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Tentai-chan Sep 17, 5:21 AM
Hello there my dear friend E-saaaaaan!!!
I'm fine with that. Just take your time, if you feel like to talk I am now well-adjusted. I enjoy living alone also keep myself busy ~ on weekends, I attend social functions, it was good. First week of September. I spent my money for essentials/necessities. Its so nice to have a refrigerator! I enjoy cooking and trying some other cuisines hehehe! My family visit me and I cook for my visitors! receiving compliments from your dish is a good feeling :3

Correct! we only have dry and wet seasons! sugoi 4 seasons awww autumn season now there <3 Yes but I can only manage my exercises during weekdays (≧▽≦) because I woke up late on Saturdays, I had a long sleep from Fridays night. Then have errands later on. Also on Sundays, instead of doing exercise, I burn calories thru cleaning ~ household chores with loud music!! My body get stretched when doing laundries LOL

ohhh I see ~ that's what E-san is doing
So our last talked is from.... about to end the August. A lot of things happened in just 2 weeks. I used to be active on MAL community like replying comments immediately & stayed safe from 2x heavy typhoon tho thankfully my area isn't on flood zone. I get pressure from my parents that I should marry soon and they want a grandchild. So I went to blind dates 4x. I like the last guy, we have similar interest so... yeah ~ we are planning to meet again some other time phew!! no worries! I can do this, and I still enjoy my life LOL ~ these past few days I get emotional, sensitive, get easily angry and cried... I realized my red days is approaching... kinda less active on MAL because I enjoy my new hobby doing digital artworks... also planning to study basic animation from YouTube university hehehe!

Yup! its my intention to make it look fancy! because I told you its a Prince outfit hahahaha
Nyaaah! its not that I want you to send pics a-and I wasn't expecting that you'll send pictures of yours!! because I knew that maybe you aren't the type of person that takes selfies, since you don't own a phone, or if you own a camera to take scenery pictures or... anything ~ that's what I thought, I just assume it I'm glad that you agree to them to take pictures of you! or maybe you're a tsundere by chance? joke. Sugoi! so that pics are from Ireland!

Ohhhh so this is E-san ~ sugoi! looks like a white Aizawa Shouta and red lips!
I wasn't aware that you have a thinner eyes? and I got a wrong color of your hair (≧▽≦)
Anyway here's my artwork for E-san!

how was it? I'm so happy to draw this xD
I am also hoping that you are doing better too, E-san
Tentai-chan Aug 31, 6:13 AM
haii tho ~ unforgettable experience like bullying
whoaaa there is possible that E-san would go on a date with me
yes E-sensei its payday and will buy healthy foods!! I will buy refrigerator tomorrow with my Mom. I'm excited to spend money haha (≧▽≦)

hai hai hai E-sensei I'll keep that in mind ~ thank you so much for all of your advises ohhh ~ again thanks for the enlightenment! that's what I used to do when I have on my regular, of not just doing things to kill time than focusing on the big thing. I think that's why I'm like this because I'm on my adjustment stage / struggling phases. Arigatou gozaimasu E-sensei

I was chasing time to study digital art. I want to try to draw a human, or an anime then I just thought of you to be my model... its difficult because I don't have the picture of you, its a challenge that I have to do an imaginary figure I have difficulties on drawing eyeglasses and the longer hair... I forgot to ask the details about your hair if you have bangs well... its my first human digi-art and want to draw E-san more hihihihi ~ I need to improve hair strands detailed colors, that's too difficult!

3-gatsu no Lion!! I'm currently watching that and I'm on ep 12!! I also love the show
Season? you mean weather patterns? I have a tropical country so we only have here sunny days and rainy days ~ I just like gloomy days or windy days haha! how about you E-san? oh! I can do proper exercises now and drinks more water, but only with a maximum of 2 liters hehehe I most intake water is 1 liter a day hahah! I hope you are doing well E-san!
Tentai-chan Aug 22, 1:08 AM
E-san finally I missed you!
Uhh... its not that anyone would laugh because of my choice, its same thing to others like if I saw theirs, I would laugh because I find it funny hihihihi. I think because you saw their inner wear? for example exposing? I remember when my boys & girls classmates from highschool touching my belongings like my school bag when I'm out of classroom for a while. They are having fun touching classmates belongings, spying for fun, something like that. I was confident that they would never find anything weird inside my bag but I forgot I have there extra panty, its pink with strawberry design and they saw it fuck! They laughed at me. I told them its natural for a woman to bring extra panty. I confronted my girls classmates that if they bring too, of course they do but still they laugh. You get the situation I am in? that's also my another unforgettable moment hihihi

Thanks for sharing!!! the vid taught well ~ same here, better to do it when you said it with sincere hehe tho I wish I could, when I said something I have plans to meet you neh E-san, if I ask you to go out on a date? will you date stranger like me?

