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Apr 12, 2018
Here I find myself writing a review for a underrated show that from what I noticed doesn't get the love and attention that it needs. Well let's get on with it!

You're under arrest is a blast from the 90's providing everything that I wanted from this kind of show: Characters who steal your heart with their personality and charisma, jazzy ost during each episode and catchy op and ed song that makes you dance, unique animation style used during the 90's(glittering water animation is one my favorites) and finally a solid story that gives you a nostalgic feeling if you were a kid of the read more
Apr 4, 2018
“I want to know what love is” with this line Violet’s journey has started.

It’s a journey of words, words that hold the power to influence the future of a person and change their perspective about the world. Finding the right words for the dear ones isn’t easy and Violet learns that through her encounters with different people who have a story to tell.

The story is made with words, words on a piece of paper that can save a dear brother from despair, can show the love and carrying of a mother for her child even after she is gone, can make the parents understand read more
Apr 1, 2018
3 gatsu second season is outstanding!!! Since Shaft made Owari 2 last summer they brought back the quality of the story , great visuals used for telling the story and the characters are amazing, they are the very essence of this show!

They have their own spotlight in this season their own standing on the stage were they conquer the heart of its audience through their monologue , experience in life and actions. I love how Hina grew so much and stood firm to her believes during the bully arc, Rei is a whole new person who enjoys life now....

The most surprising and best stuff read more
Mar 24, 2018
Welcome! I hope you will enjoy reading my review about MahouTsukai no Yome and give this anime a try. Well I'll try my best to not bore you reader and make it very on point for what you are interested to see from this anime.

MahouTsukai no Yome is a breath of fresh air for the fall/winter 2017/2018 anime season but also for the anime industry who lately was suffocated with the "copy-paste" shows made each season. The first thing that will captivate you when you start watching this anime are the visuals, they have a very essential role for the whole story and for read more
Jan 5, 2018
Brilliant if I may say especially the last 2 episodes.This show managed to display at its finest how a world filled with demons/devils would look like. The use of the subtle details has also a big contribution in displaying the madness from the devils world or the peace and relaxing days from the human world.Warning this show has a lot of violence and sexual content and its not for any weak heart so you have been warned for those who want to watch it.

The way it made a contrast between the madness from the world of devils and the mundane life of humans is one read more
Dec 26, 2017
This review of Gintama is about the whole series from 2006-2017 including the Slip Arc. It's my tribute for these years that I spent together with Gintama. Enjoy!

Take a seat and let’s talk about a memorable story.
A story that will not be forgotten , a story that will make laugh and cry , a story that will teach about life and a story that will teach you about what is love and friends and how to value people that are close and dear to you. A story which every addicitive reader should know.

Story 9/10
Have you ever saw a anime which can combine elements read more
Dec 23, 2017
Blend S (Anime) add (All reviews)
Blend-S is a funny and enjoyable show that mantains its composure until the end and doesn't turn into a teen melodrama . The usual anime stereotypes :tsundere, imouto, sadistic,trap etc. are well used for the ironic comedy in this anime.Don't be fooled by the cute girls and moe atmosphere its content has a lot to offer.

The story is set in a cafe were a bunch of cute girls who let's say have a unique personality work, using their other personality trait to please the needs of customers.Despite having a moe atmosphere overall the final product is a really enjoyable anime with some references from read more
Dec 22, 2017
First of all things do not get fooled by the low score that this show has on mal, it should be over 8. Second don't believe those rumors about this show being bland or boring I assure that's not the case at all, this anime is great from the first minute of episode one and filled with great stuff until the end. Finally read what i wrote in this review if you are planning to watch this show and you are hesitant about some stuff.

Shoukoku no Altair takes a different approach on the hystorical battle/war anime and portrays what happens behind the stage (battle). read more
Dec 22, 2017

Life is a journey and the road ahead is filled with a lot of obstacles that we must overcome to reach our final destination......

First of all this is not a sequel for the old Kino it's a remake with some changes for the art style , plot and story which i will mention them in this review.So let's go on a journey then....

The first 2 episodes despite being bland their purpose is to get the viewer used to the plot, story and characters and captivate your attention with the improved animation and scenery(landscape). After those 2 episodes things get better and some episodes will leave read more
Dec 20, 2017
Fantastic !!! These episodes are the best thing this series has to offer for its viewer. After watching them i wanted to see more....

For those who are wondering these 4 special episodes are the sequel to the tv series Saki Achiga-hen:Episode of Side A and start off with the player's second match in the semifinals on the national stage were the tv series left off. And if you thought the tv series was good this has even better stuff to offer and will not disappoint you at all.

In these 4 episodes the 5 girls from Achiga High-School have fantastic development and managed to overcome their read more