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Tentai-chan 9 hours ago
of course you're not! because I knew you look like a prince

I'm not a fan of knights, tho I like it. I prefer to be a kunoichi, so I'll be an assassin instead and kidnap my prince from castle ohhhh I would love to do that to Eisigerhauch ouji-sama

I enjoy sightseeing because its beautiful in my eyes and would love to take pictures for memories Historical places ~ I find it all fascinating, mostly the antiques which I love the rustic old feeling I don't like to see crowded people

Because I'm conservative hate being touched but would like to touch them instead and so many thieves in public transportation tho I was kinda lucky because I don't experience them much. Just once.

Thanks for hearing it, I would like to hear from E-san's stories too! but I don't know what will I ask is there any would you like to share?

I don't know just rate it!! or just tell if its good, quite good, bad, very bad... kind of good just like that or idk haha

awww finally you said my name ~
I get many attention on my comments since when mal adds the feature of viewing profile & lists.
Now I removed the "female" on my profile hihihi
I mostly enjoy talk with you than anybody else.
And you're special Eisigerhauch ouji-sama
Tentai-chan Jul 20, 2:01 AM
Your name is long, let me call you E-san (=・ω・=)for me, it doesn't require good looks to be a husbando material <3 and in my perspective, white people look like a prince (≧▽≦) hahaha. Will you be my prince (。•̀◡-)✧ hhahahaha (≧▽≦)

Agree. And I put effort into planning now haha! I book immediately while the Japan tickets are cheap before the price increase hihihi. But still, Sakura season is expensive ( ・ั﹏・ั)

I visited to our local tourism like old church, shrine, hero's mansion and museum, memorial park... those places to remember the outstanding sacrifices of our national heroes and to beautifully exhibit the country’s heritage. I work on the ferry as a food attendant.

Oh I see, unlike people here are indiscipline (≧▽≦) commuters in Manila are having a struggle during rush hours, you can ride a public train for faster transportation or take a bus for option. All public transportation here are crowded so I decided to own a car also to avoid pervert people and security hihihihi.

Ah, yeah! audiobooks are good idea! I'm lazy to read a bible tbh (≧▽≦) yes more of scriptures and interpretations!
Born-again Christian is my religion, written in my birth certificate. My family taught me about Christianity. But I don't have any idea, I'm just doing it because all I know its a culture (≧▽≦) and I'm agnostic. My family don't go to church. I can only attend mass because of my school curriculum. I'm agnostic until 18 yrs old. Afterwards, a lot happened in my life, feel miserable, always feeling empty and lonely. I was always crying alone without my parents knowing. I don't know if I'm having a depression during that time. Since I'm a loner, I went to bookstore to kill time and I picked a scripture, I don't have any idea why I picked it, I just wanna try reading it. That's the time when I strengthen my faith and training to have a beautiful mind. I subscribed and followed pastors and speakers, listen to Christian rock songs, knowing how to live a life (≧▽≦) that's how I become a Christian in some point in my life. Because you know, I was once agnostic. I’m spiritual not religious.

I finished my first digi-art! and its a food! It took me 5 hours to finish it. I use Photoshop and mouse (´・_・`) I want to own a drawing tab soon! when I have it, I can draw human way easier ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ than drawing using a mouse (ㆀ˘・з・˘) whoaaa I need more practice. Can you rate it out of 10. Please be honest E-san! ヽ(´o`;

The pleasure is mine (ღ′◡‵) thank you also ლ(╹◡╹ლ ♥ for having an online date with me E-san (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) ♥
Tentai-chan Jul 18, 7:01 PM
Awww >///< that's how your friends see you >///< that makes you husbando material 😂❤ KYAAAAH. 💕

In Filipino commoners view, traveling out of the country is expensive. People here dreaming to visit Japan like me 😂 but for rich people its easy. More expensive during Sakura season / peak season.