I see ~ I wish to have refrigerator soon once I receive my payment. So I can store all my groceries and can drink alcohol hahahah!! Me too, I prefer small events like that! :3

After hearing and knowing it all from you I don't know what to do but... still... continue the everyday life what I used to do XD ha ha ha.

Don't hurry too much through time or you will run out of it sooner than you would like,

I don't get it much but I think I know it? can you explain this one E-san?
Tentai-chan Aug 15, 12:54 AM
Nice! E-san is truly a prince kyaaah!
Its a great insights on Bayesian belief updating systems, and the importance of diversity in groups. And now I’m confused (≧▽≦)

I see, that’s E-san personal things I can’t think of any. People won’t see anything on my phone, even when they borrow just to surf internet, they’ll only see vocabulary words on my search history because I use incognito most of the time haha! My gmail is synced on my chrome so the bookmarks you can see are the most for my drawing references, animation tutorials, editing tools, and social medias. If anyone would borrow my laptop to login their emails, they should just use incognito than signing out my account ugh. That’s all. Its hassle to signing in because of strict securities. I will just get laughed if someone saw my wardrobe then panties & bras.

Yikes! So that’s E-san Haha well in my side. I have a long patience. I become impulsive in my mood swings, I analyze first why I get angry easily even in small things because I’m not a hot-headed person, I think because I’m holding too much? I’m slightly angry at work when my officemates were teasing me and bullying/having fun at me, anyway they told me they’re just being sweet like whatever. What discomforts me is when they forget about their promise, I wish they didn’t promise on the first place. But I understand, since I may do stupid stuffs too in the future (≧▽≦) You know that feeling when you’re just so upset you can’t bring yourself to talk about so instead you cry it out, I do that most of the time ugh.

I’m also making efforts too! Its rainy season so its cold, even I don’t feel like drinking water. I have to hahaha. Also I started to exercise instead of staying unproductive with head on phone yey! By needing a space, will clean the house, collapse into bed the moment I get home, create an art aside from watching dramas/anime, internet-surfing and gaming. If ever internet-surfing, I’m searching for memes or JoJo yaoi fan arts E-san, do you drink alcohol? Alcohol for vegetarian?

NYAH!! I take a bath everyday, I knew Filipinos take a bath daily for hygiene practices, it taught us since kids. In cold season, I take warm shower. I didn’t know that it can also harm the environment? Have you also tried herbal spa bath treatment E-san?

I had read the manga, they got a good anime adaptation and the plot as well. It is more of leg muscle fan service lol also ladies hot bath together is always there.

Whoaaa E-san ~ I can’t handle my notifications keep on increasing. So now I reply hehehe. It seems that I’m getting a lot of fans on mal these past few weeks hahaha! I’m kind of comfortable to write on mal at work right now, after all the disturbing issues in real life. I just have to wait for my payday to make things right by the end of August huhuhu. Time flies really fast but I want to hurry more
Tentai-chan Aug 13, 8:47 PM
E-san ~ I'm busy in real life I think it will take me weeks or for a month to answer,
idk it depends upon the situation...
Just letting you know that I didn't forget E-san <3
Tentai-chan Aug 7, 8:12 PM
Ah, I remember. Anyway... I had thought I'm the one who'll fly since I have plans lol

I read it. I'm aware and it is being taught in school. Tho I have always knew that the Spanish had imposed family names during relatively late in the colonial period. We have similar language which borrowed words from them. I can't remember exactly when did happened of 3rd practice, giving names based on physical description. I didn't know about the 1st and 2nd traditional practice and it sounds a long name! Thanks for sharing it E-san! because of it I remember the history of our names. Everytime Filipinos hear a weird surnames, they get fun of it and pity the person later on having that last name, usually when looking to a list of names.

nani you be amused instead, I thought you'll felt awkward then get angry later because someone @.@ is heading on your personal stuff >///////////< ahh yeah angry ~ what makes you angry E-san? what do you hate & discomforts you?

