Feb 11, 2020
Degu7 (All reviews)
Story: 2

It boils down to a confusing mess of manipulation, infatuation, arrogance, and fetishes. This plot is held together by the bare minimum. If the beginning was removed, I would have enjoyed this more. The plot moves forward somewhat, but it's still tainted by what the girl did to the guy in the beginning.

Art: 7

The art is the best part of this. Great ecchi, and the rest looks good.

Character: 3

There's some character development that makes the characters both more and less likeable. My respect for the MC keeps going up and down, but I like the FMC less and less every chapter. Their "relationship" is painful to see.

Enjoyment: 2

If I'd read the reviews first, I would have avoided this. If there was some retribution, I would have gotten some enjoyment out of this, but there's none in sight. I read the 11 chapters and ended up feeling burned out.

Overall: 3.5

Unless you like emotionally abusive femdom, don't read this. Skim through it for the ecchi shots and forget the rest.