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Aug 29, 2022
Elfen Lied (Manga) add
Story: the story really isn't too bad, but there's like such an unnecessary amount of nudity for the tone of the manga it feels forced and weird. Also I feel like there story should have ended way earlier than it did, near chapter 65. I felt like this dragged. I'm giving it a 3 for story.
Art: it had moments of awesome art, but man drawing faces is rough for the artist... 3.
Character: predictable side characters, just too plain for me. Not enough depth. 3.
Enjoyment: the only great thing about this manga is its pacing. Really great chapter writing in terms of how chapters end, and ...
Jul 30, 2022
Story: excellent story, though I found the plot to be a bit plain and (this is rare to say) could have easily been double the length. I think the pace was fine, but I think it needed to be a bit more detailed in the story telling.

Art: great, but didn't like the way antagonists were drawn (the eyes in particular). The fight scenes are very detailed but somehow a bit boring.

Character: weakest point of the manga. I think main character is well written but a lot of the other characters seem very plain. Like I said before I think that the story needed ...
Jul 21, 2022
Claymore (Manga) add
To keep this spoiler free, I'll keep this as vague as possible and not include names.

Story: The story is actually very good, and I think that the story progresses at an incredible pace. I find that the story continues to grow and takes turns that keep you interested.

Art: It's a unique style and I mean that in the best way. To be honest it gives off a bit of Berzerk vibes.

Characters: I liked the characters, but I find that some of them just started to stop growing, and ended up being kind of 2D by the end of it.

Enjoyment & Overall: It's good! My ...
Jan 30, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Quick Review!

FIRST OFF: I have no idea what any of this was about. I simply clicked on it because I saw that there's a continuation of this series coming out in 2022. So I'm watching everything prior to seeing if I want to watch it. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a pilot to a TV station or not, or if it's actually supposed to stand alone...

Story: To be honest, It's cool but not. I understood both stories (not really a spoiler btw, the entire movie is about 2 stories), but didn't find any connection whatsoever other than the characters looking the ...
Jan 28, 2022
86 (Anime) add
Preliminary (7/11 eps)
Story: It's actually quite good. Like the entire premise around the romance is natural and doesn't feel forced. I like it quite a bit.

Art: Quite good throughout the entire anime. I have no complaints whatsoever, and I know a lot of people hate the 3-D incorporated animes, but Idk how you wouldn't want o use it for something like this.

Sound: Fine, all the highs and lows aren't far from one another and things work really well.

Character & Enjoyment: Unfortunately, this is where things start to take a turn for me. So I actually had high hopes for this as I read the manga and was ...
Oct 25, 2021
This is a really highly rated manga, so I gave it a shot. No clue what it was about when I started, I just went for it. This is my review.

Story: It's good. I liked the premise, it was unique. I wasn't a fan of the lighthearted funnies, because this is a kind of serious storyline... I don't mind some heartstring-tugging stories, but I don't know if the story was long enough for me to really get attached to characters.

Art: Actually decent, really well-drawn and reminded me a lot of Koi to Uso in terms of art style.

Character: Well-written characters, one of the ...
Oct 20, 2021
Mixed Feelings
So I decided to give this highly praised manga a shot. I know the anime has mixed reviews, but I have no idea what it's about and I went in blind. This is what I thought:

Story: The story started strong. Simple and to the point, and I was hoping for a slow, methodical character development. Instead, I feel like the author rushed this. It almost felt like a summary of an anime or manga. Every other chapter a new character would show up. Halfway though I began to lose interest because things became overly complicated, but I'll just keep it at; the ending was not ...
Oct 8, 2021
Story: The story is quite a rollercoaster. At times, you are confused (NOT a bad thing), you are looking forward to reading the chapter... Then near 2/3 of the story, you feel a bit overwhelmed with the beginning of what you believe is a completely unrelated story. I'm a bit disappointed with the ending, but that's all I'm going to write so that it's not a spoiler.

Art: The art is not the "usual" anime style. The eyes are circular, and it's not the traditional trees and background art you find in a lot of traditional anime art. I can't tell if I like that, but ...
Aug 22, 2021
I'll go right into it, I went in not having high expectations since I had never heard of it before, but watched it purely on how high it is ranked here on MAL.

Story: The more I watched it, the more I wanted to know. The pacing was fantastic and kept you wanting more. There were a few moments where I felt like it had to explain itself, but even in those moments, the story always made sure the audience was keeping up. Towards the end you get a little bit of Inception-style story telling.

Art: The art was really well done, I'm not going to ...
Aug 7, 2021
Dororo (Anime) add
Looking for an anime to get into, I randomly chose this one. Why? Not joking, it was the first option on Amazon Prime's "Anime" category. I knew nothing about the series, so this was a nice surprise. Here's the review.

Story: Almost perfect. A couple of times, I thought things were going to go in another direction (or just a better explanation), but honestly, the pacing, storytelling, and twists and turns through the anime were very good and kept me on my toes. But a very good, mature story.

Art: I'm going with an 8, only because the art was consistently high, except for like 3 random ...