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Eden no Ori

Eden no Ori

Alternative Titles

English: Cage of Eden
Japanese: エデンの檻


Type: Manga
Volumes: 21
Chapters: 185
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 26, 2008 to Jan 23, 2013
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, EcchiEcchi, FantasyFantasy, ShounenShounen
Authors: Yamada, Yoshinobu (Story & Art)


Score: 7.771 (scored by 2699526,995 users)
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Ranked: #18472
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #125
Members: 51,904
Favorites: 1,970


Cage of Eden is basically like Highschool of the Dead except, you know, better. Though both manga are set in a world of fantasy, CoE has a much more realistic tone to it. The characters are generally more likable, realistic, and relatable. Plus, I appreciate the fact that though both are kinda ecchi, the girls in CoE have breasts that, though still rather large, are not as ridiculously sized as it is in HoD (I honestly began to question whether they were really human and not just a pair of boobs with a small head and body attached for decoration). I always find myself going back  read more 
reportRecommended by Jasonbear
People are sent to the island to fight for their lives. Survival. Both are good :) 
reportRecommended by Lylaaz
The characters in both of these serialisations are relocated to an island that requires them to develop and refine survival techniques so they can keep alive. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Trapped on a mysterious island after a shipwreck/plane crash our heroes are stranded and have to try to get home, some ecchi in both titles, but EnO has a lot of gore and horror as well. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
In both of these titles, a group of people are left stranded in an isolated setting which pushes them to either survive or perish. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
The main cast is marooned on a strange island inhabited by dangerous animals with no way back to civilization. They have to cooperate to survive the dangerous new place they've ended up in while slowly realizing help will never come. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
Both these manga revolve around characters who are constantly put into life-or-death situations. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
This manga also mention the betrayal of human and human nature when they fight for their life.However,at first,this manga is more focus at survival in nature(fighting wild extinct animals,disease and so on) compare to mouryou no yurikago. 
reportRecommended by groundfish
Based on rather disasterous events, characters are stranded in a world unfamiliar to them. A world filled with monsters and a strong lack of control. These two publications depict the struggles of their characters as they try and survive in primitive situations. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Both these manga are almost identical in every main aspect</br> </br> Similarities: </br> * Premise - Plane crash, abandoned island survival</br> * Non-humans as antagonists (insects, animals), most of which are extinct</br> * Copious amounts of fanservice and disproportionate breast sizes</br> * Generic, unlikeable male side characters abound </br> </br> Differences:</br> * Female protagonist in Kyochuu Rettou (KR), male in Eden no Ori (EnO)</br> * Seems to be a focus on insects in KR, while EnO has a more diverse selection</br> * No apparent elements of romance in KR (though saying that there are any in EnO would be misleading)</br> </br> Highly recommended if you're okay with mediocre character design and ridiculous amounts of fanservice, with some survival elements  read more 
reportRecommended by titaniachkt
The setting of a group of children which are thrown in to a dire situation and forced to fend for themselves in a harsh new environment is similar as is the themes centered around school and comradeship.  
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
People are put into a setting where disasters are omnipresent, and the main lead has a leadership quality that brings a group of people together. They also both have a bit of romance 
reportRecommended by Keiz
Both mangas features protaganists that are children. In both Eden No Ori and EX - Shounen Hyouryuu the protoganists strive for survival. The mangas also give off the same feeling of hopelessness and is similar when it comes to showing human psychology. People die in both of these mangas. One major difference is that in Eden No Ori the protoganists gets stranded in a prehistoric enviroment, while this is not the case in Ex - Shounen Hyouryuu. Although do not fret, they are both quite similar and if you like either one of these mangas i strongly recommend you giving the other manga a shot. 
reportRecommended by AronShun
Eden no Ori will offer similar attractions as Sousei no Taiga. Minus the cave people but all of the evolution and story growth. The pace of the story goes for a comfortable speed so reading it will be quite a time filler of enjoyment. Though, there are quite a number of characters in this story, but if that bothers you, don't worry. Those numbers change gradually throughout the story. 
reportRecommended by scrachy
In both of these mangas the characters (students mostly) are living everyday life until out of the blue they are dumped in an unknown world, where survival is the main theme. 
reportRecommended by DarkOnistar
