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ladyxzeus Jun 14, 5:36 AM
Hello. I'm sorry I did not answer. There was some kind of problem in which I clicked your comment and it directed me to your profile, so I could not read the complete version of it.

I don't actually remember, but my memory has not been the best for the past years. I hope you are feeling better now and have better sleeping patterns, though. :) I hope you are feeling well =D
Scud Jun 11, 9:48 AM
I vaguely recall that, yes. Better times. Can't remember your name at the time at all though.
YangSchwengli Jun 11, 8:51 AM
So you pretty much said: "Best Boy" is girl-inclusive and "Best Girl" is boy-inclusive, which would
mean that you think "Boys" and "Girls" are the same. Is it that what you tried to tell me?
NthDegree Jun 9, 6:10 AM
As I have said before this support is simply to even out the ground with those who are not disadvantaged. There is no need to push it to the logical extreme of reaching over the top dreams. As for who pays... In general, investments in education and children pay themselves back in the long term by creating a more effective workforce. Instead of consuming social benefits, these people are actually motivated to work. This is why welfare states work so well.

So I assume you ask the score of everyone you know when you meet them to know their IQ or something? Not to mention just because a statistic correlation exists, it doesn't mean every individual fits that sample. They simply fit it more often.
NthDegree Jun 9, 5:19 AM
I said it before but that's why I think our thought processes are fundamentally different. I don't care whether the disadvantage is internal or external (besides that distinction is somewhat artificial). The society should support the disadvantaged, regardless of what the cause of that disadvantage is. Besides, from purely utilitarian perspective it also allows everyone to pull their weight in the long run.

I'm a bit skeptic about the IQ thing. How would you know everyone you talk to has an IQ of over 125? Most people (including myself) don't even know their own IQ. And because I believe in hard work more than talent, I naturally cannot assume that everyone I talk to at university has high IQ. What matters more is not something inborn like IQ but the amount of motivation to spend effort on any chosen career.
NthDegree Jun 8, 1:42 PM
The analogue with pregnancy was simply to point out that people in disadvantage, whether they're born with it or not, should be provided support to reach equal standing with others. I really can't reply to the above sections as it seems like you already realized your misunderstanding about my argument at the end.

As for career mathematicians... Nah, I still disagree with you. I think it is possible to reach that level of prowess with enough practice even though it might take a long time. By the way, the reason I've been so busy is because I just turned in my Master's Thesis and I'm still quite burnt out from that. I specialize in machine learning, so it involves quite a bit of math too. At least in my own field working in a lab has always seemed challenging but not impossible (I was studying in one during my exchange in Japan). That's why I don't feel like I can agree with you.

EDIT: I forgot to add this, but telling a woman just not to have children if they don't want to be disadvantaged still doesn't make that disadvantage disappear, since the other 50% is able to do the both without having to make that choice. The restriction of not having that freedom is already a disadvantage in itself.
Shoegum Jun 7, 2:05 AM
From the language that you used, I assumed you were a 4chan(nel) resident.
Shoegum Jun 7, 2:00 AM
basedo and redpilledo
NthDegree Jun 1, 2:54 PM
That's interesting because my bf mentioned having had really bad time in PE (we're about equal in strength despite gender differences) and having those experienced I mentioned, so I must disagree. I agree that separate classes for genders might create "girls are weak" mentality more than playing together would, but I'm not really seeing the issue in segregation based on performance. Perhaps this is just because I had a good experience of it myself.

As I mentioned before, even if someone is bad at something (for example maths), it is still possible to learn it if they have enough motivation. The society's role is to provide tutoring and support they need to stand on equal footing. I do think that the current culture kind of fetishizes talent but the reality is that the both people with talent and those without it have to work hard to master something. Those without talent just take a longer time, but it's nothing impossible to overcome.

What would make it impossible would be an actual physical disability, such as a severe learning disorder but those cases are quite rare. Regardless, even though completely eradicating poverty or achieving world peace might be impossible, it doesn't make those ideals any less important to aim for. I think the same is true with achieving the equality in opportunity. Who knows, maybe someday medical science will be advanced enough to help people with learning disabilities.

Nobody is saying to lower standards for mathematicians. All I'm saying is to provide enough tutoring so that even the slower kids can learn. The end result is the same level of mathematicians, albeit perhaps with a higher motivation.
NthDegree Jun 1, 1:47 PM
Laughing stock? Will they really? We had level groups in mathematics in middle school and the most people in the top group (myself included) would have liked to be in the bottom groups because they had fewer people and the teacher was better too. We even went to ask the teachers for it but they wouldn't let us lol. Anyway, my experience in PE is that the people who are bad at it don't really care about whether they are bad as long as what they do is not pointless or drag other people down. Again these are based on my personal experience, being supremely bad at sports lol.

You agree that poor people should be supported but not people with other kinds of disadvantages? What makes a disadvantage in money that special? Just because it's easier to fix? As for the rest, although we cannot mitigate the effects of the genes, we can still provide tutoring to allow weaker kids to pursue what they want. More gifted students may not need this tutoring, which is why it is specifically a support for the weaker students. In general, enough motivation and a lot of hard work generally allows even less gifted people to learn what they want to learn.

