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Rojica to Rakkasei
Aug 29, 6:59 AM
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Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai
Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai
Aug 24, 1:11 PM
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vegeta8639 Sep 19, 2022 12:48 PM
It really depends on how they go about adapting it but I can say the game doesn't feel too haremy even though there are many characters in it, both male and female. The story is about the MC traveling through 7 different nations looking for his sister so he meets many people along the way. There is some of that protagonist syndrome where every (good) character tends to instantly like/trust him including the girls but there's really not much in terms of explicit romantic attraction even on their side. So far they mostly just want to hang out as friends. Closest is they'll say something suggestive like: "You should stay and live in this region" or "I've been alive for 3000 years and you're the first person I feel such a connection to".

Also there's usually not multiple of them on screen unless it's main plot related so that's why it doesn't feel like a harem. But yea the anime could easily flip it with original content and make it more romance/harem focused if they want. At least there's no obvious bitchy main girl so that's a plus even if they do go in that direction. I would not expect any girl to win since there's already like 30 of them with more coming and no matter who you pick it will piss off 95% of the audience. My prediction would be no romance or some teasing with an open ending.
The plot does have dark undertones but there's no blood or gore in game at least. There is some in the manga so we'll have to wait and see regarding the anime.
vegeta8639 Sep 18, 2022 9:47 AM
Yea I stumbled upon that channel and have been binging some of the videos. Lots of really cute stuff there.
There is a sequel to that story if you're interested:
Currently on these videos of this creepy-cute antisocial college girl trying to navigate life:
Very relatable and fun to watch.

Btw a Genshin Impact anime by Ufotable has been announced so that should be fun.
vegeta8639 Sep 15, 2022 5:41 PM
This is probably the most adorable and wholesome thing I've seen in a while. If you have a few minutes check it out
vegeta8639 Aug 9, 2022 1:43 PM
There's probably other reasons why VNs aren't more popular like a lot of them not being in English, not airing on TV meaning you need to put in a concerted effort to play one. Also oversaturation in the market.
I did try using one of those machine TL softwares years ago and it was abysmal but it's possible they're better now. Regardless I easily have over 10 properly translated visual novels on my list so who knows when/if I'll give that another shot. But it's nice that you enjoyed it. She's definitely cute. Blue eyes and the one eye covering hairstyle is an instant plus. Generic stories are fine if they're good. Although it's not even generic compared to anime where it's near impossible to find a story like that so if anything that's what we're starved for.

Yea I guess you could technically classify it as "childhood friend" but it's quite different from the usual trope. It's more of an imouto type heroine plus time skip. In this case Ageha is the "childhood friend" heroine. Hotaru is her sister who yes was also technically his friend but she's younger and more just looked up to him rather than directly being close friends or anything. I guess having this sort of peripheral relationship is part of it.
So in the guy's mind she's just his friend's sister so he's being nice to her, in her mind whatever interactions they had mean a lot. And then time skip and she's still in love with him. Some examples are Nadeko from Monogatari. Hanabi from Kuzu no Honkai. Miuna from Nagi no Asukara although slightly different due to the nature of the timeskip. Silica from SAO is exactly that personality type just without the history details I mentioned.

Standard Childhood friend is they were close friends, got older, romantic feelings formed. Literally the most obvious choice for a potential girlfriend. The one I'm talking about is the least obvious choice. Nobody would expect her to start dating the protagonist, not him, not anybody around them, not the audience, not the girl herself. So it's definitely not the same thing despite some similarities.
vegeta8639 Aug 8, 2022 4:36 PM
Yes there are shorter visual novels but even then when I start one I'm pretty much committed to doing just that until I'm done or have to sleep or something. With anime it's much easier to just watch 1-2 episodes and then do something else. Not that I necessarily even want them to end quickly but I just need to be in a specific mood to start playing and fully immerse myself into it.
Btw I recognize the girl from your new pfp. I stumbled upon the CG pack because she looks cute.
No English version though so I assume you also just like her design?

