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Feb 4, 2018
"Dear Enemy, all that makeup that you wear... will never hide, there's a devil under there." - Night Club, "Dear Enemy"

Devilman Crybaby- it's a difficult piece of work to truly encompass when you look at its legacy, and the inextricable legacy of its creator, Go Nagai. I could probably spend 10 hours talking about what all anime, creators, writers, and directors have been directly influenced by Nagai, Nagai's works, and creations, but I'm going to try and do it in 9.

A little background on Nagai before we get started: Go Nagai is to anime/manga what Ozzy Osbourne and King Diamond are to rock music. read more
Sep 22, 2017
What is the measure of a classic?

The dictionary would suggest that a classic is: n. is an outstanding example of a particular style; something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality; of the first or highest quality, class, or rank – something that exemplifies its class. Something that stands the test of time, is remembered fondly, and has continued appeal.

Historically, the world classic itself typically imbues a connotation of antiquity- Greeks, Romans, ancient literature, artwork, even music. It inspires originality and derives from that a long-lasting impact.

The audience would likely suggest a less abstract definition and instead give examples. In film, you'd read more
Dec 22, 2016
Imagine for a moment that you're a recent graduate of a prestigious art school in Japan. You land your big boy job at a studio known for their terrible ecchi adaptations. Months of slavishly working late nights pass, drawing frames for trashy harem comedies after garbage light novel adaptations, and all the magic and wonder of animation has been replaced with a visceral hatred and complacency; because, face it, you can always quit and get a lower paying job drawing hentai.
You get a promotion, all of a sudden you're key animating, and life gets a little better. The next day, the first thing that read more
Nov 28, 2016
Lately, there's been a paradigm shift in the demand for reviews. Specifically: of the objective variety. I've been criticized in my writing for the use of personal feelings, opinions, and things like hyperbole and sarcasm. If the denizens of this site, in all their bounty of knowledge are the purveyors of reviewing wisdom that they claim to be, then I must have been doing it wrong all this time. So, with that said, I am going to review the anime Sword Art Online II, but completely devoid of emotions, untainted by my thoughts, and without the colors of my opinion getting in the way of read more
Nov 28, 2016
"There's one thing about this job you need to remember: doing this job never feels rewarding." -Isla

Well thanks for that, Isla. Sometimes that's the reviewer's life too.

Onto Plastic Memories-

The Good Stuff:

Sound and Voice Acting: 7

So, we've got some super veterans like the awesome Megumi Toyoguchi (Revy, Black Lagoon, Winry, FMA/B) as the underutilized, but funny psycho boss, Kazuki. Sora Amamiya (Touka, Tokyo Ghoul) also heads up as Isla, and does a good job playing the airhead, naive character. There's also Mr. "Screw The Rules" Seto Kaiba himself, Kenjirou Tsuda. The OST is a bit underwhelming, and during some key moments is actually silent. Very forgettable. read more
Nov 24, 2016
Anime is a production.
As of late, there are few genres of anime (aside from the ever popular time travel) that I've seen take off as much as the MMO/Fantasy RPG/Living inside a video game. 2014 had more SAO, "No Game No Life" and "Log Horizon", 2015 had such hits as "Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?" (Danmachi), "Overlord", and "Bikini Warriors". Given that many anime consumers in Japan (keep in mind, this is who anime is made for, despite the odd trend to the contrary) also consume video games- it makes sense from a demographic and market share read more
Nov 16, 2016
Yeah okay, I get it. I’m about two years late to the party. I had just joined MAL when Akame Ga Kill ended, and I thought the flood of reviews for it was never going to stop, so I just kept sitting on this review and never published it. Then I went on the Maury show and they determined that the previous statement was a lie, and that I’m also the father of 18 month old Jimbob. Thanks a lot Maury, you jerk!

No, I finished Akame recently, and while I can’t say that it’s exactly deserving of all the praise that was heaped on read more
Oct 16, 2016
Vulnerability is the essence of romance. It's the art of being uncalculated, the willingness to look foolish, the courage to say, 'This is me, and I'm interested in you enough to show you my flaws with the hope that you may embrace me for all that I am but, more important, all that I am not.'

Nope, not a Tennyson quote. This one by Ashton Kutcher, of all people. I never would have guessed, myself.

What do we think of when we hear the word romance? A vision of a couple sitting in the sunset, fingers intertwined, lips together? A complex, irrevocable, inimitable bond formed between read more
Sep 26, 2016
"Nothing is nonfat. That's why the world is going to explode one day."
"nonfat? exploding world? what the fuck? is he crazy?"

Yes. Yes he is. His name is Pete Meat, and he dubs hentai.

After running a train on the world of laughter with "Sextra Credit", Media Blasters saw fit to buy up several more disgustingly misogynistic, filthy hentai and turn them into uproarious black comedies; among them was 2004's "Time to Screw". Headed up once again by the awesome Pete Meat and a bunch of voice actresses who couldn't give any less of a shit, Media Blasters prepared their second assault on the world... and read more
Sep 16, 2016
30 seconds of pure bliss.

In the time it takes you to read this, you could have watched Trigger-chan and experienced euphoria beyond comprehension, achieved nirvana, and transcended this pathetically limited mortal form and ascended to an infinitely more powerful, unlimited potential in two dimensions.

There's not much more to be said about the perfection that is Trigger-chan. The culmination of many lives' work, saving anime, and a universal appeal make this mere 30 second advertisement for Trigger among the best that the entertainment medium has to offer. The delightfully rough-around-the edges animations sets it apart from anything not made by trigger, and with the bombastic, dynamic read more