I haven't travel with my own money yet. Tho I had field trips during school days touring to our historical places. During my On-the-Job-Training, I work on ferry ship, all I see is water 😂 hahaha. Then company outing 😂 I don't count them as travel 😂

I wish to join with my colleagues for mountain-hiking but I'm shy 😂 and of course I'm poor 😂 all I do in my life is to save money to own a house & car. You mentioned that you hate cars. I also heard to my other german friends that they hate cars. Having a car in our country is necessity now (>.>) so... now I have both car & finish house soon, I can have new savings for travel yeyyy 😂 yeyyy!

The travel I do is what you mentioned. Japan is all I look forward to 😂 would like to take pics on temple & other culture places, my last destination is Akihabara 😂 I'm so excited on ber months haha!

I stopped practicing music when I graduated college. My bass guitar strings have rust now & still don't care 😂 maybe in far future I'll play again 😂

When I was a student, I can manage my time to watch anime, play games, practice drawing / make comics, and practice guitar skills. Now as a worker, I can't choose between if I'll watch anime straight or play games 😂 since I'm exposed to music industry during those days as my memories. I'll start to make art. I'm currently self-studying digital art ❤ I want to show you my first digi-art once I'm done ❤

I used to read book when I'm not yet addicted to internet. But I only read Christian books such as Daily bread, The Purpose Driven Life journal. Now I read christian blogs on tumblr 😂 instead of reading novels, I'll just watch anime 😂 I bet you read books 😀

Okie ❤ That's noted. I live in a busy city. But when I moved out to my house, I'll do it. ❤
Tentai-chan Jul 16, 9:44 PM
Reason why I like harem <( ̄︶ ̄)> hmm... I just like them to be around, I don't demand that they will fight to get me. So they could make yaoi together. Being with them is fine, just like Fushigi Yuugi or Monogatari harem style hihihi.

(o.O) those were all amazing characters that resemble you (o.O) (>.>)
Let's just forget that ideal character (@.@") those anime characters that you mentioned were already ideal people >/////<

Dead Sea in Jordan ~ whoaa that's an interesting place. I would also like to visit but I think I'll hesitate to swim. It will damage my skin lol
Sugoi 2 weeks at Japan during Sakura season (@.@) I can't afford to travel to Japan when Sakura in bloom, its so expensive (@.@) huhu its still a dream to visit Japan in full bloom (>.>)

Kinda difficult to spend time with Mom sometimes, she prefers to watch tv and sleep. That's all she wants to do on her alone time.
I can only spend time to chat with her is during household chores, grocery, shopping, coloring her hair (to cover her white hairs).
And most of time she chats with her amigas (≧▽≦) of course.

I am 7 months older with my best friend and a bread winner. She's talkative, beautiful, masculine type, she loves dogs, conservative, same height as me and but has bigger oppais. She also like anime and games. And there's more, she loves rock music and can play drums while I play bass guitar, there is so much relatable stuff. Both of us having a difficult to search a female friend that can relate each others interest in our school's environment. That's why we end up together as best friends. I love my best friend so much. Like we can either talk for hours a day or never for weeks but we are always there for each other. We hype each other up about literally everything and validate each other.

Oh I see, I'm not familiar on other games you mention. (≧▽≦)
I had family computer, sega, ps1 and ps2 only. I played them when I was a kid until highschool only.
I can play other games on arcades (≧▽≦) I always spent my money there when I was a college student (≧▽≦)
My family can't afford to buy ps3 and ps4 so I told to myself when I finish school and get a job, I'll buy for myself.
But then I switched to PC gamer (≧▽≦) and will just join petition, some good games I like in console to release on PC hihihi.
Ironically I sit at work in front of a computer all day, just to afford to sit at home in front of a computer all night. (≧▽≦)
Tentai-chan Jul 14, 7:34 PM
I wanted to be like Araragi Koyomi from Monogatari series. I like harem (≧▽≦)
So I don't need to grind or keep on saving money for future. So I will just travel the world until I die (≧▽≦)
How about you?
Also, is there an anime character/s that resembles you?
Ideal anime character?

That thought-experiment vid might be compelling.

So you have flexible hours at work?

