Haite Kudasai, Takamine-san
Please Put Them On, Takamine-san
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Haite Kudasai, Takamine-san

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Let Me Put Your Panties On, Takamine-san, Please Put These On, Takamine-san
Japanese: 履いてください、鷹峰さん
English: Please Put Them On, Takamine-san
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Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Jan 22, 2019 to ?
Genres: Comedy Comedy, Romance Romance, Ecchi Ecchi
Theme: School School
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Serialization: Gangan Joker
Authors: Hiiragi, Yuuichi (Story & Art)


Score: 6.741 (scored by 1058910,589 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #127832
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #458
Members: 38,047
Favorites: 464

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Preliminary Spoiler
May 21, 2021
Preliminary (6/? chp)
I personally thought this manga was hilarious and honestly the author has room to expand on this.

The art was pretty good honestly, I enjoyed this manga, and I just feel like there's going to be a lot of character development who knows what it may turn out to be.

I didn't really dislike honestly I liked it a lot because you hardly see any author include their tastes.

Overall its a good manga to pass by time but make sure no ones.
This is definitely pretty erotic for a starter series. It definitely is ecchi for sure on that .
Jun 10, 2021
Preliminary (26/? chp)
(This is not a troll review by any means, I've tried my best to point out my problems with this manga)

The best way to enjoy "Haite Kudasai Takamine san" is by following 3 simple steps

1. Open a twitter account (easier to do than following this boring plot)

2. Follow the artist Yuichi Hiragi (You can find link to his profile in his introduction page in this site)

3. Enjoy the extremely erotic (and excellent) arts of Takamine-san he occasionally posts (and whole community goess berserk),without getting tainted by its poor attempt in characterization, same old cliche in narrative we've been witnessing in romcom genre for almost a ...
Oct 6, 2019
Preliminary (11/? chp)
UPDATE: I've now read up to chapter 11, and even though this story is still ridiculous, I've gotten used to it and it's gotten better. The chance for the author to save itself in writing a romance is slim, but it's there and it's working towards that. So my hopes are high.

Right off the bat, if you're looking for a comedic ecchi that has you laughing and getting turned on at the same time, this isn't it. You're going to be rolling your eyes more than anything. The first chapter essentially sets up the entire plot. When you read it you're going to absolutely die ...
Sep 19, 2019
Preliminary (8/? chp)
I wrote this review 8 chapters in; the series is still ongoing at this point and there are no further chapters.

I will say the first chapter is absolutely the worst of all and the setup is ridiculous; I can see how many would be turned off by the events in the first chapter which portray Takamine as extremely unlikable — later characterization is far more favorable and he seems to have a definite soft-spot for Sirota whom he treats with a lot of tough love, but definitely with love and guides him into improving himself. His warped actions in the first chapter can be wished ...
Jan 13, 2020
Preliminary (11/? chp)
As you can see, I was interested due to the fact there was actually a character development. Thank you, finally. But you get to the ettchi and nude scenes that create an unpleasant experience. Yes, it may be male dominant as we like female body parts to satisfy us. However, it wasn’t why I liked it. This is why there is certain misconceptions to my manga reading. I read it to understand the perspective on different manga and not to be close minded to hyped and jump on the bandwagon because those who appeal to those will be viewed as ‘normal’. However, I came to ...
May 8, 2022
Preliminary (10/? chp)
Do you like manipulative, gaslighting, abusive and toxic female main characters that constantly demean the male main character and blackmail him with fake rape accusation threats in order to basically become their slave, all while they shows few to no signs of becoming nicer? Then I guess this is just the thing for you.

For everyone else, ignore this manga. The only good part is the art.

"Oh, but she actually likes him". Oh, okay, didn't know that liking someone made it okay to be a bullying, manipulative, blackmailing bitch and rarely ever showing any signs of genuine love to the male MC. I've seen people compare ...
May 13, 2023
Preliminary (42/? chp)
I MADE AN ACCOUNT TO WRITE REVIEW FOR THIS MANGA .I REALLY RECOMMEND you to read it and not go on the bad reviews as there are high chance they dropped it without even getting to the development part. I post this review after reading 42 chps (so far only eng translated). it just starts with that note of bullying him into being lead by her but after that it just turns into teasing, i dont want to spoil but it will get interesting after u read some chps and you will really enjoy it plus the girl is very hot and the guy is ...
Nov 28, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (8/? chp)
So with only 8 Chapters out I have to give this a 6/10 overall but I don't see its potential going above an 8/10 and this is best case scenario.

