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Days: 408.6
Mean Score: 5.78
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Taiho Shichau zo The Movie
Taiho Shichau zo The Movie
3 hours ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
4 hours ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Accel World EX
Accel World EX
8 hours ago
Completed 2/2 · Scored 4
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Days: 36.1
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Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
Mar 23, 1:49 PM
Reading 58/147 · Scored -
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Nov 2, 2016 7:34 PM
Reading 4/94 · Scored -
Sep 9, 2016 8:48 AM
Completed 705/705 · Scored 4


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GodspeedK 9 hours ago
Ey man, I see you're reading that punpun greatness! What are your thoughts on it so far? (Aside from the MC's weird ass design)
Imaishi Mar 13, 6:56 AM
I see, that's too bad. I know the feel, on my exam period in january I had to stop for about two weeks (although I still managed to watch few episodes then) but in the end I passed everything just fine so I'm glad I did.
Now I'm back to watching a lot.

I don't know, I think the beginning was really enjoyable, it had the most focus on Reinhard's genius, and his growth to power was something I like a lot. And I also liked Kircheis so his death kinda struck me. Maybe I shouldn't have said the middle, I loved the third part, it was mostly the second which took me so long, Reinhard wasn't really himself, there were times that he barely even appeared for like 10~~ episodes and instead we got a lot of Julian (which I didn't really like, at least at the time).
It still kept me interested though so I'm really glad I finished it all, definitely a great anime, even if not everything was truly to my taste.
What do you think of the prequel OVAs? I guess I will get to them sometime soon too.

I am planning to watch 1999 version as well, although I don't expect to like it so much either, as ants were my favourite , but it still has yorknew so why not. With that, I guess I should also try out FMA's 2003 version.

Been seeing City Hunter bit more around on MAL lately, I guess I should also try it out sometime, but then again, I am willing to try out anything haha.

Oh, why? Is it that bad?
Imaishi Mar 7, 1:44 PM
I've just (finally) finished LotGH today and I must say I liked it a lot.
It was definitely great in many aspects, especially the characters, I love Reinhard too much, he's grown to be one of my favourite characters, all the politics and the schemes going on were great as well.
Despite giving it a 8 I was still honestly just a little bit disappointed. It began great and I had really high (I mean REALLY high, a favourite or even a 10 material) hopes, but it started to get little bit boring towards the middle (from Kircheis' death till Reinhard becoming the Kaiser) and it took me a while to get through those epidoes, but then it got great again and I marathoned it towards the end. Also frankly I wasn't the fan of the battles, they weren't bad but I prefer something flashier than triangles moving on a screen.
But beside this, I loved it all, the cast is simply amazing, and the deaths really struck me, been a long while since an anime managed to do it.

Also, I've finally got to watching Hunter x Hunter and finished it, and it ended up becoming one of my favourites. It honestly took me by surprise, because I didn't expect a long shonen to do that, but I loved it all, been a while since something absorbed me so much, Yorknew, Greed Island and Chimera Ant were all awesome and the cast, again, was great. The battles were original and suspensive, the whole anime shifted tones very often but it never felt forced and in general, unlike most shonen, was quite unpredictable.

How about you, watched something great?
I see you've finished RahXephon, what did you think of it? I see you liked it, at the very least more so than NGE.
Rinarin Feb 15, 7:31 AM

Galathea Feb 14, 10:50 PM
Warned you :D

I really did.
What is funny, from all of my 100|+ friends, only two people *plus you* watched it, and one of them dropped it xD
Galathea Feb 9, 12:28 AM
don't watch Active Raid, I dare you.

It's not even Bones.

I know you will watch it anyway.
Galathea Feb 8, 2:51 PM
if you think about picking up some seasonals, try ACCA.

it's decent
Galathea Feb 8, 2:32 PM
This is anime for 5 year old kids, what did you expect?!

It's not like I didn't warn you, I almost begged you to pick ANYTHING but Heroman xd

/and it's not that bad. 4/10 is... average quality/
Galathea Feb 8, 12:24 PM

Aren't you dead yet?
AmbiguousMonster Feb 6, 4:03 AM
How was the persona movie(s)? I was going to watch them in Japan, but... I didn't. Thus far I've only played Persona Q (which is my pick for best 3DS game ever) but I am hoping to play Persona 5 at some point.
AmbiguousMonster Jan 31, 4:56 PM
Late Happy Birthday.
AADMC Jan 31, 4:34 AM
AnimeWatcher69 Jan 30, 7:29 PM
Sorry for the late response, been quite busy with school recently. The Promised Neverland may seem cliche, but it's pretty good so far. It's about children who grow up in an orphanage, and at a certain age they are supposedly sent out to "new families." Without going too much into spoilers, they don't ever come back after being "shipped away." It's got a sort of death note psychological feel and also a bit of attack on titan where the children are seen like livestock, and are in reality trapped.

Btw Have a Happy Birthday
velego Jan 30, 6:53 AM
Happy Birthday!
Reeceeboy Jan 30, 5:35 AM
Happy Birthday