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Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Alternative Titles

English: Fullmetal Alchemist
Synonyms: Full Metal Alchemist, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, FMA, HagaRen, Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden
Japanese: 鋼の錬金術師


Type: Manga
Volumes: 27
Chapters: 116
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 12, 2001 to Sep 11, 2010
Authors: Arakawa, Hiromu (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Gangan


Score: 9.131 (scored by 97865 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #32
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #11
Members: 172,207
Favorites: 24,306


Despite having very different goals, both manga have some similarities. Such as the physical similarities between Ed and Allen as well as the running theme of Good vs Evil. However, D.Gray-man has a "religious" aspect in the manga, while FMA was based upon science and alchemy. 
reportRecommended by Akaike
I'm surprised no one's recommended Fullmetal Alchemist yet. Magi and FMA are similar in that they both started out quite light-hearted and may fool you into thinking they're all about action and adventure. However, they're actually much deeper than that. There is great focus on the politics, the different sides scheming against each other. Character development is also given much thought in both series, and despite the big casts, both series manage to make most of them likable. 
reportRecommended by Leatrix
Both mangas are full of mystery and suspense. Fullmetal Alchemist provides both action-packed battles and an intricately woven mystery which is sure to keep you engaged and eager for the truth and what is to become of everyone. You will soon feel like your a part of the world and even shed tears of joy and sorrow with the characters. 
reportRecommended by ninasi13
Pandora is abit similar to FMA, Ed is a person who as a child had his father leave him , while in Pandora hearts, Oz's father abandons him and though they are entirely for different reasons, it still has the aspects of their father's being a mystery. Both FMA and Pandora hearts have deep plots such as Homunculus being mysterious group that have unknown intentions, while in Pandora hearts, the Baskervilles are a family whose leader is unknown and their intentions also unknown. They both contain fights which explore characters,different abilities as well as the theme of immature main characters who start growing out of  read more 
reportRecommended by Arondight
No, there are no giant monsters in FMA, no there is no alchemy in Titan. In both of them, however, there is an alternative modern world with technology both below and exceeding what we have now, also the government plays an absolutely massive role in a similar fashion to Titan with their corruption and having the main characters all be tied to it. I don't know what it is exactly, but I just know if you like Titan there is a strong chance of you liking this 
reportRecommended by CoronalGarden
Fullmetal Alchemist and Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE deal with the lead protagonists trying to get something back that deals with one of them. To get to the thing they want, there is some conflict with an opposing side which is made up by a majority of the antagonists. FMA and TRC share the same genres as well. 
reportRecommended by FourEyedPandora
Both are shonen adventure manga that have a similar pattern of being incredibly funny, even during life threatening situations. Anyone who liked the quirky, involving and epic but still hilarious, even darkly hilarious at times, storyline of either would probably like both. They are both supernatural, and have non-racist heroes in a judgmental and often murderous world. 
reportRecommended by LokiAgdistis
Both Basara and FMA are epic fantasy quests filled with loads and loads of characters, lots of travel, political intrigue, and awesome fight scenes. Basara is easily the superior of the two and adds an element of romance, but if you liked one, you should check out the other. 
reportRecommended by zawa113
In Fullmetal Alchemist the main character on the beginning are also after a "Title" that will bring hin many changes on his life. 
reportRecommended by JohnGaltMG
The art of both are done by the same person which leads to very similar looking characters (Kimblee and Daryoon look almost identical). There is a large focus on military strength, though Arslan Senki is more realistic and does not have things like alchemy at all. 
reportRecommended by Asfaria
Both deal with the resurrection of the dead, both are very dramatic and focus a lot on humanity and philosophical questions.  
