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link9us Sep 17, 2017 6:57 PM
Wow, yeah thats pretty nice, thanks.
Lordwen Sep 4, 2017 3:44 PM
september 28th edit

Sorry for earlier ;)

Good luck in your future endeavors.
Lindle Sep 4, 2017 3:41 PM
Hi, LordWen accidentally kicked you off the Discord server instead of extect, because he's a moron. Feel free to rejoin.
Kineta Sep 18, 2016 4:02 PM
What about the review system in particular?
sk8erbyern Dec 17, 2014 4:59 AM
Actually right now I am quite happy that you spared your valuable time to actually give read my opinions and point out the problems my review has. Thank you for that. I wish you had watched the show before all this but your judgement is more on my review rather than the show itself so it might be better for me to see my mistakes on my first review.

First of all Plot is great, it is just not unique. It has a similar theme to SnK or Freezing. I can count a few more too with such a plot. However IMO that doesn't make the plot bad. It has unique aspects to the plot too not just a total rip off. Actually those emotional scenes and thought provoking moments are related to the plot itself. So plot is 8 out of 10. Reminder I don't think being similar to other themes affects plot negatively.

Secondly, characters are not confusing. Only problem is MC being another Ichigo, a classic lame shounen MC. Anime industry imo generally fails to produce good MCs. Unnecessary idealism and pacifism is not unique to Black Bullet, it is a general issue with most anime. Combined with a rushed story, MC doesn't really add up with the story. Other than that characters are not lacking personality. If you have seen my list than you might've noticed this lame MC shit is one of the important criterias for me when assessing an anime.

Animation quality was good. Character movements, voice actors, background OSTs were all well made and fit to the show.

For an 13 eps anime with a grand promising plot like that to be split into arcs is a big problem in this show. It already is too short for telling a story and even the producers doesn't know what is the actual story they were trying to tell here. It is like everything is too rushed. Battles, drama, romance everything either starts too quickly and finishes too quickly or starts quickly and just got forgetten along the way. When I looked back after a week right now, "How in the world did all those things happened in this show?" is the question that comes to my mind. This rushed story and unfinished events are the main reason this show is not GREAT(9). It also affects character development too. With a storyline that spreads too widely and can't conclude most of the events character development other than MC is still OK which is still can be counted as a success. However MC, he is confusing and unrealistic. I don't know if he is strong, is he emotional or not, did he like something r care about something? Did he got mad at something? He is like someone with a personality disorder. When he should've been raged he acts calm, when there is nothing he acts big, when he should be losing he wins somehow or he should be winnig he loses somehow. One messed up character and his story.

Before concluding let me tell you this. This show has an average of 7.58 score with 72k users. The reason why I gone out of my way and tried to write a review was all the hate towards the show. When I wrote that review; top two reviews were 2/10 which is absolutely ridiculous. A show with 7.58 avarage has 2/10 reviews??? This absurdity might have affected my overall 8 score but still remember that 7.58 avarage means it is 8/10 show overall according to general MAL users.

Also this was my first review so it sure is very flawed. I will try to keep the reader in my mind next time and clearly point out my ideas.

Lastly, about my list; I compare anime to similar anime when rating and look at what it is trying to accomplish. If anime meant to be funny and it is really funny that makes it great and there is no problem giving it 9. Rather than thinking about all aspects of the show I just generally look at it like that.
-If it is good but could be better then 7
-It is good and have memorable characters and scenes then 8.
-It really succeeds in what it is trying to accomplish and have great memorable moments or great characters or unique aspects then 9.
-Every aspect of it is great. Even if I did a review everything would be around 9 then 10. It has flaws but also has something very unique then 10. Changed my life then 10. Things like that. Also I always watch the shows in one go so it helps you to get into it and enjoy it easily. That's why my points are rather high.

FalotForonke Dec 10, 2014 8:08 AM
Ah okay. Naja, für 19,90 hätte ich mir glaub ich auch nicht blindlings die Tokyopop Version gekauft :D Vielleicht leg ich mir ja mal den Roman zu.

Grenz-wertig? Mh. Das hört sich nicht so gut an xD Aber der Film soll ja auch schon ziemlich.. Verstörend sein.