I'm gonna visit Japan yeyyy! Probably this October or November ✿ ( ○・ω・○ ) ✿
Its my dream to visit Japan (> ≧◡≦<) since when I was a kid.
Tho when I visit Japan, it doesn't stop there, can't visit the whole Japan in just 1 week and its expensive (>.>)
So I wanted to visit again and again.
My next dream place to visit is Bolivia ~ I want to see the Uyuni Salt Lake ♥♥♥

Hmm... to whom I spend most... all I can think is myself ( ̄▽ ̄)or if ever, just my mom or my best friend.
If just me, just talking to myself and overthink haha! (≧▽≦) talk about life, cooking and beauty with mom. Then to my best friend, we would travel and anime stuff hihihi

I used to play Dota 2 on Steam but I quit. It just adds stress level in my life (≧▽≦)
Otome games etc... but I don't play this nowadays. I play Guild Wars 2 often.
Will just start to be active on Steam this year, since there's a game I like and look forward to its release.
I'll focus on Yakuza game and Monster Hunter World.
Do you play games too?
Tentai-chan Jul 13, 3:58 AM
Oh okay! I get it ~ just like you're being turned off to something? like that? (≧▽≦)

Hehehe just random weird stuff, of course would like to see myself an anime character (≧▽≦)
In my dreams, the parallel universe me is getting enough sleep and achieving her dreams on young age so she can do more goals or such achievements in life (≥◡≤)

Whoaa I see(・□・;)sugoi neh!
I really need discpline (≧▽≦) I should control what I'm eating especially when getting older, my metabolism is inconsistent (≧▽≦) I need exercises too (@_@) I said to myself that I'll start to have healthy living by next month, when you can start today, I always reason out to myself it has many distractions (≧▽≦) its just what my parents cook, I'll eat it (≧▽≦) unlike when I love alone. I could focus to discipline myself (≧▽≦) lol what a reason.

I don't know how to answer that question, all I know is just to eat everything edible and delicious (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦)

Whoaa so can you do multi-tasking?? (≧▽≦) you have a lot of work to do (≧▽≦) but have you rest for a while so that you don't have to see the doctor? 5000 words and you'll just throw it away (・□・;)anything wrong with the revision (⊙_◎) aww administrative works, is that also your task? good to hear tha you'll having a break. Your works sounds quite insane (◑‿◐)

Oh I'm the opposite one (≧▽≦) I get excited when plan to hangout with friends is cancelled (≧▽≦) I'm so lazy (≧▽≦)
But travel trip is different story... I don't want that to be cancelled!
Aww it excites me more. Feels like new life on new house (≧▽≦)

To avoid being bored when will my house get finished. I watch few K-drama series, youtube or internet surfing, about what to design my steam profile just like how I designed my mal profile (≧▽≦) and of course day dreaming (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦)
Tentai-chan Jul 9, 1:30 AM
(⊙o◎) naniiiiii?? I see ~ so you're really experienced (・□・;)sugoi neh! ヽ(^▽^@)ノ〜 sugoi sugoi (> ≧◡≦<)
unwanted-arousal? is that feeling exist? or is that a same feeling as turn-off??

(≧ω≦) whoaa I can now realize how genius you are than I expected (≧▽≦)
Well for me, we're already having an online date (≧▽≦)

All I can imagine is dirty and sexy (≧▽≦) I live in dreams and wishes (≧▽≦) sometimes I accomplish some greatest deeds in dreams ~

Yeah you get the point! Immune to age. (^ε^)
Did you become a vegan because of anime cruelty / ethical reasons / spiritual connections on earth or for some reason?

Ahh, okay that's a relief (๑´∀`๑) I prefer to call this conversation a date (๑✧◡✧๑)♡❤
Yeah you written this by 12:07AM. The night sky from here is plain and dark, you can't see many stars, you can event count a few. I currently live in a city, the streets is still busy. You can only see many stars by 3AM. I had a blast weekend tiring but fun. I t excites me more to see the progress of my house.