Anyway... kinda objective achieved >///////<

Ohhh I see... its been a busy month for E-san! how are you feeling??? take care always E-san
Nyah! a pool???? that means you sweat a lot???? Ohhh nooo ~ dehydrated E-san!!! that means you're losing weight more???

I'm curious, do you shower everyday especially summer season? what if in cold season?

Hmm... currently I can only watch Attack on Titan S3 which I prioritized due to slow internet at home huhu. Tho I enjoy the Cells At Work. I haven't see the others yet huhu. Also watching Hanebado because I love Badminton but the anime I think they focus on drama @.@ I wish to enjoy it <\3 so far, I'm only enjoying Attack on Titan because my favorite character Levi has many exposure!!! how about you E-san???

I'm fine with delayed replies. I really appreciate that how you take time to reply <3 what really matters is E-san is getting a good sleep and fine
Tentai-chan Aug 5, 12:18 AM
hontouni??? 💘 did I mentioned something like that?? wahhh
I'm not yet prepared! . . . . .

Hmm... I had fun experiences with those people even I don't like them ~ I'm confused
What I'm telling you the person I like is a professor and I'm a college student. So how can I make my move during that time? I know that's forbidden but of course I won't be a student forever. He's 10yrs older than me. I envy girl students that can flirt around him ughh then I'm just there standing like a tree. I'm so lame lol Anyway... that is past haha!

Indeed. That's strange, but I like it!!! When I was a kid, I want to be an astronaut! I'm subscribed to NASA news hihihi. I want to know every discoveries. I hate it that its more of outside the earth. I wish to know more underwater. Do you have any ideas deep down the underwater like ancient civilization??

So what if you noticed me peaking??? OwO

You're welcome E-sama!! my name is too common XD also such a religious girly name. Since my name is common, I am most called Tentai in real life. I always have the same name in my school so I give way. But when I work already, I don't encounter same name so finally I can use my other first nickname. really?

I'd also watch "Your Name" for the second time in movie theaters last December 2017. I watched to support it and also for the quality graphics hihihi. You mean you'll have a date with a guy how was it???

idk and or... I'm just shy and don't want to talk about it >/////< baka.
Oh I thought you'll see only one friend in cinema.
I haven't experience that kind of weather. So you forgot stretching during at work, you focus too much ~
Whoaa I wish I had container to catch all every sweatdrop 💦 of Eisigerhauch Ouji-sama ahahaha

No worries Eisigerhauch Ouji-sama take care <3
Tentai-chan Aug 3, 8:22 AM
yes its difficult ~ most of my friends were my classmates also, I don't have such friends in my neighborhood.

Really? cuddling is an important topic I remember that I had a ticklish feeling at my back. My classmates invited me to join their game, it is played by your partner will write on your back using their finger and guess the word. I get the tickled feeling, can't concentrate then end up laughing so I give up (≧▽≦) oh I realized I have the tube body when I wear loose baggy t-shirts! (≧▽≦)

ughhh my dark ages its not that... a single memory ~ of course its too many to list!!! even the small things! I guess I'm just being a tsundere.

oooh I see ~ because haven't read the bible myself... all I can remember what my elder Christians said to me and it glued to my mind. What I keep on my mind is God hates the sin but loves the sinner. So sometimes I'm confused with everything hahaha.

The tradition here is the man should make a move to woman. Its a shame for us woman if we'll make a move to a man. They'll call you desperate woman if ever did that lol. Whoa can't imagine how will I behave if I were a man. I'll be a gentleman, sporty and protective. Nyaa I think I like this question! I'll ask the same thing, how about you? But I guess I'll end up asking for a consent to peak or asking for a consent while peaking already hahahah.

Whoaaa that's detailed! thanks a lot!!! hmm now I know... and I don't wear eyeglasses. I have a good uhh normal eyes vision. My brother can stay up long in front of computer in maximum of 14 hours per day just playing dota 2, he lacks of sleep and still have a good eyes. My lil bro is taking an IT course, I would like to know if he'll graduate without wearing eyeglasses to know if we have really a nice eyes vision hahaha!

Hontouni!!! so you have long name... I prefer to know what people used to call you or what do you prefer to call you if by first name or second first name? Of course I would like to know both and last name as well ughhh stop being suspense thoooo but since I'm the one who asks this. I'll give mine and will you send you a dm later.

playful, teasing >///////< submissive, positions
everything... sugoi sugoi

I am 95% happy today / 0% Angry / 75% Tired / 0% Scared / 70% Healthy / 30% In Energy / 2% Hungry / 20% Thirsty / 90% Excited Bizarre answer right? how about you?