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
Military organizations and their hierarchies play a big role on both mangas. You may find some similarity between the main characters backstory too.  
reportRecommended by dizzyroboto
Although nearly everything about Ao no Futsumashi (a.k.a. Ao no Exorcist) and Fullmetal Alchemist is completely different, there is something about Ao no Futsumashi that makes it feel like the next Fullmetal Alchemist (in terms of greatness). Despite all their differences (concept, story, world mechanics, plot, etc...), there are some very notable parallels within the format of the two mangas. Both mangas have a smooth way of floating through it's more comical moments and underlying drama without seeming false. All characters, from both series, were drawn with great care and detail, thus making every character have it's own unique look. Each chapter has a  read more 
reportRecommended by Pezz
The main characters have a "dark hidden past" (some more than others), in both mangas (it doesn't end up explained in Tripeace though, since it's only translated up to chapter 30). The "mood" given off by war is very similar in these two mangas. Both mangas have a dominating militaristic country and many conspiracies. They both portray a cold world and the crimes against humanity an invading country can inflict towards civilians. Despite the serious parts, the mangas are also very funny and have humorous moments. 
reportRecommended by MortalMelancholy
Both deal with going on an epic quest to aquire an item that has the power to bring a loved one back from the dead or grant awesome powers to the living 
reportRecommended by havaroth
The two series are alike in that the worlds in which we are subjected to are well-thought out. Whether it be ninja techniques in Naruto or alchemy in FMA, both series place their main characters in journeys to better themselves, as well as to protect others from evil. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Both are works by Arakawa Hiromu, and both tend to play around with pre-existing concepts and notions. 
reportRecommended by Archaeon
Both series are set in a fantasy universe with hints of science and feature young prodigious protagonists working in unusual government positions. As the series progress, they begin to uncover dark secrets about the true nature of the worlds they live in. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Series that take alchemy as a basic plot element and then take off running in opposite directions. It's pretty cool to see how they use the same topic in completely different ways. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Action/Comedy with an antiwar theme. The heroes try to save everyone, but they can't always do so and everyone else thinks they're fools because of it. Both take place in the aftermath of a devastating war in which the main characters' countries won by committing horrible crimes, and some of the major characters are veterans. 
reportRecommended by bubble
Similar vibes and setting. Both involve "magic". FMA is more focused on the "magic", and "Youjo Senki" is more like a historical documentary. Both are worth reading. 
reportRecommended by FeelsBad
FMA is about brothers Ed and Al, who try to bring their dead mother back with alchemy, but Ed loses his arm and leg, and Al loses his entire body (Ed attaches it to a suit of armor). After Ed gets prosthetic limbs (automail), he vows to become a state alchemist to gain access to the information that could restore his limbs and Al's body. Little do they know about the giant war ahead of them and the corruption in the government they'll have to face. Yu Yu Hakusho is about a teenage delinquent named Yuusuke who unexpectedly dies uncharacteristically by pushing a young  read more 
reportRecommended by Ocean_Tide
By in the depths of horrifying.. Equivalent exchange/Deadman's recipe when reviving someone's death body may succumbs your deepest corrupted power lies beyond it's monstrosity. 
reportRecommended by -HippySnob-
Uprising against government, likeable characters, and a reliable MC. Both have lots of action with great strategies in fights, brilliant storyline. Must read 
reportRecommended by Narutotaku
Non-Human entity wants to use a demonic circle as a sacrifice. 
reportRecommended by jyagan0
they both involve the 7 sins, though trinity delves a bit more into a...loor aspect i guess and fullmetal just seems to have one ability based on the sin 
reportRecommended by joey72809
They have the same kind of drawing, pleasant humor, clever powers, battle tactics and big mysterious plot. Kekkaishi's battles are not as epic as, and it is way lighter than Fullmetal Alchemist regarding violence, but not by much. Kekkaishi has less characters too, but you'll love them just as much you'll love Fullmetal's. 
reportRecommended by lovehatetragedy
Both have symbolisms and philosophies. 