How are you Eisigerhauch-san? (^_^)
Tentai-chan Jul 7, 5:51 AM
( ̄ε ̄)are you experienced Eisigerhauch-san? (≧▽≦)
I don't know ~ most of big men like directly even the woman isn't wet yet (ಠ_ಠ) whoaa sounds painful ~
(≧▽≦) honestly, I haven't watched yaoi sex yet (≧▽≦) so I'm curious nyahahah ~

AR is also fun!

Ohh I see ( ´▽`) I didn't know about ankles stuff.
So you mean, you understand women's logic now? (≧▽≦) confusing right (≧▽≦)

I don't know about dating someone that lives 10.000km away from me ~ does this deep conversations consider as online dating??? hahaha (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) whoaaa its favorable to me ~ you're making me happy if you did that to cute guys 💦 lol weird fetish ~ if you're my boyfriend, I would even ship you to your close male friends :=D

I mean immortality in a way you can live forever until you get stabbed (≧▽≦) of course there's always limitations... I love science and discoveries! ε(⌒˛⌒)з

Whoaaa you sound sexy one (≧▽≦) of course humans are great (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) when did you start to become a vegetarian? what age?

I read your write when I woke up, I have run errands and meeting this morning so I won't able to reply sooner.
Good afternoon! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
Tentai-chan Jul 6, 6:07 AM
>.> ohh thank you so much for the advice ~

VR games, I'm planning to have one on my house which I can feel my privacy ✨ I played some VR games inside the mall, then thought that better to own one! of course that is the time I can play hentai games ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hahaha 😂😂😂 of course I love foreplays! softcore than hardcore >.>

Ughhh I still don't get it >.> those 👙 both show too much skin >.>

No 😂 maybe I just keep it to myself, but can you share me some roleplaying sample you did? because maybe I'm mistaken for understanding roleplaying?

Yeah! It makes sense! >.> I just want to know, I just wonder why, wanna hear opinion from you >.> when you can set it to airplane mode. Or ~ did I forced you to explain it >.> sorry >.>

What?!?!? aroused? pleasure? excitement?!?! Ohhhh :=D and then look away?!?! you make cute reactions?!?!? Whoaaa💦 you get intrigued on yaoi-expo too?!?!?! WILL YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND?!?!?! Sorry, that was strange thing to ask 😔 . . . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Of course I'll be the selfish one!! 😂 aside from investing, when business is stabilized and become rich. I would try some experiments! Experience to inject myself a stem cells until I live in hundreds of years, until I become look growing young, not aging! Until I reached people discovered the immortality experiments then operate robots AI... what does the world like if people have to transfer on to next planet??? I wanted to experience everything but life is short 😭 I want to know what's inside of this core planet earth, I want fly outer space!! I want to study everything 😂😂😂

Ohh 2nd breakfast 🤔 I see, I finished my dinner. I had "Monggo" or mung bean stew and a pair of ground pork with potato omelette, and of course can't eat it without rice 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚❤ enjoy your food!!! ✨
Tentai-chan Jul 6, 2:58 AM
Yup just like that ~ disguised as a sheep. I still don't know what might happen (>.>)

I don't know how can I explain this. Conservative in a way of how I dress. I don't like show off skin. I can only dress like that if attending ball, cosplay or some event. My full body can only be seen exclusively to my husband only (or female friends maybe?). Of course I masturbate, would love to have a dildo (≧▽≦) watch hentai, Jotaro Kujo dakimakura, play hentai VR games (≧▽≦) ugh so much for that. Do you know what that... I don't understand my fellow women's logic, they have several selfie pics of their two-piece swimsuits and posted to social media publicly, and get embarrassed when people saw them wearing only bra and panty ( ̄︿ ̄)seriously, I don't get them. Tho the difference is fabric, but I still don't get the logic (; ̄д ̄)are you girls playing virgin chick or something? -.-

Roleplaying (≥◡≤) nevermind (≧▽≦) I just had a weird thought (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) sometimes I may cosplay but most of the time just wanna took pics with them (/>∀<)/

Like there is no private space anymore? (>.>) Like what? Can you give me an example? (≧▽≦)
Whoaaa ~ so what do you feel when you see yaoi hot scenes (>.>) ?? and how if its awkward do you laugh? (>.>) (≧▽≦)
Man-materal... in a way... like... because every fujoshi wants a boyfriend (in my opinion) supports her in a way yaoi stuff, act gay, be gay, play gay, send her yaoi memes. Unlike other guys that homophobic, gets cringe all the time, won't accompany her if she attends Yaoi Expo. (is that too much to ask (≧▽≦) ???)

