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Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen
Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen
Jul 10, 5:12 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Jun 30, 1:23 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
86 2nd Season
86 2nd Season
Jun 23, 3:53 PM
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Mata, Onaji Yume wo Miteita
Mata, Onaji Yume wo Miteita
Oct 10, 2020 12:08 PM
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Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Oct 10, 2020 12:05 PM
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Zense Coupling
Zense Coupling
Oct 10, 2020 12:04 PM
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Nick-Knight Jul 23, 4:18 PM
How good were the Heaven's Feel movies?
vegeta8639 Jul 12, 1:17 PM
Looks like you've gotten around to watching the Demon Slayer movie. I didn't like the first half much either but I think the second half kinda saved it. Nezuko screentime was pretty disappointing though.
vegeta8639 May 12, 4:30 PM
I actually liked Fate/Zero because of Kiritsugu and F/Z Saber is actually decent before she turns into shitty waifu bait in F/SN.
I did play both the F/SN visual novel and the Hollow Ataraxia sequel so I can say the HF movies were actually an improvement in quite a few ways. Like at the start of the first movie they show you Sakura's backstory with Shirou instead of just the beginning events of F/SN that we've all seen a million times right now. It really puts their relationship at the forefront and cuts out a lot of the info dumping. Same with the 3rd movie's ending which shows way more stuff going on than a short scene of Rin, Sakura and Shirou talking in his house, 1 CG and end.

What the movies did bad though is cut out a bunch of Illya's and Rider's scenes but I guess the 3rd movie was the least guilty of this which is why I gave that one a 10/10. Also this is the best Shirou in my opinion.
Not sure if Sakura is actually unpopular in Japan or if that's just a Western/MAL thing but it feels like she still gets a lot of attention/content if that's the case. Anyway she's easily the best out of herself, Rin and Saber so I'm also glad her route got a proper adaptation. Of course it sucks what she went through but at least she gets a satisfying conclusion where she can win and be happy so I'll take it.

Now if only Illya would get a route or something that would be great. Not counting Prisma Illya since she's not even the same character in that one. She does have some great scenes in Hollow/Ataraxia so an anime adaptation of that would be nice too. It's sort of a sequel to F/SN but not to any specific route. You'd get to see this girl in it
vegeta8639 May 12, 7:44 AM
Sakura is definitely the best out of the 3 main heroines at least. That was a nice final movie and ending for her.
vegeta8639 Apr 29, 9:06 PM
It's about as good as the episode quality when the show was airing but okay. I heard some people saying June for the BD.
vegeta8639 Apr 29, 3:52 AM
There are decent webrips of the Demon Slayer movie out now so you can watch it if you want. Didn't have much Nezuko in it but it was still good imo.
vegeta8639 Apr 17, 6:46 PM
S3 part 1 still had some really cool Levi scenes, was great for Historia and still had few decent Mikasa scenes even though she was largely shafted that season as well. That one would be the 2nd worst I guess but still 10/10.
Regarding the CGI, it's not just the fact that it's CGI that it's shitty PS2 looking CGI. Cart and Jaw titan still looked decent while Eren's titan just looked horrible and distracted from some key scenes. I'm playing Genshin Impact where all the cutscenes are 3DCG and it still looks amazing so it can be done if you put in the time, money and effort. These anime studios either don't know how to do it or they use the shitty stuff to save money which is why they're using CGI in the first place. That's where the anime industry is heading and it fucking sucks.

Yea maybe Gabi makes sense in world but it doesn't excuse the other characters not treating her like a rabbit animal that needs to be chained up which she basically is even the way you're describing her. And no she's not a "normal soldier", she's a child warrior candidate with no special powers (yet) making her feats even less believable than if a normal soldier did them.
The problem with the slow pacing is that time is quickly running out before the series ends. This isn't some slow period like in season 1 where they should have to drag out scenes because they're waiting for more manga content to adapt. Since we're this late in the game I'd expect every episode/chapter to be very meaningful.