reportRecommended by ThyagoSpindola
So... I recently finish to read Fullmetal Alchemist's manga and in several parts I can found similitiries with Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (mainly with the Wn's version). Both stories are ver enjoying for various factors: 1) In both FMA and Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari the characters have a sad and tragic past 2) In FMA the alchemist search "The Truth" and this theme remember me to the mistery of the Legendary Weapon (that is revealed at the final of the novel, not more spoiler) 3) In both the government have a great importance for the story 4) Despite most of character in both stories have a sad past  read more 
reportRecommended by Sherak
Both are shouen manga with a similar atmosphere. They deal with supernatural powers that are a common part of their societies, and they often bring up the topic of souls. Both series have two main characters who share a deep bond with each other. They both also have comic relief, exciting action, and with a character who attacks whoever insulted them (Ed when he's called "short", Maka uses her "Maka chop"). Edward and Maka are also similar characters. 
reportRecommended by Fastesthe1
These titles have some similar characters, Edward and Nausiccä, they both are good and gentle persons that valorize all the life forms, even the dangerous, weak or artificial ones, but they found themselves in war/military situations and suddenly have to save the world (only the country in the case of FMA), so they pass for similar internal conflicts. Also Kushana and Olivier Armstrong have similarity in personality and in their relationships with their soldiers. Although these are only minor similarities, the major connection is the philosophy of these titles, both talk about the balance of nature (both even have the phrase “one is all, all  read more 
reportRecommended by vssvitor
If you liked the fights and creatures in one of these stories you will like the other one as well. Both stories are written by the same artist. This makes the art very similar. Both stories also feature things that don't exist in our world (frankenstein monsters, alchemy). If you like these kind of stories then you should give these manga a try. The battles and powers are stunning and very exciting to see! 
reportRecommended by Darkbow
- Masterfully well-written, mystery-filled and suspenseful masterpieces; - Intellectual, clever, engaging and enthralling dialogues; - Large cast of well-rounded and complex characters interconnected throughout their own stories; - Similar genres (Drama, Mystery, Tragedy); - Evil mastermind behind everything manipulating those around him; - Monster is set in Germany while FMA has a German-esque setting; - Dark, somber and obscure atmospheres; - Artstyle is visibly not its strongest/trademark point; Both series deal with mature themes such as human experimentation and moral dilemmas, plenty of philosophy, religious symbolism and important messages that don't shy away from showing the darkest sides of humanity, every chapter is thrilling and makes you want to read more and more  read more 
reportRecommended by Nick-Knight
Temporary objects and spells could be created through the poisonous gas "ren" in Rengoku Hime, sort of like alchemy. "Ren" is deadly to the human body so users must balance it's effectiveness and the amount of usage, similar to FMA's concept "equal value exchange". There are also tactical battles involving the usage of "ren", which is similar to the battles in FMA that involve alchemy. Both series has homunculus. 
reportRecommended by Alencia
A well crafted world where a young magician with a haunted past is learning and growing. Written by female mangakas with a knack for bishounens with leather gloves. Both protagonists have ponytails. Seriously what more do you need? 
reportRecommended by txrxgxu
Both death note and and FMA (fullmetal alchemist) have great plot with twist and turns conspericies, and mind games, and betrayl. while FMA is more action oriented, its deep plot may suprise you. 
reportRecommended by Zeth44
Both are dark fantasy shonen manga about an older brother joining a shady organization to find a solution for his younger sibling's problem 
reportRecommended by spyda89
- Two male characters as protagonists, one has a violent temperament but is also extremely intelligent (Edward/Mahiro) while the other one more calm and collected (Alphonse/Yoshino); - Fantasy worlds in which magic exists but it's not accessible to everyone; - Similar genres (Drama, Sci-Fantasy, Tragedy); - Main cast full of badasses; - Beautifully well written stories about revenge and tragedy; - Dark and depressive atmospheres; Both series have a good balance between comedy and drama, have character development, and both series have adaptations made by BONES with beautiful soundtracks composed by Michiru Oshima. 
