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Dragon Ball Super
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Naruto: Shippuuden
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Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
May 1, 9:38 PM
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Nov 2, 2016 7:34 PM
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Sep 9, 2016 8:48 AM
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AmbiguousMonster Jun 10, 2:38 AM
How has thou been as of late? I've been fairly busy over the past few months; I can now say with confidence that minoring in English is a terrible idea :(. We have to read a whole novel every week. Aside from that, I'm nearing the end of my degree and am hoping to apply to do a Masters of Science, but in one year instead of two. Given I'm trying to give a good impression and score well enough to be competitive I've not seen much in the way of anime outside of Titan in months. I have been using the PS4 a lot recently, mostly for Bloodborne and Witcher (I got the full version with all the expansions for $30 AUD, which is practically theft). My friend has recommended Nioh and Nier, but I probably won't get to them for ages. I suppose given your list updates you've also been busy?
heinrich6745 Apr 21, 10:45 AM
Yeah i assumed that is what you meant when watching in the morning, i do the same thing when i wake up i will get some stuff in before i go about my day.

Glad you are enjoying the read and going about it slowly, i did the same thing not very long ago with Kingdom after watching both seasons i started reading the manga and it took me a week to get through the whole thing up to the most recent chapter. Granted i could have gotten caught up much faster but i read slowly and only during each night before bed. Going to do the same thing with Hajime no Ippo here soon since i finally watched everything and i'm already prepared with the manga saved on my hard drive, just need to get the motivation to read it and i'm good to go.
heinrich6745 Apr 20, 7:20 AM
Sounds like me, i tend to not do much on here aside from my profile, H&E club and of course AWC club, sometimes i post on the forums but not a whole lot oh and chat with my friends both here and on discord.

I'm kinda the opposite, i watch majority of mine during the night time each night but unless i am not that busy or i want to multi task (which happens a lot) i will try knocking out some shows/episodes during the day time, not so much in the early mornings due to me not being a morning person but lately i have been waking up earlier and going to bed a little bit earlier.

I noticed you're currently reading Oyasumi Punpun, are you enjoying it? i personally love it.
heinrich6745 Apr 19, 8:09 PM
How's mal life treatin ya?

Enjoying Urusei Yatsura? that's on my ptw so i'll get to it eventually.
heinrich6745 Apr 17, 2:10 PM
sunfukung Apr 13, 11:37 AM
thanks, for the answer
sunfukung Apr 10, 3:26 PM
how is Urusei Yatsura
Imaishi Apr 8, 7:09 AM
Thank you!
So am I, especially here on MAL as I rarely if ever go to panel, in my favourites I have link directly to my profile.
Does it make any sense to wish happy birthday over 2 months late? If so, happy birthday.

I see. I suppose long series like that might get boring unless there is some more action.
I will probably watch it anyway, as I like Lum's design and I've heard the movies are really good.

Yeah, quite some time. I'm still chatting with some people I've met in forum games back then, nice to have people to discuss anime with from all around the world.
I'm watching quite a lot as there is nothing urgent I should be doing, but I will probably be cutting this short soon, as I really should spend more time on my thesis.
But yeah, I don't really see myself quitting anime. It's a nice hobby. There sure is a lot of crap around, but when you come across something nice it feels awesome.

I see. I'm not really gaming much lately. I'm mainly online player anyway, and lately it's been just hearthstone for me, though I am getting kinda sick of it, Blizzard is a company I have been losing respect for. Maybe I should try out some more popular single player games, as people are losing their shit over Mass Effect and I have never played it, and it seems like a thing I could like.
-Ouro- Apr 8, 12:03 AM
Indeed. It's just too interesting.
-Ouro- Apr 6, 11:26 PM
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
Warriors_of_God Apr 5, 1:17 PM
Well I never interesting in the Ds tales games, since I have heard Innocence is mediocre and Tempest was know for the worst looking game in the series and the worst my majority of the fan base.

While the problem for me was when I tried to some of games I kept from growing up, they look very pixled and it hard to see.Heck I got the compound cables for it which did help,but no enough to back it lay able for long periods of time.

When it comes to Emulators I only used them to play Mother 2 & 3, and some of pokemon hack games.I need to find a good Emulator for Gamecube, Dreamcast (mainly because of Shenmue 1&2). I tend to avoid using them unless I have too, mainly because I like to own my game physical.

Thanks for the recommendation, hopefully I can get to play them either by buying them phyiscal or by emulator.

I do have the rom for Fire Emblem 7, but haven't gotten aroudn to playing it, because of if I do I probably get into a backlog. When it comes to me and games If i am trying to finish more then 2 games at a time, I tend to forgetting playing one them, and this keeps playing up when I get new games, and since I just got out of a backlog last year I don't want to be in one ever again.

Warriors_of_God Apr 5, 12:19 PM
So if have been play that long, I wonder are Destiny 1&2, Vesperia, Phantasia, Hearts R any good? The reason why I ask are because those are tales of games I always want to play, but I can't, since I don't have console they are release for, so I am hoping they get remastered for the Ps4 one day.

Dang you have played rpgs I have never heard of and one I do want to play such as Ys, Xeno (saga, gears), Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Golden Sun, Chrono Cross, and Star Ocean. I do plan to check some of the old rpgs I miss, once I get a tv that isn't hd since my Ps2 gmaes looking really bad on a hd screen.

