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Days: 187.8
Mean Score: 5.99
  • Total Entries752
  • Rewatched11
  • Episodes11,349
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Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic!
Jun 29, 7:02 AM
Watching 7/24 · Scored -
May 7, 8:43 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Release the Spyce
Release the Spyce
Apr 22, 3:18 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 92.4
Mean Score: 6.27
  • Total Entries362
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  • Chapters16,634
  • Volumes1,621
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One Piece
One Piece
Jul 6, 7:14 AM
Reading 984/? · Scored 9
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Jul 6, 7:14 AM
Reading 277/? · Scored 7
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Jul 4, 2:19 AM
Reading 194/? · Scored 9


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Ezekiel_01 Jul 6, 8:44 AM
I don't know why I am getting lazy writing a review about Bakemonogatari there are actually a lot of good things to talk about it. I could say this anime is a new territory review since there is a special style shaft used and Bakemonogatari is kinda like Arakawa Under the Bridge but much more heavy of the visuals but at the same time, it is minimalistic at best. They are a lot of scenes where characters or frames aren't actually moving and I feel like I looking at a JPEG. Or some are recycled scenes.
Ezekiel_01 Jul 5, 5:13 AM
I downloaded the full manga and I would love to read at some time. I am gonna buy an Ipad If I can sense it's kinda hard to read on a small screen but the screen size of an Ipad is just the right side while drinking and eating some nice snack.

Some random question have you seen Bakemonogatari?

Ezekiel_01 Jul 4, 3:29 AM
It's just a pain that the show is still incomplete. It this anime is complete this certainly going to go on my personal favorites. It's rare to see weird comedies where you actually care and love characters for being bizarre with depth.
Ezekiel_01 Jul 3, 7:06 AM
Wazzup Bro! I finally finish my Part 2 of Arakawa Under the Bridge

Ezekiel_01 Jun 18, 7:09 AM
I make reviews one at a time. The shorter the series the more priority is given. Gladly I made 9 anime reviews this 2020 thought each review I made is worth sweat and blood. I thought I do some revisions from time to time. I do work on multiple reviews but I just focus one at a time in posting.

My Longest Review So Far never expected the review was this long 4k words hey I did this? I even edited it to be shorter, it took me 2 weeks to make it. But it did pay off. I got to found some people who share my viewpoint.

I really respect people's scores. I don't to be that asshole who attacks people just because they give SAO a 10/10 or give Legend of the Galatic Hero 1/10 just because of personal agenda.

But I do choose which people to talk with but I make sure we both at least share a fair amount of anime to talk with almost near on each others scores. What's the point of a conversation if one thinks the anime is shit while I think it's good? And Vice Versa.

Glad to meet yah!
Ezekiel_01 Jun 18, 4:34 AM
I have already accepted the friend request since we already have a meaningful conversation. I let you know once I am done making a review on Gintama I think I will break the traditional review here in MAL since Gintama is also breaking the standard of shounen anime.

I am also making a part 2 review on Arakawa Under the Bridge for 2nd Season BridgeXBridge, If you are interested to read I send it to you once I do. Unlike Gintama that will take like 4 months or more. Arakawa Part 2 might just take a week.

I never made a game review maybe because there is no platform to write about it. I wish there is also a site like MAL but focus more on video games or computer games. I would like to know how many games I played.

The awkward thing when I make reviews is that I can feel surprised that I was able to write like that. Especially when it comes to really OLD anime reviews. Yeah, writing has its merits.

I believe Gintama is not a masterpiece but it did a lot of good things that make you believe it's masterpiece so I can understand why people will give it a 10/10. But for me, if I compare to other anime that I give 10/10 it feels meh. But don't get me wrong anything that is above 6/10 is already is a special anime for me but with varying degrees how much I like them. But in the end of the day, the true value of the score is yours alone not somebody else.

The way how to treat the anime is the true reflection of what score you give in the anime. Like I met a guy here in MAL who gives this anime a 10/10 some an 8/10 but treats the anime like garbage saying is nothing special or it's boring. And was like then why did you give it such a high if you think it's crap. He then replies, he already forget what it is so it's bad. Talk about misleading people.

I know you can forget so you can question your old scores but saying it shit just because you forget is like neglecting your parents because your forget they exist.
Ezekiel_01 Jun 17, 8:43 AM
It's fun reviewing the show I watch. I can have a solid grasp of why I love the show in the first place. Not because I am happy at the time I am watching it. Thanks for the time reading it. Thought nobody read reviews in MAL. Make a review it surely going to be ignored so I keep it more on friends on friends and it's a pretty enjoyable discussion.

Gintama has a lot of funny moment but I do agree that there is also a lot of comedy that doesn't fit my taste. It's taken me more than 50 episodes to love it because most of the jokes of the previous season are just you know dull and boring but it does get better as it progresses. Even the serious story arcs are somewhat worth praising.

I like the 2nd season would have consistent episodes. I am currently making a review of Gintama but it might take me 4 months to finish if your interested I would like to share my thoughts with you.

At the moment I am still wondering what score I give Gintama. I surely love it but I will admit there are episodes I just didn't found extremely good while there are really amazing episodes that I would hardly forget and even the music. There is music I really love and there are some I just found meh.

It's 201 episodes so I would like to dissect its elements.
Ezekiel_01 Jun 16, 8:33 AM
That's why there is the reason why I make a review on the anime I watched just in case many years have passed I can revisit my thoughts.

This is my opinion if you are interested to check it out.

I see something in your favorites usually when I saw people put Gintama in their favorite they usually add the first season but on your list. The 2nd season is your favorite. I am curious is the 2nd season better than 1st season? It only has 50 episodes so I am curious. I've only seen the first season just completed it recently.
Ezekiel_01 Jun 16, 4:53 AM
I am looking for people who have seen that anime I watched. It just happens I found you. That anime was Arakawa Under the Bridge.
Ezekiel_01 Jun 14, 8:21 PM
Hello There!

Arcstella Apr 9, 5:49 PM
watching anime and doing my homeworks because of quarantine.
Arcstella Apr 8, 4:18 PM
im good. what about you?
SuperRed Mar 31, 3:25 PM
It's a good arc so far, I hope the fights can deliver, what did you think about Oden's flashback, and the traitor reveal?

SuperRed Mar 31, 8:21 AM
Basically I'm on hiatus from the Jon because of the quarantine.

I just finally my first Sekiro playthrough, my god the final boss was painful, never playing another new FromSoft action game again.
SuperRed Mar 31, 4:30 AM
How are you doing nowadays?

Stay home bro.