Eden no Ori
Cage of Eden
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Eden no Ori

Alternative Titles

English: Cage of Eden
Japanese: エデンの檻


Type: Manga
Volumes: 21
Chapters: 185
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 26, 2008 to Jan 23, 2013
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, EcchiEcchi, FantasyFantasy, ShounenShounen
Authors: Yamada, Yoshinobu (Story & Art)


Score: 7.731 (scored by 2839928,399 users)
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Ranked: #14232
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Popularity: #146
Members: 54,798
Favorites: 2,010


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Jul 2, 2013
Polyphemus (All reviews)
Have you seen the show Lost? Most people agree that it had a good set up, atmosphere and mystery to it in the early seasons, but good mystery is rendered pointless by shitty conclusions and a lack of character development. Eden no Ori ended up far worse than Lost did, seeing as Lost actually compensated for its poor plot choices by focusing more on characters. (A strategy which got less and less effective as time went on, but I digress.) I mention Lost because this manga seems to have gotten much inspiration from it and failed in the worst way possible. Ultimately, nothing was answered read more
Aug 20, 2010
cabose12 (All reviews)
A 21st century Japanese apocalypse/horror (or more accurately, "no hope") manga; your first thought? Tits. Your second? Ass. This is the drawbacks to all those fan services, those juicy, bouncing, voluptuous drawbacks. Something about the end of the world or death, and women (who's "accessories" make her fit more on a farm in montana than an urban Japanese environment), make the Japanese (and probably tons of Americans) scream MOAR!!! Does this honestly make sense? If the world ended, wouldn't small girls with washboards survive better? So shouldn't all horror apocalypse stories star creepy old lolicons and doll-size girls instead of reckless selfless and otheradjective-less guys read more
Mar 29, 2010
teng (All reviews)
I constantly read reviews and ratings in order to choose the next manga to read and anime to watch and for the most part, those reviews tend to reflect the overall essence of the series. I decided to write this review (which happens to be my first) because I was outraged at what the others commented. Upon encountering this manga and reading their reviews I thought Cage of Eden was some kind of stereotypical lame story with no character depth and bad plot. Thankfully enough i decided to give give it a try and was hooked up since the first chapter.

A plane suddenly crashes read more
Mar 20, 2015
Beobachter (All reviews)
Cage of Eden is something you’d get by tossing Lost, Jurassic Park, and Battle Royale into a cheap blender, with heaps of fanservice seasoning on top of it. Reading the manga is kind of similar to devouring greasy junk food; instantly gratifying, but insubstantial and probably left you mostly unfulfilled by the end. That last bit is particularly significant.

The premise is an instant sell for lovers of roller-coaster suspense story: an airplane carrying a high-school class crash landed on a mysterious island in the middle of nowhere. But, that's not all: before long, the main protagonist has to round up his missing friends, read more
Dec 1, 2013
bunny1ov3r (All reviews)
I started reading Eden no Ori, or Cage of Eden 4 years ago. My first impression of this manga is that of mystery, excitement, and shounen-ness. I remember I was fascinated by discoveries that the main characters had, and was able to enjoy the story to its fullest.

Of course, that was when this manga only have 40 chapters and during a period when I was fond of an overabundance of fan-service.

4 years later, I have become a much more mature person, one that is able to critically judge the merits and weaknesses of a story. I again picked up Eden no Ori, finishing it read more
Oct 15, 2014
freedomzero (All reviews)
This Manga had a lot of promise to it right from the start,The thing that gets you hooked on this Manga is the mystery behind the island, Everything thing in this show just makes you ask WHY?

The use of characters on this Manga was really fantastic, It had every type of loveable guy to every-type of hated character.

The only thing that let this manga down was the ending as it was asked to finished the show in 3 chapters , when there were more than a handful of questions not answered, the author tried his best but did not get to all lose ends leaving read more
Jun 17, 2009
infinity (All reviews)
--- [ Cage of Eden / Eden no Ori ] ---

Note that Cage of Eden is a new manga, and only a few chapters are out. The review is based solely on those chapters, up to the latest (10 at the time of writing). If there are updates, I will change this review accordingly. Also, Cage of Eden is very new, and there is not much to say yet. Consider this review as a preview instead.

One-liner: For a starter, this manga looks promising overall. Nice art style. Interesting storyline. Average-y characters till now.

Total Rating: 7 / 10

Quick Synopsis: A read more
Mar 1, 2013
Warfoki (All reviews)
I really don't like when people are writing reviews by the truckload after only reading the first dozen or so chapters of the manga. And considering the age (and the scores) of the reviews currently present on the site, all of them seems to be from the time when only the first half of the manga was available. That explains all the 9s and 10s. Heck, I would've give it a 9 or 10 around the 30th or 40th chapter. But after the strong start the quality only goes down until the end, which is quite honestly the worst trainwreck of an ending I've seen read more
Mar 21, 2013
ElanMorin (All reviews)
Cage of Eden. Well.

I started reading it because there were several volumes already out at the local bookstore, and online the manga is shown as finished, so I knew I wouldn't have to wait for new chapters. It has an uncommon scenario, an uncharted island where dinosaurs roam free.