"Alright. I forgot that I should untie that-- because I felt so distracted." As I untie these red bondage rope, I decided to take off my Azatri mask to reveal my true self. I appear as an asian woman and small in height. "Its a long story. For now, I want you to feel safe, comfortable beside me and trust me at the moment. If you'll do something reckless, I'll be forced to use a spell and please don't make me do it to you. Here, I'll let you borrow some old clothes of my brother. Don't worry, its clean. Remove all your accessories, kindly change then let me show you around this place when you're done and I'll tell you what you asked me as we go along." And then, I smiled.
Tentai-chan Aug 2, 2:01 AM

Finally from E-san!!

It depends on friends' interests. I have always live learning people's interest in order to get along with them. Since its rare in my environment to find someone with same hobbies and interests. In my experience in highschool, I'm always out of place and alone, just doing sketch at the back pages on my notebook, quietly draw together with male classmates with same interests. Girls on my surrounding love to gossip everything since they're popular in school, makeup & cosmetics, talk about their crushes & campus heartthrobs, current eps on famous drama series from famous tv shows which I can't relate them to all. So I don't know what to answer, because I don't have much experience with friends around. But I'm most likely to play domino & card games when with friends around (that's the only thing I can do since most of my friends dislike anime & games) or lyric hand games, song games and sharing horror stories experience hahaha. I have most same interest with boys classmates but I don't want to get along with them, with atleast a girl I wish.

Of course I like cuddling! (why is that brought up tho;) @.@ >////< I'm small in height, so I like being with guys taller than me. Yes, that hourglass body shaped. I'm surprised that even my stomach is full after I finished eating, I can still have sexy back. But I get conscious so I don't wear fitted blouse anymore. Whoaa like a tube, I haven't seen one (≧▽≦) that looks weird. My plans were ruined, my company has so many projects incoming. I keep on overthinking how can I manage my pending tasks and new tasks at the same time. I even forgot caring myself, thankfully I stopped to in-take energy drinks. There are days I am sitting down, head up on the clouds like what am I doing in my life right now. Things happened don't cooperate along with me and the irony strikes. So here I am overthinking and make plan again or will just go with the flow. But I'm really trying hard.

Oh I see so you're like that when in a relationship. OwO short exercise with phone in hand, hmm that's a nice idea ~ I'll try to think of it, and search on youtube how. Its just the bed gravity was incredibly powerful in the morning haha (≧▽≦)

Awww remembering the good parts from people. I started being like that when I turned 18. But I just can't think of any good memories to the people I'm close in my 17yrs old below. Most of them were just I think I met them for a purpose and the one that stays were I count a memorable people. Woow she has an amazing job, sugoi ~ german people are beautiful, I'm becoming fan of germans lately hahaha!

I can't explain why I like pink, I started to like it when I was a kid and I have a Barbie doll. Whenever I see color pink around me my heart feels calm and clear. And when I'm strolling on the mall, I saw pink objects I'm like, "How cool, I love that." When friends have pink stuffs I joke around, "Hey, that's mine." ~~~~~ Girlfriend? Hmm no. I also don't like it if my boyfriend wear pink, but when it surprise me that they wore pink, I was like, OMG I like it haha!!

Uhhh... thanks, that sounds comforting. But I also realized to myself that I like boys over girls but what really attracts me from girls are the bigger oppais & seductive faces, like I'm a perverted old man @.@ its rare now on me to get attracted to girls, except when they are being sweet to me. I'm fine with LGBT relationships but as a Christian, I don't agree on same sex marriage.

Ohh yeah ~ I forget about that, that its also same for men. I keep on asking to my male friends that they better off crying than holding tears up and yeah it is good when you cry. Its also not a lost if they saw them crying but they insist that they are a man, I can't be much help for them so I give up haha. Ugh, its too late, I knew it late when my crush likes me back but he assumed I prefer women. The friend of my crush told me he gave up and move on. Ugh without asking, he's weak! (like me lol) anway ~ just some college memories.