reportRecommended by Nick-Knight
- Masterpieces with great plots delivered with multidimensional and multi perspective storytellings; - Characters with (tragic) backstories and (distinct) developments; - Fantasy worlds where Alchemy/Magic exists (but not everyone can use it); - Similar genres (Drama, Fantasy, Tragedy); "Sacrifice something to obtain something else" (The equivalent exchange); - Two of the most praised/acclaimed series among anime fans (and deservingly so); Both series have are deep, dark, complex, philosophical, mature, somber and also deals religious themes (God, human nature, ect), they have epic fight scenes and at some point of the story you're going to see what hell (literally) looks like, and both series have really satisfying endings. 
reportRecommended by Nick-Knight
Both are excellent stories involving a quest, two companions, memorable secondary characters necessary for the plot. an incredible design, a great villain and a beautiful ending. Two high required fight shonen. 
reportRecommended by VanceJR25
may not have a similar plot, but both manga features a co-op team aiming for the same goal. gash is a child demon from the demon world sent to the human world to have duels with each other to become the king of their world. almost like a darker pokemon. 
reportRecommended by AJ
“The hand that gives is among the hand that takes. Money has no fatherland, financiers are without patriotism and without decency, their sole object is gain.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte With that aside, Fullmetal Alchemist and Devilman deal with the concept of gaining something from nothing. Devilman ensures to keep his humanity, even it means killing people as a devil, while Edward Elric hopes to save his brother and reverse the effects of their curse. Both are manga that ran in tremendously wide gaps (Devilman in 1972 and Fullmetal Alchemist in 2001) and discussed a lot on human nature and monsters.  
reportRecommended by Inactiv3
They both feature very similar drawing. When I read Fullmetal Alchemist first, I immediately thought of Kenshin because they are so similar.Even more, the plot shares a similar core. If you liked one of them, reading the other is definitively something to consider. 
reportRecommended by Timarda
Both are about brothers, one who's a genius and another who sacrifices himself for the genius. Although in Fullmetal Alchemist Al is still with Ed, and in Baymax Tadashi isn't with Hiro at certain parts, they're both enjoyable. 
reportRecommended by Quillium
Even though I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly that makes me correspond one manga with the other, there is definitely something about these two that strikes a similar chord. With characters who are rarely who they initially seem, motives that cannot be taken at face value, friendships and loyalties that will amaze, and plots (largely centered around the strive for the perfect being) that will keep you on your toes, these are two stories — full of action, humour and romance (both open and underlying) — that will make you question aspects of what you believe, and move you. If  read more 
reportRecommended by narukamis
In the start 666 Satan may look like just a normal shounen manga, but in every chapter it become more and more epic, specially before and in the time skip. In both 666 Satan and Fullmetal Alchemist there's Kaballah symbols and Jewish mythology. They both have hot guys. 
reportRecommended by ninryu
They are both shounen fantasy series featuring very similar artwork. 
reportRecommended by TVC15
SHounen, both have a good splash of comedy mixed in with the seriousness of it as well as action sequences that are all different, complex, yet easily understandable. They all hold that rheum of fantasy. And I just find that people who liked DBZ typically like FMA as well. 
reportRecommended by ElderElric
Another work by Hiromu Arakawa. Similar characters, such as the easily angered protagonists Taitou Shirei of Jyuushin Enbu and Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist.  
reportRecommended by Allow
Although they are completely different, Both manga are about the principle of fair trade ( alchemy for FMA and wishes for xxxHolic ) and both consider rising the death as taboo. 
reportRecommended by iyela
Philosophical pieces; Both deal with the meaning of humanity, in FMA through the idea of a soul trapped in a suit of armor, and in ES with clones. Both main characters wander through a world that is corrupt and filled with layered characters, and romances that are not based on romance, but mutual respect and partnership. The manga may not seem to connect on the surface, but I have found that the moral decisions that the characters grapple with are similar despite the context.  
