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'Junjou Romantica' to Get Third Season

by tsubasalover
Jul 30, 2014 1:37 AM | 166 Comments
According to volume 18 of manga Junjou Romantica, a third season of the anime has been decided upon. More information will be announced at a later time.

The first two seasons of the TV anime adaptation aired in 2008, with an OVA released around Christmas 2012.

Source: Screenshot of the manga volume

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Jinjou Romantica 3 on MAL

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OTLCryMan said:
Arturya said:

I thought the EXACT same thing when I heard Love Stage was getting animated. JJR seems to be a lot of people's entry point into the BL genre but honestly it can't get anymore cliche. Takarai Rihito's Flower series is simply gorgeous, and Honto Yajuu is just best. Then there's also Hidaka Shouko.

More shounen ai getting animated is always good, but the gems in the yaoi world never get animated.

What do I have to do inorder for Hana no mizo shiru to get an adaption, It's such a good series and to know that it will never get an adaption frustrates the hell out of me.

^ This. Just this so much T^T
I never really cared that much for the JR and SH series as the whole slap-slap-kiss dance all the couples seem to be doing isn't that interesting. But yay for more BL anime, I guess?

Sep 11, 2014 6:47 AM by Ailly

katyushagup said:
I don't want any other series to get adapted really

Why not?

Sep 4, 2014 4:39 PM by Mayuka

Oh my gosh!!! :D

This is amazing news <333333 :D!!

Sep 4, 2014 2:13 PM by Dylvster

And just as I was thinking: "You know I haven't seen much new BL anime recently"...One comes to crunchyroll, and then this. @.@

Sep 4, 2014 10:43 AM by tomnomnom

Watching JR is always nostalgic, so I'm kinda happy for the new season. Hope they'll include Junjou Mistake in this one.

And guys, I don't think it ever was going to be decent and all-that-original story. It is cute, rosy, flowery and what's more stuff. That's the purpose of it. I felt happy back then when I discovered JR, 'cause I liked the fluff of it better than openly abusive Okane ga Nai, for example. Seriously, before I stumbled upon JR I was sure yaoi is not for me, 'cause the only BL title I liked back then was Gravitation.

Sure, there're lots of other BL titles which deserve to be animated. I personally would love to see Ameiro Paradox by Natsume Isaku. Honto Yajuu would be great too. But I don't understand all the whining about why we are getting yet another JR season, but not something else. I don't believe there ever was a discussion in Studio DEEN HQ "Should we make JR-3 or maybe some other BL title instead?"

One more thing: when I see JR-3 announcement, I know it's gonna be good. I mean not plot-vice (plot is where Nakamura steps in), I mean animation, music and all these things. Because KSB and Tight-Rope OVAs were a huge letdown for me. Especially the latter one. Don't know about Love Stage, haven't checked it out yet. But my point is I'd rather have a decent show that yet another title spoiled by not-so-good anime version.

Aug 30, 2014 5:01 PM by SMBH

Is it really true that Junjou Romantica will continue? Please say, YES.
I really love this anime, one of my all time favorites as well as Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and both are deserv a 3rd season.

Aug 29, 2014 1:55 PM by Melinka

I need more Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi as well.

Aug 27, 2014 5:52 PM by Kenchiin

i Have been waiting n waiting for a third season of Junjou Romantica i am so happy the second season was toned down compared to first season i dont see how this is a problem for japan this is coming from a country that made Bible Black n Princess 69 as well as sooooooo many other fu.cked up hentai that makes even the strongest heart just go "thats not right" enzai is another one Boku no Pico is even easier to watch then the ones mentioned already JR was light yaoi compared to those n they have a problem with what they show in Joujou Romantica I have no idea what the problem is but yeah I am looking forward to this n the next season of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha been waiting for more Nanoha have to rewatch it before it starts airing though.

Aug 26, 2014 5:41 AM by Valeria-chan

Miz_Jaggerjaques said:
Junjou Romantica deserves a 3rd season and so does Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi <3
#Takano X Ritsu
#Usagi X Misaki
^ This

I'm so excited <3

Aug 24, 2014 10:17 PM by jin-ta

Frost_Kiss said:


Aug 24, 2014 10:01 PM by saanguen


Aug 23, 2014 6:15 PM by adkascagefsaf

I am excited and nervous at the same time. Normally when people take this long to make another season or movie or something, it's almost like you wish they never did because it ends up sucking. i hope that isn't the case with this and they keep the same voice actors and animation.

Aug 22, 2014 3:47 PM by Hachiko75

Definitely agree with you! I hope both will be continued soon. Ahw.

Aug 11, 2014 10:28 AM by Melinka

Junjou Romantica deserves a 3rd season and so does Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi <3
#Takano X Ritsu
#Usagi X Misaki

Aug 10, 2014 9:19 AM by Miz_Jaggerjaques

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi deserves a third season not JR but i'll watch anyway.
i wonder if the voice actors will be the same.

Aug 9, 2014 5:30 PM by Riniee

Awesome! These's so many loose ends to tie up! I can't wait to see more Romantica and Egotist!

Aug 7, 2014 10:10 AM by Hachiko75

I'm crying. My life is complete.

Aug 7, 2014 12:28 AM by acchan0048

SnazzGary said:
So glad to see people love Honto Yajuu as much as me. Aki's sexy ass needs to be animated. Seriously.

Hell yeah. Ueda too <3 I just finished the chapter with them at the hotel in suits... Too many hnngs. Also, I can imagine good voice actors for them already! Toyonaga Toshiyuki for Aki, and Hirasawa Daisuke for Ueda :3 Although, if it ever gets adapted, I think they'll use the Drama CD voice actors which I don't really agree with LOL

Salmon-sempai said:
guys if JR is getting a 3rd season maybe,MAYBE SIH will get a 3rd one too. just think in tht. just think in tht.

I need a 3rd season for SH!

Aug 6, 2014 8:08 PM by Mayuka

guys if JR is getting a 3rd season maybe,MAYBE SIH will get a 3rd one too. just think in tht. just think in tht.

Aug 6, 2014 6:55 PM by qpq

mayukachan said:
I started reading Honto Yajuu (I'm around 7 chaps in now) and yoooo. This needs to be adapted. I can see Fujoshi all over this series if it ever gets adapted. I like that it's not too sexual like Junjou and is actually really normal instead of "Ugh I hate you. Stop it Usami..." "No, I shall continue to rape you" "Hnng okay nvm you can stick it in but I'll still hate you afterwards"
Honto Yajuu portrays and actual couple without all those uke/seme cliches (okay maybe its still there but still) and both of the people in the couple agree to the relationship and the series is just about the obstacles of love.

KisumisBL said:
adaptions weren't all JR back a while ago. Stuff like Ai no Kusabi, Winter Cicada, Embracing Love and Mirage of Blaze have entirely different tones than JR. They're much darker (Except for Embracing Love), more serious, and probably something you'd be more into.

Yo I watched Ai no Kusabi yesterday and it's pretty damn good. Things like that need to be fully adapted because even the older generations can appreciate a good sci-fi and the fujoshis can also enjoy it.

But, I'm not complaining about JJR getting an another adaption so whatever.

So glad to see people love Honto Yajuu as much as me. Aki's sexy ass needs to be animated. Seriously.

Aug 5, 2014 5:44 PM by SnazzGary

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