For example, you already own a house, own a car and has a business also in 20s then you won a lottery. How will you spend that money? Will you be the selfish one? (≧ω≦)

Good afternoon! we are 6 hours apart
Eat your lunch well :B
Tentai-chan Jul 4, 8:13 PM
(≧▽≦) are you expecting japanized bloodsucker? cute anime girl disguised as bloodsucker (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦) anyway ~ if you don't even joke around, you still sound funny hahaha (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)

Really? you liked it too?! ε(⌒˛⌒)з no ~ I know to myself that I'm a pervert, I hide that attitude in front of people but me alone on internet ( ̄▽ ̄)ironically... still a virgin and conservative (≧▽≦) whoaa I let you see my collection soon! sugoi (ノ^ 0^)ノ what a magical eyes!

UwU I see ~ you use those emoticons UwU

(o.O) roleplaying UwU ah I see... I would love to attend concerts too, but the tickets are too expensive. I attended the concert of the legendary band, Dream Theater, I made sure not to miss out because its first time they'll have a concert in our country waaahhh, beautiful experience!! Rock music festivals too but its tiring (≧▽≦) so I rarely attend. I am most active attending Otaku Expo, Toycon, anime and cosplay events. Maybe on next few months I'll attend gaming event, it depends if I will social anxiety (>.>)

That's unusual, no smartphone, I don't get the logic, why feeling restricted? (ಠ_ಠ)
OMG. DID I READ IT RIGHT??!?! YOU LIKE SOME YAOI??? ohhhh :=D you're a man-material (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و❤!I was expecting you'll answer you like yuri (of course its given) since I saw your favlist on your profile. But ughh I didn't see that coming (@.@) I'm so happy that you like yaoi \(≧▽≦)/ I wonder what you react when you see some yaoi scenes (≧▽≦)

I am but I keep it for myself. I'm terribly bad on argument. I wanted to argue on social media but I can control myself not to be a keyboard warrior (≧▽≦) so I was just having fun reading netizen's argument on comment section, feels like they're wasting time on it (≧▽≦) tho joining them is attempting. Why did you ask? I assume that you are (≧▽≦) since you like writing?

Good morning ❤ its too early ~
Tentai-chan Jul 4, 7:45 AM
what if there's cockroach or blood sucker crawling in you during your sleep & you awaken because of them ~ you'll just let them? Hehehe 😂😂😂

I thought you're undergoing an experiment jk 😂 too much anime ~ yeah right, you don't even sound joking 😂😂😂 I couldn't imagine if you're joking 😂

Whoaa I see 😯 but for me, that height is already tall for me, but I assume its small in german 🤔 I love avocado too 💚💚💚🥑 I love tea too 😆 my favorites are chamomile & peppermint 🍵 hmm... as a Filipina, I only have 2 languages, my native language & English. I don't even know some of our dialects because I wasn't raise in province. But I can read hiragana & katakana well and a few kanji 😁

Ohh I see ✨😮✨ I wanna stare those kind of eyes colors, especially yours ✨😮✨ whoaa you're well-informed ~ that's too many information 😂 but really thank you. Düsseldorf, I heard that place on Monster anime 😂 during Dr. Tenma's adventures 😂 haha.

These mushroom plushies is huggable than teddy bears. More comfy as head pillow too than teddy bears, when you hug teddy bears, their small arms & feet are disturbing. If you saw these mushrooms, you'll think I'm a pervert (tho I am) their shape is unusual. Search: "Mushroom Garden Beeworks stuff toys" they have big size & small 😁❤ if [ img ] is available, I can you show you my mushroom colllections 😂

Whoaaa finally you use emoticon again 😂 I really thought you're an emotionless guy 😂 hahaha.