Character Development:
Much of the series is the main character(s) overcoming obstacles, with unnamed characters dying along the way. There is also (sort of) quite a bit of fan service, with panty-shots aplenty, and as you get deeper into the series, the girls bathe more and more often, however, the artist doesn't draw nipples and read more
Jul 9, 2010
Kai_Moore (All reviews)
i do not want to give away any spoilers but at the time i was looking for a manga similar to HSOTD (its just plain awesome) when i came across Cage of Eden. Personally, its nothing like i had imagined. The story seems to be going no where and every chapter repeats the same thing old thing!!!!
But if you liked the USA drama LOST, you may like this!! but this manga just doesnt seem to progress at all!! Although the art of creatures is good!
Jan 31, 2012
Mewlove (All reviews)
Great story with a wonderful plot. Similar to mangas like 7 seeds.

Rather than horror, I think its more a psychological thriller. The artist doesn't rely on very detailed graphics and scary and bloody monsters or scenes to create those horror and scary effects, but rather, they are something that came together with the natural flow of the plot. I had never been a fan of horror or gore, and my natural instinct is to look away when I know its going to get bloody and disgusting. But in my opinion, the gore and horror in this manga seems so natural to be there and instead read more
Jan 19, 2020
Jeeshan (All reviews)
Everything about this chapter is good. Surviving, friendship,love,horror, adventure everything you want in a single packet. Everything was going awesome untill last two chapters. I hate to say it but last two chapters brought down this manga rating from 10 to 7.
So many questions were unanswered,so many mysterious were unrevealed.
Though I heard it was the publisher who dropped the manga which forced mangaka to rush the ending.I think it could have been more awesome,more suspending, more unrevealing in the end of the manga if it were going in the same pace it was started.

Over all I loved this manga.
Sep 5, 2012
spinky (All reviews)
I have got to say by far this is one of the best manga that I have read. This is better then Bleach in and maybe Naruto in terms of its story. I put off reading this manga because of the cover page and it did not look so interesting but once I start reading it I can't stop. For those that have seen the US TV series Lost they may feel a sort of likeness to this and maybe the Asian film Battle Royal ( a bit).

The only sort of bad this I would say is that sometimes the art can drop in quality read more
Jul 15, 2013
koffeekid (All reviews)
I don't really write reviews, but I thought this manga needed it. Overall this manga wasn't that bad. The idea of the manga was very unique and original and thought the graphics and characters were very nice and the plot twist at the end was mind blowing. But If I had to say something about this manga it would be like a race. It was slow in the beginning, but it picked up quite nicely and then it was getting really really good until you reached the ending. It felt like it was going really well and all of a sudden you trip before read more
May 19, 2014
Pinty (All reviews)
I will try to be as objetive as i can (sorry for my english):
This story has somethings in common with Lost (if you liked lost you should read this manga), the first thing in common is that the story take place in a strange island and it start with a plane accident.
The characters are really magnific, all the characters has his/her own point of viuw and a diferents sense of humor, that make all the characters well defined and makes easier to the readers to love some of them.

There are two things that i dont like of this manga (POSIVILITY OF SOFT SPOILER):
read more
May 2, 2014
Kaminariakuma (All reviews)
The entire thing was great until the end when it made no sense. They didn't finish explaining 50% of the stuff like what the whole island was about. I get that Akira's mom made it with itsuragi's help but they did t explain how they were transported to the future or the actual reason for the extinct animals. Up to the last 2 chapters the story was incredible. The artist kept me guessing and added an incredible amount of interesting facts. Other than the end it was an incredible story which showed the good and bad aspects of human beings and the deadly forces of read more
Aug 19, 2012
azurekim1 (All reviews)
This isn't like the usual manga you see....This takes survival onto a whole new level and I can tell you just this... It is too realistic... I love this manga because the protagonist is the one who tries to not leave anyone behind....Yes, he is naive but that is why it is so unpredictable...This naivety can take over him or he will take over that naivety...What is the truth behind the truth? Tension after the another this is a really good manga.. This was a REALLY GOOD manga
Aug 14, 2012
Eddy120876 (All reviews)
Cage of Eden what more can you say than "I can't stop reading it..i want more" and all that is thanks to mr Yoshinobu Yamada's talent. After reading the first manga and chapters i was so into it that i couldn't put it down even on those night that I should be sleeping instead of reading this great manga. This manga puts your in a position that ask what would you do if you were in a similar position. Would you band up with others or go at it alone. So if you want a manga that would keeping you glue and wanting read more
Aug 10, 2020
Proto57 (All reviews)

What a great travel it was ! This manga was very refreshing for me.

STORY : It was a very good story filled with good mysteries. The quality was totally constant (even if the end felt a little bit rushed but that's not very problematic it doesnt remove the greatness of the story or of the ending). The plot was really interesting, enought to give you the envy to read it without getting bored by it. It was like a travel, as a reader, you were with the characters during the read, when good times, you were happy, when bad times, you were hoping the best read more
Mar 24, 2017
CCoLa (All reviews)
This manga started out as "ok" and ended as "bad", I guess I'll break it down into story, art, character, and then add a last part for enjoyment and overall rating.

Story: 3/10
The story in this manga started off well, but it became really predictable really fast. In the first half there were a couple twists that got me by surprise, but those started to run low pretty fast once I caught on to some of the hints that are sprinkled in the story arcs. The reader can pretty much tell what happened on the island by the time they find the second or third major read more