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Anime Stats
Days: 506.7
Mean Score: 5.91
  • Total Entries2,303
  • Rewatched101
  • Episodes30,391
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
8 hours ago
Re-watching 4/12 · Scored 8
Jun 22, 12:25 PM
Re-watching 14/25 · Scored 9
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II OVA
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II OVA
Jun 22, 2:42 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 4
Manga Stats
Days: 49.4
Mean Score: 7.29
  • Total Entries74
  • Reread2
  • Chapters7,378
  • Volumes725
Manga History Last Manga Updates
May 19, 2:38 PM
Reading 679/? · Scored 10
Shut Hell
Shut Hell
Aug 9, 2020 9:45 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
Jul 23, 2020 2:00 AM
Reading 74/584 · Scored -


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GodspeedK May 5, 3:53 AM
I feel you, as much as I enjoy reading manga, it's a tough life with tons of unfinished work, that could take years to be finished and sometimes even leave unsatisfying conclusions or are in hiatus hell.
What I'm currently doing is reading up the conclusion of the last finished arc and then picking up another series. When I then get back to that series when I feel like it I won't be left in the middle of an arc. Obviously, I at least wait until the new arc to finish. Only exception atm is one piece got too invested into the wano arc, so putting that on hold after.

Man with kingdom half the time I come back to the manga, I don't even remember who they're fighting anymore or where they are at xD also put that on hold at the end of an arc. it gets too confusing for me when I've been out of the series for a while.

If you pick up chainsaw man let me know your thoughts.
GodspeedK May 4, 3:53 PM
Any specific reason you pick 10 shows and not just 8.0+ for example?

We're really into a binging/consumption culture now aren't we, with how much good entertainment we have xD

No the author of kaguya-sama hasn't had any other notable works except the recent oshi no ko which is really good. it's a collaboration with the author of kaguya sama and the author of scum wish. I'm enjoying it, but like you said manga really has a problem with currently being serialized...

Since unlike anime, it's much harder to complete for reasons I don't think I need to explain.
I prefer reading manga though, but since most of the time it's not completed I end up reading 90+ series while only being able to keep up with some of them and then hope I get back to them at some point.

If you need a good fun read, for a series that is really recent and completed I highly recommend chainsaw man. I have no doubt you'll have a good time with it and it's only 11 volumes long.
GodspeedK May 4, 10:08 AM
Yeah honzuki no gekokujou doesn't look like it would be anything special, but I'll put it on my ptw then.

Attack on titan S3-2 was indeed the best part of the series, it also made it a lot easier to recommend to non-anime fans to get invested in.

Man for once I have no idea what these shows are, reading your comment I feel like I missed an entire year of anime xD How did you decide on what would be on your list for 2019?

vinland saga was a good adaptation for once, breaking the big 3 seinen curse. kaguya-sama was a good surprise for me I enjoyed the comedy. And dororo was mappa doing good work again. I really still need to watch chihayafuru 3, I loved season 1 and 2.

Yeah, the final season is rushed, I did read the manga, but I barely remember it. But I'm pretty sure it was more fleshed out and there was a very small extra arc in the manga that wasn't adapted, I want to say that overall it had a satisfying ending, but I don't remember it aside from them being at the beach. But I'll get there today or tomorrow, maybe I'll see kuwabara again xD
GodspeedK May 3, 12:23 PM
ah I see, it seemed like you were binging with all the updates.

anything in your 2019 list, that was really good?

Yeah I rewatched hxh and then I felt like rewatching YYH again since it's only netflix. Definately a classic, that first episode always makes me shed a tear. Might be one the best first episode I've seen or at least the most impactful.
GodspeedK May 3, 2:30 AM
Hey man, it's been a while, I see you've been devouring shows the last month. did you suddenly get a lot of free time?
GodspeedK Feb 8, 2:03 AM
Probably the right mindset for this anime

Aside from fgo I've played girls frontline for a little bit which wasn't that interesting. Azur lane for 3 months, which also got boring and Arknights that had me hooked for half a year, because the combat was really fun. I've quite fgo 5 or 6 times now, but I always come back for the fun story. It's really lacking in the gameplay department when you get to the end game though. It very rarely feels like a challenge, so it's more of a grind. But the characters in the nasuverse are just really entertaining, which shouldn't come as a suprise when you have a 100+ characters to choose from.

Honestly I've played more on my phone then I have on my pc the last 2-3 years. And yeah I'd keep away from it befoe you become a whale who spends tons of money on png's
GodspeedK Feb 7, 1:58 AM
In the last 2-3 years I feel like I have played too many gachas.

I'd say that is a pretty accurate description, even as someone who has read/seen the original content it isn't anything really amazing, but it's enjoyable non the less. I keep laughing whenever they do an ass shot. I feel like all the gacha money went into those scenes.

Definatly my favorite characters in this part are ereshikigal who will appear later I think, gil and ushiwakamaru.
And gramps gets to shine, but his character doesn't make sense unless you were able to watch the camelot movies first.

The mc doesn't have much meat to him, but a bit more then I would have expected going into it.

