Dec 1, 2019
Sphinxter (All reviews)
The title hereof is confusing many with the "genderless man"; it seems to be interpreted by many as "a man sans a gender identity" which is a contradictio in terminis. It should be noted that the /Japanese/ term "zyendāresu" is a /fashion/ term; it's a contemporary style of androgynous fashion in Japan.

That out of the way, many expected a series with a title like this to be about gender identities; it is absolutely not and never really mentioned; it's simply about a fashion model and his domestic partner and what their live is about. It seems to draw in fans by explicitly being about the fashion world of this new fashion style; and that's largely all it has going for it; there are some interesting social criticisms here and there on the fashion model world and culture in general but there's not a lot else going on except a slice of life series that's not particularly funny.

Very mediocre in my opinion but I saw many readers get really confused over the the title and saying that it was totally not what they expected it to be — so I'm making this review to clarify what one is to expect from this and what the meaning of "genderless" in the title is.