Whoaa I'm allowed to peak!
Owooo I imagined you look so pretty in Viking braids and also that braid like Linkle!! Haha yes it take much time, well I thought if someone do it for you ~ like here in my office, when my officemates had idle time, they just visit my workstation and others to do makeups and braiding hairs instead of slacking off lol ~ its just my company isn't that strict during office hours.
The colors you like? you mean most of it were green shirts? or what are those colors you like & people that say it suits you?
What kind of color green that your eyeglass slender frame has? Neon green? battle green? light green?

Haha thank you E-san!! wait, I don't how to pronounce your name Eisigerhauch. I also wish to know your full real name if its okay with you, you can send it to DM~ but don't take it seriously ~ and no I don't force you ~~~ but really I want to know since Tentai is only my nickname.

I fantasize both what you mention and sometimes I don't have a preferences. I usually fantasize random things hahaha!
How about E-san

I stated in a firm with a superior voice, "Nice, as I expected a behavior from a royal blood." I sat down and sweating what will I say next. Thinking how can I explain things to him since I look suspicious, then I decided to take courage to talk to person I admire and stop acting cool. I immediately stand up which alerts him but surprisingly kneel down grovelling for forgiveness what I'd done harsh things to prince. My voice starts trembling, telling him the inside castle is corrupted and heard from traitor nobles were after him. The prince has been set up from this day inside his throne bedroom, I'd calculated all of their evil plans, but I was running out of time so I rushed and that's why we were here. I brought an evidence, a letter I stole from their pocket coming from their close relatives, written down about their evil plans, I was intrigued because of their suspicious acts. I got it by using an invisible spell. I hope he felt relieved, just think for himself, happy for being saved and would nevermind an answer from me, that what do I want from him.
Tentai-chan Jul 29, 9:22 PM
E-saaaaaaan I appreciate your time for letting me know. I just miss you and you'd mentioned before that you may have workload approaching, so... take your time and I'll wait for Eisigerhauch Ouji-sama!!
Tentai-chan Jul 27, 10:28 AM
Ohh I see ~ so... there's formal roleplay too! I don't know much about it but I learned it from you, thanks for sharing it E-san!

"Hoy... Eisigerhauch Ouji-sama, I know you're awake. Stop faking a faint in front of me." I come near to him, slowly lift his head by touching his chin, removes tape from his mouth, sees his eyes opened, noticed his kissable lips immediately released my hand off to him and move my head away from him, I glanced again looking all over his body ~ "He look so perfect when its being tied by kink red bondage rope!! what the hell I am thinking at this hour listen boy no can hear you shouting, so stop tempting to do something stupid and reckless. Can you stay calm?"

I have a coca cola body shape Thanks! I hope so too! I think probably by 2nd week of August, I can get back to healthy lifestyle again. Tho my belly is getting big but I'm still fine with it ~ nyahaha!!

On my weekday routine: Wake at 7:30am drink water, eat breakfast which my mom prepared, take a bath and leaves home by 9:00am then go to work. I wish to wake up early so I can do jogging, I'm even lazy to do exercise just for 5mins hahaha! prefers to hold my phone and waste time instead haha! Hopefully to change it sooner by August hihihi. And random stuffs on weekend, I woke up late by Saturday to have a long sleep. Currently taking care of my house, buying materials, coordinate with my construction foreman. And happy to share the good news that I can live there after in few weeks, yeah by August hahah! But first I have to search and install a good internet service provider. I hope you can share unorganised chaos routine of yours too E-san!

awww Dandelion flower awww KYAAAAAAHHH that was too cute!!! looks like a cute romance so does she like you until now?

ohh I see you undergo from a surgery before and how you like the color green I like Pink since when I was a kid, as I grow, I change color favorites, I like the color blue for a short time and hating the pink because my impression to it is so girly. I was kinda boyish in my highschool. Then get attracted to color violet and white. In my personality development, I can't resist to like the color pink. Then I become true to myself and embrace the real me, and loving the color Pink more!!!

I had a weird childhood, I like the color pink and I thought I was a boy. I'm being surrounded of many boys in my town which my big bro playmates, its rare to see girl playmates so I assume myself that I'm a boy. What I see in my surrounding I imitate it. I see boys standing as they pee on trees. I tried it too and cried because I can't do fountain splash like they did. My grandmom saw and scolded me as I grow older, I hate myself for liking girls sexually. Asking myself if am I a lesbian? but I also like boys. My personality was messed up that time (≧▽≦) when I turned 18 and get in love with a guy, I developed to become straight, I study how to do a feminine manner 101 lol ~ then there was rumor in my college school that I am known as a "dual sim" (used term to Bi) I knew it thru a guy that confessed to me. He shared it to me that rumor that it is being spread in school. I wasn't aware that I'm popular to my school lol "you like Tentai? but she's a dual sim" I get depressed hearing it after doing all my effort to have lady manner so that my crush won't assume I'm lesbian but so... yeah ~ hahaha!