Eden no Ori (Cage of Eden) and Green Worldz are survival horror stories that deals with unnatural events. The main characters finds their lives at risk after discovering the cruel reality of their new circumstances. Throughout the story, there's a lot of mysterious origins related to the creatures they encounter. There's also significant amount of violence that highlights the survival context of their premise. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both series that write information on rare species or extinct species of animals and make them into a plot device. 
reportRecommended by GodlyKyon
Both series from the same author which naturaly makes them similar, and cameos from Eden no ori all over Deathopia. Deathopia is about is about a group of special type cops fighting even more special serial killers with supernatural powers. Eden no ori is about a large group of people transported in supernatural way to primal and dangerous world and is forced to survive in truly deadly environment. Both series contain same ammount of brutality and gore. 
reportRecommended by Noitrus
Both involve people in their teens being tossed into a life-or-death situation where the normal rules of society no longer apply. 
reportRecommended by Torisunanohokori
Both mangas are survival mangas in which characters are thrown into a world where they have to fight animals and beasts (Eden no Ori) / Tavoo (Psyren) for their lives. They will uncover great mysteries of the world/island they were thrown into. Though in Psyren , characters are able to achieve special powers.  
reportRecommended by Xeiph-
A group of people have to fight monsters in order to survive. 
reportRecommended by Vanessa
Both of these titles present a bleak world in which dying and grieving are common events. Characters are oftentimes placed in the most desperate of situations. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Both series are survival horror titles set on an isolated island and with a cast primarily composed of students. Both are the sort of story that keeps you guessing as you read, and both have unpredictable endings. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Survivor Situation Between Man-Eating Creatures.Both Horror 
reportRecommended by MadManOnRun
Both series are about teens stuck in the wild going crazy! Limit is more complex and has better characters according to me, but Eden no ori is longer and more action packed. It's not as well drawn as Limit, but it's good for killing time. 
reportRecommended by Crez
I started reading it and I never stopped until I finished the story. They are great stories with many challenges, mysteries and passions. The details keeps you intrigued. They can be essentially divided into three parts that are all developed as the story progresses. 
reportRecommended by SasoriUzumaki
Eden no Ori and Dr. Stone have a few things in common. The story starts in a normal environment, but a few pages later the surroundings totally change. The both main characters are in love with a girl. If you like main protagonists being thrown into a completely new world, then this is for you. 
reportRecommended by valoon
I started reading it and I never stopped until I finished the story . They are great story with many challenges , mystery and passions . Both will uncover great mysteries . 
reportRecommended by SasoriUzumaki
Both are full of survival and death! Both are sure to be classics. 
reportRecommended by popcorncoral
One of the most apparent themes in both titles is the notion of disorder in relation to surviving. At both individual and group levels, characters are often pushed to psychological distress caused by their constant attempts at surviving, as well as the deaths they frequently witness. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Helping others to survive and fight against dangerous species (man-eating creatures at Eden no Ori, purple murderous orbs "cells" at Afterschool Wars Activities) at the risk of their own life. That's what you will get while reading Afterschool War Activities and Eden no Ori. The real human nature in front of a life or death situation, the terrifying 'fight if you want to live' line, thrilling action and romantic subplot. A couple of differences would be that AWA doesn't focus in what they're trying to fight, but the reason why are they fighting, boys and girls adapting to survival and strengthening relationships. They're also trained  read more 
reportRecommended by automnesouriant
Eden is a fairly old manga, and has very little in common with shiniki other than the main goal of the manga. Its a survival manga. People forced into a situation where they have to fight for their lives in an unreasonable environment. Liking one doesn't necessarily mean you'll like the other, but it may be worth a read if you've got time, plus its completed. 
reportRecommended by Thedudeist
Both set in a place still yet to be fully explored with unique inhabitants. A world of adventure and danger awaits our characters as we follow them in their journey. 
reportRecommended by wyam1694
Both manga are about surviving on an island after getting stuck there (by plane or boat). Cage of Eden has prehistoric animals on the island that the students must survive from, and Ingoshima has mentally unstable natives that sacrifice/murder anyone they see. 
reportRecommended by Thorf
The MC and classmates are mysteriously transported back in time where they must adapt to survive. 
reportRecommended by saedo
Survivor theme 