Of course, here one could argue that there is no free will to begin with because our choices are the products of the genes and the environment we grow up in. However, I think the important part here is the motivation... even if it's a motivation produced by circumstance, people in general are happier when they are allowed to pursue what they want on a level playing field with everyone else and therefore that's what we should aim for.
NthDegree Jun 1, 6:40 AM
It is true that someone does have to be the worst in any given group, but if the differences in ability are smaller, there is a less of a chance they will feel like they don't matter. Gender segregation is one way of achieving this, although it is certainly not the optimal way. Personally, I think it would be the best if the teachers divided them into groups according to the results of a physical exam on the first year.

Regarding pregnancy etc... I see, I think here is where our ideologies differ. Personally I believe that everyone should have truly 'equal opportunity' ie. giving everyone an equal chance no matter what disadvantage they might have. For example, poor families should have an equal opportunity to education and people with disabilities should receive support to minimize the effect of those disabilities. A handicap may not be a fault of the system, but I think it would be cruel to use that as an excuse to ignore people with disadvantages. What should matter are the choices people make, not what they happen to be born as. This also applies to genders - if pregnancy creates disadvantages to one gender, then the society should support them in order to give them an equal footing.

(And yeah I don't know anything about military, so I can't say much about that.)
NthDegree May 31, 5:37 PM
I think the worry in such a situation is that the kids who are not very athletic may feel like their contribution doesn't matter or that they are dragging the team down if they're in the same group with much more athletic people (to keep the teams balanced). Not that I'm particularly against the idea, but I do think that's a real concern.

It is fairly well known that Finnish genepool is pretty distinct. From what I understand even those (questionable) commercial genetic tests separate Finnish genes from other countries in the Northern Europe, while they often use one category for Scandinavian countries. I'm don't know if you're aware but there is also a very large gap between genes of South-West Finland as opposed to North-East Finland. I have heard that the gap is larger than between some countries. If you're curious, I belong to South-West group myself.

I think the argument in favor of having mandatory conscription to be men-only is that women have to worry about childbirth, which is quite rough on the body and thus requires taking leave, even if the spouse were to be willing to help with children. The body needs time to recuperate. Of course, a counter-argument for this is that not all women give birth and some of them do it more than the others, and therefore the system isn't truly just. I do suppose for real equality we would have to have universal conscription and then have men take a larger responsibility of raising children... contrary to the gender role.

I wouldn't say that makes the statistics "not look pretty anymore" though. The (current) reality is that most women give birth at some point and that they statistically take more leave because of it than men. So I would say the current system simply has the disadvantage occur in different parts of their life. Of course, in an ideal world the conscription would be universal and men would actually take half of the parental leaves, but alas, that's not the case.

I don't think the Dutch model would work for the Finnish military because Finland is not a member of NATO and shares the most of its border with a certain country that has a history of repeatedly invading others (including in modern times). So I don't think it's possible to reduce the military to the point that it's in the Netherlands. As mentioned before an universal conscription would be a more realistic solution (I'm including civil service in this as well).
NthDegree May 31, 4:29 PM
I'm replying to you here, since this conversation is getting more and more off-topic lol.

Oooh, you can speak Finnish? I'd love to attempt to reply to that in Dutch, but sadly I haven't had the opportunity to study it. Fortunately my bf's parents speak decent enough English...

I think the logic in segregating PE classes is that it allows even the people who are physically weaker to have a chance or not feel left out. Of course, it is possible to also segregate the classes based on the results of physical exam, but I suppose the teachers consider that to be too much work. If they were segregated by asking that would likely result in a disproportionate group sizes. Of course, it is possible to not segregate at all, but then the aforementioned goal to be more inclusive to weaker kids is lost.

Violent crime rate is high? I suppose it may be higher than Sweden or Norway, but I imagine it's way below Russia lol (oh the joys of sharing the border with them...). Either way, I'm not aware of the statistics so I can't really comment on that. It's also hard for me to say how 'macho' guys can get when they're alone, since I assume having a woman in the group tones it down... and since I don't drink myself I rarely see what they're like when they're drunk. Not to mention all my male friends are closer to the quiet nerdy type since, you know, I'm nerdy myself. So I'm not denying they exist but I have little personal experience about it.

Technically men are allowed to choose between the military and the civil services (does not involve cutting hair), but I can see your point of it being a personal rights issue.

Now that I think about it, I think the reason for being "progressive" about gender equality is partially because the gender roles were looser than a lot of other countries to begin with. With the climate being what it is here, I imagine it would be a luxury to only have one gender working on agricultural jobs. So perhaps that explains some of the both gender equality and "Finnish women are masculine" -stereotype.
backdoornight May 29, 1:51 PM
Excellent work in the destruction of gænder roles.
Seijatachiiii Apr 17, 5:19 PM
i've never heard of "Flobx", I just googled it but nothing has come up, is it an actual thing? or am i missing something because ive never heard of it.

anyway, im sorry, the way I must of worded it sounded rude, I didn't mean to insult you or anything uwu

with you saying that gender is often not known, could you not just ask though? i mean i understand using gender neutral terms if you didn't know the gender but when you do i dont see the point in it. i really only find issue in it if people get offended in being called gender neutral, yet you contuine, otherwise i get its unimportant and not a big deal.