Ich mochte bei Hunger Games das Buch auch mehr als den Film (also beim 1. Film), irgendwie war Katniss im Buch um einiges sympathischer. Den Film fand ich nur ok. An sich bin ich aber ziemlich gespannt auf Battle Royale. Ist mit Sicherheit auch mal was anderes.
FalotForonke Dec 9, 2014 7:36 AM
Ich hab gar nicht gesehen, dass du deutsch sprichst xD Jetzt seh ich erst deinen Usernamen *facepalm* Aber ja klar, dann können wir natürlich auf deutsch schreiben xD

Battle Royale kenn ich eigentlich nur durch Hunger Games (also das HG alles von Battle Royale geklaut hat und so), aber ich finde es an sich ganz interessant. Naja, die Szene fand ich schon ziemlich schlimm, vor allem weil ich Riku mochte D: Andererseits bin ich bei Mangas da eher weniger "emotional" muss ich sagen. Blut und Gewalt ist auch nicht so mein Ding, aber wenn die restliche Story, Atmosphäre etc. stimmt dann halt ich das schon aus ^^
Ich probier's einfach mal. Gibt's da nicht auch 'nen Film? Aber danke für die Empfehlung ^^
FalotForonke Dec 8, 2014 2:20 PM
That's true! :D
sk8erbyern Dec 8, 2014 10:07 AM
All the negative points are related to the lack of a superb storyline. In terms of enjoyment and technical quality it is great. Without a strong storyline it manages to flow fluently and after taste is that you wish for more. As I said with a good storyline it would be 9/10 in my opinion.
What I fail to understand is how can you be so sure about it being below avarage piece of fiction? Did I imply that in my review or you have just stated your opinion as a fact?
FalotForonke Dec 7, 2014 2:45 PM
Woooo, Blood+ fan, they seem to be rare around here! :D
Lightfellow Dec 3, 2014 11:39 AM
No, that's not necessary. White Album 2 is a standalone piece of work.
Keikosama Aug 7, 2014 10:24 AM
" Sakura Trick hab ich als shoujo ai Fan nicht geschafft, Gott war das langweilig und belanglos, diese Charaktere waren so unglaublich leer."

Shoujo Ai-Fan? Hast du Tips für mich?

"Den hab ich nach einer Folge gedroppt, war das etwa ein Fehler?"
Ich würde sagen, ja, die SoL in dem Anime ist nicht zu unterschätzen.
Hier ist Yaoi nur Bestandteil der Geschichte. Das ist ähnlich wie Traps und "Wandering Son". Da ist es auch so, dass sich die Geschichte eben um das Schwul/Trap-sein dreht, demzufolge würde ich Antique Bakery als Ausnahme sehen.

"Ich habe mir gestern Nacht die ersten 3 Folgen von Ristorante Paradiso angeguckt (auf deiner Liste gefunden) und muss dir da widersprechen."
Warte bis du ihn zuende gesehen hast. ;) Da gibts nicht nur eine.
Fies, ich hatte den tatsächlich vergessen miteinzubeziehen.
Paradise Kiss ist gegen Nana etwas enttäuschend, wenn du es allerdings schaffst Nana aus dem Kopf zu verdrängen ist der Anime recht nett.

..und zu "Moe", das ist retaltiv, wenn due für niedlich brennst, dann ist niedlich für dich auch Moe.

Ich denke, das wäre jetzt für Shino zu OT.
Valik93 Mar 28, 2014 2:05 AM
I actually don't remember it very well since it wasn't a memorable anime for me...

I think the best word to describe it would be... plain.

-As lots of other old anime it has a terribly slow pacing which was kinda disturbing... It's not like I'm against slow paced shows (hey, my fav is pretty slow paced), but it needs a compensation in form of a good execution.

-The characters also didn't appeal to me. The villain just fits 100% the "bad guy" cliche. Well maybe 90%, because of hit almost total lack of dignity.
I'd actually give it a way bigger score just if the villain would've had a chaotic neutral alignment because then it would've been more of a clash of ideas and methods than a typical clash of good and evil.

-I also remember that the music was pretty plain as well which has left a pretty big gap on the execution part.

I can give it credits for trying to deliver several mesages about war and human nature, but that's not enough to make an anime... Not to mention the fact that it doesn't go that deep into these as well and keeps it on the "this is good/this is bad" superficial level.
Valik93 Mar 14, 2014 3:28 AM
Well man... There we go.

