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Ashita no Nadja
- TV 17/50
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Detective Conan Airing
10 TV 940/- 9.5 - When it comes to crime fiction in anime, you don't get better than Conan. Great detective story, with some incredible action, but very rarely seen. 2+ hours specials are just great.
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Lupin III: Part II
- TV 61/155
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One Piece Airing
8 TV 900/- 8.2 - One Piece is easily my favorite between the Three Marys. It gives a great feeling of adventure, and characters are very likeable. Much less filler than Naruto or Bleach, but very slow-paced.
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Steins;Gate 0
9 TV 9/23
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Toaru Majutsu no Index III
- TV 26/26
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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii OVA Airing
7 OVA 1/2
TV: 6, OVA: 1, Movies: 0, Spcl.: 0, Eps: 2894, Days: 49.54, Mean Score: 8.5, Score Dev.: 0.24

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"Bungaku Shoujo" Memoire
7 OVA 3 6.5 - The 1st episode, ironically about the main heroine, is kinda average. 2nd episode was quite good and the 3rd at least was funny.
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"Bungaku Shoujo" Movie
7 Movie 1 7.3 - Very enjoyable movie, showing lot of emotion from the characters (good or bad), and with a, not great, yet good plot.
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5 TV 26 4.7 - I'm a fan of the games, but found this anime rather boring. It was so faithful to the MMO world, that literally nothing that really peaked my interest
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.hack//The Movie: Sekai no Mukou ni
7 Movie 1 6.7 - I didn't expect to enjoy this movie as I didn't enjou //Sign, but being shorter helped the story. Fully CGI made, characters feel weird IRL, but the movie looked great inside the game. The story is ok.
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2 ONA 1 2.1 - This is obviously the spiritual sequel of Initial D. Running in the 90s, baby.
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11-nin Iru!
8 Movie 1 7.6 - A pretty interesting mystery-sci-fi-survival movie about a group of people who have to survive on a spaceship for a while, but they're 11 when they're supposed to be 10.
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5 TV 12 5.0 - I remember almost much nothing about this series. I remember I wasn't bored with it, but can't be that good if I forgot so much about it.
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12-gatsu no Uta
2 Movie 1 2.2 - Completely unimpressive. In 1970 you could definitely do a lot better than this. Story, animation, music... this doesn't really shine in anything.
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4 Music 1 4.3 - They did a nice job with FLCL, but I felt the music here was a bit too repetitive, animation was very simple and the story uninteresting.
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3-gatsu no Lion
8 TV 22
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3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
9 TV 22
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3-gatsu no Lion Recap
5 Special 1
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300 En no Otsukiai Anime Edition
3 OVA 1 2.8 - I actually think the artstyle is fine in this OVA, but the animation is fairly mediocre and above all. This is a bit (a lot) too much "loli" for me
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1 Movie 1 1.2 - Keiichi Tanaami drugs. I really see no sense in this short at all, just weird colors and stuff... which would even be acceptable... if it weren't 9 minutes of that.
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91 Days
9 TV 12
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91 Daze
5 Special 7
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A Piece of Phantasmagoria
4 OVA 15 3.9 - Pure world building without plot. More like an illustrations book in an anime format. The world building is actually creative, but the lack o a plot or characters makes it a bit boring.
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4 TV 12 3.7 - Cute Girls Doing Cute Things. If you like that, then you will probably like this. I don't.
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4 OVA 2 3.8 - Just as the series has no plot, you can expect more of the same here. Fans of the series are bound to enjoy it. It's pretty much more episodes
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ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
8 TV 12
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ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Specials
6 Special 6
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Accel World
5 TV 24 5.1 - I'm one of the few who thought this was (a little) more entertaining than SAO. The MC is annoying and villains are boring, but nice world-setting and action.
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Accel World EX
4 OVA 2 4.3 - The 2 OVAs are standalone from each other. The first OVA has some kind of plot that makes it a decent watch. The second one is your everyday fanservice episode
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AD Police
7 OVA 3 7.0 - A very good exponent of cyberpunk. 3 standalone episodes full of action and blood. While there's not much development at all, it is quite fun. Great OST.
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Adventures in Beauty Wonderland
4 Movie 1 3.5 - Probably the best looking Keiichi Tanaami short. I don't do drugs... heck, I don't even smoke or even drink... but I've watched way too many Tanaami shorts.
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Afro Samurai
7 TV 5 6.8 - A weird combination of East and West, samurais and sci-fi. Pretty bad script, but not meant to be taken seriously. Original voices are in english with Samuel L Jackson. Fantastic visuals.
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Afro Samurai Pilot
6 Special 1 6.3 - The pilot film for one of the few (or only) anime meant to be watched in english thanks to Samuel L. Jackson. Definitely an interesting pilot film to build a series.
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Afro Samurai: Resurrection
7 Movie 1 6.9 - Pretty much everything I said about the first part applies to this sequel. Lucy Liu joins Samuel L. Jackson in the cast.
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After... The Animation
5 OVA 2 4.7 - Hentai, school setting, uncensored (I believe) and medium quality.
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Ai (ONA)
1 ONA 1 1.0 - 7 seconds about nothing really. Almost makes want to break my head thinking why was this created. This is literally nothing.
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Ai Mai! Moe Can Change!
3 OVA 1 2.5 - Cute Girls Doing Cute Things with smartphones that can change clothes. Pretty much a worthless OVA if you're not a fan of the moe trope.
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Ai Shimai 2: Futari no Kajitsu
6 OVA 2 6.0 - Lots of logic only applicable to hentai here. More of the what was seen in part 1.
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Ai Shimai Tsubomi... Kegashite Kudasai
4 OVA 2 4.0 - Worse than the other Ai Shimai
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Ai Shimai: Futari no Kajitsu
6 OVA 3 6.0 - Kind of a classic in hentai. Uncensored. Decent quality.
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Ai Shoujo Pollyanna Story
8 TV 51 8.3 - Pollyanna is a lesson about optimism. It's always important to find good things to be glad about even in the worst situations (though always keep fantasy in check, don't neglect what's bad).
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Ai Sky Tree 21
1 ONA 1 1.0 - Pretty much some explosions. I could give this some credit if the explosions looked good, but they actually look really bad.
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8 TV 12 8.4 - One of the classics in Key. There are some that love it, and some that hate it. I love it, and still think the last scene is very touching as a mother-daughter relationship. This anime is about its ending.
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Air in Summer
7 Special 2 6.6 - If you liked the main series, you'll likely enjoy this, but not nearly as much. If you didn't like the main series, don't even bother trying.
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Air Movie
9 Movie 1 8.5 - Really good movie that tells the same story than the series but on a very different way, so I doesn't look repetitive. More focused on the Yukito-Misuzu relationship (and Ryuuya-Kanna).
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8 TV 13 8.1 - Don't run from the CGI. Ajin has a solid, decent story and some of the best action out there thanks to a very charismatic antagonist. Best anime with outright terrorism. No emo MC, great action.
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Ajin 2nd Season
8 TV 13 8.4 - S2 just keeps going, this is really one series separated in 2 seasons. Ajin 2 gets to the climax of the story, making it even better... but probably not the end of the story
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Ajin OVA
7 OVA 2 7.4 - Ajin OVAs are actually pretty good as they are not mandatory, but adds some layers to the story, telling stories from past events... oh, and of course, a bit of fanservice with the only relevant girl in the series
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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
6 TV 12 5.9 - It's a nice shoujo were not much happens, which is a bit sad because it has potential for things happening. That said, likeable MC, nice BGM and good animation.
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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season
7 TV 12
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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Nandemonai Takaramono, Kono Page
6 OVA 1 6.2 - An OVA that comes in-between seasons for Shirayuki. Pretty much another episode for the series that follows the same tone. Nothing extraordinaire, but a nice watch.
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Akage no Anne
9 TV 50 9.3 - A life lesson or an oportunity to reminiscence about the past, depending on your age... maybe even a bit of both. You'll have a hard time finding an anime out there with characters as real as these.