On Zeke, I don't care about his sob story, the plan itself is still stupid. If he wanted to destroy the world so nobody would be alive/suffer, that would be one thing but he is laser focused on genociding all the Eldians so they wouldn't be discriminated against anymore. It is punishing the victims and still relies on using force to protect Paradis from the other nations until the living Eldians grow old and die or become too weak too defend the island and get killed off anyway. This plan will not solve racism or discrimination either since we've already seen Marley discriminating against the other non Eldian people they have conquered as well. It exterminates one race so that race can't be enslaved anymore and this is suppose to be humane. You can say Zeke is just insane which is fine, but that still ruins the character for me. Before these last few episodes I thought he took his parents teachings about restoring Eldia super seriously but thought his parents weren't capable enough to do it (since they were about to get caught) so he turns them in to gain Marley's favor, gain the Beast titan and retrieve the founder at which point he'd betray Marley and restore the Eldian empire. And he'd consider this goal is more important than his parents or his own life.
But no, he just agrees with Willy Tybur and the other countries that Eldians should be genocided except over a generation rather than instantly.
Also sold his parents out to save his own skin like we were originally told. That wasn't part of any greater plan, not even his current one.

I think Eren probably wants to do something like eliminate just the titan powers and integrate Eldians into the rest of the world but we'll see.
Mikasa is my second favorite character ever so obviously I'd root for her but Eren and Historia at least had some good chemistry so I could tolerate it. But at this point I don't think either relationship will happen unless we count potentially during the time skip which fucking sucks.
When the main girl is great this always happens but when she's absolute garbage it's: "Well she's the main heroine so of course she gets all the time, attention, screentime and eventually wins." Maybe Zeke's plan should have been to use the rumbling to make the Eren X Mikasa ship work and then he'd have my full support.
I purposely spoiled myself for 1 detail but don't know how exactly the manga ends either. I am expecting to be disappointed which I've been expecting since season 3 part 2 ended.

vegeta8639 Apr 15, 9:50 AM
For me, while still good compared to other shows, this was definitely the worst AoT season so far. Obviously we can talk about the CGI titans all day but specifically Eren's titan looked so bad and immersion breaking that it largely ruined stuff like the Warhammer fight. At least the episode right after with the Jaws and Cart titans looked much better with the thunder speaks and stuff. You can tell a lot of these concepts were cool af in the manga like Eren using Jaws as a nutcracker or his titan transformation after the Reiner chat but I feel like MAPPA did not deliver to make them as good as they should have been.
One thing they did do a good job on was making the characters look good (especially Pieck and Mikasa during some scenes) when effort was put in but then in other scenes they look clowny as fuck so even this was not consistent.

That's just in terms of the presentation but even as far as the plot is concerned I had tons of issues with this season. First of all, everything with Gabi and Falco was so cringe and felt like a complete waste of time considering how little time the story has before ending. It took 5 whole episode for Levi or Mikasa to even show up on screen which is 1/3 of the season. Was even more frustrating since I was watching it weekly.
Then Gabi was not only an annoying easy to hate character, but the writing around her was so bad and riddled with asspulls and plot convenience. Of course Sasha doesn't shoot her because she's a "child", then Gabi manages to hit a moving target in the air WHILE sliding with a single shot (which is near impossible even for a great marksman), of course she can figure out how to use the gear to get up the airship, nobody up there bothers to look back and see how their comrade is doing or whether they're being chased/shot at.
So she kills Sasha and they end up not killing her for it, fine. Instead the put her in the same cell as Falco in some insecure location with 1 retarded guard who instantly rushes in alone to help her even though she's clearly violently insane and has already killed 2 of their soldiers by this point. Killing this 1 guard lefts them waltz out of there and then we get the stupid farm episode which has to be the single worst episode in all of Attack on Titan.
Next the thing where Nicolo tries to kill her, she's killed 3 of their people at this point yet all the "good guys" are still coddling her like an innocent child. She should be chained up in a cell if you still want to keep her alive, fucking Christ. I don't even care about Sasha but I hate Gabi and everything that happens around her.