Hotaru is the imouto of one of the main game's (shitty) heroines and she's also been in love with the protagonist since they were kids which makes it fucking criminal not to give her a route. That has to be one of my all time favorite tropes. Girl in love with older boy, multi year time skip, she still loves him and is grown up enough for him to consider her a potential love interest now. It usually goes very poorly unless it's a visual novel though.
So you're not interested in the loli twins at all? Asa is gonna have many of those same traits and Yoru is a kuudere XD
Legit though Asa's route was my favorite in the original game. Yoru's route is actually a 3 way harem route where you date both twins and it's pretty bad unfortunately. I assume you'll be playing through the prologue so you'll see them there and can always play the routes if you end up liking them.
As far as Hotaru is concerned it's gonna suck but you might still wanna play the Ageha route because it will provide a lot of context and background information for Hotaru that you will miss if you just jump straight to the fandisc.
Lastly there's also this girl who is another side character that got a route in the fandisc and I actually like her a fair bit too. Same story as the twins, you'll see her in the main game so if you like her play the route later.

vegeta8639 Jul 27, 2022 5:54 AM
Yup agreed on the first point and I also check pretty much every announced anime to see if anything looks decent but usually it's just a harem with maybe 1 cute girl. Occasionally something amazing like 86 will show up but it's still an unfinished adaptation.
On visual novels I do love playing them but it's usually a bigger commitment than watching an anime so I don't really play that many. So a girl has to be pretty insane to inspire me to actually play one quickly. Either that or contain some sort of route that I've been waiting for for a long time.
Don't remember if we've talked about it before but have you played this glider game?
Best girl is Hotaru but she doesn't have a route in the main game which is so fucking stupid. They did give her one in the fandisc at least which I'm happy about.

Did not know that about Shield Hero having an actual harem ending and that is definitely a disappointment. The show doesn't really feel that haremy right now but I can definitely see why even knowing that would ruin your experience. One of the reasons I haven't watched Nisekoi (yet) is because I know best girl loses in the novels even though I don't think the anime has adapted that far.

But yea the general rule of anime is, if main girl is bad she wins 100% and the other girls get treated like shit/rejected, if the main girl is good, harem or open ending.

Unfortunate about Spice and Wolf since if you had watched 3 more episodes best girl would have shown up:
But then we would fall back to the original problem so I guess it doesn't matter at the end of the day. Norah is in the last 6 episodes of season one with the plot kinda revolving around her and then she pretty much never shows up again in the Light Novel except maybe 1 chapter that shows us how she's doing. Overall though Holo pretty much is the entire franchise. There's like 5 fans of that show/novel that aren't fans of her.
Which is why I was extremely surprised to stumble upon this old Spice and Wolf DS game that has visual novel elements and a legit romantic route for Norah XD
And and English fan translation released a few months ago on a 13 year old game XDDDD
God I love this timeline.
vegeta8639 Jul 20, 2022 10:06 AM
Of course I would prefer a pure love romance with Ayase (for example) as the main heroine but that doesn't exist. I can see her in Oreimo or nowhere. There simply aren't that many good romance anime like what you're talking about where a girl of that quality is the heroine. Especially if we rule out harems, I could only name maybe 3 shows. Might be different with visual novels but anime provides a different (better) experience.

Well Kana Hanazawa voices Kanade from Angel Beats so there's 1. Also Kagari from Rewrite who is kinda the main heroine. Hina from 3-gatsu no lion, Tomoka from Ro-Kyu-Bu!, I guess Manaka from Nagi no Asukara. Oh Shiro from Deadman Wonderland. But sure most of her best roles are side characters and/or girls who lose unfortunate as it is. Like Nadeko, Mikan or sure Shiori.
I watched the first episode of Senryuu Shoujo while it was airing but left it on hold and never got back to it. Will watch that at some point.

Ehh I feel like Raphtalia is pretty clearly pushed as the main heroine in that show. Other than her we have what, Filo and that green haired girl who's obsessed with the bow hero? Barely even a harem honestly. If that's your main issue I recommend to keep watching it but your choice.