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Akage no Anne: Green Gables e no Michi
7 Movie 1 6.9 - Recap of the first 6 episodes of the series with no added material. Enjoyable movie, but honestly unneeded.
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Akai Kutsu! Onnanoko!
1 Movie 1 1.4 - Ehm... Okay? Sometimes you have to wonder why these random stuff are even created in the first place. What was the purpose of it.
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Akame ga Kill!
6 TV 24 6.2 - Overall, its an entertaining anime with nice fights and acceptable characters (a bit too cliché though). Don't expect much more.
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Akane Maniax
3 OVA 3 3.4 - The only reason I'd recommend this to someone is for the very same reason I watched it: To see some Muv-Luv Alternative characters animated.
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Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka
3 TV 12 3.0 - A Rom-Com that was already mediocre and had an ending I really, really disliked. I suppose at least the MC chose someone... which at least is something.
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Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka: Hardcore
2 Special 1 2.0 - By the time I had finished the series, I pretty much hated it, so I really didn't need this special that is purely fanservice... again, about a series I don't like one bit.
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Akashic Re:cords
5 ONA 1 5.2 - It's actually a fairly decent trailer for a game that will go down in history as... what game was this again?
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Akatsuki no Yona
7 TV 24 6.9 - One of the best shoujos in many years. Yona's a great characters. The guys are pretty average, but she makes up for them. OP1 and ED2 are outstanding.
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Aki no Kanade
7 Movie 1 6.8 - Pretty solid OVA from Anime Mirai 2015. A slice-of-life that in it's 25 minutes cover a bit of three phases of the life of the mc. Spectacular job by Rina Satou voicing her. Reminds me a bit of Hanairo.
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Aki no Puzzle
1 Movie 1 1.4 - Seriously. Don't watch this if you're an epileptic... actually, if you're not an epileptic you're also better off not watching this.
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4 OVA 1 4.0 - Ecchi that touches the hentai door, but doesn't open it... or does it? Maybe it's better to call it light hentai. I guess it's good at what it tries to do.
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Aki-Sora: Yume no Naka
5 OVA 2 5.1 - Losing Kana Ueda is a shame, but adding yuri and actually some kind of plot is nice. Even ifI can't say it's a good plot, at least I feel there's more to it than, say, Kiss X Sis.
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7 Movie 1 7.1 - A classic. Amazing dystopian setting and very good artstyle and animation, specially for its time. First half is glorious, second half still good, but weaker.
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Aku no Hana
7 TV 13 7.3 - Annoying but extremely well written characters, and story. No, I don't like the artstyle, but I can get past it. Ending was almost trolling though. Hopefully there's a S2.
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Akuma no Riddle
6 TV 12 5.7 - This is a very simple series, but it managed to entertain me. There are some yuri undertones, and its pretty much a survival in a school.
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Akuma no Riddle: Shousha wa Dare? Nukiuchi Test
4 Special 1 3.6 - There you go, your beach episode. In this case in an island.
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5 TV 12 4.7 - This is a trainwreck and not much more. Many things are ridiculous and I don't really like the characters, but it does manage to want me to watch the next episode. I'm in for season 2.
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Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season
5 TV 12 4.9 - A bit more entertaining than S1, but the beginning of this series is absolutely ridiculous. The Robo Eye was manufactured by Aizen Sousuke. Everyone dies, except they don't actually die.
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Alice to Zouroku
7 TV 12
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All That Gundam
4 Special 1 4.0 - Just a very short PV because of Gundam's 10th anniversary.
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Allison to Lillia
7 TV 26 6.8 - This was a good, simple story with some romance, and its one of the few anime with airplanes. It was an enjoyable series.
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Alps Monogatari: Watashi no Annette
9 TV 48 8.5 - A lot to be learned from this series. The main message might be that's important to forgive, but maybe the most important one might be to have to courage to confront problems.
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Alps no Shoujo Heidi
8 TV 52 8.1 - A classic among classics. We've all heard the opening. The series grew up on me upon a rewatch 20 years later. Actually better than the original source, and pretty much every WMT, a nice look to the past.
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Amaama to Inazuma
7 TV 12
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Amagami SS
6 TV 25 6.3 - Giving each girl her own arc was something pretty unusual, and Amagami managed this very good. Boring MC, but some likeable heroines.
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Amagami SS OVA
6 OVA 6 6.1 - More Amagami.
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Amagami SS+ Plus
6 TV 13 6.1 - Some nice epilogues to the arcs of each heroine from season 1. Good way to finish the series.
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Amagami SS+ Plus: Extra Episode+ Plus
5 Special 6 5.2 - Short epilogues to the different stories from Amagami. A nice short watch if you enjoyed Amagami... and definitely something meant to be watched after finishing both series.
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Amagami SS: Tachibana Miya-hen - Imouto
6 Special 1 5.9 - More Amagami.
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Amagi Brilliant Park
6 TV 13 6.3 - I loved the author (FMP!), but didn't like the premise. It was a bit like that. I didn't really like the story, but had some good comedy and characters.
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Amagi Brilliant Park: Nonbirishiteiru Hima ga Nai!
6 Special 1 5.6 - A decent OVA for those who liked Amagi Brilliant Park. Had some funny stuff, but nothing really important.
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Ame-iro Cocoa
3 TV 12 2.5 - The one reason I'm not calling this horrible is because it's so insignificant. Nothng really happens, it's not funny, not well animated, no good characters. It has nothing going for it
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Amefuri Kozou
6 OVA 1 5.5 - A simple, classic story by Osamu Tezuka that's mostly about a promise, which is eventually forgotten.
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Angel Beats!
6 TV 13 6.1 - The first Key franchise that's a TV original. Another Key standard. Fun story, great visuals and nice OST. Not outstanding, but I found it really enjoyable.
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Angel Beats! Specials
5 Special 2 5.2- This special is pretty much like any middle episode of the series. The first one was better than the second. They were okay.
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Angel Beats!: Another Epilogue
5 Special 1 5.3 - This is a good watch after finishing the series. It does leave some things to interpretation.
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7 Special 15 7.0 - A lot can be done in 1 minute, and some creators here shows us just that. Some really good shorts led by a brilliant short piece by the late Satoshi Kon.
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Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project
5 Special 1 5.0 - This is just for Touhou fans.
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Anison Nippon
3 ONA 1 2.5 - Japan in 30 seconds... or maybe not.
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5 OVA 2 4.9 - Hentai. Uncensored (I believe). Not much of a story. Guy steals woman from brother by becoming a master of sex.
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Anne no Nikki
8 Movie 1 8.3 - I don't remember much about the diary as I read it way too long ago, but I love this movie. Great development, and a great depiction of the FEARS of WWII. Great portrayal of Amsterdam.
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
8 TV 11 8.1 - Mari Okada at her best. One of the best dramas I've seen. Great story about friendship and loved the characters. The ending is fantastic.
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. Movie
8 Movie 1 8.1 - Movie that retells the story from different perspectives and adds a few new things. Really liked it.
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Ano Natsu de Matteru
6 TV 12 6.0 - This was surprisingly fun. Nothing really outstanding, but fun. The ending was absolutely hilarious.
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Ano Natsu de Matteru: Bokutachi wa Koukou Saigo no Natsu wo Sugoshinagara, Ano Natsu de Matteiru.
6 Special 1 5.9 - Works as an epilogue for the series. Was decent, but still the best thing about this is the ending of the main series.
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5 TV 12 5.4 - Great visuals, some nice OST and fun stupid deaths. The story and characters are not good, but I did enjoy the series thanks to the laugh I got from the stupidity of the series.
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Another: The Other - Inga
5 OVA 1 5.2 - This is what happens before the events of the main series, but its recommended to watch it afterwards. You'll definitely like it if you liked the series... and definitely don't if you didn't.
