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Days: 102.8
Mean Score: 7.66
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Fukumenkei Noise
Fukumenkei Noise
Yesterday, 12:21 PM
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Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
Yesterday, 12:21 PM
Watching 3/13 · Scored -
Yesterday, 4:59 AM
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Days: 3.1
Mean Score: 8.56
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  • Chapters595
  • Volumes22
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Youjo Senki
Youjo Senki
Dec 8, 10:28 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Dec 7, 9:34 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Amagi Brilliant Park
Amagi Brilliant Park
Dec 6, 4:55 AM
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SwordWielder 11 hours ago
no lol.
Renkini Yesterday, 9:49 AM
Thanks for the friend request. Nice favorite list and your -About Me- is pretty interesting :)
Nekyumi Dec 6, 1:50 PM
She said she doesn't feel the need for having it. Well.. She isn't accustomed with Anime that much and I would say she's still discovering this fantastic world. Anyway, I think persuading her won't be that hard as she's really enjoying it.

Uhh, I didn't know about Kubo's poor health. Now it's understandable. Still why are people complaining about the way he planned to make his chapters. I mean it's his concept and he did what he thought was right for his serie. I admire his determination on finishing what he planned back in 10 years.
Nekyumi Dec 6, 8:14 AM
Anime was suspended (?) at 366 episodes. It won't be continued I guess. Manga has a final ending. That's all I know about it and I didn't read any posts on forums about this topic (if there was kind of an argument then I missed it).

She's not. Basically she only tells me about her crush on Zorro and fandom she has dig in, moments in anime when she cried like a baby and how characters she didn't like changed. It's strange seeing her attitude from the vary beggining when she hesitated to start watching it, till now as she's so addicted to it :D
Nekyumi Dec 5, 4:44 PM
Well, hate towards certain anime always occures and there is basically no way out form it, but anyway, to my mind Bleach doesn't deserve as much of it. Maybe if it wasn't my first anime, I would see more of its drawbacks. So far I've heard that people are fed up with repeatable story. Some said that the chapters after arc where anime ended are just awful the way they're drawn. The minor fact is that Bleach was along with Naruto and One Piece the best shonen anime for such a long time. I understand under what pressure Kubo was back then, but what made the anime fell was in my opinion fillers, tons of them. Only one story was worth watching, but the rest was just to fill the gap between manga. I didn't mind them, because back then I didn't know what fillers were, but I think that's the case. Also, fans couldn't wait for Bleach to be rebroadcast and complained about it. Soon it has been replaced by other shonens and thrown away.
I'm glad that Kubo finally decided to end the serie. If he had tried to keep it going, it would have harmed it so much. I'll admit, that I still haven't finished manga, because I'm reading it from the very begginng just to recall the story. It gives me shivers when I see moments I cried on sorrow or joy. It will never bore me.

One Piece has too many episodes for me and I can't encourage myself to dig into it. I'll rather watch shorter series for now. My friend reads One Piece and it's really fun to hear her excitement with further story. She kinda reminds myself when I was discovering Bleach.

Wow, sorry for a long response. I've lost myself in my thoughts xD
Nekyumi Dec 5, 11:44 AM
Awesome ^^
Which anime is close to your heart the most? Mine is Bleach, because it's my first anime, which has everything I love- fighting, spiritual creatures, shinigami as samurai, blades with their own souls, but also relationships between characters and their unique ways of living. Even though many people complain about this serie, I don't have anything to complain about (even fillers).

Nekyumi Dec 3, 2:26 PM
Hello! I was browsing some profiles when I stopped at yours. I checked your fav Anime and lots of them are similar to mine. So I thought of sending you a request :> Also, your story is quite similar to mine when I was like 5 years younger. I had no real friends and was surrounded with idiots who only wanted to drink and smoke. I escaped from them by shutting myself in my room and watching Anime, which really helped me. Now I'm glad I didn't worry about my minor relationships with teens my age then, because now I have lots of friends sharing my interest, especially when comes to Anime. Anyway, Ty for accepting my request :)
xVled Dec 2, 6:55 AM
Da, sall si tie!
Rauru17 Dec 1, 12:33 PM
Lma !
iRaphahell Dec 1, 11:08 AM
Lma !
romagia Dec 1, 9:17 AM
Bucovina pământ românesc!!!!!!
81Koyomi_Araragi Dec 1, 3:56 AM
The manga release isn't the problem, the translation is. Usually with many ongoing manga which aren't mainstream, the translation starts getting delayed as more and more chapters come out. Sometimes the translator gives up and then it stays that way half-translated for years until someone else picks it up. I'd like to avoid that.
So I will pick it up once all the chapters are translated.
81Koyomi_Araragi Dec 1, 1:30 AM
Thanks for replying.
Since there are only 18 chapters out right now I'll wait till all the chapters or atleast a significant amount are translated. I don't wanna catch up and then wait for like a month for another chapter. It's nice that the manga has the monologue, I had to pause multiple times while watching the anime to read that. It was annoying because of how fast text was.
81Koyomi_Araragi Nov 30, 9:25 PM
How is the Bakemonogatari manga? Worth reading?
How is the artwork? Does it go in a different direction compared to the anime or is it exactly the same?
81Koyomi_Araragi Nov 30, 10:34 AM
what's your username on disqus?