I think the other problem fgo faces aside from that it has to basically skip 5 chapters it's that they can't really adapt those parts, because the story was really average in the first 5 chapters, so unless you're a hardcore fan I don't think anyone would enjoy those missing chapters. Maybe chapter 5, but the story was really dull in the beginning.
GodspeedK Feb 5, 2:27 AM
How is the fate grand order experience? Did you happen to also play the mobile game?
NoobYoi Jan 27, 12:29 PM
hahahaha same for me too akai, i haven't really watched seasonal anime besides the most popular ones lately. i haven't even watched kimetsu no yaiba/black clover/seven deadly sins yet, but i heard all three are very good shounen series. yeah AOT s4 spoilers are everywhere on twitter, i can't read my timeline without people posting their opinions on the show's latest 2021 has two underdogs anime currently airing, sk8 infinity and wonder egg priority. i'm kinda hyped for gotoubun S2 since S1 was pretty good. (it has nice waifus in it)

i still like it now, the list is still fine and up to date with what your taste are even in 2021. if i didn't read your blog and saw your yang wenli profile pic i would have never watched LotGH probably. (that is still one of the best anime i have ever watched, it didn't even feel like an anime now compared to most stuff i watched that is anime related) thanks for writing an awesome blog akai, your top 100 is still very helpful for me to this day in finding new anime to watch.

good tips akai, i should learn more knowledge on the IT world and other different courses. (like cooking...though i'm not very good at this i can only cook instant noodles and eggs lol) oh my old job was a store cleaner akai, it wasn't the most intelligent of a job but it pays decent amount of money. i'd love to be an arnold schwarzengger (his last name is hard to type lol) but i'm too slim for that stuff lmao. i need to gain more weight for sure, 42 kgs currently. (aiming for 55-65 kgs)

that part about real independence really resonated with me, i need to be more stronger in heart and mind. don't let other people influenced my mind, this part i already failed though hahaha. (i got bullied alot by my old male co-workers for being a short male and still a virgin) i told them i can't help it, my height hasn't grown since i was 18 years old lol. (still stuck at 153 cm, 5 feet in height i think ?) about the virgin part, i can't help that either, my face is very ugly looking so my confessions attempt at getting a gf has gone to the bin everytime hahahaha. (lol i'm such a loser here)
NoobYoi Jan 26, 11:56 AM
that's a good spirit you got there akai (you'd get over depressing stuff in just one day), just reading it makes me feel embarassed considering how different my perspective is compared to yours. good point about looking forward ahead, life is full of twists and turns. i'm not looking for a job anytime soon, my country (malaysia) is in a complete lockdown after a massive surge of covid cases. (thanks to our current illegal government being derpy in handling cases) looking to increase my weight for sure though (i need to be more stronger physically than i am now), my height is already a lose cause anyway not growing anymore now hahaha.

time moves so fast, i still remember your blogs/top anime list back in 2015 and finding new anime to watch from it. now here we are in 2021, both are still watching anime just older in age hahahaha. i haven't played video games in a long while, my pc is potato lol. it will be nice to still be watching anime at the age of 60 years old, you'd be a grandpa that watches japanese animation...that's so cool in my opinion.

kobe's death was surprising for me too, the accident was a freak situation to be in. (aircraft crashes deaths are so sudden, it can give the family members of the deceased a heart attack for sure) if junji ito or any of my favourite jav idols/movie actors died, i'd be damn sad too so i share the same feelings with you akai. (in that we felt just as sad if a family member is suffering) when you do good and iconic things in your life, people will remember you for it.

yeah i can see that you haven't interacting with people in MAL but the fact that you are still watching anime is great enough for me. i just want to know what's up with one of my oldest mal friends here. (my first mal friends was oreki-houtarou and zetto92, both aren't active anymore i think) it's good to know that you are healthy and haven't suffered much from covid impact.

i hope 2021 will be a better year too, for anime i think it's been a fantastic year so far with AoT S4 having a very good reception in score. (i always like to see a new sequel or anime series breaking into the 9.00 score mark)
NoobYoi Jan 25, 12:17 PM
i'm doing well, just abit depressed here and there but nothing too much hahaha. i'm glad to hear that you are doing well akai, it must have been hard living now with covid-19 around wrecking people's lives. (i got sacked from my last work back in march last year cause my area got hit with covid pretty hard, it was sad)

i'm happy to see that you are still watching anime, Dan is watching too which is surprising i thought he would have found a new hobby by now.

that's a cool profile pic you got btw, rip kobe he was a great basketball player.
NoobYoi Jan 24, 5:49 PM
long time no chat akai, hope you still remember me! (bruce) happy birthday in advance.
nightshadekait Oct 30, 2020 6:53 PM
My day's going alright too. Thanks for asking!
nightshadekait Oct 30, 2020 11:42 AM
Hi thanks for accepting the friend request :))

How's your day going?
LunarStarGirl345 Jun 23, 2020 9:37 AM
That’s good to hear :3.
I’m also doing fine as well, thanks for asking. ^^