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
6 TV 22 6.0 - Not fantastic, but entertaining series. Koro-sensei was a very likeable character (still not as good sensei as Onizuka though). Didn't feel too repetitive, as I thought it'd be at the beginning.
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season
8 TV 25 8.2 - While most of the things in this series were mostly fake (not an insult to it, as it is not meant to be realistic), the relationship between Korosensei and the students somehow felt real, and the finale was outstanding
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Deai no Jikan
5 Special 1 4.5 - The synopsis makes it sound fairly interesting, but it's not. Does not contribute to the plot in any way, and it's not exactly what the synopsis says.
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Ao no Exorcist
6 TV 25 5.7 - It's a shame this went for an original ending instead of following the manga (which I haven't read). It was entertaining, but the ending was certainly not good.
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Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
5 TV 12
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Aoharu x Kikanjuu
4 TV 12 4.2 - Can't say I enjoyed this. I didn't like how the characters acted... seemed way too fake, and the whole point of the whole series was not achieved.
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Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Kemono-tachi no Senjou da na!
3 Special 1 2.9 - Worse than the series. Mostly an attempt for mediocre comedy and reverse fan service of guys crossdressing cosplays while playing Survival Games.
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Aoi Bungaku Series
9 TV 12 9.1 - Very well animated. It has 6 arcs, with each being a classic in japanese literature. It is a great series, one of the better ones in the psychological genre. Also good for learning a bit of japanese literature.
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Aoi Hana
7 TV 11 6.0 - A relaxing Shoujo Ai where... surprise surprise... the girls in the cover are never put together or even attempted to, in a relationship. Still definitely an above average anime shoujo... though that's not saying much.
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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
3 Special 3 3.4 - As a great videogame fan, I was really expecting this, a parody of some classic games... but the comedy was just not very funny.
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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova
6 TV 12 5.9 - We all live in the loli submarine~ Boat/Submarine girls, basically. Story is mediocre, there are some nice scenes, and hey, its one of the few anime actually centered in ships and submarines.
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Appleseed (Movie)
6 Movie 1 5.9 - Sci-fi and utopia. Nothing we haven't seen before. Story is acceptable. It's one of the few examples of well used CGI.
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Appleseed Saga Ex Machina
7 Movie 1 6.7 - If you liked the first movie, you'll likely like this one, which I thought was a little better. A bit more of the same.
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Ar Tonelico: Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsuzukeru Shoujo
4 OVA 1 3.7 - There isn't much more here than seeing the Ar Tonelico 1 characters animated... it isn't even that faithful to the game, and it's also (very) incomplete. Don't even bother if you didn't play Ar Tonelico.
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Arakawa Under the Bridge
7 TV 13 7.3 - This is SHAFT in their most natural state. It's weird, things don't make much sense, but it's funny, very funny. Comedy is really good, and there's lots of "WTF" moments.
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Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge
7 TV 13 7.0 - More Arakawa. Continues just like season 1, though slightly worse.. or maybe it becomes a bit repetitive?
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Arata Kangatari
5 TV 12 5.0 - This is kind of like Inuyasha, but worse. There's a parallel fantasy/magical feudal Japan world besides a present day world. Main character (and others) get summoned to fantasy world where they fight bad guys.
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Arata naru Sekai: World's/Start/Load/End
6 OVA 1 6.3 - This is what I would've liked Coppelion to be... sadly, this is just a single OVA. Its a nice watch.
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Arcana Famiglia
5 TV 12 5.0 - Arcana Famiglia didn't really highlight in anything, but its not a boring series and at least I didn't dislike the characters.
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Are wa Dare?
3 Movie 1 3.2 - Not even as a child I liked this kind of things, as they felt like they were insulting my intelligence. "Being a kid doesn't mean I'm stupid". Didn't really like anything here, but I've seen worse.
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Aria the Animation
7 TV 13 7.0 - Ara ara ara. This is what cute girls doing cute things (something I usually dislike) should strive for. The heartwarming type. Great OST, relaxing. Some weak episode though. Sometimes TOO cute.
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Aria the Natural
7 TV 26 7.4 - Significantly better in its 2nd half. Really relaxing, helps me restore faith in humanity thanks to really likeable characters (except President Aria). While still episodic, I felt more continuity.
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Aria the Natural: Sono Futatabi Deaeru Kiseki ni...
6 Special 1 5.5 - A small prologue (5 mins) to Aria the Natural but that isn't needed at all. Still, is not bad. Not great, but it's fine.
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Aria the Origination
9 TV 13 9.0 - Origination just keeps the very same tone of the whole series, but no more hit-or-miss... this is 100% accuracy rate, and just a beautiful ending in the whole last 5 episodes.
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Aria the Origination Picture Drama
6 Special 7 5.5 - Some of them were a bit boring, but the last one made watching this worth it, as it showed a bit of Akari's life right after Origination (without epilogue).
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Aria the Origination: Sono Choppiri Himitsu no Basho ni...
8 Special 1 7.5 - Nice, relaxing (I think I've used this word a few times already in the Aria entries) special with Akari going around Neo-Venezia on her free day and a nice moment with Akatsuki.
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Aria the OVA: Arietta
8 OVA 1 7.7 - Really nice OVA that shows us a bit more of Alice's past, and who knows, maybe Akari's future, besides some nice views of (Neo-)Venice.
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Arigatou Gomennasai
3 Movie 1 2.5 - Very simplistic short film (more like a music video) from Taku Furukawa... way too simplistic I'd say. It least it does kinda tell a story.
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Armitage III: Poly-Matrix
7 Movie 1 6.6 - Better to just watch the OVAs. Somehow, this movie only exists dubbed. A nice cyberpunk show with a likeable main character who happens to be an advanced type of cyborg.
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Arslan Senki
7 OVA 6 7.3 - While I recommend the new series over these OVAs, there are things here that I appreciate a lot, like the OST, FF-esque designs and Ikeda Shuichi as Silver Mask
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Arslan Senki (TV)
9 TV 25 8.8 - No, it's not LotGH. So what. Arslan is one of the better fantasy war stories I've seen thanks to a highly developed world and constantly developed characters.
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Arslan Senki (TV) Gaiden
4 OVA 2
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Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu
8 TV 8 7.1 - Clearly inferior to S1 both because of length and content. The events are just less interesting or relevant. Felt more predictable, and even cliché, though it was still a fun watch
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Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan
5 Special 1 5.0 - Can't really score this. Just a PV of a series that never came to be. Just go to the anime page, watch the announcement... that's the actual "special".
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Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yousei-tachi
6 Movie 1 6.1 - A single OVA with a sci-fi setting. Nothing great, but it wasn't a bad watch.
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Ashita no Joe
9 TV 79 9.2 - Much more than a sports anime. Joe is easily one of the best developed characters I've seen. GAR was born here, and this might reign over everything in that regard. I'm starting to love boxing just because of this anime.
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Ashita no Joe (Movie)
8 Movie 1 8.0 - Recap movie that just uses scenes from the series. I would never recommend watching this instead of the series, but it's a nice watch for those who want to refresh the series quickly
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Ashita no Joe 2
10 TV 47 9.8 - Takes what S1 offered and somehow manages to improve it. Absolutely outstanding in every aspect. Music, story, fights, characters, development.... A timeless classic. One of the best in the industry.
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Ashita no Joe 2 (Movie)
9 Movie 1 8.6 - Just like the first Joe movie, just a recap of the series. Some nice new themes here and there, and of course, this recap covers the great finale
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Ashita no Joe Pilots
5 Special 2 5.9 - Ashita no Joe's anime was born from here. Good for some perspective, but unnecessary for the story.
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Asience: Kami wa Onna no Inochi
5 Special 1 5.2 - A commercial done by Kill Bill's animator. As far as shampoo commercials go, won't get much better than this. A bit of feudal Japan meets Rapunzel meets anime.
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Astarotte no Omocha!
4 TV 12 4.4 - Our heroine is a (very) loli tsundere voiced by Rie Kugimiya, though its not really focused in romance. Comedy isn't that great and the plot is... well, not good. I've seen worse though.
