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Original TV Anime 'Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo Shounen Tanteidan yori' Announced for Fall 2016

by arsonal
May 31, 2016 9:42 PM | 41 Comments
An official website has opened for an original TV anime titled Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori, which is scheduled to begin airing in October 2016. Bandai Visual has also uploaded the first promotional video on its YouTube account.

Trickster is based on Ranpo Edogawa's Shounen Tanteidan youth detective novels and features original character designs by mangaka duo PEACH-PIT. The series is set in the 2030s and will also have manga and stage play adaptations.

The time period is the 2030s. Before the mysterious detective Kogorou Akechi, the Boys' Detective Team is assembled. Their actions have led to the resolution of various small and large incidents. One day, team member Kensuke Hanasaki meets a mysterious boy named Yoshio Kobayashi. Kobayashi, who has an undying body because of an "unidentified fog," wishes his own death and refuses contact with others. Hanasaki takes an interest in Kobayashi and invites him to join the Boys' Detective Team. The encounter eventually leads them to the connection between the criminal nicknamed the "Fiend with Twenty Faces" and Kogorou Akechi. The fate of the two begins to move...

Yoshio Kobayashi: Daiki Yamashita (Boku no Hero Academia)
Kensuke Hanasaki: Ryota Osaka (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)

Director: Masahiro Mukai (Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation)
Script, Series Composition: Erika Yoshida (Tiger & Bunny)
Original Character Design: PEACH-PIT
Character Design: Shinya Yamada
Music: Yuuki Hayashi (Kiznaiver)
Studio: TMS Entertainment, Shin-Ei Animation

PV 1

Official site:

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori on MAL

20 of 41 Comments Recent Comments

Really hope its better than Ranpo Kitan

Jun 9, 2016 8:05 AM by ani147

I think the orange guy is indeed made to be confusing. I came here to check if he is a guy and I'm so glad he is. PTW added.

Jun 8, 2016 12:36 PM by Loyalty06

24 episodes? I'm going to give this a try because I like the designs. I thought the brown haired dude was a girl too. Honestly, I hope this has hints of BL. (I'm probably a fujoshi.)

Jun 5, 2016 9:34 AM by Iritails

24 episodes makes this seem more promising. Hope it turns out well.

Jun 4, 2016 6:25 AM by CapedBaldy21

Well this is looking quite good, there was little I was interested in for October, so definitely gonna watch this.

Jun 2, 2016 7:12 AM by Snappynator

looks interesting

Jun 1, 2016 8:49 PM by JizzyHitler

ichii_1 said:

That fujo-bait designs thou.

Dang! #4 in the comment section and someone already mentioned it! Goodjob!

Jun 1, 2016 5:42 PM by Machination

Looks great, I love the character design ^O^ Yamashita Daiki!!! Aww his voice is adorable as usual. Suicidal protagonist is also a +++ ohoho. :D Looking forward to this!

Jun 1, 2016 4:34 PM by Ritsu

Meh, I'll check this one out, I suppose.

Jun 1, 2016 2:32 PM by AL19

I'm too scared after Ranpo Kitan...
Animu should allow to rest in peace to Ranpo.

Jun 1, 2016 1:24 PM by Rikki

I'm gonna watch this only for the bromance, I'm not gonna lie it looks like the Fall season's Endride hopefully it doesn't disappoint me with it's bromance just like Endride did :P

Jun 1, 2016 12:31 PM by stronyy

at least is a mystery and 24 ep
hope is something decent

Jun 1, 2016 11:13 AM by tragedydesu

Might pick this up if there's nothing to watch during the fall season, lol.
It just looks meh to me.... <-<

Jun 1, 2016 10:55 AM by 5shin

Thought the one in orange was a girl at first.

Jun 1, 2016 7:38 AM by NanDemoNai_

Kisaragi said:
Ooooh yes! Hope it'll be better than Game of Laplace :3
Literally anything is better than Game of Laplace. Well, that's about how high my expectations are.

Jun 1, 2016 7:11 AM by Paulo27

The MC wants to die on this anime. :3 Dazai of Bungo Stray Dogs, also wants to die, particularly suicide, cause he is a suicide maniac. This looks interesting, I'm gonna watch this xD

Jun 1, 2016 5:30 AM by Neo_oeN

A Kobayashi who looks albino with a death wish. Please tell me he is a vampire.
I'm so watching because boys playing detectives. I'm loving everything about that PV.

Jun 1, 2016 4:59 AM by Shadow-Chan

Oh jeez. I'm more than cautious after that bland pv and the failure that was Ranpo Kitan.

Jun 1, 2016 4:42 AM by NaturalPerm

Awww yuss. Let's hope this manages to capture Ranpo's eccentric characters well. Say what you want about Ranpo Kitan's mess of trainwreck plot, but at least it got the eccentric personalities right.

Let's hope Trickster manages to capture the "eccentric detective" nature of both Kobayashi and Akechi characters. I wonder if this show will use crossdressing too in order to highlight Kobayashi's androgynous nature.

Was just thinking how I would like more works based on Ranpo's writing, thanks to Ranpo's character being done right in Bungou Stray DOgs.

Zazie122 said:
>Original anime.
>Based on a novel.

That's not how that works.

BBC's Sherlock
> Original TV Show
> Based on Sherlock Holmes books.

As long as its not a 100% direct adaptation, that IS how it works.
This is based on the novels but the setting is advanced to the near future(instead of 60's-70's)

Red_Keys said:
>original TV anime
>based on Ranpo Edogawa's Shounen Tanteidan youth detective novels


Is it just me, or are anime synopses particularly hard to follow?

Like I always find myself rereading a synopsis a couple times just to be able to make sense out of it. Is it a translation issue?

Its not that hard to follow?
I mean it is basically modified original premise of the novels:
Akechi assembles a detective team of gifted orphan children who solve crimes.
One of the team members encounters a boy named Kobayashi who apparantly is immortal and is mentally messed up and antisocial because of that. Kobayashi is invited to join the team and that decision eventually leads to the conflict with Fiend of 20 Faces.

HecticLeo said:
There'll be some girl characters right? If not, pass. Looks too sketchy for me.

Depending on how much it goes into Akechi novels plotlines, there should be at least one female character

Jun 1, 2016 4:42 AM by Ahenshihael

Dont like the sound of *an original* TV series <_______<
Its usually a hit or miss

Jun 1, 2016 4:22 AM by Robiiii

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