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Days: 30.9
Mean Score: 4.99
  • Total Entries168
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  • Episodes1,845
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Oct 6, 7:36 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Oct 2, 2:31 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Oct 2, 1:56 PM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 6
Manga Stats
Days: 2.9
Mean Score: 5.38
  • Total Entries8
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  • Chapters451
  • Volumes57
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Taishou Otome Otogibanashi
Taishou Otome Otogibanashi
Oct 11, 2:19 AM
Completed 42/42 · Scored 10
Game Over
Game Over
Oct 11, 2:19 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 4
Hibi Chouchou
Hibi Chouchou
Oct 11, 2:19 AM
Completed 83/83 · Scored 7


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DepravedMagi Oct 4, 1:37 PM
Since you really love code geass, I think you should try gundam 00, since it shares similarities with CG
It has a badass MC and none of the main characters are weaklings
It has great animation (fight scenes are amazing)
It also has some cute girls (there’s a few that you might like)
00 is a stand alone, you don’t have to watch teh orher gundams to see this one
And it doesn’t contain any of your least favourite genres
Frostbytes Sep 18, 11:14 AM
Story wise manga answers arc is more cohesive imo as it was released later, you can go through ep 7 Will solutions too for better understanding of the mysteries
Vn made Yasu a sort of ambiguous/mysterious figure and allowed people to draw their own interpretations...even though the hints were there
Frostbytes Sep 16, 3:58 PM
lol I guessed so, but probably the backstory in the manga will change your mind later on(ep 8 manga side story confessions of golden witch that is)
Frostbytes Sep 16, 3:10 PM
You don't dislike Beatrice? because that's the sort of character you would probably dislike kek
uehasu Sep 5, 9:28 AM
No problem, Umineko is a wonferful visual novel, I agree yep. It's a perfectly acceptable excuse (without sarcasm), 'just hope that you won't gonna drop it !
LilyRoseMelody Sep 5, 7:59 AM
thank you very much for accepting my friend request ^^
uehasu Sep 2, 1:05 AM
Hi there~

Unfortunaly we have an awfully low affinity, but since you really love Rem (and also Shiori), mind if I send you a friend request ? :>

However, we do like same visual novel ! Swan Song, G Senjou no Maou (Mizuha [Shiratori] and Usami [that ending!! >_<]) and Fata Morgana are some of my favorites !
S-quare22 Aug 19, 4:06 PM
Thank you so much! :)
Melonknight Aug 19, 11:04 AM
cool, thank u for accepting my friend request.
Kou1 Jul 11, 2:32 AM
Playing Sabbat of the Witch and reading Nakahara-kun no Kahogo na Imouto where there are absolutely no disgusting, filthy and cancerous bitchy tsunderes. And where the supporting characters are rly nice to the mc. A happy, easy going and peaceful story.

It's been age since I seen something dark like Morgana.
Kou1 Jul 9, 12:09 AM
Shounen, Romcom, Harem, Slice of life. All these genre contains a lot of tsunderes/violent heroines. Harem is still fine tho, since the genre isn't that popular compare to the others. Nisekoi is considered romcom instead of harem in Japan so ppl are mistaking it as a harem when it is not. What I am pissed is that the tsundere/violent heroines are FKIN mainstream so they RUIN the entire anime. Naruto, One piece, Fairy tail, Sket dance, etc. All those mainstream series must have that FKIN stereotype. It's cus they are mainstream and they are everywhere, I have to quit anime. In comparison to Avatar, you get Katara which is WAYYYYYYYYY better than any shounen female lead. LIKE I am SO DUMBFOUNDED, is this real? I thought female characters are all violent and mean and annoying. To this day, I have learned that Foreign anime>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Japanese anime >>>>>>> Chinese anime.

But needless to say, I still enjoy plenty of Japanese manga, doujins(non-18+) and at least there are many good looking VNs. So I will just continue to stick with the niches. I will probably ignore all shounen and romcom anime.... Oh wait, I don't even watch anime anymore.
Kou1 Jul 8, 9:17 AM
idk, I hate tsunderes so much to the point I actually quarrel with my friends. I also bash it sometime on Twitter. I hate tsunderes so much to the point I hate anime in general. That's why I don't even talk anime with my friends and if they start a topic about anime, I will most likely ignore or bash it. I don't even wanna touch any anime. First, the anime I like are rarely appreciated in Japan so there will rarely be a season 2. 2nd, the tsundere boom is still not dying yet and it's still a thing worldwide which makes anime too toxic for me including the community. You know in Twitter? There's a Natsuki roleplaying who constantly act like a tsundere and calls me baka which is extremely irritating. Tbh the tsundere fans are the most toxic community I have ever met. Just like in DDLC, the Natsuki fans are so annoying and childish and acts like fkin weebs. Also most of the genre I like often contains tsunderes or annoying bitches... so yeah..
Because of all the stress the tsunderes had gave me while watching anime and ofc rl stress too, I am into stuff that contains a lot of peace and healing. The main heroine is always super nice and cares for the mc to the point it might disgust some people. The Elder sister like one or Tottemo Yasashii Amaechan are some of the examples. Yeah, I only read stuff where the mc is often being treated really well. A little bit bad, then I stop immediately. I don't even give a damn about the plot anymore. Good characters are enough. Cus usually, anime or manga with good plot has shitty characters. Now you see, how much I had fallen...
Kou1 Jul 7, 10:49 AM
Dracu riot, yeah I heard that game a long time ago. It was pretty old, that was the year tsunderes are everywhere so even that game has tsunderes :'D
Tbh, I might hate tsundere more than you do. Hate.. more like I am scared of tsunderes. They just get violent easily so I don't even watch any anime now other than Korean stuff or foreign stuff. I quitted anime :I And chinese anime has a lot of annoying tsunderes too so they are way worse than Japan so I suggest avoiding them.
It took me awhile to find stuff without tsunderes but lately, VNs usually has very little tsunderes even if they do, they are usually the mild ones. Since in popularity poll, the nice heroine usually gets the top spot. Japan has good taste when it comes to Vns at least haha..
Kou1 Jun 24, 12:15 PM
Omg have you try any VNs from Yuzusoft? They are soooooo good. Yuzusoft is like one of the highest selling VN company in Japan like at the top if not almost. But OMG the characters in that game are just SUPERB! Some good ones includes Sanoba Witch, Senren Banka(MY FAV <3333) and Riddle Joker(most recent). I am pretty sure you will like all the characters in the game, if not most of them. I am also surprised none of the games from Yuzu Soft is officially translated into English. But Sekai Project is currently doing that on Senran Banka which is good. Senren Banka sold like almost 20 millions copies in Japan which makes me really happy! Since I like all the characters in that game. You should take a look at the openings too, that explains how cute the characters are <3 (Senren Banka) (Riddle Joker)

Btw, do you have Twitter? I need some Anti-Tsundere friends in my life :c
Skeptic May 26, 6:58 PM
Do you really just judge anime based on the waifus and who the main character gets with?