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Astarotte no Omocha! EX
3 OVA 1 3.0 - Three short stories, the first about panties (yes, about panties), the second about how Zelda became Lotte's guard and a third one related to the main plot. Decent watch if you liked the series.
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6 ONA 1 6.0 - A short meant as a campaign against tobacco. A pretty interesting short because of its style. It offers a bit of interaction while still being an anime and not a game.
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Aura: Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai
7 Movie 1 7.0 - This is like Chuunibyou series, only that better and a movie. It treats the chuunibyou syndrome, but along the comedy, it also treats the bullying part. It was pretty good.
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Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror
7 TV 11 7.3 - A bit of japanese culture through horror tales. 3 stories, where none of them is bad (au contraire). Though it might be a hard watch for someone without some basis on japanese culture in the Edo Period.
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B-gata H-kei
5 TV 12 5.1 - An ecchi. Comedy was decent, though. Story-wise it wasn't good and there wasn't much of a conclusion, but it wasn't a boring experience, and I'd say its an above-avarage anime between ecchis.
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B: The Beginning
6 ONA 12
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Baby Steps
7 TV 25 7.3 - While you can't expect much depth into the story or characters, the games are detailed and feel real. No super shots or anything of the sort. Really good purely as a tennis anime
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Baby Steps 2nd Season
8 TV 25 7.6 - With our MC more developed, games become more interesting, and it's nice to actually see real development in a shounen couple
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9 TV 13 9.0 - This is absolutely fantastic. Confusing at the beginning, but by the time you finish, everything will be clear as day. One of the best action anime I've seen, the best "action in a train" easily. Great characters and OST.
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Baccano! Specials
9 Special 3 8.9 - These are the final episodes of the series. The conclusion. An absolute must-watch if you plan to watch Baccano. Great conclusion to the series.
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
7 TV 13 7.1 - For a harem anime, this is one of the better ones. Comedy can be really funny at times. You'll likely laugh watching this.
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!
6 TV 13 6.2 - Second season that keeps the same tone as the first one, but doesn't manage to be quite as good.
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri
6 OVA 2 5.8 - OVAs in-between seasons. More Baka to Test kind of comedy, so if you liked the first season, you'll also like this.
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou
5 Special 6 5.0 - Hideyoshi is the best girl, even if he's not a girl.
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Bakemono no Ko
7 Movie 1 6.8 - Some great production values, characters were likeable, the setting was pretty good and the plot was good enough, but it was so rushed it felt like watching a recap.
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8 TV 15 7.7 - Bakemonogatari is just for some people. I found it enjoyable, with some fun characters and an interesting mythology. Its a very heavy-dialogue series that also has some ecchi. Shaft being Shaft.
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Bakemonogatari Recap
5 Special 1 4.9 - A quick recap of the first Bakemonogatari arc. No real reason to watch this considering the full story is just 5 episodes long, honestly.
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9 TV 25 8.9 - Boy did I learn about the manga world from this anime. it completely changed my view about mangakas, and I honestly got to understand the industry better. Very nice story, excellent characters.
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Bakuman. 2nd Season
9 TV 25 9.0 - Second season, which is an immidiate continuation of the first season. It doesn't get worse, and if anything, it may even get better.
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Bakuman. 3rd Season
9 TV 25 9.2 - Conclusion of Bakuman. Gives an outstanding ending to the series (you could consider the 3 seasons as one big anime). Very unique anime, and very enjoyable, even inspirational, maybe.
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5 TV 12
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Bakuon!! no Kobeya
4 Special 4
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Bakuon!! OVA
5 OVA 2
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Ballroom e Youkoso
8 TV 24
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Banana Fish
7 TV 24
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3 TV 13 2.5 - I don't really like cats... but I absolutely dispise bananas... I mean, I really, really hate them. The world would be better without them... yeah not even I'm sure of why I watched this.
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BAR Kiraware Yasai
3 TV 13 2.6 - This is about fruits who're talking in a bar... wait, I don't think I need to say more. This anime is exactly what you can expect from it... which is not really much at all.
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Bara Bara Film
3 Movie 1 2.6 - Some relatively interesting animation techniques, but with a content that's just an excuse for the experiment at most, which is not even really impressive.
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7 TV 12 7.1 - Barakamon is a very simple slice of life, but one that is well done. A very relaxing anime with likeable character and some nice, but not strong comedy.
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7 TV 11 7.1 - I don't drink alcohol, and I'm fine like that, but this anime made me think it's almost a shame. This is almost a history anime (history through alcohol). If I were a drinker, I'd love this even more.
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Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin
5 OVA 6
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4 TV 11 4.0 - 2016 was a year for me full of great baseball anime... Cross Game, Touch, Major... so the concept of being a battery was hyped inside me... but this anime has some pretty horrible drama.
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Bavel no Hon
5 Special 1 4.6 - I think the purpose of this is actually show the limitless imagination of kids. A decent short about a couple of kids that finds a book with the Bavel Tower.
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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate
4 Movie 1 4.2 - Let's start by saying the backgrounds and art in general, as well as the OST, are fantastic. Everything else; character design, animation, plot, character development and dialogues are between mediocre and really bad.
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Beautiful Name
1 Movie 1 1.1 - Doesn't even have sound, there's really no story and I don't really like the art nor animation. Probably the worst Tadanari work I've seen (and that's saying a lot).
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Beautiful World
5 Music 1 5.0 - Pretty much an Evangelion AMV... cannot say I'm a fan of the Beautiful World theme, though I don't dislike it.
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8 TV 26 8.1 - K-ON being serious... no, just joking. Its much more. Beck is an anime about a band, that also includes some great romance, which never seems too forced. Music is excellent.
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5 TV 60 5.3 - The premise was good, and I liked how the anime started, but I was not a fan about how it developed. Quickly became repetitive and there was really no real progress.
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4 TV 12
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Berserk 2nd Season
6 TV 12
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Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen I - Haou no Tamago
8 Movie 1 8.2 - I haven't read the manga (yet), but I like what I saw here a lot. While its supposed to be rushed, I did understand what's happening, animation is great and story is really good.
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Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen II - Doldrey Kouryaku
8 Movie 1 8.4 - Story continues, it gets a little more darker, probably, characters go through some major development and, again, was a great watch.
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Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen III - Kourin
8 Movie 1 7.9 - Shit gets serious here. The series has some big turn of events, and now it got really dark, and a lot of fantastic elements were added. Still excellent.
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Bible Black
6 OVA 6 5.8 - Biggest classic in the hentai world? It actually has a semi-decent story (certainly better than some anime) and, well, lots of hentai (uncensored).
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Bible Black Gaiden
5 OVA 2 5.3 - I thought this was definitely inferior to the original, but, at least story-wise, is much better than most hentai.
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Bible Black Only Version
4 OVA 2 3.9 - Contrary to the main series, it doesn't really has a plot. It's just sex scene after sex scene that weren't in the main series, but are things that did happen to the supporting cast.
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Bible Black: New Testament
5 OVA 6 4.9 - Just not as good as the original one.
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
4 TV 46 3.5 - Biggest mahou shoujo classic, probably, and an anime of my childhood... but I made the mistake of rewatching... boy it was boring.
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R
4 TV 43 3.8 - More of the same. Literally. I did think that the addition of Chibi-Usa was nice at least.
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S
3 TV 38 2.6 - And even more of the same... by this season, it's becoming hard to keep watching. Different colors, but same taste, same shape, same everything. Ikuhara can't save this.
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS
1 TV 39 1.4 - At this point, I yielded. Unwatchable. Being so repetitive for so long... Absolutely unwatchable for me now. I watched it many years ago, and not even then I liked it.
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars
5 TV 34 4.7 - I felt this season was surprisingly decent in relation to previous Sailor Moon series. While it's still quite repetitive, it felt it had at least a few touches of originality.
