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Shadow_Link May 23, 2:22 AM
Oh by i forgot to mention the differences in the 2 Yu-Gi-Oh series Season 0 (the 1998 one) is only in Subs because their was no dub because its was only ever aired in Japan Yami Yugi is their but they dont really go into his past because the show got canceled Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters is where you learn more about Yami Yugi and his past but his personality is completely different to season 0 yami Season 0 yami is more of a phyco where as Duel monsters isnt also the card game is played more in Duel Monsters then in Season 0

just thought i let you know
Dwra May 15, 4:01 AM
So where are you from? ^^
Dwra May 12, 6:17 AM
My name is Dwra , nice to meet you ^^
Zettaiken May 7, 3:14 AM
haha nice ! Yeah Violet got the favs after first 6 episodes it's so good anime ... Ngnl 0 I read before from book the story so I was already sure it will be on my favs :)
Zettaiken May 6, 11:57 AM
Hey hey thanks for the friend request :)
What's up ?
Dwra Apr 27, 5:51 AM
Hey! thanks for the add !
Ephemerisu Apr 22, 4:07 AM
tu m ai născut
pgmhecateii Apr 9, 4:05 PM
Opening 5 is my favorite, but I also like 9 and 13. DOES is a really great band, so I also like all the ones they do.
pgmhecateii Apr 9, 3:49 PM
Sure, thanks for the FR~
pgmhecateii Apr 9, 3:43 PM
Glad you like it :3

And sorry if I offended you...
pgmhecateii Apr 9, 3:14 PM
I have a more worse opinion of Naruto than I do of's just stupid how they act like that. I don't like these kinds of characters.

And if you're talking about a backstory and motivation, every single battle MC has something like that. Luffy's backstory isn't anything particularly special, either.

Handsome? That's not what I meant, I wanted to say that the design for some villains could have been done better. Also, don't go around randomly assuming what I think, honestly, there are very few charas who I can say are handsome. If an anime doesn't have good art, then I have no motivation to watch it. I mean, sure it's an old anime. Or was Big Mom designed to be disgusting so we could all despise her?

I don't care how many episodes there are, but I hate how the fights and arcs are so long. I'm not the type of person who can sit and watch more than 2 eps of a battle.

I just don't think One Piece is for me in the first place, neither is Naruto or Bleach. I've seen too many complex and more modern, better anime that I can't go back to liking the simple, easy to understand ones.

We all have our own tastes, so I can't help it if I don't like something you like.

And it's so weird how everyone who talks to me is within a year old of me recently. You're only 2 months older...

Also, "freedom aspect"? What did you mean by that? Are you talking about how anything can happen or what?
pgmhecateii Apr 9, 2:22 PM
Oh, so we think the same. Most people would think 7 is a good score.

Yeah, Luffy's a cliche character ( he likes to eat and acts idiotic most of the time). The character design in general is bad, and there are a lot of ugly charas (for example, Big Mom). The story's been dragging on since like, forever, and arcs take forever to finish. Fights take a million episodes. I've gotten tired of watching it...
pgmhecateii Apr 9, 1:26 PM
Wait, what...?
Huss Apr 3, 11:16 PM
well since you wasted more time to say that, why are you so worked up about a fictional show? or rather why do you care if someone dropped or hated a show you love. i kind of can guess why, but i still dont think of that as postive thing to do, regardless if that wasted your time or not. want to live more and better happy life? be more positive towards others and yourself.
Huss Apr 3, 6:10 PM
it means stop wasting your time and mine into something that will not benefit you nor will do to me