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MaridiuS Jun 23, 7:43 AM
kace oladis malo od animea
FlorianYuzuriha Jun 20, 5:33 AM
Thanks a lot!

Should I do that before or after re-coding? (I mean remuxing the subtitles and attachments)

Also thanks for all the presets, they helped me a lot. :)
FlorianYuzuriha Jun 19, 6:23 PM
Thanks for telling me, I'll check it out soon for sure!

That's a lot of saved space, if I keep in mind that i have about 2 TB of un-re-encoded data that would save a LOT of space. I really oughta do that soon. ^^
May I ask what settings you use while encoding?
Can you also encode them on your HDD, without burning them on DVD or bluray?
Shishio-kun Jun 18, 8:12 PM
Doesn't open in Firefox, maybe it's set to friends only. I don't use Firefox for secure connections so I can't log in my main there.

I would say it's not minimalist cuz there are multiple characters over icon size outside of list headers and there's alot on the background distracting from reading the list. If you got rid of the Layer: etc stuff, and the three big Lain pics it would be probably be fine.
Shishio-kun Jun 17, 8:59 PM
OK cool!
FlorianYuzuriha Jun 17, 5:35 PM
I simply went with online statistic which HDD have the least dis functions and failures, as I'm planning to set up a 'little' home server in the near future (when I move out and have the money for it) I'll have them in a Raid 1 thing, so I have everything twice so even if one HDD fails I have it on another one.
I never thought of burning them on DVD, maybe i should do that too in the future, those things tend to have a high lifetime after all :D
May I ask which program you use for re-encoding? :O (I guess I could save a bunch of storage that way^^)

It's the same for me, though I only keep 1080p rips from the anime i truly like or the ones i only could find the 1080 version (for example Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gaiden, the 2 seasons are about 40 gigs >_>).
Though what eats most of my storage are anime like ranma (though mainly because there were no lower storage releases). One Piece and Naruto, which are all between 50 and 80 Gig's each.
Shishio-kun Jun 17, 5:15 PM
It's fine as is for the unofficial. When I said you needed to adjust it for premades, I meant the premades we offer in the club (I'll edit that now).

If you want to enter official later, you'd need to change the entire imagery and color scheme, so that's it's a new "layout" even if it uses the same codes and ideas (according to official MAL standards).

That would be cool to see you in. So, does that cover everything?
FlorianYuzuriha Jun 14, 4:25 AM
Same for me,
just bought one the other day from my last savings from my last part time job I had (I quit last month because it's shit and I've been doing it since I was 13).
Gotta search for another one soon, or I'll face storage shortages xD
I happened to get a 3 TB one for only 85 € what is quite cheap, I guess the 3 TB prices have sunk quite a bit over the last months.
I originally wanted to buy a 4 TB one, because I tend to fill my HDD quite quickly but the one I had in mind costed about 50 € more, so I went with the 3 TB one.
I for myself 'only' have about 2.5 TB of Anime I believe, though I started fairly recently to actively download every one I've watched recently, including anime shorts I watch mainly on youtube. :D
What I'm doing right now in order to save storage, is to re-download anime I've watched in a smaller encode or in worse quality, as I have already seen them and only want to have them for archive purposes ^^ (and go for low storage releases instead for high storage ones if possible)

Luckily I went with an 1 Tb HDD by default, when I build my computer a few years ago, so I never really had problems with my storage until recently, when I began to save all Anime that I watched (which I didn't do during the first year).
Another reason is that my BitTorrent client is now running almost 24/7,
as I'd like to get as much as I can and because my download speed isn't exactly what people nowadays dream off.

I'll be keeping an extra eye out when I'll watch the feeds on the sites I mainly use for the ones you need and provide you then with a link to it. c:
What I'd be able to do is, if you haven't got any from the ones I have in my list (and that have a storage tag at the right = what indicates that I have then on a HDD now) and then just to send you then via some online sharing site, though my current upload speed is really bad (only about 25 kb/s), so you'd have to wait at least a year before I could do that (because then I'll move out of my mothers house and get a decent connection ^^).
Until then i could only provide you with links. :3

Have a nice day! :)
FlorianYuzuriha Jun 14, 2:49 AM
I see :D
It's the same for me, I really hope my new HDD comes soon,
I've only got a few hundred Gigs left,
so I hope they will be enough storage until I have my new HDD ^^

May I ask how much storage you have in total?
Just the curious me though ;)

Also thanks for the accept! c:
FlorianYuzuriha Jun 9, 7:41 PM
You are welcome. :)

By the way, do you keep all the Anime that you've seen or do you delete it afterwards?

Also, would you mind if I were to add you here on MAL?
It would be a bit easier to track down Anime for my list and to compare scores, etc.? =]

Sorry for the late reply by the way, was kind of busy with school the last few weeks
FlorianYuzuriha May 25, 5:51 PM
MaridiuS May 18, 3:56 PM
I ja mislim da nece bas da ti se svidja, odgledaj jedan ep i bice ti jasno, jer je su likovi i radnja dosta kvalitetni. Ima neki svoj stil, kao rose of versailes. E pa to, pitanje dal ima seedere, nije ih bilo :(
Btw znas kako sam naso taj anime? Bila neka sprdnja na internetu, kliknes na jedan link i to prvo sto ti se padne mora gledas. Od svih animea dobijem to, i ono super.
MaridiuS May 18, 1:32 PM
pa nije lose, sa krompiri, bitna je prica ;d
MaridiuS May 18, 10:31 AM
e ove sezone anime je shit. Samo samurai jack, snk sto valja. I Lwa iz prosle sezone, a shuumatsu nani kakav je?
MaridiuS May 18, 10:30 AM
oniisama e sam gledao na kissanime krompir quality :(