Ohhh I see... fitted shorter boxers + hairy legs!! shangrila!!!!
Ohh that's nice, I thought its common for guys to like a shoe brand hmm... do you have random colors of your shirts? lol I even wish to see your wardrobe hahaha (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦)

I prefer wedge heels than pointed one, but I wear pointed heels at office. I like wearing it just to have a sexy walk because I walk like a man (._.) people were telling me that I had to fix the way I walk, but I'm comfortable walking like that and hate to forcing myself to walk like a lady. So I wear pointed heels to hide it hahah! I changed to doll shoes as I go home. Why don't you just search it on google!! (≧▽≦) korean dress like more of doll dress like this >>> click here and some simple truffles dress ~ when I reach home early, I take my time, take hot shower later and wear thick cloth baggy shirt because I don't wear bra at home and of course when I sleep. But when I go home late night due overtime at work, I went straight to my bedroom

awww I wanna see how lovely you are in braids! ohh I see... its still better to have a long, disheveled hair hahhahaha you haven't tried a single bun? its cute tho!!!

w̶h̶o̶a̶a̶a̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶u̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶e̶p̶l̶a̶y̶
I honestly enjoy all so when the time started the conversation, I get hooked ~

Tentai-chan Jul 26, 8:56 AM
kyaah ~ nyahahaha :3 so you mean... we're doing a roleplay? is this what you mean that you do f̶o̶r̶e̶p̶l̶a̶y̶ roleplay that you mentioned to me before?
of course! I would like to continue
~ so uhh... Eisigerhauch Ojou-sama, you're awake... are you alright? do you feel hurt?


Yup! I like all ~ I'm blessed to have curves on my body but I mostly hide it like wearing baggy t-shirt hihihi. I would love to surprise people when I dress up fitted highlighting my curves on a certain attending events nyahahaha but at the moment, currently have bad habits on eating and unhealthy foods ~ I can't take care of myself right now. I get lazy to lend a time for exercise, can't get enough sleep, I mean I can't discipline myself at the moment. When everything is finish, hopefully be fine sooner, I'll discipline myself again. Everyday I'm always tired. I'm happy to know that you're confident with your body! I hate politics but now I'm interested to hear news from our government. Because year 2015 below, I'm sick of hearing crimes on news like there's nothing new and people here hating the president. But now ~ I love hearing improvements from our government! because you know, a tax payer haha!

Whoaaaa sugoi sugoi ~ I'll take note of that for my reference what's your daily routine?

Hmm... just a minor circumstances hahaha. Mine was, trying to impress my crush, the embarrassing moment when I start singing a line of a song too early xD also I have a crush on my professor during in my college, greeted him at hallway as we pass by then a strong wind lift up my school uniform skirt and he saw it (._.) I don't know what to react if I 'll be happy or feel bad nyahahah!!! unforgettable moment ever during college days ~

Green! so your eyeglasses frame is color green ~
Mine is Pink! since when I was a kid, I like the color pink ~ do you have a reason for liking the color green?

without clothes... boxers... ohh I see do you wear office attire at work or just casual attire? long sleeves? polo shirt? favorite shoes brand? ~ lots of people told me I look rich whatever I wear, since when I heard that, I have always wearing simple... I don't like to look rich on public places to avoid robbery especially when I was a commuter before, hahaha. I dress korean fashion such as truffles dress which I am comfortable to wear, I rare use heels, I only wear it at work. At home, I just wear baggy tshirt or sando, depending on climate. I wear comfortable shorts and just female boxers shorts.

All I can think is the physical appearance fetish like Aizawa Shouta ~ how much more of he wears eyeglasses (@.@) ohhhh...
do you pony your hair sometimes? or a single bun? doing hair braids?
I just can't stop myself imagining asdfurewuvnSODJFEWJCJEFHjiodfjgwoirhj

who ~ me??? was I? did I?
how did that happen? is it I was the one who caught you? how? I just replied to your answer from that thread and I liked it so I approached
Tentai-chan Jul 24, 7:26 AM
Aww I realize I made harsh things on my prince, I even damage his sacred skin. But this is the only way to save him when I knew the inside castle is corrupted and heard from traitor nobles were after him. I been s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ observing Eisigerhauch-sama for years to know and make sure he's fine since when I felt in love with him at first sight. I knew he'll be surprised where we are, when he wakes up. I hope I can make things clear because I look like a suspicious one. I would even want to confess but I'm not even a royal-blooded. I was raised from a bad town but I'm a family-oriented enough. Tho I want to be friends with him.

