Nov 28, 2019
brom2020 (All reviews)
So with only 8 Chapters out I have to give this a 6/10 overall but I don't see its potential going above an 8/10 and this is best case scenario.

The set up is ludicrous mostly because for some unexplained reason everyone remains oblivious to the MC dressing the female lead in her underwear even when it is the middle of class. For the rest it's kind of funny and interesting but you have to get past the first two chapters. However, past that the plot has a lot more to do with the character dynamics and the development of the MC from the lowest of the lowest in academic and physical ability to someone who will probably reach the top. How the plot will develop seems to be pretty obvious. The MC will gain confidence and ability thanks to the help of the female lead and in the end they will end up dating. No big surprise. Maybe her future fixing abilities will come into play as in Mirai Niki like this isn't the first time she has co-opted the MC into spending time with her.

The art is the best thing so far. It is not exceptional but a strong 8/10.

Character 7/10.
MC is bland so far but will gain a lot of development as that seems to be the central plot line. The Female lead is interesting but kind of cliché.

I'd give this a read as it is kind of entertaining but it is far from a masterpiece.