that could easily be picked up by anyone at any time. But the real thing to consider here is, even though it managed to stand as a good show to watch overall, was it truly able to Go Beyond (Plus Ultra!!) any of what the genre has set as its standard?


For the most part, the story doesn’t really have much to talk about. Well, at read more
Jun 25, 2016
Human emotions is a topic that has always proved to be challenging to present in any form of media. It is something very vast and the understanding of which completely varies from person to person, thus often leads people to having different perspectives towards the work in question. Kiznaiver stood as one of the shows to take this challenge upon itself but like most, was unable to deliver in a way that could be deemed worthwhile.


The concept and setting of the show is fairly interesting. It’s sure to grab anyone’s attention as the nature of the show holds a lot of potential for deep storytelling read more
Jun 11, 2016
Within the Slice-of-Life genre, it’s no surprise to see a cast of characters doing mundane things, going about their ‘ordinary’ daily lives while trying their best to be cute at it. Now what if we took the exact same formula but pulled the ‘ordinary’ right out of it, leaving not even a speck of it behind and blended the remains with some of the most ridiculous ideas and scenarios that one could think of. The result wouldn’t be too far from the Anime known as ‘Nichijou’.

This aspect is a bit difficult to consider when it comes to Nichijou, because the show doesn’t really follow any read more
May 20, 2016
The "Cute girls, doing cute things" has become somewhat of a staple towards the slice of life genre and shows offering such themes have quite evidently been flooding the medium ever since it became a thing. While looking at it from a more basic perspective, Tamako Market, too, belongs under the same theme but quite thankfully offers more to look towards that allow it to stand out from the rest. Though, even considering what it does offer, the real question arises.. Is it enough ?

The story starts out basic enough and is quite easy to digest which works as a plus point for most situations. read more
Jul 1, 2015
When dealing with time travel in story-writing, one has to look out for many things as such a topic is highly prone to having many plot holes due to being so vast and confusing but then also being so interesting. Steins;Gate takes on that very topic for itself, but does it manage to present itself in a way worthy of such a theme ?

The story of Steins;Gate starts off a bit slow at first but doesn't take long to take off with a fairly complex plot filled with many twists and also presents the tale of the famous internet legend of 'John Titor' into the read more
Jun 30, 2015
During the time of its airing, Akame ga Kill was considered as one of the most hyped Animes mostly due to its dark tone, exciting fights and fairly violent scenes. However the question is, did it live up to the hype ?

The story of Akame ga Kill will surely grab the hearts of some due to the way the first episode is presented.. But sadly, things don't go too well after that. The plot is very linear and nothing new is ever really presented to change this in any way during the entire show, and because of this it can get very predictable at times. read more