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Feb 11, 2020
Story: 2

It boils down to a confusing mess of manipulation, infatuation, arrogance, and fetishes. This plot is held together by the bare minimum. If the beginning was removed, I would have enjoyed this more. The plot moves forward somewhat, but it's still tainted by what the girl did to the guy in the beginning.

Art: 7

The art is the best part of this. Great ecchi, and the rest looks good.

Character: 3

There's some character development that makes the characters both more and less likeable. My respect for the MC keeps going up and down, but I like the FMC less and less every chapter. Their "relationship" is read more
Jan 23, 2020
A quick, spoiler-free review:

Story: 5

The plot takes a while to make itself known, and there are a lot of things that are hard to believe or unexplained, especially during the beginning. I don't know if there's more to it that got cut out, but the story feels flimsy at times. There are also some problems transitioning between drama and lightheartedness. Despite that, there are some less conventional things that happened that boosted my rating.

Art: 8

The art is consistently very well done for characters, objects, and locations. Very few things are unsatisfactorily drawn, and the illustrator clearly knows what they're doing.

Characters: 6

The characters aren't as fleshed-out read more
Dec 16, 2019

I forgot most of the details as I was reading it as it wasn't very memorable, so here's a quick review of what I do remember.

Story: 5
The plot is fairly interesting and not very complicated, which is fitting for just 12 chapters, but I still had some problems following along. There are some things that don't get explained and some things that don't make sense. We aren't told where the demons came from or how a severed demon arm can be wielded by anyone. It was never explained what exactly the US military was trying to accomplish with its bizarre actions.
The ending felt unsatisfying, read more
Oct 12, 2019
This is a review for the English dub.

Story: 5

Despite starting out as an isekai, it pretty quickly turned into a mediocre slice-of-life fantasy-ish story with occasional action scenes. There are events that lead to new characters coming into contact with the main cast, and they sometimes tag along, but there's no overarching plot and a goal only takes form towards the end. The mix of slice-of-life, fantasy, and action/drama was badly done. The pacing, tone, and stakes have some issues as well, and there's nothing really compelling about the story.

Art: 6

There are some moments where the art or the animation looks particularly good, but for read more