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Detective Conan
Detective Conan
Jan 31, 5:10 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Jan 30, 7:57 PM
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Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Jan 27, 6:51 AM
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Jan 15, 8:44 AM
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Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
May 1, 2017 9:38 PM
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Nov 2, 2016 7:34 PM
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Imaishi Feb 4, 1:47 PM
Anything in particular you're thinking of, when you say you might add them to your top 100?

I too share the sentiment of not seeing myself quitting anime ever, and at the very least not in any foreseeable future. While I sometimes experience brief burnouts of watching very little, it's still the medium I like the most and love exploring, and there's far too much to ever run out of, heck, I might take a while to finish some single franchises or works of one author. Leijiverse comes to mind as something extremely vast that I want to finish. So far I have watched most (I think all?) anime about Harlock, but there's still so much more, Galaxy Express and stuff.

Well, that is not to say I dislike him, and I definitely do respect his huge influence on the medium, I'm kinda torn. And mind you, his stuff is manga, and I very rarely read manga, only read a short, first version of Getter Robo. There is definitely a lot lost in the adaptations, at least the early ones. Devilman is almost completely something else as far as I know. He has some great ideas, but his style and love for violence (in some of his works, like Violence Jack which almost solely death and rape) aren't always my thing. Mazinger I really like, but it didn't age very well and was kinda kiddy, but it's still fun, I watched over 100 episodes of it (the sequel, Great Mazinger, is only partially subbed) and as I said, I have high hopes for the modern iteration which seems to be free of the things that constrained the original. Same can be said about Cutey Honey - starting with the 2000 something OVA (directed by Imaishi, actually) I went into it with big expectations, as I liked the concept, but once again - early 70s might just be too old for me, lol, it was just boring, but shouldn't. OVAs from the 90s were so much better, albeit just very short and lacking overarching plot. There's also some really cheesy stuff (robots vs dinosaurs lmao). I respect him, like some of it, but I definitely do think his ideas were worked on and improved over time.

Engaged to the Unidentified is actually a 2014 anime, and pretty popular too, but whatever.

What PC games are you into? I don't have a console so I wouldn't know about these, but if you gamed some on PC maybe we share some things we like.
Imaishi Feb 4, 7:25 AM
The new layout is really good, but I hope you saved your old one somewhere, it was nice as well. I like that you left the Logengramm writing, I like it.

I see, I did notice you slowed a bit with your anime, hope you get to watching a lot again. And maybe add something to your top 100 as well.

I've been watching quite a bit lately, last few weeks mostly exploring Go Nagai's stuff, who seems to be really loved, although I'm not really a fan. His stuff is okay, but some of it way too violent and brutal with no real reason, Violence Jack is outright garbage and Devilman, with some great ideas, still has problems and could use a bit toning down. His mecha stuff is fine, so is Cutey Honey, but most of it aged really poorly. In fact I like the more 'recent' (aka not 70s) takes on his stuff a lot more, like 90s Cutey Honey OVA.
I just started 2009's version of Mazinger Z and it has potential to be really good, hope I'm not wrong on this one.

As for really good stuff, I rewatched Utena after over 2 years and loved the hell out of it, probably even more than on my first watch, couldn't stop thinking about it for a week, love it a lot. Also, watched Yuasa's new movie, "The night is short, Walk on girl" and I loved it a lot, I think it's even better than Tatami Galaxy, similar in some aspects (artstyle is the same) but I found it much more fun and adorable. You should give it a try, most seem to think it's not up to par with Tatami, but I think it's not true.

Other than that, been watching mostly some mediocre crap and following few seasonals, but Engaged to the Unidentified caught me by surprise, expected it to be some moeblob, but it was funny as hell and had a decent, calm romance without annoying drama, kinda left me wanting a bit more, as it's an unfinished adaptation.

I will probably be watching bit less now though, as I got back into World of Warcraft, and that might take most of my free time, lol.
suraj_anton Feb 3, 10:56 AM
Woah!!!! Nice profile layout.... Simply love it🤑🤑🤑
Is the new ginga eiyuu densetsu releasing this year??
Imaishi Jan 31, 3:46 PM
holy crap man, you changed your profile pic? is this real life?, woah, you have had it since I only remember you

also, happy late birthday

how is anime life going for you? watched anything really good lately?
suraj_anton Jan 30, 4:24 AM
Happy birthday ^^ :)
Hope you have fun today

P.s. I watch your list everytime i come online, and take recommendations as to what i should watch next from it😂😂
Akai_Shuichi Nov 17, 2017 5:57 AM
Sad day for anime...

RIP Bulma, Ayukawa Madoka

AmbiguousMonster Nov 16, 2017 1:28 AM
I just saw Heaven’s Feel. I might write my extended thoughts later, but in general:
-It felt like a blend of Kara no Kyoukai and UBW.
-Easily Ufotable’s best work, and the CG application was spotless. Screenshots galore, and its effects make most Hollywood productions blush in never embarrassment.
-Much more content was covered than I expected.
-Incredibly violent and even gut wrenching at parts. The new servant is quite horrifying.
-Oddly funny at points.
GodspeedK Nov 13, 2017 12:08 PM
Aight I'll check out your channel when I have the time!

