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TV Anime 'Jashin-chan Dropkick' Gets Sequel

by tsubasalover
Jan 20, 2:56 AM | 40 Comments
At the Jashin-chan Dropkick (Dropkick On My Devil!) event held on Sunday, it was announced that the series will get a sequel after exceeding its goal of 2,000 Blu-ray and DVD copies sold. The campaign was announced last October when the sales for the series totaled fewer than 1,000 copies. The event also announced that the character song "Jinbouchou Aika" will be released on CD.

Jashin-chan Dropkick is a supernatural comedy manga that began its serialization via the Comic Meteor magazine in April 2012. Physical copies of the series were released starting from May 2014. 11 compiled volumes have been published as of August 2018. An anime adaptation by studio Nomad aired in Summer 2018 with a total of 11 episodes. The unaired 12th episode was streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and was also bundled with the second Blu-ray and DVD volume.

Source: Mantan Web

Jashin-chan Dropkick 2nd Season on MAL

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thepath said:
Bad news

So many bad anime are getting sequels

You just mad that a show you want isn’t getting another season and that’s understandable but leave if you’re not enjoying the news

Jan 22, 8:08 PM by LoganMcClure21

Not hating on this show. But this s**t show got a sequel but not Nozaki-Kun! I like this show but I never thought this would ever get a sequel. Nozaki-Kun doesn't have any fans?

Jan 21, 10:43 PM by anirudhtsuki

Oh great another anime gets sequel . Definity going to watch , since I enjoy the first season . Just hope they don't ruin the sequel .

Jan 21, 5:08 PM by UserNameError

Medusa boiught like 1900 of those, just so Jashin would get another series

Jan 21, 5:37 AM by Sieghardt

Wasn’t expecting this to get a sequel, but I am pleasantly surprised.

Jan 21, 2:15 AM by Ene1Virus

Yay I'm so happy!! I absolutely love the first season

Jan 21, 2:09 AM by hanekawa

This is kinda interesting. But this is pretty good news at the same time xP I'll see if I can catch up to it.

thepath said:
Bad news

So many bad anime are getting sequels

I mean you do you? :S

Jan 20, 11:00 PM by Wasshio

guess ill have a look to the first season

Jan 20, 4:37 PM by anemonespotte

One of the best news I could read after just waking up. Get to see more of badass Yurine-sama!

Jan 20, 1:03 PM by Raynare

I'm not interested in the show but I think it's interesting to see how persistent the producers tried to push for a second season.

Anyways, I'm glad for the people who are looking forward to this.

Jan 20, 12:56 PM by demonak

Ahhhhh Jinbocho 🎵

Jan 20, 12:04 PM by Marcos_Aspira

EVA-Souls said:
This came out and no one talked about it.

I don't understand this industry
Ofc you dont understand the industry. you havent been in it nor tried to study it.

anyways good news for the fans

Jan 20, 11:52 AM by moodie

thepath said:
Bad news

So many bad anime are getting sequels

Bad People with bad taste....

Jan 20, 11:05 AM by Haou-Judai

This came out and no one talked about it.

I don't understand this industry

Jan 20, 10:57 AM by EVA-Souls

thanks to all nippon jin fans

Jan 20, 9:24 AM by evoniee

Yes! I was waiting for the news of the new season for a while!

We have to wait more, but at least the new season is assured.

Jan 20, 9:03 AM by Oberon_Indarys

Wow. They actually did it. Impressive. Looking forward to the 2nd season then!

Jan 20, 8:57 AM by Mormegil

Glad they kept their promise to bring another season. Looking forward to it!

Jan 20, 8:13 AM by Stark700

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Jan 20, 8:04 AM by Terkhev

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