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Sep 14, 2019
This — to me — is a rare gem indeed, because I can list only a single real flaw of it which I shall list upfront: some of the characterizations and interactions can feel a bit unnatural at times with how easily some characters come to enjoy each other's company despite starting out arguing; that is it.

Now onto what is good: I'll be the first to say that I love traps, but hate transgender characters but I couldn't help but love this due to the complexity and nuance to it all. One of the main characters definitely suffers from some form of gender dysphoria, and read more
Sep 13, 2019
I have read 30 chapters now, but not in chronological order; I read till Chapter 28 and then the last 2 and this is my problem with this series: that one can read it this way and be fine. In fact, one can read the first 10 chapters and then the last 2 and it still works decently.

The first 8 through 10 chapters have progression: it's a very common setup: male p.o.v. character is enchanted by the sight of a cute female on the way to school; turns out said cute female shares a class with the former and then just without any shame read more
Sep 7, 2019
This is oddly philosophical for a trap comic —

I am personally of the opinion that fuzzing too much over gender — especially of cartoon characters — is ludicrous and that especially with the commonplace occurrence of traps that a character's gender is essentially that the author tells you it is: this comic explores on a philosophical level the implications of that concept and the futility of so-called "sexual orientations". Rather than being one's typical trap moeblob (— which is by they way delicious — )this story deals with this situation.

- There is a character that looks female, even looks female in male clothing
- Keeps casually read more
Sep 5, 2019
To be sure: this is a guilty pleasure, but to be sure: it is very pleasurable.

Allow me to provide the synopsis for almost every one of these thirteen 4-minute episodes:

1: Hime is being cute.
2: Hime gets sexually harassed/molested.
3: Hime is being cute.
4: Hime gets humiliated.
5: Someone is shocked to discover that Hime is male.
6: Said someone is either disgusted or more usually is like: "That's even better!" .
7: Hime is being cute.

Then there are some other jokes which invariably centre around either A) sexual harassment, or B) some character implausibly not being the sex he appears to be at first glance.

That is it but, man read more
Aug 29, 2019
This is at the same time so very odd and so very normal; it's a slice-of-life series about four friends that try to make a comic book and nothing really unusual happens but at the same time it dismisses all the clichés so much and at the same time references them that it becomes original; it's surreal in how contemporary it feels and how much of it references the very current state of comic book production and self-censorship in Japan and the ire of the author with censorship regarding controversial content can clearly be felt.

What one shan't find in this story is:

- a faceless (male read more
Aug 15, 2019
This review was written as of chapter 30. I will only spoil the præmise and the clichés that all see coming.

The præmise is that our male lead comes from a line of servants of rich families and wants to escape this fate. Alas for whatever reason both parents have independently arranged that an "ozyou-sama" (upper class young female) will be living with our protagonist and he will simultaneously function as their butler, maid, cook and underwear-remover filled with fan-service moments.

Okay so what sets this apart from all the other such stories filled with fan-service? First off our male protagonist is for a change not a read more
Aug 12, 2019
This series is not as much a story about Aki and Sora as it is a story about Sora. Aki takes not a third of prominence in this story that Sora does but definitely more than any other character. The synopsis creates the impression that it's primarily about the bond between two characters but this is not the case; it's about a character that repeatedly gets pulled into emotionally - and sexually unconventional situations by others and I might add that his frequent having sex with his older sibling is probably one of the psychologically more normal situations the character falls into.

It's very sexually explicit read more
Aug 9, 2019
This is what happens apparently when a siscon romcom that takes itself not too seriously and is self-admittedly absurd starts taking itself seriously and wants to carry itself on the plot rather than humor.

It turns out that the concept of an unbreakable sibling bond works when it's comedy because it's just too absurd to be realistic and it's fine then. take away the surreal factor and it just becomes over-the-top melodrama: Riku and Schwi are so very much in love in this film but why exactly? Why would a robot with no capacity of emotions fall in love with a human; why would a human read more
Jun 22, 2019
The omnisexual pervert's crumpet, so to speak.

Make no mistake: this is indeed one of those brainless, plot-less "cuties doing cute stuff laden with fan-service" romantic-comedies. For the most part there is no plot and it's just a series of disconnected stories except at the end when there is suddenly an actual plot and then a sudden "conclusion" for the sake of having one which was barely built up towards.

Obviously a comic like this lives or dies by the quality of two things: the fan-service and the cuteness of the relationship between the characters and this succeeds very well in both.

The fan-service primarily focuses on the read more
May 16, 2019
Why do so many romantic comedies need to have a harem for its own sake? What's the appeal here? We got a standard harem show where it's blatantly obvious who's going to win from the start except it's not standard in the following ways:

- the protagonist is not perfectly average but actually the highly driven star student that is popular and well-respected but known to have zero interest in romance.
- the protagonist does not have a heart of gold at all and is in fact dismissive and uninterested about the drama in the life of others most of the time.
- the winner is not a read more