Different topic but have you heard about this anime called Spice and Wolf? It's one of those well known shows that was super popular back in the day. People have been begging for a third season for 12+ years and a new anime project recently got announced. I am genuinely not sure whether you would love or hate the main girl Holo. She does look kinda like Raphtalia if you squint your eyes and ignore the type of animal girl they are (wolf vs racoon dog).
vegeta8639 Jul 19, 2022 1:22 PM
Well a few reasons for this one. Firstly Kuroneko is voiced by Kana Hanazawa and my long term goal is to watch basically everything she's been in. Second Oreimo is one of those shows that left a deep impression in anime culture and it's been in the conversation since I've become an anime fan so it feels like I might as well watch it just for the culture. And third, I'd seen both Ayase and Kuroneko artworks but didn't know what their personalities and general feel were in the show so I wanted to see that.
The overall show might have been horrible but it's not like I regret watching it. I still enjoyed certain scenes/episodes, gained a new waifu and it lead me to the VN I'm playing and enjoying now. Not trying to make any prescriptive claims though especially if you're not in the right headspace to tolerate a show like this.

With visuals novels I'm mostly interested in whether I like any of the girls and if my probable best girl has a romantic route. If yes I'll probably play it regardless of tags. Sure I have preferences but I'm really not picky in that regard.
Btw did you watch Shield Hero season 2? I remember you liked Raphtalia a while back. Looks like it wasn't received very well but I enjoyed it well enough.
Anyway here are some kawaii Ayase screenshots because I already made them so why not:
Last 3 are from the game.
vegeta8639 Jul 18, 2022 12:33 PM
Yea that's probably the correct choice. I just put myself through the torture of watching it and Kirino might legit be the worst tsundere I've seen in any anime ever. Absolute bitch yet for some reason everybody in the show likes her and everything always has to go her way. Including the protagonist rejecting 4 better girls so he can fuck his sister in the end. Absolute garbage.

Anyway I was wondering whether you liked any of the other girls but guess it doesn't matter if you haven't seen it. This one's my favorite btw: and this one is close second
He actually dates Kuroneko for like 2 episodes in the anime but they break up for stupid Kirino related reasons.
More importantly there's this PSP game which has romantic routes for the other girls so I'm jumping right on that.
Ayase route....:]]]]
vegeta8639 Jul 15, 2022 8:05 PM
I'm curious, have you seen any of Oreimo or just stayed away from it completely for obvious reasons?
vegeta8639 May 11, 2022 6:33 PM
The Priconne/Re:Zero colab is almost over so this is your last chance to get Rem if you're still interested in that and haven't done it yet. As far as info now that I've played through all the events, this is the already in love with Subaru Rem so you can't romance her or anything but there are some super adorable VN style scenes and interactions. If you don't care about the game definitely at least watch those on YouTube.

Again random new topic but I just finished 86 and there's not really any explicit romance yet (LN still ongoing) but I've gotta say: <3 <3 <3
Here's some screenshots too
Also the show is just really good so yea, recommended.
vegeta8639 May 2, 2022 8:07 PM
Just letting you know that the event has started and I got my Rem in 70 pulls so it's definitely doable and good luck. Probably gonna save the rest of my gems for a summer Kokkoro or something.
vegeta8639 Apr 30, 2022 1:13 PM
Well you in theory could get lucky and pull her by chance at a ~5% chance per 10 pull but I assume you'd want to get Rem guaranteed if you're gonna start playing the game in the middle of the event anyway. She's gonna be a limited character so this is your only chance to get her until they rerun the event which could be a long while.
When you start playing you get 1 free pull that's a guaranteed 3 star (rarest) and then another 4000-5000K gems after completing the tutorial which is enough for 3-4 ten pulls. So ideally you'd be trying to get 1 good character for free plus a Rem on the standard pulls. If you get lucky and just get her on the first go you can just keep playing though. Just don't link your email/Google play account until you're satisfied with your starting account.