I guess so ~ its correct most of it, but I don't feel insecure from any aspect, I just don't like being seen my beautiful skin from random people these skin is exclusive for future special someone only! lol

I hate how the crime rate here in the Philippines is so high. But the crime rate now is slowly going down since 2016, I love our president hihihihi <3 but the fact when Manny Pacquiao has a boxing match, the crime rate drops to zero lol

The way you describe your interests were all simple, shortly precised. Can you tell me something memorable about your highschool life or even up to college? may I know your embarrassment moments? <3 What's your favorite color by the way? what clothes are you comfortable to wear when you're at home?

whoaaaaa YOU REALLY HAVE A LONG HAIR??? you wear eyeglasses too and has beard?
Oh my God... those were my fetish & you're my type
Why is this happening I been wishing this should be your appearance but turn out to be true.
I didn't see that coming ~ Shangri-Laaaa

Aww I'll accept that advice, thank you E-san
Yes you do E-san I was so happy you caught me from a thread KYAAAAAH
Tebaldi Jul 22, 10:13 PM
You do write a lot. I'd like to have the same energy...
Tentai-chan Jul 22, 9:08 PM
yes I do E-san ~

Just like Super Mario adventures how he will get closer to capture the princess hehehe. But since I'm an assassin that much more easier to capture and have the stealth skills. I'll just use my grappling hook directing to the prince's window ~ throw a sleeping spell and carry him as I exit the place. When the captured prince awakes tangled in rope at my hidden place, my plan is to confess only nyahahah ~ its the only way chance to talk to a prince since he's being protected and secured in castle, I won't able to talk him in normal place because I look like a low commoner that nobles hate. Using a disguise spell is not a good idea in front of prince.

(≧▽≦) Damn I suck on creating a story hahaha. I even had a plan to make a shounen manga (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) (≧▽≦)

I'm not good on explaining things, and its just my understanding. I don't like to be touched from anybody except the only person I like lol (≧▽≦) and I don't wear the kind of "too much skin" clothing. Verbal sexual harassment, dirty talk from men I don't even open up on a 1 on 1 conversation, it irritates me. Tho I'm a secretly pervert. I don't know the term so I end up using the word 'conservative' instead, I hope you understand what I'm pointing of.

Situation from perverts, I was wearing a pencil cut skirt 2 inches above the knees, sticking their D some parts of my body on a crowded that tends to compress people. Putting my bag on my front chest side, to avoid being molested. I always get conscious when commuting. Thieves on the other hand, smartphone in my pocket get lost. My coin purse was lost from my bag's front zipper, which is unsafe wearing backpack properly, so most of commuters here using backpack wears it in front instead hahaha.

I'm not fan of cars but here I am. Car is just a luxury but lately in 2012 I think, car is now a necessity in our country (≧▽≦) my officemates also not fan of cars but they envy me now, they wish they own a car during the time they can able to buy, have enough money when they were single, but now they're married and had a family, they pity their children when commuting especially when they have family outing and ironically when it rains. I'm lending a hand to my officemates that want to have a ride with me going home since their destination is also along in my way. They just contribute a little for my gas hehehe.

What are your hobbies and interests outside job? I'm not good on this ughh... tell me something about yourself (≧▽≦) sounds like a job interview. (≧▽≦)

I wish I had more time to draw or... when will I get motivated again to draw ~ because most of time, ironically motivated to draw but have tasks on office ~

I would like to draw you in future, for character references. Can you explain your appearance more? I just noted these what you'd mention. "I'm 171.5cm that should be 5'75 or 5'8. I have long brown, slightly wavy, hair with a tinge of copper in the sunlight. My favourite food is avocado, but I love many different dishes and recipes. I'm addicted to coffee and tea - my favourites are plum and jasmine." How long is your hair? Do you wear eyeglasses? do you have beard?

hmmm... what do I like about E-san ~ whoaaa I can't find my words... because I can open up comfortable talking to E-san ~ that's it hohohoho