More about me hmmm 🤔 my hobbies are watching anime & sometimes I play games both in PC & mobile, I like arcades too. I was a musician in my school & I play as bassist. I love music such as our local music, hiphop r&b, rock, progressive rock, classics, pop, reggae, kpop (it depends upon the mood) aside from anime & games songs. My smartphone is Huawei P9, I like yaoi 😂 whoaa I don't know what to tell anymore 😂 I'll follow up too hahaha 😂😂😂
Tentai-chan Jul 3, 5:11 PM
I encounter people like that, sounds funny when they suck on such an easy task but incredibly good on a difficult things. I'm quick to learn at everything but I'm really bad on mathematics 😭

Ughh sounds disturbing, why you don't want to kill insects. I hate insects 😵 esp. spiders, I don't want to kill big spiders because I know they aren't harmful but their feet is scary! 😫 but why you're under observation? 😯 sorry I ask too much 😂

Amazing! ✨ cat eyes!! ✨ its just me, for an asian's perspective, it looks like a magical place ✨ land of prince and nobles 😂 because I haven't travel out of the country yet. I went to Germany when I was playing Carmen Sandiego game 😂 is there many asians on Germany?

Hmm okay. I'm asian, Filipino-Chinese blooded, chinky-eyed. 5'0 or 152cm in height. I have 2 fangs on my teeth. Long haired with one-sided bangs. I love ramen & drinking coffee 😂😂😂😂😂 now describe yourself too 😂😂😂😂😂 I mean I'm curious with the race of germans, does it have kurdish or turkish people there? I thought all have to be blonde 😂 also what would be the possible all eye colors of germans?

I have a weird taste on plushies. I prefer big mushroom toys 🍄 than owning a teddy bear 😂
Tentai-chan Jul 3, 8:27 AM
I just assumed that he'll be stolen from me, because if he enjoys on other women, why would I hinder. I let him decide who will he choose 😂 I'm easy to talk to, I remember the words from my ex, a calm woman is scarier than a loud-mouth woman when she has to be angry about 😂 he was scared with me 😂 I'm too generous >.> sometimes, I even forgot myself thinking for others >.> so if I'll have superpowers, I wanted to be the selfish one >.>

Its nice to be surrounded by brilliant people ✨😮✨ like seeing how amazing they are ✨ and might be contagious 😂

Oh you must be working hard. And disgusting mosquitoes annoy you from sleeping 😂 you didn't spray them? Do you feel more ill that's why you have to see the doctor? 😯

Hmm... let's say I had a loud mind, but I can't put into words 😂 I just started to like german people these days since I talk them a lot here on mal before 😂 when they say they're german, they had to specify if they're blonde or not and also describing their eyes 😂 also I'm currently watching Monster anime germany setting 😂😂😂 makes me wanna travel to Germany 😂 what's the color of your eyes?

Its kinda chill in my office today because I finished the deadlines yesterday. The vacation leave I filed for tomorrow was approved, I will search tiles design for my house yeyyy ✨ also meet foremen & other construction workers for my house ✨ and I feel happy ✨ thank you for asking.

I would just like to know you, you don't have to tell me all your personal infos, just describe yourself 😂
Tentai-chan Jul 2, 5:21 PM
Yep that's all (≧▽≦) also other hot & handsome JoJo characters (≧▽≦)
I never thought of being stronger after that. I just wanted to have that superpowers since childhood. I would like to have selfish superpowers ( ̄ε ̄)

Weak-type, I mean anyone can steal my boyfriend. I don't put efforts in a relationship during that time. But if I will be committed in a relationship today, of course I'll do my best (^ε^) especially understanding my partner.

Oh nice, since women overthinks a lot. That's what women are looking for a man ~

So that means you got a high IQ!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

I'm really running out of words (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) but I would just like to know, how are you? ✿ ( ○・ω・○ ) ✿
how are you feeling today Eisigerhauch-san? I think you're a German.