>My Dress-Up Darling: Exactly. I can't stand when a show has a clear main love interest and then randomly introduces better girls that are just gonna end up losing anyway. Like in SAO it's a new girl each season/game that inevitably falls in love with Kirito but he's already dating/married to Asuna so it goes nowhere. I really don't get why they fuck they do this. At least if it's a harem like Saekano you can hold out hope but when the obvious main girl gets 90% of the screentime it's just why bother?

I'm not sure what exactly Mushoku Tensei is doing at this point but the protagonist hasn't seen Sylphiette is some 7 years now and longer for Roxy but he still sporadically cares about them when he's not laser focused on Eris. I will say she gets somewhat better (stops punching the protagonist, isn't as spoiled) but not enough to bump her up on the best girl list. At the end of the season her and the protag end up having sex and then she runs off on him to go train since she doesn't want to hold him back. And now I guess it's Sylphie time. I did like her too btw for what little screentime she got.
But yea if there's any show where I'd expect a polygamy thing to work it's probably this since they already set the precedent with the father.
We'll see how it goes. Roxy did get some screentime in second season but she's traveling away from the protag so it's just her own adventure.
Romance or not I do still very much like her.
vegeta8639 Apr 30, 2022 8:32 AM
I think we've had this same discussion back when I was talking about Genshin impact but yes I am not a fan of gacha games either. I am just a fan of some of the girls in them and will tolerate the gacha aspect despite thinking it's predatory/immoral/annoying etc. In this case it's literally Rem we're talking about so I'll try to put up with it for sure. Right now I can drop her guaranteed so that part's not an issue. Not sure whether the game will stall me behind a paywall eventually but for now it looks like logging in every day is enough to progress albeit slowly. You use stamina to get rank up items and player exp which lets you level your characters and make them stronger. There's also hard missions which drop memory shards that eventually add up to a full character meaning you can get some of the good ones without even pulling the gacha.
It is very easy thought to get stalled though due to lack of levels or rank up items making you wait for several days to get enough stamina to break through the wall which my biggest issue right now.

but yeah i installed the game

Oh no that's actually bad since the event hasn't started yet and you might not even be able to get Rem. What you'd want to do is basically keep making new accounts until you drop her with you initial free gems. At this point if you're already playing maybe try rolling for Rem in 2 days and if you don't get her make a new account then. Assuming you didn't link your email already. The current reroll method for Priconne is linking and unlinking a free Crunchyroll account.
Not sure about the anime either but as far into the game as I am currently, the protagonist is still just living with Kokkoro while the plot is happening around them. The chronology of this game is really weird thought. If you watch the guild stories and during the missions they're already adventuring with the other 2 girls but not the main story (yet?). Regardless I seriously doubt a gacha game like this would force me into a romance with a girl I don't pick.

Pretty sure Priconne is one of the most popular gacha games right now so yea they're getting a lot of top tier seiyuus to voice various girls. There's one voiced by Kana Hanazawa which is enough reason for me to use her :D
Have not seen My Dress-Up Darling but if you like that main blonde girl, it's very likely she's going to win no? In my case I'd probably be rooting for this one but not sure I'm actually gonna watch that show.

Btw I'm watching Mushoku Tensei and here's another instant favorite
vegeta8639 Apr 28, 2022 7:21 PM
I have some news to share. I've been playing Princess Connect: Redive on this BlueStacks emulator thing and firstly here's a free top tier waifu for you
She looks like that and basically has the personality of Rem except starts off deredere. Or I guess similar to Yuzu if you want to look at it from that perspective.
More importantly though they're finally doing the Re:Zero colab on global starting May 2nd which means you can get Rem as a character:

So if you're interested at all this would be a good time to start playing since you can reroll for her and not have to save 45,000 gems like I did to get her guaranteed. But if you don't want to play a shitty gacha game that's fine too. I haven't watched the Priconne anime yet but imo the game would have been worth playing for Kokkoro alone. I'll let you know if it's worth watching later.
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