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Dec 18, 2020
This anime had a good premise and very good animation but it all went kind of down hill. The characters are enjoyable but complete stereotypes and lack depth and there are so many shonen cliches and not even the good ones. One of the most annoying ones was that obviously the first two executioners we meet are extremely skilled and strong, whilst when hoards of them show up they become fodder...

Story 7

Art 8

Sound 7

Characters 7

Enjoyment 6

In other words this show had a quite a bit of potential but didn't come close to it. 7/10
Sep 3, 2020
Everyone who says this anime is awful is 100% correct. Should you still watch it? Yes! Whilst being objectively a very bad anime it is so bad that it is hilarious. It is seriously, and probably unintentionally, one of the funniest animes I have ever seen.

Look the story is generic trash, the art is also trash with just a few OK fight scenes, the sound is surprisingly good, characters are also trash and yet the enjoyment is great. I don't even think there has ever been an anime that has made me laugh out loud as many times as this one.

The bizareness of the read more
Aug 27, 2020
I have just read Nana to Kaoru and Nana to Kaoru: Black Label back to back and whilst I found the original work to be Great the sequel is lack luster. On it's own or as a side story not set after the events of the original I'd probably say it's very good but as a sequel it is flawed. I have two main issues with Black Label as a sequel. The first is the change of setting from their Highschool and normal lives to a countryside house. The second is the focus on SM rather than on the relationship. Let me explain what I read more
Dec 22, 2019
I've just read 14 chapters but this is an amazing story. It is a thriller that will stand the test of time. The entire set up is 100% believable and the traits of the MC make sense given his passion for murder mysteries and sales abilities. He's a quick thinker and excellent bullshiter and liar. You will get hooked as the stakes are high and he is far from overpowered, using his brain and skills to manipulate all the antagonists involved. If he makes one mistake he is dead, which is what keeps you reading. So far there are no hail marries nor deux ex-machina read more
Dec 20, 2019
Well, so far I have found the other reviews to be to extreme, which is what prompted me to write this review.

Is this manga good? Well, that depends on taste but regardless it shouldn't be getting anything less than a 5 nor anything more than an 8 regardless of an individual's taste. This is due to reviews containing at least a few objective parameters or else they become meaningless.

I'd like to start by saying that this isn't a think very hard manga. You're supposed to go with the flow of the story and enjoy it for it's sadistic revenge elements. This is what the read more
Nov 28, 2019
So with only 8 Chapters out I have to give this a 6/10 overall but I don't see its potential going above an 8/10 and this is best case scenario.

The set up is ludicrous mostly because for some unexplained reason everyone remains oblivious to the MC dressing the female lead in her underwear even when it is the middle of class. For the rest it's kind of funny and interesting but you have to get past the first two chapters. However, past that the plot has a lot more to do with the character dynamics and the development of the MC from the lowest read more
Nov 21, 2019
If you thought the anime adaption was bad welcome to the worst manga ever written in history. Nothing is good. I forced myself through 30 chapters of this crap so that no one else had to. Overall: 2

story: 3
The most interesting aspect is how the characters will react over the betrayal and yet instead of jumping head first into that they ignore the matter and go into world building. Mind you it's the most stereotypical and yet boring world it could be.

The art is nothing special. You won't remember it but you can tell what is happening so I'll give it a 4

Characters: 2
The read more
Nov 21, 2019
As many have stated beforehand this manga was a 9 or 10/10 up to chapter 220 something and then it just spiraled downwards. Nevertheless, I'll still give it at least a 6 since it was exceptionally good for like 80%+ of its run. I have never encountered such an addicting manga before. Once I found it I caught up to the most released chapter (219 at the time) in one sitting. I just read without sleep for 20 or so hours and in the next few months I had reread the entire manga six times. Therefore, I'd recommend new readers to stop around the 220 read more