Jan 13, 2020
UKN_MUSIC (All reviews)
As you can see, I was interested due to the fact there was actually a character development. Thank you, finally. But you get to the ettchi and nude scenes that create an unpleasant experience. Yes, it may be male dominant as we like female body parts to satisfy us. However, it wasn’t why I liked it. This is why there is certain misconceptions to my manga reading. I read it to understand the perspective on different manga and not to be close minded to hyped and jump on the bandwagon because those who appeal to those will be viewed as ‘normal’. However, I came to read this to understand what type of synopsis can be created to make manga actually interesting. I guess I got into the manga and came out with a wrong perspective because of my sucked in mentality to female protagonists. But a clear mind I can say this is a good/bad manga.

I can say it’s good because of the unique art style it has, with the way they draw the female characters make them actually beautiful. I can say that it’s sort of a way for males to appeal to their erotic fantasies, but the fact still stands that they conveyed a very realistic drawing of characters. This author knew the anatomy of females and created a fantastic artwork. The second point to why this is a good manga is the character development. I guess I like manga/anime when there is not always an ongoing trend but a twist to each part which keeps the manga engaging. Although it is more towards a very erotic view, well I guess cause the synopsis wouldn’t continue if that doesn’t happen. I can stand firm and say this character development is better than most of the etcci manga/anime which are out there so good on them for doing that.

Now on to the bad things about this manga. There are a few but I’ll break down into different reasons which are obvious.
1) Too much erotic scenes
I get that it’s etcci but come-on, it is hard to concentrate with the plot continuing this trend of nudity but in some cases they do it for comedy sake, but this is for the plot. Let me be clear, the plot. I can say that it is alright to have a few shots here and there but almost each part has the MC having fantasies over the female protagonist which is hard to view it at the end.
2) Lack of creativity
As this is kind of linking to the first point, but it’s still valid. There is no doubt that the creativity in this is too much. I mean there is no denying that there are worst ones out there, I mean there is a weird adaptation of a manga which I will disclose for now. I mean it is kind of new, but the fact is people are going to be looking and seeing that this is just a plot to let those who want a bit of peak into the erotic fantasies of women. Man, that is low, I mean it sort of made others lurk into the manga.

I mean I am showing this because I want to explain to those who are in situations where they are being judged for, for reading there type of manga’s, but I am clearing the air to show that as a manga/anime reviewer, I want to break the stereotype of those who read these are perverts. I have reasons and I do read and watch to learn and develop different perspectives on manga and anime. It helps me grow and develop more anime/manga knowledge. I think I want to make it clear to all that it is alright to see these once in a while, I guess it is not to hide into a shadow because of reading these.