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Toaru Majutsu no Index 10th Anniversary PV
Toaru Majutsu no Index 10th Anniversary PV
Oct 8, 5:16 AM
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Isekai Shokudou
Isekai Shokudou
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Dies Irae Episode 0
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Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken
Sep 18, 8:04 AM
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Kenja no Mago
Kenja no Mago
Sep 18, 8:03 AM
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Futaba-san Chi no Kyoudai
Futaba-san Chi no Kyoudai
Sep 18, 8:03 AM
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Playcool 46 minutes ago
I used to read the most on my intership, which already concluded and now I m back in college, now while on bus, I usually do stuff, like I m doing right now~~
It will take much longer to complete stuff now, but tbh that kind of pacing usually just burns you out of stuff, I think I readed from vol 4 to vol 16 in a marathon, and not forgetting 7.5 and 8.5 there, that is like almost 15 volumes there.
Playcool Oct 16, 3:48 AM
Well, supposedly with this second part of the invasion conflict I m at, things should be exciting, it is not boring so far, and I m only in the beggining yet of vol 16.
Playcool Oct 16, 2:08 AM
I guess so.
Currently I m on vol 16, tbh the excitement to read as been toned down a bit, ever since vol 14, I wanted to see Maki fooling around more but she has changed alot, I miss the old teasing Maki...
Playcool Oct 15, 4:19 PM
Wait, so is most of the plot already concluded, isnt there any final arc still to happen?
Playcool Oct 8, 11:28 AM
I usually dont read at the weekend, mostly during the trips on during the week, still on Path of Dragon, she is trying to save that girl from the building on fire.
But it was nice to see Alu as a regular.

Elle... that caught me of guard, since they never talked about 20 years, and Kou suddently starts to adress her like that, I look forward to that in the end of this volume, I seen a pic of a grave... I m foreseeing some feels towards Alaia.
Really need some happy shit right now. Going back to college again, my other experience was kinda traumatic... stuff like these really help to blow out some steam in between the travels, also having so many volumes like I said to at first, makes me feel more secure.

Any plans to end to end the LN? Before vol 30?
Playcool Oct 4, 5:50 PM
Oh nice, I have to welcome them for having good taste then, like I said, Maki does really look the best, and I agree on Harumi coming close second.
And just like other well developed harems, all girls are very enjoyable, as such, to a certain degree I want to see them all ending with Kou, which means they either go to harem ending (weird here) or give us an open ending..

Volume 13 is just like 8.5~~
Also Shizuka!!!! O.O YESSS!

I dunno how did the dragon ended it there, but the writer just brought back permently an interesting character from 8.5 and turned a side character into an awesome adiction to the harem... OMG!!

This is cute as fuck!!

soo adorable~~
Playcool Oct 3, 5:53 PM
I agree, finished vol 12, if you are refering to Maki, yes for best girl (there are too many on the series).

Strangely the volume didnt focused too much on Yurika, but when it did, it was very cute to see, and funny too, with the misunderstandings about kissing/studying.

Alot of plot development here with multiple cast coming together, and Harumi finally getting inside the circle of the invading girls.

There was always somethinhg interesting happening, and the last scene with Clan & Maki getting acknowledge by everyone was very pleasent to say the least.
Playcool Oct 2, 6:12 PM
Yeah, she is always appearing, and it is always enjoyable to read. I love how she is slowly invading Ruth's heart too. (I love how the novel uses the term invade)

I finished vol 11 btw, I teared up alot during that episode, when Yurika was trying to save Sanae with everyone's help, she was struggling so much, and how she just keep motivating herself, it was pretty heartfelt IMO.

Found it kinda shocking, everyone is now pretty daring, putting that pressure on Koutarou, I mean the only one that has yet to confess is Yurika!
Weirdly enough, the more I read, the less I find the current Kiriha to be a suitable partner to Koutarou, I want to see her teasing side more... I can only ship Alaia/Harumi x Kou, or Maki x Kou at this point, I think that is cuz when they are together, they just feel so young and innocent towards eachother, and that it is so dazzling and amusing to see, which is way I m roting for more Maki development on vol12~~

I knew I was going to like the new Sanae (her tier as supportive role in battle is godlike), but now the question raises, she used to live with them all the time, now she cant anymore, they have yet to touch this, but I find it a bit sad (just finished reading the part where Clan gives Ruth the beam swords).
Maki-chan is growing more and more feminine, too cute to resist!

As for Yurika, which 12 is a main focus, thinking about her as a sister role is too endearing, I get fuzzy feelings all over the place. Harumi is not appearing much thought, I know that it is too soon for everyone to be aware of Kou travels to the past, but it is past the time Harumi releases the invaders true nature, I want to see her coming more in contact with the rest of the harem.
Frostbytes Oct 2, 9:33 AM
The anime will be hilarious anyway seeing how they are downgrading it to scooby doo villains
Frostbytes Oct 2, 8:31 AM
Lol I see
Frostbytes Oct 2, 8:26 AM
You read Dies Irae anymore?
Playcool Oct 1, 8:59 AM
So that is the reason why you liked Clan so much, or is that for later?

