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Jan 23, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Listen, I'm going to be completely honest here: I am 100% one of those guys who believe you need a degree to understand how anything works in this series. Yeah, I'm lost on the logistical side of the anime. Did that make me stop watching it? Hell no. If you're into action and fantasy this is the anime for you.

Why did I rate it a 6 then? Like I mentioned above it's just a mess in terms of anything kind of making sense. It's just dope fight scene after dope fight scene. Pretty much an entire city crumbles due to this MF-ers fighting. I know ...
Jan 23, 2024
I just read the final chapter, so now I'm here to deliver the news: This manga is good.

What originally drew me in was the style. It's very well drawn, the dialogue is funny and I loved the light-heartedness of the story and characters. Character growth was shown (refreshing), and the characters were well-written.

The only thing is I thought the ending was lackluster, but most didn't think that (at least from what I've seen online). I just wanted a bit more, but it's good! I recommend it for a fun, nice, cute read. The pacing is great, doesn't feel super drawn out (when it is ...
Dec 14, 2023
Onmyouji (Anime) add
Story: The story has great potential because the Japanese culture and folklore are rich. There's so much they could have gone with and would have been way more interesting than what they decided to portray. A positive about this story is the origin of the creation of demons. I think there's a lot of folklore and lessons in this method of demon-making and if they made the characters a bit deeper they would have struck gold.

Characters: Characters were kind of one-dimensional. There was no reason it was so shallow. We have no idea about any of the character's backgrounds or upbringing and that was a ...
Nov 13, 2023
Pluto (Anime) add
When I saw a trailer for Pluto scrolling through Netflix, I liked the kind of old-school look the art had so I gave it a shot. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to start watching. Here's my review after watching all 8 episodes:

Story: Honestly, cool story. Cool idea. There's a mysterious number of robot killings across the globe and a robo-cop tries to find out who that killer is. Plus it gets into some deeper existential stuff which honestly, should have had waaaaay more shine in this story, but if you're looking for a fast-paced, twist-and-turn kind of ...
Oct 8, 2023
Jigokuraku (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I actually had high expectations for this because it's an 8.15 rating on here (as of October 9th 2023) but I felt like this season is more of a set-up season. I expected either insane action or character-building, and there was a good balance of both, but they didn't really do a great job at either. This series needs to be great at one thing at a time. If you like gore you'll like this. It's a bit over the top. I DO however like the relationships that are built throughout the series. They feel meaningful and if I'm correct in the assumption that this ...
Apr 2, 2023
Dorohedoro (Manga) add
I usually break down each part of the manga (story, art, enjoyment, etc.) but you know what, I thought this manga is so damn good I'm just going to say read it. I first learned about this through the Netflix anime adaptation, and I watched it and enjoyed it A LOT. Listen, if you've watched the anime, and enjoyed it, READ. THIS. MANGA. You'll be BEGGINING for another season if you know how this ends. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. The twists and turns and character development are amazing and the author isn't afraid to take risks and it pays off so well.
Aug 29, 2022
Elfen Lied (Manga) add
Story: the story really isn't too bad, but there's like such an unnecessary amount of nudity for the tone of the manga it feels forced and weird. Also I feel like there story should have ended way earlier than it did, near chapter 65. I felt like this dragged. I'm giving it a 3 for story.
Art: it had moments of awesome art, but man drawing faces is rough for the artist... 3.
Character: predictable side characters, just too plain for me. Not enough depth. 3.
Enjoyment: the only great thing about this manga is its pacing. Really great chapter writing in terms of how chapters end, and ...
Jul 30, 2022
Story: excellent story, though I found the plot to be a bit plain and (this is rare to say) could have easily been double the length. I think the pace was fine, but I think it needed to be a bit more detailed in the story telling.

Art: great, but didn't like the way antagonists were drawn (the eyes in particular). The fight scenes are very detailed but somehow a bit boring.

Character: weakest point of the manga. I think main character is well written but a lot of the other characters seem very plain. Like I said before I think that the story needed ...
Jul 21, 2022
Claymore (Manga) add
To keep this spoiler free, I'll keep this as vague as possible and not include names.

Story: The story is actually very good, and I think that the story progresses at an incredible pace. I find that the story continues to grow and takes turns that keep you interested.

Art: It's a unique style and I mean that in the best way. To be honest it gives off a bit of Berzerk vibes.

Characters: I liked the characters, but I find that some of them just started to stop growing, and ended up being kind of 2D by the end of it.

Enjoyment & Overall: It's good! My ...
Jan 30, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Quick Review!

FIRST OFF: I have no idea what any of this was about. I simply clicked on it because I saw that there's a continuation of this series coming out in 2022. So I'm watching everything prior to seeing if I want to watch it. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a pilot to a TV station or not, or if it's actually supposed to stand alone...

Story: To be honest, It's cool but not. I understood both stories (not really a spoiler btw, the entire movie is about 2 stories), but didn't find any connection whatsoever other than the characters looking the ...

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