Let me know once you've seen the fight it was one of my top DB moments.
DBS has definatly gotten better over time, it unfortunatly still has those low budget animation moments from time to time, but a lot less then before.
I still prefer the manga version over the anime though. But the Goku vs Jiren fight is the one thing I doubt the manga can surpass, just because of how the episodes uses it's medium, so well with high quality animation, epic music and just some really good fight directing.
GodspeedK Nov 9, 2017 3:51 PM
Well I guess since the last time we spoke.
Interesting since the end of the summer I haven't really been watching or reading anything.

Aside from having an anime marathon with a friend of compulsive gambler, keeping up with DB super and checking out my curiosity for Kaji I haven't been watching any anime.
as for manga I've only been keeping up with weekly series whenever I felt like reading it.
What games have you been playing?
My interest in them seems to have wavered quite a bit like my interest in anime and manga atm. Can't seem to find a game that I just want to play for hours and hours like the witcher, skyrim and xcom

Not watching anything from this season, but I heard Mahoutsukai no Yome is quite good, so I am planning on watching that once it's done airing. As for the rest of the year:

Winter was trash it had one of the worst anime or that's what i heard from hand shakers. The only good show I watched from that season was scum's wish. I heard Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon was good, but the first episode didn't pique my interst and Youjo Senki turned out to have a farily good rating and I'm planning to check that out one day like the rest of my ptw.

Spring was a bit better: I know no sequals but Boku no hero is just so good reminding you of the days you were enjoying naruto. Which reminds me that boruto wasn't as much of a grab cash as I thought it'd be (though it's still a cash grab), it was actually fun to watch, I did put it on hold for now, but the first few episodes where actually quite enjoyable. Then it got a little bit long winded and I stopped watching planning on getting back to that though. Re:creators was quite fun to watch, it was a solid show for me, but I felt it had a lot of wasted potential. It couldn've been a lot better and memorable then what it ended up being. And Tsuki ga Kirei ended up being a very cute "romance" series about liking someone and a bit of "dating".

Summer: is the time I stopped watching. Watched the first episode of some shows, that I'll get back to someday maybe. Fate was as average as I expected it to be. Ballroom I'll definatly check out after having heard good things about it. Made in abyss turned out to be really good, but I haven't watched it. And I only watched the first 3-4 episodes of gamer, but that was actually funny to watch, just forgot about it after it finished.

So in conclusion a pretty bad year, nothing noteworthy has been airing this year. Though I hope the heavens feel movie is good. I think it'll have a proper setup just to have an average sequal, with an okay or rushed ending movie with some cool scenes. If anything the most memorable thing for me this year animewise was Dragon ball super Goku vs Jiren. BS powerup, but really fun to watch.
GodspeedK Nov 7, 2017 6:31 PM
Ey man it's been quite a while, have you seen anything worth watching lately?
AmbiguousMonster Oct 30, 2017 1:54 AM
Two more exams, one more essay and my degree is finished... and I’ve already secured a research project for next year, so I might as well not bother celebrating till I’ve done that. That’ll be the real challenge.

Mahoutsukai no Yome’s OVA prequel was excellent. If it keeps up the quality in the TV series, it could be WIT’s best work and a contender for AOTY. The saturated warm colours and excellent detail reminded me a bit of Shirayukihime, but the story is much darker and more morose. I will be very disappointed if it underperforms.
AmbiguousMonster Sep 30, 2017 1:26 AM
Amazon exclusives are expensive to access and though they are few, they are often the most talked about of the season.

Heaven's Feel is playing near me on November 4th... which is a couple of days before finals, so I can't see it 😱. Hopefully it gets a limited release elsewhere.
battler09 Sep 25, 2017 2:48 PM
De acuerdo, yo creo que la continuidad dependerá de su éxito al nuevo público. No sé si aún queden muchos fans de la vieja serie en Japón, pero si lo planean bien puede llegar a ser un trabajo muy interesante. Ojalá sepan aprovechar las nuevas técnicas de animación como en el caso de Gundam o Yamato, porque también me encantaría ver esas peleas espaciales entre Yang y Reinhard.
Según tengo entendido, los anuncios fueron: 12 capítulos y 3 películas. Así que, pueden adaptar el primer arco por lo menos, o eso pareciera. Cuando vi los nuevos diseños también me impactó un poco ya que la primera impresión que te da es la imagen de Kuroko no Basket (Siegfried es el que más sufrió de esto jeje) pero si lo dirige el mismo equipo detrás, puede ser beneficioso al nuevo público. Para mi, Kuroko era muy emocionante, y si veo ese dinamismo en esta nueva serie, puede que guste bastante.
Veremos cuál será el resultado. En lo personal, lo único que pido es que sepan manejar lo del narrador ya que es uno de mis problemas con la vieja serie. Me molesta mucho que te explique hasta lo que están bebiendo los personajes. Simplemente no lo soporto.
battler09 Sep 25, 2017 8:15 AM
Sí, me la encontré por Steam, y me parece un buen resumen de la novela. Sus memes son muy buenos.

Por cierto, veo que eres un gran fan de LoGH, ¿qué te pareció el nuevo trailer de la nueva serie que se estrena para el próximo año?
battler09 Sep 24, 2017 4:54 PM
Lindo Top 100