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Black Bullet
6 TV 13 6.3 - For all the critics I read about this, I actually found it to be a fun anime. I liked the plot and setting, and characters were likeable (*runs from cops*). Plot can be a bit of a mess, but a fun mess.
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Black Lagoon
8 TV 12 8.4 - One of my favorite action anime. Characters are awesome and the actions scenes are great. Story is pretty simple, but the setting is nice, and it really doesn't aim for a deep plot.
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Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail
8 OVA 5 7.9 - An OVA about the most dangerous maid ever? I'm in! Lots of gore along with some great action, and one of the craziest characters I've seen.
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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
8 TV 12 8.4 - A second season of Black Lagoon that keeps the same road as the same season. More of the same, which I think its great.
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Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)
6 OVA 1 6.2 - This OVA was actually fun. Nothing special, but fun. Animation was really nice, and made the series seem promising.
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Black★Rock Shooter (TV)
4 TV 8 4.1 - Didn't live up to the OVA, wasn't nearly as interesting.
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Blame! Movie
7 Movie 1 7.1 - I actually have no problems with the CGI here. Characters are mediocre with no development at all, but the action was good and the setting was really fun, enough to make this movie quite enjoyable
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6 TV 24 5.8 - Blassreiter is fun, and I liked the idea of using motorcycles and stuff. The plot is a mess, and most characters are bad, but Amanda was likeable. Fun, but a complete mess.
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BlazBlue: Alter Memory
4 TV 12 3.8 - I actually love the Blazblue games, and I can't say they weren't faithful to the game, but animation was just awful. Did they use peanuts instead of computers?
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3 TV 366 3.3 - A shounen classic that kept getting worse and worse, to the point manga content felt like filler. It does have nice characters, but the execution is just horrible.
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Bleach Movie 1: Memories of Nobody
5 Movie 1 4.8 - Your typical shounen fight movie. Bad guys appear, Ichigo saves the day, absolutely nothing changes in the world. Not neccesarily bad, but I wouldn't call it good either.
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Bleach Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion - Mou Hitotsu no Hyourinmaru
5 Movie 1 5.1 - A run-of-the-mill fighting shounen movie with not much of a redeeming quality. Toshiro's zanpakutou is pretty awesome, and it's a lot about it, so that's fine I guess.
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Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black - Kimi no Na wo Yobu
6 Movie 1 6.4 - I'm usually not a fan of this fighting shounen movies, but Fade to Black was pretty decent. Bleach is about fights, and the movie delivered that.
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Bleach Movie 4: Jigoku-hen
4 Movie 1 4.1 - While Bleach had a couple decent movies, the last movie they released was probably the worst out of them, being extremely predictable and lacking any trace of originality.
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Bleach: Memories in the Rain
5 Special 1 5.2 - This is like... the same that was shown in the series with very little additions. So, not even worth it if you've seen the series (specifically, the part of the hollow that killed Ichigo's mother).
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Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy
4 Special 1 4.3 - This special was not good, didn't really add anything to the story and was rushed.
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Blend S
5 TV 12
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Blood Lad
7 TV 10 7.2 - This was actually a very funny show. Some great comedy in it, shame it was really short. Hopefully we get a season 2. Staz was an awesome main character.
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Blood Lad: Wagahai wa Neko de wa Nai
6 OVA 1 5.7 - A fairly fun OVA that's pretty much an extra episode that contributes nothing to the main story. It was okay though, and it was nice seeing Blood Lad after quite a while.
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8 TV 50 8.1 - This was a very interesting anime that kept getting better and better with some great plot progression and really good characters (great antagonists). Action was really good too, and had some great moments.
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Blood: The Last Vampire
5 Movie 1 5.1 - I came to this movie with some good expectations, as I loved Blood+, but this movie was not really good. Action was fine, but characters and plot were boring.
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Bloody Date
3 ONA 1 2.6 - What can I say, it's better than many shorts I've seen... and the "gore" was kinda funny with the clay animation at all... Yeah, it's actually really bad.
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Bloody Night
3 ONA 1 2.6 - Takena Nagao really loves doing gore with clay... it'd be almost interesting to know about his childhood... assuming he played with clay.
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi
7 TV 12 7.2 - While the final episodes are a bit of a disaster, the series still manages to be very entertaining, and said ending doesn't damage the previous episodes. Full of holes, but fun.
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Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru
7 OVA 1 6.6 - One of the few serious incest series out there (even if the long title can mislead)... and from twins in this case. Not enough to develop a lot, but does a good job.
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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
6 TV 12 6.0 - Ecchi harem. Comedy was fine, specially when using parodies. Story was, well, nothing special.
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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 0
5 OVA 1 5.3 - More Haganai.
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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next
6 TV 12 6.3 - The story actually got a little bit better in this season, as characters started showing a lot of their psychological weakness. Still, don't expect nothing incredible. Rika is awesome, though.
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Bokura ga Ita
7 TV 26 7.3 - Probably one of the better romantic dramas out there, though admittedly, I almost kinda got tired of the drama at some point. Also, a reminder I don't get women nor teenagers
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Bokura no
8 TV 24 8.4 - While there's some plot holes, it manages a fantastic story about kids being put in a very dire situations. Amid the giant robots, there's a big touch of realism in it. Kids feel normal and they're very well explored.
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Bokura no: Tsuisou
5 Special 1 4.5 - Your typical recap episode that's placed in the middle of the series. I don't think there's much reason to watch this... ever.
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Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou
5 TV 12 5.0 - The art in this anime is fantastic, but there's not really much to it. The cast wasn't that bad, except for the MC, who was pretty annoying.
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Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou: Hajimete no
5 Special 1 4.9 - A bit more of what the series offer... which is not really much. I'd guess you would enjoy this if you liked the series.
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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
5 OVA 4 5.4 - Very simplistic comedy here, but I liked it. It was stupid, but it did make me laugh.
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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2
5 OVA 2 5.1 - Still funny, but not as much as the other OVAs.
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Boogiepop wa Warawanai
6 TV 12 6.2 - It tries to do a bit too much and falls in what's popularly called "pretentiousness". Still, the series can be pretty interesting and it's overall a fun watch and it does do a bit more than your average anime.
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Bounen no Xamdou
7 ONA 26 7.2 - The series is not really well paced and some things were not properly explained, but that said, it offered and interesting setting, good character development and nice action. A really fun watch.
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Boy Meets Harem The Animation
4 OVA 1 4.1 - Boy takes airplane, airplane crashes and boy gets stranded on an island with lots of women passangers. The rest is history
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3 Special 1 3.0 - A six minutes pilot for Mighty Orbots. I haven't seen Mighty Orbots, but this doesn't really make me want to watch it. Pretty much a super robot that saves the day from bad guys.
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7 TV 12 6.8 - This receives a lot of critics, but I thought it was pretty fun. Sure, it was no masterpiece, but some different type of action. A survival, trapped in an island, thing. Nothing new, but still fun.
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Bungou Stray Dogs
7 TV 12
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Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
8 TV 12
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
7 Movie 3 6.5 - A good movie with some great OST and a very different ending to what you'd expect, but that manages it very well. Not everything is a fairy tale.
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1 ONA 1 1.3 - Takena Nagao's clay of horror again... This is probably is worst short, which is saying a lot.
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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
6 TV 11 6.2 - Fun show with an original idea and characters that I found likeable, but not very developed. Best thing of it was the idea, definitely. Was entertaining, overall.
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Call Me Tonight
6 OVA 1 6.0 - The plot is hentai-esque, but it's not a hentai at all. It is ridiculous, but that said, it's actually fun.
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2 Movie 1 1.7 - I guess this is somewhat original, but it's pretty bad, almost makes me dizzy because of the style, and I think the french singer actually sings bad.
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6 OVA 2 5.6 - While full of plot holes, the story of this hentai actually had me engaged enough. It was also rushed, but I feel the original source would be a decent read
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6 TV 13 5.9 - Decent, but didn't develop a good idea. Characters are mediocre (Canaan's fine though), little development in them and plot was not really good. One of the most ridiculous villains. Nice action.