Let me first explain my way of ranking: (that thing on my profile is also kinda old btw)
The art has the least importance on it's own. For example, I won't drop marks for a show that didn't have enough budget to draw everything in detail.
But at the same time, I consider the most important thing to be the execution. Art somehow falls into this category u know... Or to be more exact "How does the art/animation fit the atmosphere of the show". You can draw a pantyshot in anime in high definition with tons of details, but if it's in a middle of (for example) a murder happening... You get my point.

Now how did this hole thing emerge with % from?
Becase we need some starting points for our judgement.
By saying what I consider the most important thing, the person looking at my scores can understand why are the scores like that. It's actually me explaining someone how to take my scores on, in case any divergence in our way of rating exists.
Instead of bias, this is actually a tool to remove it, by explaining the logic behind by marks.

Next thing to mention is that the ordinal scale by itself is not perfect and it's more of a tool to compare.
Also because of this medium, there can be variations in marks. Since we're all different people, our opinions can be different and we both can still make sense. That's why when I look at someone's list I compare.
Real Example: rates Steins;Gate with a 6 and SAO with a 10.
This is called bias, since by analyzing all the number of merits and faults of both anime, S;G is superior and a 4 pts difference in favor of SAO says a lot about that person's ability to judge. And that person tries to write a review. If there are more examples like that in his list, the person is a bashable material for writting biased reviews (still no insulting). Depending on his answer, I decide how much respect to give that person (that same SAO/S;G case btw deserves my very minimum of respect, so I'm keeping it). In case there's some actual thinking on the other side, we can talk on a decent level. (just like atm I consider you not to be some random pleb)

My main problem tho is not because people like crappy anime (hell, we all enjoyed at least several mediocre or bad anime), but with these people writting reviews without even knowing wtf a review is in the first place. So, they either take the points or go hate me mode (actually, from time to time I can even meet people that respond in a correct manner, seeing further than "Muh animu, stop saying it's bad")

So... back to our main topic.
I never stated that I rate something with percentage. Actually, later I wrote that there's no actual ecuation for rating. It's an aproximation and it should be taken as one. I think I'll redo that part completely soon.

Now about bias...
A cognitive bias is the human tendency to make systematic decisions in certain circumstances based on cognitive factors rather than evidence. (wikipedia)

This is the form of bias we're talking about. The evidence in our case are the whole list of techniques and tropes that are considered to be good or bad.
An unbiased person will analyze all these factors and base his opinion on them. He'll support his opinion with constructive arguments and examples.
A biased person will be focused on how much he enjoyed something and nothing else. Some even love to use smart terms without understanding their true meaning.
My marks are constructed on actual logical arguments, but as we all do mistakes I'll be completely ok if you point out some of my mistakes and we'll have a debate on a certain anime. I'm quite open minded despite what you might think and I've changed the marks a whole lot of time and there's even a bunch of anime that I overrated and then I dropped the mark considerably after having some discussions about those anime.

About objective opinion... I think I'll admit that I used the term in a wrong way since it cannot be used to the medium we're talking about (and I'm sorry for this). This term is used in exact things (guess it falls into the phylosophical objectivity), stuff like 5+5=10 is an objective opinion.

As about objectivity in judging anime, I think I explained myself well enough above.
Valik93 Jan 3, 2014 10:50 AM
I know most of the things you said so you didn't broad my horizonts that much. I was also quite fond of phylosophy in uni.
You complicate stuff to an unrequired extent, when I'm trying to make it as simple as possible.
You simply ignored the most important part of my previous text (it was marked btw).

Also you failed explaining your point:
-3 can't result from 1 and 2. You introduced the term opinion in 3 and it wasn't present in either 1 and 2.
-same goes for 6 out of 1 and 5. (this already kinda messes up the contruction of your thesis)
-7 represents the same subjectivity. I never disagreed that an opinion consists of both objective and subjective parts.
And in the end you get to the same thing you are trying to say:
You say I'm wrong for using the word objectivity in its broad meaning.
All you did there is provide the explanation for the exact objectivity and you totally failed to grasp my point.

When it comes to judging a show the objective part consists of analyzing those commonly accepted criteria of judging shows. The subjective is already about judging how much of an importance to give to one fact or another, because obviously it is impossible to objectively compare 2 facts. Nethertheless, the opinion formed on these facts even with this subjectivity involved, is considered objective in the broad meaning of the word.
This is not something I came up, because I even gave you examples in my previous comment.
I am not saying that you're wrong in your definition of objectivity. I'm saying that the same word can be used in the same way I use as well, therefore you have no right to tell me I'm wrong when I use the second definition.