I agree, I liked how vol 10 had that subplot with Nana, Sanae and Maki's mentor, it was indeed very well thought inserting it like that.
Kiriha was great this episode obviously, but I have yet to see how their new relationship will be, since it was some very meaningfull development for both, not forgeting losing his mother for a second time.
My only complain is, he noticed it too late, he shouldnt just ignore the impossible happening, a look to his past is just what he would need to understand that.
Anyway, more majors hints and after I have seen vol 11 cover... with vol 10, they were both 6 years old, but some text there gave the impression that Sanae was older than 6 years, at that time, so which means her current body is older too, and she is the oldest one! Which would explain vol 11 cover. I definitly like the look of this older Sanae~~
Playcool Sep 30, 5:25 PM
I can see that, it is definitly a major change in the direction of the series.
There are always solutions of course, all the more so for these kind of harems... I think I find Theia still too much of a child for her being involved in such a romantic relationship, I find her cute and amusing, but without that appeal and maturity that I see in Kiriha or Harumi, or even Maki.
Dare to say Clan seems to be a better suit to Koutarou. I could what you will say about Theia, but I just cant see her as a woman yet. Maybe it is that I just find she would be a much better little sister to Koutarou, rather an a romantic partner..
Yurika and Sanae also fall in this category, I cant see much romantic ship there, mostly just alot of imouto's love.

BTW I m about 3/5 of vol 10, again I have not being spoiled, but I m getting alot from these subtle hints, dunno if most people that read it felt the same, but Kanae? I was like, who are these 2 girls, but then, one is Nana (which I guess isnt dead, and will make an appearence later on) and obviously Sanae's mother (the name gave it away, then also the strong spiritual powers thing).
I was caught off guard to Sanae's plotline, it has more deep than I expected.

It is expected from series which this kind of nature, but Koutarou had too many hints for Kii being Kiriha already, sometimes he is very clever, then others it just baffles me, how blind he can be. I like him alot, but let me give an example of another character also well done, that suffers way less from that , Issei.

To end, I never got around to understand what happened 20 years ago, will it be explained on a later volume, or did I miss something?
Playcool Sep 29, 6:19 PM
7.5 & 8.5 where my favorites so far, despite not having all my favorite cast, and that was because the whole time there was something happening, and the whole setting gave to the plot a more epic feel to it. Is that the main reason people consider these the favorites?

That is actually not a spoiler, I started rewatching the anime 2 days ago, and I sure was surprised right at the beggining of episode 1, I was like, that statue has to be the goddess of dawn!!! Everything made sense there.

Finished 9. TBH it was a major turn off hearing Theia whole talk about "alien this, cant have kids/family that", you can call it drama, but I just didnt like that the writter brought this up, less realism on this part would suit it better, it is not like I aprove the ship, hell I dont even want it to end with just a couple (too many best girls), if everyone eventually got together romantically... I dunno if that would fit the series nature(it fits high school DxD easily), but imagining that would happen, and that Theia x Koutarou happened, dont came tell me Clan or someone else cant find a solution for then to have a child or something... like I said, it just felt awkward seeing Theia focusing about it, that way.

As for the main antagonist, I see where this is going, I spoiled myself with some pictures (dragon vs dragon), at least this new Dextro has a good chemistry with Kou has a villain.
Overall the volume had some nice highs, like the reveal to Ruth, Kou caring for Clan, Maki's love chocolate, Theia's, I also liked Ruth training, and Kou reminiscing his past memories, I definitly dig it when he growns more comtemplative about everything he survived those last months and the promise to Alaia, Harumi was too cute this vol too. I just though Ruth's only scenes about marriage and slice of life, werent that interesting, she is probably among my less favorite girls, too shy and her personality is too compliant for my tastes.
You would though that would make me feel less affective about Harumi/Alaia, but they just fit together with Kou IMO. I dont get bored reading about Harumi, her eagerness, serenity and gentle side just sooth my soul~~
While Maki's and Kiriha are just such players in leading Kou, I hope Maki gets even better at teasing Kou, much love there.

A quick look on the next vol confirms my theory, having stayed asleep for 2000 years, they awake but not really 2000 later, most probably 1900 later, time to meet lil Kiriha.

Vol 11 should be Sanae, which I m looking forwad to, since I finished the anime I know that she has a body herself (have seen that plotline before), and she isnt really dead, it is not in the nature of the series to just kill Sanae like that, never giving her a change for top contender in the harem!

BTW the more I listen to the anime's OP and ED, the more I think it fits the series so well, shame no S2.
Playcool Sep 28, 12:32 PM
Maki is already great IMO.

I just finished 8.5, it is just too cruel to end it like that, I was reading the last part on the bus home and thank god I had to go, I wouldnt feel confortable crying there... so I just put some nice songs going on and finished the last 5-10 pages at home T_T
There will be alot of rage if Alaia and Charl's appearences end there, I want them back... even if they are Harumi and Theia's reincarnated, I want that Alaia and that Charl, aware of what happened 2000 ago, recalling the memories and that farewell... I want them back, and this time, I dont want it to end in such a sad tune, this is supposed to be an happy harem right? So it has to give it a pleasent feel of conclusiveness with hope for the future!!!

My feels, I think I need to start vol 9 ASAP to heal myself a bit...

PS: I noticed that Alaia made her comeback around vol 5, and on other volumes too, but I could only make the connection after the part where Alaia learns his true name on 8.5 and starts calling him Koutarou-sama, which she did on the volumes I m refering to, when Kou was in danger and she powered up (which I now have a theory for it has Harumi/Alaia being a follower of Goddess of Dawn and as such almost like a vessel, with that comes all that white light power).

edit: I couldnt hold myself and done a bit of research, feel more at ease now~~
some spoilers