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Days: 345.9
Mean Score: 5.78
  • Total Entries1,335
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes19,874
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Aishiteruze Baby★★
Aishiteruze Baby★★
12 hours ago
Watching 22/26 · Scored 4
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Today, 9:11 AM
Watching 19/25 · Scored 7
Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Today, 9:11 AM
Watching 6/12 · Scored 6
Manga Stats
Days: 22.2
Mean Score: 7.45
  • Total Entries20
  • Reread0
  • Chapters4,004
  • Volumes320
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Freezing Zero
Freezing Zero
Feb 9, 3:17 AM
Completed 38/38 · Scored 7
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Feb 6, 2:33 PM
Reading 183/233 · Scored 8
Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Sep 18, 2017 12:43 AM
Reading 200/? · Scored 8


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Nillwas 9 hours ago
Best thing i have seen this week, hahaha.

^that was just so funny, watched that today too.
It's one of the most retarded stuff I have seen but it made me laugh so hard.
Nillwas 11 hours ago
Well, I have no clue what in hell i'm watching atm.
Nillwas 11 hours ago
Ey don't judge me!

I'm watchign master pieces!

Nillwas Yesterday, 4:10 PM
Annie is really cool, I really hope we will see more of her in the future.
That she breaks free from the stone that she made "crystal" or what ever she is in.
Nillwas Yesterday, 4:09 PM
Nice, I haven't watched it yet. But i'm going to.
And the Gundam serire that just released the last eps I can't remeber the name it's a 6/6 OVA serire, I think it's a reboot of the first Gundam serire. I know you have watched it.

I'm watching this today.
I really loved the first eps, but in the middle of the anime it become boring, I really love sport animes, I really do.
But when the matches is longer then 3 EP's it becomes boring for me, the last match I have watched now lasted for ever.

And i'm going to try to do some layouts with my some of my character's i might need some help.
So I hope it's okej if i ask you :)
Nillwas Aug 16, 12:46 PM
It was just boring, the characters was really, really stupid writin.
It was like a normal school romance anime in the long run, they characters didn't understand that they loved each another and needed ppl to force them to understand that they loved each another and coud not live without each another.

Don't waste you time on this mate, it's just a insult to Maria-Sama that someone set it as a recommendation to Maria-Sama
Nillwas Aug 15, 4:18 PM
Watched 13 eps of Strawberry Panic, in the big picture is very boring SoL anime with jealous girls.
It's like a huge triangle drama, X loves Z while Z loves Y and Y loves X.

Hmm it's nothing at all as Maria-Sama, sadly.

I think u shoud stay away from this one, if you didn't like the 2 first eps you will have a hard time with the rest of the shows.
As the jealous is so big in the anime the characters becomes a bit stupid. Doing wierd shit with each another and lies to each another.

Atm i woud say it's a 4/10 beacuse it's really boring.
It's alooot of dialogues beacuse they don't talk about something importen. And it's have no impacked in the story.

And 2 eps was about the main character learning french while her classmates went home beacuse it's summerbreak.

One of the first eps was about them cleaning a never ending stair etc.
Nillwas Aug 15, 11:37 AM
Haha, I told you thats it's not a Alexandru anime xD
I knew u woud not like it, when u told me it.

No, it's following the same pattern, the only thing that happens is that Kippei changes from playboy to somehow who cares more about family and Kokoro.

Nothing major at all will happen, no plot twist nothing like that.

I'm on eps 4 of Strawberry Panic, it feels a bit like a comedy verison of Maria-Sama.
Ofc I will tell you mate :)
Atm nothing at all have happend.
Nillwas Aug 15, 10:45 AM
If they characters dosen't act the same way i woud easy be available to handle it.
Maybe I will buy the first volume and read and see what I think.

I think i'm watching something similair to Maria-Sama atm. ( Strawberry Panic )
Maybe not as serious, just started it so I will see what I think about it at the end.
It's made by madhouse so I really hope it will be something good :)
Nillwas Aug 15, 6:53 AM
If they character's acts the same way in the manga and visual novel i woud never be available to read it.

I can't stand the characters and the ending in the anime was awful.

Building up this huge worldbuilding and the games dosen't even stop.
Nillwas Aug 14, 3:05 PM
And you have a great evening too, i'm here watching shit -.-
Nillwas Aug 14, 3:04 PM

What in hell is this shit.

I thought it woud be as good as when they cry but fk I was wrong.
This is some of the worst shit i haver ever seen.

Like wtf is this shit.
Nillwas Aug 13, 9:24 AM
Ohh and I watched Kodomo no Jikan it's like the only non harem I have watched.
It looks like a anime based on only comedy but it had a alot of drama in it.

A bit like GTO, teacher help the kids etc. But one of the kids in the class get a crush on the teacher even if it's 16 years diffrient.
The kid is a bit fucked in the head and makes the naime interesting. She even makes the teacher a afraid of her on one point in the story.

But nonthing super amazing.
Going to start watching another stuff now, Think I will only watch 2-5 eps of To love Ru each day.
Nillwas Aug 13, 9:21 AM
I only got To Love Ru left to watch, ööö what I have watched more is only Hidamari Sketch.
I'm finish with that one so I found some "similair" animes to Hidamari Sketch so going to start watch one of them.

Watching a bit of Yawara! but it's really not a Niklas anime, I think it's more your taste. The comedy is very similair to you are under arrest.
And that's what makes me not like it, it makes this sport anime to childish.

I watched this one Oshiete! Galko-chan today. It was really neat, a nice SoL with a bit of fanservice done correcly. I had a super blast watching it. Beacuse the Main heroina was so awesome i gave it 8/10. Really liked this one so I'm planning of reading the manga.

And yesterday i only watched alot of crap more or less nothing amazing at all.

I think i have only giving like 3 or 4 animes the last 3 week a raiting above 8 lol.

brijesh Aug 13, 5:36 AM
I hope you don't mind answering one question of mine.
In order to be able to understand Monogatari Series: Second Season is it mandatory to complete Nisemonogatari.
If you have some time to spare could you even tell me what makes Monogatari Series: Second Season better than the other Monogataris.