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Candy Boy Episode: EX01 - Mirai Yohouzu
6 OVA 1 5.9 - Watch Candy Boy in this order EX01 -> Side Story -> Main -> EX02
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Candy Boy Episode: EX02 - Shiawase Kyouyuu Riron
6 Special 1 5.8 - You could pretty much consider this like an episode 8.
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Candy Boy: Nonchalant Talk of the Certain Twin Sisters in Daily Life
6 ONA 7 5.9 - Likeable characters and a showcase of a sweet "shoujo-ai-esque" relationship between twin sisters. Not much actual romance though, though they're always holding hands.
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Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive
6 ONA 1 5.6 - The Candy Boy prequel (aka, episode 00). Just shows a bit of the relationship between the main characters. Not particularily interesting in any aspect, but it's ok.
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Captain Tsubasa
7 TV 128 6.7 - I'm not a fan of football/soccer myself, but Captain Tsubasa was an enjoyable series. Specially this first season. I'm not sure what would happen with a rewatch though.
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Captain Tsubasa (2018)
7 TV 52
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Captain Tsubasa J
6 TV 47 6.0 - The second season was still good. Characters are now older and going pro. Matches are still interesting and the story acceptable.
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Captain Tsubasa: Asu ni Mukatte Hashire!
5 Movie 1 4.7 - As the synopsys says, this movie is a practice match that's really mostly flashbacks, which makes it quite a mediocre movie overall since it feels it has little to no purpose
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Captain Tsubasa: Ayaushi! Zen Nihon Jr.
4 Movie 1 4.1 - Europe against Japan Part 2. A second match between Europe and Japan... which ends up going pretty much the exact same way as the first match.
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Captain Tsubasa: Europe Daikessen
4 Movie 1 4.3 - Japan vs Europe... right. This movie is pretty much a quick game between Japan and a Europe selection. Crazy stuff, biggest soccer field ever, etc.
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Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002
5 TV 52 5.4 - It started good. Even without being a football soccer fan, it was nice to see Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and others in the story. Biggest problem is that it doesn't really have an ending.
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Captain Tsubasa: Saikyou no Teki! Holland Youth
5 OVA 1 4.8 - This movie had a nice potential to be about Japan learning not to completely depend on Tsubasa, but it ended up being the complete opposite
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Captain Tsubasa: Sekai Daikessen!! Jr. World Cup
6 Movie 1 6.1 - A pretty good movie for Captain Tsubasa fans. Movie is mostly about a small tournament and mostly about the finals of said tournament. Classical Captain Tsubasa game with big figures involved
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Cardcaptor Sakura
7 TV 70 7.1 - Sakura is actually a decent mahou shoujo anime. I'm not a particular fan of the genre, but I wasn't bored with this one. It is kind of episodic, but the later part of the series is actually good.
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Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 1
6 Movie 1
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Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: Fuuin Sareta Card
7 Movie 1
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
7 TV 22
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen Prologue - Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma
8 OVA 1
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Kero-chan ni Omakase!
4 Movie 1
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Carnival Phantasm
7 OVA 12 6.8 - Type-Moon stuff. Short OVAs that are quite funny, with no story at all. It takes almost no time to watch them, so they're a pretty good watch.
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Carnival Phantasm EX Season
6 OVA 1 5.8 - Didn't feel as funny as the series, but it was still a relatively funny OVA with lots of parodies from the two classical Type-Moon Visual Novels.
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Casshern Sins
9 TV 24 9.1 - Ergo Proxy meets Mushishi/Kino no Tabi. Fantastic sci-fi thought-provoking series mainly about the concept of death. Very nice OST and atmosphere creating a dark and deppresive world.
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Cat Shit One
7 ONA 1 6.9 - I came to this short expecting something between mediocre and really bad, but it was actually a pretty interesting short with very solid animation. Pretty enjoyable
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5 TV 12 5.3 - I liked the opening of this one. Other than that, it wasn't boring, but wasn't much fun either. Nothing special about the characters or anything. There was a kinda parody scene to School Days that made me laugh.
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CCW: Crazy Clay Wrestling
2 ONA 1 1.8 - Did you ever watched Celebrity Deathmatch? Well... this is the really, really, really cheap version... and with no celebrities.
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Centaur no Nayami
6 TV 12
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Chainsaw Maid
4 ONA 1 3.8 - Give a chainsaw to a crazy maid... fun things happen... Ok, if I want a psycho maid, I'd rather watch Roberta's Blood Trail.
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Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki
5 TV 12 5.0 - Not a boring show, thanks to a nice premise. The lack of development and connection to the characters was a big flaw though, which kept this series as mediocre.
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7 TV 13 6.5 - I liked this one. Different from other Key works, going a bit more in the lines of Rewrite. Not that much drama, more action. I liked the main characters, but disliked the secondary ones.
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Charlotte: Tsuyoimono-tachi
7 Special 1 6.6 - This is no epilogue or anything the image might make you think. Think of it as an extra episode. You'll like it if you like the early episodes, you won't if you didn't.
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4 TV 12 4.1 - Chaos;Head already had a lot of problems, but Chaos;Child was even worse. While some concepts are interesting, luckluster characters and incredibly rushed plot ruin the series
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ChäoS;Child Episode 0
5 Special 1 5.0 - A Chaos;Head recap. Actually does a very decent job as a quick recap
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5 TV 12 4.6 - Madhouse at its worse. I mean, seriously. What an awful adaption. I read the VN, and the anime did an awful job. I'd rather pretend this doesn't exist.
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Cherry no Manma
4 OVA 1 3.7 - A lame comedy about a girl who lives with two guys because "reasons" and has a discussion with one of them because... panties. Yeah, Japan has an obsession with panties.
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Chi's Sweet Home
3 TV 104 2.6 - A cat doing cute things. Sadly, I don't like cats nor this definition of cute. Humans seriously tend to call cute things that are inferior to them, especially in terms of intelligence. I don't like that.
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Chi's Sweet Home: Chi to Kocchi, Deau.
3 OVA 1 2.5 - A cute cat doing cute things with a cute voice in a cute environment. If you like cute things, then you might like it. I thought it was incredibly boring.
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8 TV 25 8.2 - Chihayafuru is one of the best sport series I've ever seen, even if, or maybe partly because of, the sport is so unusual: Karuta. Some great characters (and development) along with great visuals and story.
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Chihayafuru 2
8 TV 25 8.1 - A direct continuation of the first season. You could consider both like a large anime (yet to be concluded). Hopefully one day we get season 3.
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Chihayafuru 2: Waga Miyo ni Furu Nagame Shima ni
6 OVA 1 5.7 - It was nice watching this in 2015 and getting to see the characters again. Other than that, not much karuta here, and just the club thinking about doing a play.
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Chiisana Itsutsu no Ohanashi
3 Movie 1 2.7 - No subs. I can respect experimenting with different animation styles, and some worked well, but the stories are pretty bad and boring.
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Chikara Bashi
5 Movie 1 4.6 - No subs. This one's actually good in comparison to other Tadanari works, but that certainly doesn't mean it's actually good. Story was a bit more interesting at least.
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6 Movie 1 6.1 - A kids short music film with a nice theme and a very decent story and a plot twist I really didn't expect at the end. Very nice for a short film.
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2 Movie 1 2.3 - You know what... I'll just go and say this thing is too deep for me and I just don't comprehend its magnificence.
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5 Special 1 4.8 - It was not that bad considering it's just 10 minutes long. Just a story about a girl and her dogs who can talk. About her liking a guy. Nothing special, really.
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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation
6 TV 12 6.1 - I had a good laugh with this series that isn't really much, nor does it try to be. Just as the game, it was fun, I laughed, but was nothing memorable.
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Chrno Crusade
7 TV 24 6.7 - I remember very little about this anime, honestly. I remember enjoying it, and I remember that great ending (even if it was original).