reportRecommended by rockrgirl01
Both add a fantasy element to a world that's otherwise not too different from the one we know. Both also have different political groups butting heads and secretive government groups with shady motives. Hellsing leans toward heavy violence and gore in its execution, but FMA's not shy when it comes to fight scenes. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Both are works by Arakawa Hiromu that feature slightly different takes on typical shounen action. 
reportRecommended by Archaeon
Two young boys are on a journey to get back, in FMA his brother's body and in HnKT his friend's body. Both are acompied by the souls of the ppl without a body, 1 is in a suit of armor and the other one is turned into a shadow. Both have lots of action and are very similair. 
reportRecommended by Lyfa
Both protagonists have lost their parents and have to deal with life by themselves and are both set in different worlds than our own. They just really remind me of each other.  
reportRecommended by st_owly
Dogs of an organisation. Working with them yet not trusting each other, both manga titles give you that feeling. If you like one, you'll find yourself liking the other. 
reportRecommended by BishounenTatsumi
About an Alchemist in search of a Philosopher's Stone. The art is more traditional in some sense. 
reportRecommended by miwako-hakusho
Both mangas are about two brothers in a journey to reach their goals and both are shounen and action. They deals with super powers also both Ed and Al wanted to become an alchemists while Rayan and Vincent wants to become an Exorcist  
reportRecommended by Pink-Hana
Seven people associated with the seven capital sins. 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
Both are military based fantasy stories deeper than the average shonen fantasy.  
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
Both manga series features supernatural themes that is presented in a shounen way. They have great artwork, style, and themes of alchemy. Both manga has comedy, action, drama, and a mysterious vibe going on in the background.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both have very different plots and ideas, 1/2 Prince takes place in a MMORPG like game in a futuristic setting, while Fullmetal Alchemist has nothing to do with games or futuristic technology, and takes place in a world where Alchemy is more than just chemistry, but instead a power that allows those talented to create and destroy things. So how are they similar, you might be asking? Both are pretty fast paced, making you want to read them in one setting. They have very involved plots with deep themes which you can either ignore and just enjoy reading, or you can read deeper into them. Fullmetal  read more 
reportRecommended by Jelletheawesome
Both are fantasy. Rokka is more mystery and fights while Fullmetal is about philosophical and social issues. But I think both share amazing stories in a medieval setting. 
reportRecommended by tsuguruni
Both are iconic tales told from a perspective that is different and more compelling than one might expect, and both are easily the best long running fantasy shounen manga available at this time. Oh, and ironically enough these two great [i]shounen[/i] works are [i]not[/i] written by men.  
reportRecommended by Archaeon
Stories following a pair of brothers and a regretful choice in their past leading to their current path in life. Where they must on in search of something special, be it a stone or knowledge shaped like a jewel, in order to make things right again. 
reportRecommended by fiore777
Both titles are full of characters that are easy to get along with. Both have a lot of action and violence but also have moments of comedy. They each have plot twists that make you keep thinking and theorizing on how something happened or will turn out. Over all, they are both titles that are hard to put down, they make you want to keep reading. 
reportRecommended by SneakyPoptart
both have military a prodigy and and homunculi things. FMA has a lot more humor and has a lighter atmosphere and feel to it then Ilegenes ~ Kokuyou no Kiseki ~. 
reportRecommended by Faisa_Dragon
The main plots between these two manga are pretty different, but the Ishvalans in FMA and the Hokulea (Amontel) in +C are strikingly similar in both their appearances and their struggles against discrimination. 
reportRecommended by sohoku
Gunka no baltzar and Fullmetal alchemist feel in many ways similar ,although one is way more realistic than the other ... if hovever you liked one you will probably like the other one too . 
reportRecommended by power199
They both have a young protagonist who unknowingly committed some sort of taboo in magic/alchemy and is learning it afterwards with great determination to reverse it's tragic effects, meanwhile witnessing more dark secrets related to magic/alchemy in a world with detailed setting and history and with lots of interesting characters. Overall they're very similar in vibe. 
reportRecommended by Narushisto