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Web Manga 'Nanbaka' Gets TV Anime Adaptation in Fall 2016

by arsonal
Mar 26, 2016 3:09 AM | 15 Comments
The AnimeJapan 2016 booth of animation studio Satelight has announced a TV anime adaptation of the web manga Nanbaka (The Numbers). The series is scheduled to air in Fall 2016.

The series drawn by Shou Futamata has been publishing on the comico manga reader platform since 2013. The first compiled manga volume went on sale on November 12. Crunchyroll began publishing the manga digitally in December.

A super exciting action comedy starring the inmates and guards of the world's most formidable prison. (Source: Crunchyroll)


Nanbaka on MAL

15 Comments Recent Comments

Looking forward to this but.... I WANT MY DEADMAN WONDERLAND!

Apr 27, 2016 7:36 AM by zurgboy00

Finally something news on this huh? I'll be patiently waiting for a PV to see if it's worth putting it on my ptw.

Mar 27, 2016 3:59 AM by KashKetchum

Kinda looks like sh-

MyAnimeList said:

Director: Takamatsu, Shinji


Mar 26, 2016 2:09 PM by DatRandomDude

I can't wait to see them animated. Cast info soon next.

Mar 26, 2016 12:13 PM by Shadow-Chan

I've actually always wondered why it hadn't had an adaption yet.

Mar 26, 2016 10:30 AM by Dexter

Satelight picking it up. Might give it a try then. Was waiting to see who is gonna do the animation before completely decide if I am gonna watch it or not xD

Mar 26, 2016 9:57 AM by nikolai131

Action comedy...hmm might give it a chance.

Mar 26, 2016 8:56 AM by Stark700

The characters' design tho. I'll be having my eyes on this; it feels like it'll be some kind of a crazy show.

Mar 26, 2016 8:46 AM by removed-user

Kella said:
I would watch it anyway but

MyAnimeList said:

Director: Takamatsu, Shinji

I don't even need to think if it's worth watching.

Old Director of Gintama? Count me in

Mar 26, 2016 4:12 AM by Nakurawari

Can I get TL:DR of all announcement at Anime Japan 2016 later? It's troublesome clicking each of them.

Mar 26, 2016 3:52 AM by NeoAnkara

I would watch it anyway but

MyAnimeList said:

Director: Takamatsu, Shinji

I don't even need to think if it's worth watching.

Mar 26, 2016 3:46 AM by Anny

HIDE YO WIVES (for Muslims)

Mar 26, 2016 3:40 AM by zetsu_shoren

The manga was super good so I'm really looking forward to this!

Mar 26, 2016 3:25 AM by phoenixalia

Holy Shit, it's airing this year.
I'm really like the manga, it's unique.
Get Hype!!

By the way it's like mix between Prison School + Deadman Wonderland + Rainbow

This gonna be exciting!

Mar 26, 2016 3:15 AM by NotThisShitAgain

Hot character designs. I'm in.

Mar 26, 2016 3:15 AM by Xenocrisi

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