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Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten (1991)
7 Movie 1 7.0 - What kind of sorcery is this? A Tadanari short film I enjoyed? Well, yes. I actually like the art here, the music gave a great atmosphere and the story was interesting, worked great as a mute film.
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
6 TV 12 6.3 - This was a fun series that was better when it didn't try to take itself to serious. Had some pretty funny scenes with the chuunibyou stuff. Not great, but acceptable.
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Lite
5 ONA 6 5.3 - Some (sometimes) funny moment in short specials.
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Kirameki no... Slapstick Noel
5 Special 1 5.1 - Chuuni's Christmas Special. Has some serious moments... which is not really this series' forte. It was kinda mediocre. Maybe I'm already tired of Rika and company.
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7 TV 12
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City Hunter
8 TV 51 7.5 - Really good at keeping it simple Fun comedy, a great main character and nice (don't expect realistic stuff) action. Ryou Saeba is as charismatic as it can get, a likeable perv, but a deadly shooter.
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City Hunter '91
8 TV 13 7.5 - The final City Hunter season doesn't have any type of conclusion at all, but as always, it's really fun and has a couple of really good episodes. It's sad knowing there's no more Ryou Saeba series
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City Hunter 2
9 TV 63 8.5- While it keeps the formula from S1, S2 is just one or two steps above. A lot more two-episodes arc help making every story much more interesting. Ryou Saeba only becomes a better character.
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City Hunter 3
7 TV 13 7.1 - Obviously a lot shorter than previous seasons and mostly one episode cases, which is a shame. Still very fun, but definitely not as good as S2... or even S1.
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City Hunter: Ai to Shukumei no Magnum
8 Movie 1 7.8 - When City Hunter takes its time to tell a story (i.e. more than one episode) it usually comes up really good. This is a 1:30hrs movie, so of course it came up as a really fun case.
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City Hunter: Bay City Wars
7 Movie 1 7.0 - More City Hunter is pretty much always good. While this is not among the best stories, it's still quite good.
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City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart
8 Special 1 7.8 - An action-packed special. Something was always happening and some of the action was pretty nice, in the best City Hunter style
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City Hunter: Hyakuman Dollar no Inbou
8 Movie 1 7.9 - Pretty much another episode from City Hunter, but an extended one... which is definitely a good thing. A pretty good episode that follows the typical City Hunter formula
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City Hunter: Kinkyuu Namachuukei!? Kyouakuhan Saeba Ryou no Saigo
7 Special 1 6.9 - While it's not among the best cases from City Hunter, and 1hr30m felt a bit too long for this one, it was still fun, and we got to know more about Ryou's past, which is always good
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City Hunter: The Secret Service
8 Special 1 8.0 - The final and best City Hunter special. Besides being action-packed, new characters are likeable, the plot is fun and so is the whole development of it. Of course, keeping it simple
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7 TV 23 6.9 - Has lots of detractors, but even more fans. Consider me a fan. I did enjoy a lot this first season, and specially liked the Fuko arc. Thought it was a nice story, great characters and good drama.
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Clannad Movie
7 Movie 1 7.3 - Acceptable, but worse than the series. Its not new material, just a summary, really. Probably a better ending though.
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Clannad: After Story
8 TV 24 8.2 - Probably the most famous drama in anime, and with good reason. Excellent story and some really sad moments. Good adaption from the original source overall, but even in the VN, I'm not convinced with the ending.
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Clannad: After Story - Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Kyou-hen
8 Special 1 8.1 - Alternate route where the main character chooses Kyou instead of Nagisa. As a fan of Kyou I enjoyed this, and gave a nice alternate ending to Clannad.
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Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen
7 Special 1 7.2 - This OVA is the Tomoyo route (just based on Clannad VN, not in Tomoyo After, which is another VN). Nice little epilogue were Tomoya chooses Tomoyo instead of Nagisa.
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7 TV 26 6.8 - Through most of the series, this was actually a very good anime and very faithful to the manga... until that original ending happened, which was just awfully written. It's still a good series with some great fights.
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6 Movie 1 6.3 - Osamu Tezuka was on drugs when he did this... Probably. This is actually pretty fun as a historic parody full of anachronism. Very ridiculous, maybe sometimes to a fault.
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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1 - Yokuryuu wa Maiorita
7 Movie 1 6.8 - This was fun and had some good action scenes, but its nowhere near the level of the original series. Uninteresting characters harm this first movie (we'll see how it progresses).
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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 2 - Hikisakareshi Yokuryuu
7 Movie 1 7.0 - Keeps the positive stuff from the first movie and gives this movie series a connection to the main series with some short but important scenes.
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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 3 - Kagayaku Mono Ten yori Otsu
6 Movie 1 6.3 - Favors plot and character development over action and gives a bit more screentime to the characters from the main series. That's fantastic, but sadly, it doesn't do a very good job at that.
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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 4 - Nikushimi no Kioku kara
7 Movie 1 7.1 - The fourth entry of the Akito movies is probably my favorite among them. The whole story in this movie was a bit better than the rest and the action was good. While it doesn't solve the flaws, it's a bit better with the strengths.
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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 5 - Itoshiki Mono-tachi e
4 Movie 1 4.0 - The final part is easily the worst part of the already unimpressive Akito saga. They kinda force the good ending, things make little sense and the Geass power is simply stupid.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
9 TV 25 8.9 - While it may have some inconsistencies, I loved Code Geass when I watched it, and I still do. Lelouch is a great character, and one that favors the mind over the body, which is still rare. This is a great series.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kiseki no Birthday
5 Special 1 4.9 - About 22 mins of crap (cheap comedy), but there's also the final 5 mins (aprox) where there's a nice dialogue that's post R2 ending. Doesn't add anything, but it was nice.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Nunnally in Wonderland
1 OVA 1 1.2 - This was really unnecessary. It was boring, and a waste of time. It's existance almost offends me.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch Picture Drama
6 Special 9 6.4 - I was expecting pure fanservice from this, and while I did find it in some of the episodes, there were others that contributed to the plot. 1st, 8th and 9th were really nice.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
9 TV 25 8.6 - Lots of Deus ex machina, sure. But the series kept me entertained from start to finish, and the ending is just gorgeous. Code Geass was a very fun ride.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Omake Flash
1 Special 9 1.1 - I honestly think this was done by the little kid of the executive producer or something, because I can't think of another explanation for such a horribly done flash.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Picture Drama
6 Special 9 5.8 - A lot more fanservice-heavy than the R1 picture drama, but still found space for a couple of nice episodes that contributed, even if in a small way, to the story.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 Special Edition - Zero Requiem
8 OVA 1 8.1 - A pretty good recap movie of Geass R2, a series a I still enjoy after many years, and with one of the best endings out there.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch Special Edition - Black Rebellion
8 OVA 1 7.8 - Watched this years after the last time I watched Code Geass and I felt it was a relatively complete and entertaining recap, which is quite unusual.
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6 TV 13 6.0 - I liked this. I really did. The main character its not just your stereotypical MC of the fighting shounen anime, he's more interesting. Simple, but interesting story.
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Coffee Break
3 Movie 1 2.6 - Are we sure this was a coffee break and not for some kind of hallucinogenic drug?
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Colorful (Movie)
7 Movie 1 7.3 - A very nice story about rebuilding a mess of a family. There were some great backgrounds, story was nice with some nice lessons. Very expected but correct ending.
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3 Movie 1 2.8 - I can't qualify this any other way than drugs. This is drugs, heavy drugs by Taku Furukawa. Being exposed to this can't be healthy.
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Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou
4 TV 13 4.1 - Lots of crazy stuff... maybe too mcuh. The superheroes thingy has never been my thing, and CR is too much of a mess in a bad premise for me to enjoy.
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Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou - The Last Song
4 TV 11 4.2 - Okay, I'll give this season that it's an improvement from S1... still, nothing in this series, saves perhaps animation, made me interested through the combined 24 episodes.
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2 TV 13 1.8 - Such a good premise... such a bad execution. I mean, drama was incredibly forced in this series, making the characters annoying, and everything was very poorly done. Art was great, though.