reportRecommended by SenpaiNoticedU
Eden No Ori may not have the same style or story but it does have an adventure to behold with lot's of violence and nudity(sorta)  
reportRecommended by Mr-Masa
two brilliant manga with a unlikely hero that will do anything to protect his friends 
reportRecommended by Nwinter32
Has a very similar psychological thriller vibe as the story progresses. Elements of mystery and subtle atmospheric changes as the story goes on.  
reportRecommended by MushroomSage
For starters, the main characters becomes isolated from society and ends up in a world/island (in the case for Eden no Ori) of the unknown. They realize the dangers of their newfound circumstances as there are mysterious obstacles that threatens their life. Both series contains a lot of mystery regarding their worlds as well especially in regards to the characters they encounter. But despite all obstacles, the main characters has a determination to survive. Recommended for any fan of survival horror. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both have a to do with time/space If your continue reading both manga you will see the similarity a bunch of kids going to a unnatural place and trying to figure out what going on. 
reportRecommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
A group of people are trapped in a dangerous place and have to try and survive the dangers of being trapped as well as each other 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
about surviving and there is a little drama and romance  
reportRecommended by zavelt
Both manga follow a group who find themselves in danger and must do whatever they can to uncover the mystery and escape the danger. 
reportRecommended by mangimewhite
A group of children and adults struggle to survive against animals trying to eat them as well as people trying to kill them. People get eaten, a lot. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
Both are about Japanese school kids trying to survive in a very hostile and unfamiliar world where the greatest threat to their lives are the bizarre and powerful creatures as well as other humans. Both have a lot of ecchi scenes as well as action and have in some ways similar art style. Although Lives is significantly more gruesome than Eden No Ori or Caged of Eden, there is still a presence of blood and intestines being thrown around the panels every now and again. 
reportRecommended by kuglefang
Both have Psychological,SURVIVAL themes with a lot of ECCHI thrown in,especially Nae ga yuru. If you like one definitely read the other.. Personally I like Cage of Eden more than Nae ga yuru!! 
reportRecommended by shreeveera
A survival of the fittest. Characters having to fight for their lives in an "end of the world" kind of situation 
reportRecommended by otakureese
They're both about surviving in life threatening conditions, although the enigma scenario is somewhat supervised 
reportRecommended by Keiz
Like games? Like psychological plot holes? Like horror? Like action? Like romance? Then, you might like both of these manga series. Both the main protagonists begin as ordinary people but are quickly thrown into a setting they never imagined before. There are also evidence of romance and drama as the chapters drag on. Additionally, there are quite a lot of character development not only in the main characters but some of the main supporting as well. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
High school students stuck on an isolated island forced to try everything in their power to survive. While Eden no Ori (cage of eden) is mostly about surviving the environment and prehistoric beasts on a deserted island, there are some instances where the bigger threat comes from their fellow humans whereas Tokyo Girls Destruction's main antagonists are other female students who are bent on making the weaker girls as their own personal slave 
reportRecommended by kuglefang
Trapped with man-eating creatures that ripped or exploded (Hakaiju) people into pieces. Truly, These two manga are perfect if you're into that type of stuff. There is also the main male characters who tries to protect someone important. The main difference between the two is that Cage of Eden is filled of dinosaurs while Hakaiju is filled with different kinds of aliens! 
reportRecommended by ForgedHero
Why? well because the main character goes through expairence to get stronger and gets smarter to protect their friends and themselves from prehistoric dinosurs (Eden No Ori) or Assasins with insects sense (Arachnid). Only diffrence is that Arachnid mostly takes place in school area and Cage of Eden takes place in an island. 
reportRecommended by ForgedHero
Both manga involve various kinds of -supposedly dead- creatures. Antimagia includes ancient beasts, Eden no Ori dinosaurs. 
reportRecommended by Vanessa
Both contain that sense of mystery. Protagonists find themselves on a strange outcast island, plagued with strange mutated creatures that have no issue with killing humans. Throughout each we learn the true nature of these islands as well as what our protagonists struggle to survive. Add in a bit of blood, limbs and the insane and you have a story. Considerably different in length Eden no Ori is for those who prefer longer stories involving some ecchi whilst La Mosca is more to the point and doesn't bother with the fanservice.  
reportRecommended by JaeBeanie
Both of the main character is similar in terms of doing bad in school but can do well when they are in trouble 
reportRecommended by KokoroZ