Oct 6, 2019
nic016 (All reviews)
UPDATE: I've now read up to chapter 11, and even though this story is still ridiculous, I've gotten used to it and it's gotten better. The chance for the author to save itself in writing a romance is slim, but it's there and it's working towards that. So my hopes are high.

Right off the bat, if you're looking for a comedic ecchi that has you laughing and getting turned on at the same time, this isn't it. You're going to be rolling your eyes more than anything. The first chapter essentially sets up the entire plot. When you read it you're going to absolutely die from wondering how in the hell does someone come up with this shit. So you're probably asking yourself "Then why did you keep reading it".. Well I have to give everything a shot. Listen, Darling in the Franxx had some of the most cringey 6 starting episodes but guess who stuck through it and cried like a bitch at the end of the season? My point is I hoped it got better, and I would say it did. You begin to see a sort of interesting dynamic between the two main characters. I'm going to keep reading to see where the author wants to lead this whole story, but I will remain firm (and I'm sure many others will too) that the plot itself is just ridiculous.