Well that was my Gabi rant. There's still a Mikasa and Zeke one but I don't want to make this too long so I'll try to keep it short. Of course I agree with you on Mikasa's design although she still looked okay at some points. I have no idea why Isayama did this since she already cut her long hair back in S1 to make the style we all know and love. I guess he was just desperate to make them look "different" to show the time skip. But other than that I have issues with Mikasa's character this season too. I feel like she's not acting like herself from previous seasons. Way too passive and not instantly trusting/siding with Eren. Obviously after their talk I could understand it but I'm talking about the entire season. She's literally gone against their military (and friends) to protect Eren before so why any hesitation now that they're trying to kill him to transfer his power over? Oh and she saw Eren laugh/cry when Hannes died so she should have been able to respond to Connie about Eren's reaction to Sasha's death.
Zeke's plan is fucking shit. Hey lets genocide all the Eldians so Eldians won't be discriminated against anymore XD
I thought all along he was trying to fulfill his father's dream of restoring the Eldian empire but this revelation ruined the character for me. Even if you get rid of the titans, it's not gonna stop war or discrimination. They're just one weapon that's quickly becoming obsolete anyway. I don't think Eren's going along with his plan either. He's probably planning to betray him at some point.

Agreed on Historia. There's a theory that the baby is Eren's but even if that's true she still got completely shafted and looks miserable as fuck so the relationship is pretty much wasted. Unfortunate even if I prefer the Eren Mikasa ship.
Highlight of this season were Pieck and that one flashback episode were Mikasa still had her "long" hair. I did shit on it quite a lot but it's still Attack on Titan with a ton of cool stuff in there so I'd rate it around an 8/10. Compared to straight 10/10s for all the previous seasons.
vegeta8639 Apr 11, 9:06 PM
Wanna talk about the "final" Attack on Titan season?
vegeta8639 Mar 28, 12:16 PM
I heard the original anime wasn't that good but this remake is suppose to be more faithful to the manga so it should be fun. The main girl definitely looks nice.

Btw I recently saw the Kabaneri movie and just wanna say if you like Mumei at all and/or amazing actions scenes you should definitely watch it.
hnf10032 Mar 27, 6:18 PM
oof. i dont get that hurt badly but yeah i know what you mean when your fav girl doesnt win. hurts alot.
hnf10032 Mar 27, 10:26 AM
aye you have nisekoi and rz as 1 bcs

😂 i see you know who best girl is in those respective series
vegeta8639 Mar 27, 7:17 AM
It looks like they originally showed it in some cinemas for 2 weeks as a special event and then released it on Netflix so it's not your usual movie.
Also it's easier to distinguish from the actual VE movie if I call it an OVA. I did not like the first part of that movie. How is any of that in Violet's job purview as a ghost writer? And the constant yuri baiting was just hard to look at. Second half was better otherwise I would have given it an even lower score. And I gave the original show 10/10 for comparison.

Anyway I've been hyped for the movie for some 2 years now. I don't wanna spoil it but it's kinda impossible to avoid with the cover and trailers and fan/official art so you might already know what it's gonna be about. Since this is a movie I'm expecting the visuals to be an upgrade from even the series.

Side note: I'm assuming the Fruits Basket remake is good? I was planning to watch it all at once when the final season finishes.
vegeta8639 Mar 26, 4:39 PM
I didn't like that Violet Evergarden OVA much either. The upcoming sequel movie though I'm expecting to be top tier.
vegeta8639 Feb 14, 4:46 AM
Fair enough, that cover looks like shit. But the one with everyone on it having fun is probably closer to what the episode is about. Rem is for sure in it a decent amount
But admittedly I'm gonna massively praise anything that has Rem in it and isn't complete dogshit. So maybe not amazing but again if you want to see Rem definitely watch.