The set up is ludicrous mostly because for some unexplained reason everyone remains oblivious to the MC dressing the female lead in her underwear even when it is the middle of class. For the rest it's kind of funny and interesting but you have to get past the first two chapters. However, past that the plot has a lot more to do with the character dynamics and the development of the MC from the lowest ...
Sep 8, 2021
Preliminary (31/? chp)

I am very grateful to whatever combination of mental illnesses I have that keeps compelling me to read these trashy high school romcoms. The infinite cycle of relationship progression and its imminent negation as just a misunderstanding has instilled bodhisattva-like patience within me, I care not about the final endgame, all I truly care about is seeing well-proportioned anime girls wearing different non-everyday outfits reworked within an updated bikini framework and this manga provides a compendium of such that rivals even my very own pixiv bookmark page.

Takemine-san reads as a confession of not only what the author longs for, but also what humanity itself ...
Jan 28, 2022
Preliminary (22/? chp)
The story is dreadful. The FMC keeps forcing the MC to do what she wants. I don't care is the MC likes it or not but that's not a heatlhy relationship in my opinion. The art though, its absolutely amazing but the character is again, pathetic. MC never standing up for himself always being a little pet and the FMC that always blackmail people. To the author, your drawings are amazing. It beats most of other manga out there but please oh please, improve your story writing. That's all from me. (This is my first review, I hope you guys find it to be helpful
Jan 19, 2022
Preliminary (26/? chp)
You have seen 26 episodes of Haite Kudasai, Takamine-san
Your Review:
Honestly, I expected it to be much worse. But this manga turned out to be pretty nice, I would say.

I was reading all of these bad reviews and putting this manga off for a long time, but few days ago I gathered my strength, read 25 chapters and did not regret!

"Haite Kudasai, Takamine-san" is a good option, if you want to spend your time just relaxing and reading good drawn erotic manga. Do not try to find here some nontrivial plot, or good written characters or some other exotic things. Do not even try ...
Mar 14, 2024
Preliminary (51/? chp)
Seriously, only a some masochist would like this.

The female main character is just a manipulative princess who needs everything to go her way or else her wolrd will crumble. And the mangaka just had to give this type of person superpowers that can alter reality. She literally started the whole relationship by blackmailing him and when the relationship starts, she never misses a chance to belittle him or put him down. It's even worse considering that she likes the guy.

The guy is no better. Though harmless and is genuinely a nice person, and was definitely put between a rock and a hard place, he ...
Feb 11, 2020
Preliminary (11/? chp)
Story: 2

It boils down to a confusing mess of manipulation, infatuation, arrogance, and fetishes. This plot is held together by the bare minimum. If the beginning was removed, I would have enjoyed this more. The plot moves forward somewhat, but it's still tainted by what the girl did to the guy in the beginning.

Art: 7

The art is the best part of this. Great ecchi, and the rest looks good.

Character: 3

There's some character development that makes the characters both more and less likeable. My respect for the MC keeps going up and down, but I like the FMC less and less every chapter. Their "relationship" is ...
May 9, 2021
Preliminary (20/? chp)
I think that the "wimp but growing" MMC Character development is so awfully outdated and, at this point, outrageous.
Your generic, cold hearted, God tier in everything she does, spiteful and overall insolent and rude FMC in contrast to a wimp MMC who did not, not a single time, stand up for himself and answer her like a creature that holds a spine, let alone a human being, and that sad looking everlasting eyebrows he hold is just borderline depressive (it makes want to slap him till he grows a beard).
The story is just inexistant. the characters are poorly written and there is ...
Oct 8, 2021
Preliminary (31/? chp)
I dont think i will recommend this manga to anyone because the plot is horrible I mean. I dont know why it has a shounen tag? I simply dont know why. After reading upto chapter 31 I dont even know who is the main chracter in this manga. Every time something bad happens takamine just reverts the time back which makes this manga more boring. Only thing which is good in this manga is erotic scenes and art which i can atleast appreciate. The plot which is the main thing on which u rate most of the mangas are horrible. If i wanted to see ...
Oct 16, 2021
Preliminary (31/? chp)
I thought i should write an review on this horrible manga. Only one thing i liked is the art and hats of to the author for the art. The main thing is that it has no plot and I personally dont like the bitchy attitude of takamine. If u go to authors twitter account he doesnt even focus on chracter development in manga. He just makes erotic drawing of takamine san and releases it on twitter. Any ways I wouldnt recommend this manga to others because of the trash plot and no thriller or any plot twist. This manga is for horny degenerates. So ...