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Coquelicot-zaka kara
8 Movie 1 7.7 - A nice historical movie, and an above average Ghibli movie. Characters were likeable, animation was obviously good and the story was entertaining enough. A good job by Miyazaki Jr. (Goro).
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Corpse Party: Missing Footage
5 OVA 1 5.4 - You won't dislike this if you played the game... probably. Otherwise, you're wasting your time with this.
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Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou
7 OVA 4 7.2 - OVAs meant for fans of gore. The story is told in a very rushed way (4 30 mins OVAs for a whole game) and it goes in a different route, but faithful to what the game was.
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Cossette no Shouzou
7 OVA 3 7.2 - While it sometimes complicates itself too much to tell a very simple story, Cossette manages to be quite engaging and creative as a psychological mystery series. Fantastic art and OST.
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Cowboy Bebop
9 TV 26 8.7 - Great animation, absolutely incredible music, very nice characters and a great ending. Bebop is a classic, and worthy of high praise. I would've like it more as a big story instead of something episodic, though.
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Cowboy Bebop: Ein no Natsuyasumi
4 Special 1 3.5 - Unnecessary special about the dog. Just some pics (duh, it's a picture drama) of Ein living the dream.
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Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira
9 Movie 1 8.8 - This is an amazing movie. Maybe the best part of Cowboy Bebop as a franchise. Action, music, everything at its finest... and actually a longer story than any in the main series.
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Crayon Angel
2 Movie 1 1.7 - As I watch more and more Keiichi Tanaami shorts, I can almost see how my sanity leaves me.
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Crazy Monkey
5 Movie 1 5.0 - A bit of an erotic humor made for a Jackie Chan movie by Monkey Punch, the author of the famous Lupin III.
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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
6 TV 25 6.3 - This is horrible, yet great. Characters and their development is ridiculous, but they're likeable and hilarious. The series clearly knows it's stupid and feeds from that. A piece of me died when this ended.
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Cross Game
9 TV 50 9.0 - Fantastic in almost every aspect. Great character development, subtle humor and use of sound. A fantastic story about getting over an important death, but never forgetting.. Beautiful story.
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Cross Road
4 Special 1 3.6 - A commercial that's not much more than a commercial with great animation and sound. As a 2 minutes work, it's not good because it doesn't really tell anything.
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Cutey Honey
4 TV 25 3.9 - The amount of influence this series had in modern anime is almost unparalleled. You can really see how it influenced so many things. Sadly, it created way too many things I dislike in anime.
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D.C.: Da Capo
3 TV 26 3.3 - Something I find very important in a romance is that characters must be likeable. Da Capo fails miserably in this. I don't particulary like the MC, and the main heroine is extremely annoying.
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D.C.S.S: Da Capo Second Season
4 TV 26 3.8 - More of what we saw in the first season. Saw it in hopes it would improve. It didn't (it actually started fine, but quickly went back to bad).
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6 TV 26 6.1 - Love the opening theme. Story was fine, and I liked the fact that a couple was formed halfway through the anime and not just in the final episode.
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Dai Mahou Touge
7 OVA 4 7.2 - Fun OVAs. Had some really funny moments. Was a good quick laugh for just 4 OVAs. There is no real story... just comedy.
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Dance in the Vampire Bund
5 TV 12 5.0 - As a fan of World of Darkness (series of role-playing games), I looked forward for this anime, but it ended up being as mediocre as it could get. Didn't really excel in any aspect.
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Dance in the Vampire Bund: Special Edition
3 Special 1 3.5 - Your classical mid-series recap on a short series, and from a mediocre series. Unnecessary to say the least.
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Kibou-hen
8 Special 1
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Mirai-hen
8 TV 12
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Zetsubou-hen
7 TV 11
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Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation
7 TV 13 7.0 - Definitely not as good as the game, but still a very fun experience. Led by Monokuma, characters are great, and its a fun, not-to-take-serious, mystery and survival anime.
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Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken
7 TV 13 7.1 - One of the better short series out there, if not the best. Pretty funny comedy about a newlyweds using a number of parodies, but also leaves a nice feeling about marriage.
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Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me
7 TV 13 6.6 - Probably not as good as the first season but still great for a short. Retains the nice sense of humor that combines with a heartwarming story about newlyweds.
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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
6 TV 13 6.3 - This anime wasn't boring at all. Characters had some real weird fetishes and there was some acceptable action. Story was fine, everyone wants to kill the heroine and our MC will try stopping them.
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
6 TV 12 5.9 - Some jokes were really funny and it was a fresh take for the genre to use guys instead of girls, but just like with girls shows, at times episodes felt a bit too long
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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Specials
6 Special 6
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Dantalian no Shoka
6 TV 12 6.3 - If you enjoyed Gosick, you'll likely enjoy this (though Gosick is better). Our main couple is actually pretty likeable, and the setting is pretty good. Sadly, the story is not that good.
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Dantalian no Shoka: Ibarahime
6 OVA 1 6.2 - Almost nostalgic to watch this so much time after the main series. A nice OVA that sticks to the formula of the main series, so it could be considered like a new episode, and not just some unecessary fanservice.
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Dareka no Manazashi
7 Movie 1 7.0 - This was quite a nice short watch (7 mins). A story about growing up, that shows a somewhat common process of connection with parents, followed by disconnection and finally a renewed connection.
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
8 TV 25 8.0 - One of the better action animes out there. With an entertaining story and power system, Darker than Black has some great battles and an engaging story, with some decent character development.
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha - Sakura no Hana no Mankai no Shita
7 Special 1 7.0 - An extra episode from Darker than Black. A nice watch, though not a necessary one.
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden
7 Special 4 7.1 - We get to know what happens after season 1. Again, nice action and a decent story, but not as engaging as the first season.
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Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
7 TV 12 6.8 - While still fun, definitely not as good as the first season, mainly because the plot is just not as good.
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Darling in the FranXX
4 TV 24
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Date A Live
5 TV 12 5.3 - For being a simple plot ecchi-harem anime, this at least was fun. Action was not bad and characters were acceptable (don't expect development).
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Date A Live II
5 TV 10 5.3 - More of what was seen in season 1.
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Date A Live II: Kurumi Star Festival
5 OVA 1 5.3 - An OVA about Kurumi. It was much better than I expected, honestly. Had a semi-decent story.
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Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment
4 Movie 1 4.1 - I guess it really honors the title, because more than half of the series is just the MC dating different girls. Last 20 minutes were "okayish".
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Dead Girl Trailer
1 ONA 1 1.2 - Takena Nagao playing with clay and blood... again.
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Deadman Wonderland
6 TV 12 5.8 - Great setting, as the main characters are in a prison, in what's pretty much a survival game. Nice superpowers and not bad battles. Shame it doesn't have an ending, and no 2nd season in sight. Characters are mediocre.
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Deadman Wonderland: Akai Knife Tsukai
6 OVA 1 6.0 - A prequel OVA that's pretty faithful to the series. By all means, recommended if you enjoyed the series.
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2 TV 12 2.3 - I still can't believe I actually watched this. Very boring ecchi-harem anime, comedy was not really fun, story was even worse and characters were very boring.
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Death Billiards
8 Movie 1 7.8 - My favorite OVA from Anime Mirai. Loved the premise, and the unique idea of making it about a game of billard were your life is at stake. I would've loved it to be something bigger than just an OVA (edit: and now it is!)
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Death Note
8 TV 37 8.2 - The most popular anime. Death Note is definitely worthy of its popularity. Great show, with great characters, setting and plot. The only problem is that it was considerably worse with Near and Mello
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Death Note: Rewrite
7 Special 2 7.1 - This is pretty much a nice recap of Death Note, which excludes everything with Mello and Near
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Death Parade
8 TV 12 7.5 - I love the concept of this series. I love the games, and the themes from each episode are pretty decent. Likeable characters, great OP and outstanding OST.