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I'm surprised no one's recommended Fullmetal Alchemist yet. Magi and FMA are similar in that they both started out quite light-hearted and may fool you into thinking they're all about action and adventure. However, they're actually much deeper than that. There is great focus on the politics, the different sides scheming against each other. Character development is also given much thought in both series, and despite the big casts, both series manage to make most of them likable.
report Recommended by Leatrix
well... on plain sight magi is more like some " onepiece esque " mythical and adventurous shonen story but if you care to delve deeper into the story the problems and issues behind a crisis and political agenda , and outcome of decisions,slavery etc will surely remind you of fma which some times end up being a matter of moral perspectives ...you really cant define confidently the concept of good and evil at times in this manga and you tend to think whats the reason behind this particular action...however ,aside from shonen elements, from the perspective of "food for thoughts" , both are great   read more
report Recommended by headless_nick
They are more than the typical battle shounen. While containing light comedy the story is dramatic. The center is the world domination, but it focuses more into military and diplomacy than in standalone battles. They become very deep and there are a sense of vagueness of what is good and what is evil, but always with the objective of global happiness.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Both... ...are very untypical Shounen. It does not simply revolve around being stronger and stronger, but have much more meaningful goals. ...start out lighthearted but are very dark in the core. A lot tragic moments in both. ...are very philosophical and aren't simply black/white. Good/Evil are questioned throughout the whole series, as well as God, the purpose of Life and similar themes. ...have people dying when they are killed. ...have similar characters, - a protagonist duo with one guy who is more fired-up (Ed/Alibaba) and another who is laid-back (Aladdin/Al). -   read more
report Recommended by Yukkicchi
both manga express a very good plot, using the politics to develop the story, as great carismatic protagonists and very useful secondary characters, the two mangas have a very good world, that have so much culture and other great things.
report Recommended by lucas1913
Both have serious moments, some gore, tragedic moments, sad moments, yet also comic relief that will make you crack up. Both have themes of evil and sin, humanity, brotherhood ( brotherly relationship ), friendship, greed. They both have dark/gorey aspects yet a cheerful warm side as well. They both contain special abilities/powers (alchemy and some swords/weapons in FMA, magic and swords/weapons in Magi). They both contain kickass awesome female characters that dont suck at all. They don't cry for help, they are far from being damsels in distress. They are definitely strong (physically and mentally) and likeable; they dont lose to the males at all. Both   read more
report Recommended by icecreamisgood
Magi and Fullmetal Alchemist both make good use of world-building and fantasy politics to tell expansive adventure stories.
report Recommended by Dragongirl2