Since you have played Dragon Quest games, what games from you can recommend that are available on ds, 3ds, Ps2, PS3, and Ps4. I have only played 8 (3ds version) which I finish that 1 month ago and I love it, and I recently just bought 6 (DS Version).

Fire Emblem is a series I do want to play more it's games, but some of them are to find for a good price or they are not localized. I have only played Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates Conquest route. I am hoping Echoes Shadows of Valentia is good, because I the last Fire Emblem game I have played Conquest was really bad, and I am worried the franchise is going on the route of waifu bait and having bad stories.

Warriors_of_God Apr 5, 10:20 AM
While with Tales of games I didn't get into them until 1 and half year ago. At this time I bought Tales of Abyss for 3DS and ended up following in love with it. After that i bought ever Tales game that was available for Ps3 and Ps4.So I never got experience playing higher diffuclt due to my defualt diccult in any game is normal mode. But, that will change once I get around to a new game plus run on Berseria some point this year or next year, since I want to take a break after doing I get the amount of grade I want.

One thing I forgot to mention about Zestiria anime, it doesn't fully adapt the game, they went on a different path some point I beileve during the after the first 5 episodes I believe, but they do keep the same characters in their. Which made more interesting to watch, but it would been better if Ufotable actually didn't rush it.

Will that is good that you got your old account back, and I found a bit odd that had some games on their that didn't bought, but he was probably testing out so he can found out your credit card information. Alright, jut let me know when you sent it.

Beside playing Final Fantasy and Tales of, what knid of other games series and genres you enjoy?
Warriors_of_God Apr 4, 12:39 PM
I have doing pretty good.

I need to update my top 10 video game list since I believe Tales of Berseria is better then Abyss. The only reason why I haven't is because I don't know where to rank it in that list. Berseria had for the best story in the series, sure it typical revenge story, but during the last third of the game it start becoming amazing and starts becoming one of the best revenge stories ever. It has the best cast I have ever experience in a Tales of game, they all work so well with each other and interactions make some of the most funny moments. The gameplay is honestly the most fun I had with a Tales of game since Graces F. Berseria is the first Tales of game where I do want to get all the trophies for it and 100 % during my second run of it.

I did play Zestiria and view I find to be decent at best. It suffers the problem relaying weakens and armatizition to win the battle hich makes the battles very boring, all the cast are boring and bland, and the story is forgettable and confusing. But, the worst thing Zestiria did the most and one of the most common reason why Tales of fan don't like is because of the character Alisha who advertise alot by trailers and promotion, was reduce to a back ground character and we rarely play as her. Bandai try to make thisup to us to use by making her character the main focus cof her own dlc pack, but still the dlc is not worth. It really had nothing new to offer and had a dungeon that take you hours to finish if you get stuck. Also you know what sad the prequel to it Berseria does a better job explain the story then it sequel Zestiria ever did. The anime does handle the story and characters better , but it duffers pacing issues that makes hard to understand, since it too fast. Really the reason you should play to learn more about the lore in the world it is sent in, but still not a good enough reason. But, at least better Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World which is the worst Tales of game.

If you are interested my PS4 username is the same as my MAL account name, do sent a friend request if want to chat and play some video gmes with me.
Imaishi Apr 3, 12:45 PM
How have you been man? Doing well?

I see you started Galaxy Railways. That one interests me the most of the Leijiverse, but I haven't found a torrent yet :o Seems bakabt deleted it after it got licensed and it's not anywhere else. Guess I go for kissanime lul
Speaking of which, I've watched most of Harlock-related anime from the universe and I liked most of them. Especially Waga Seishun no Arcadia and Queen Emeraldas.
I might continue with Leiji once I'm done with GTO and few other anime I have on my computer.

Recently I have also watched Berserk which kind of disappointed me honestly.
It was decent for the most part but the ending was shit if you ask me, completely anticlimatic to what came before it. Very sudden and leaving questions unanswered as well.
And for all the praise Guts seems to get, he's a pretty boring character in my eyes and for the most part it's just fapping to how strong he is and kills 20 people alone, meh.

Last week I've also watched one of your favourites, Rose of Versailles (finally) and I liked it a lot. Maybe not exactly favourite level for me, but still a very good show. There were some things I didn't like too much, especially the portrayal of Marie Antoinette, whom we only get to know as a little, innocent, quite silly but sympathetic girl, and when the revolution is growing she essentially disappears from the anime. While understandable considering she moved from Versailles, we never get to learn how she was as an adult D:
Also, might be just me, but I felt the time passing was shown quite poorly. The story lasts 20 years and you can barely feel it, few years can pass between episode and episode and I would never know if the narrator didn't tell me

Still, the series was really enjoyable, and I absolutely adore Oscar, she's such a cool characters, and my type as well, you don't come across these very often. I also really liked Andre. Found the ending to be quite powerful, and the OST is just so good and fitting.

How are you finding Urusei Yatsura btw? Been planning to watch it for ages, but the huge number of episodes and multiple movies is quite a lot.
btw we've been friends on mal for over 2 years now :o that's quite a bit