Sep 19, 2019
Sphinxter (All reviews)
I wrote this review 8 chapters in; the series is still ongoing at this point and there are no further chapters.

I will say the first chapter is absolutely the worst of all and the setup is ridiculous; I can see how many would be turned off by the events in the first chapter which portray Takamine as extremely unlikable — later characterization is far more favorable and he seems to have a definite soft-spot for Sirota whom he treats with a lot of tough love, but definitely with love and guides him into improving himself. His warped actions in the first chapter can be wished away by that he was never serious about it and felt he needed to push Sirota over the edge for both his own -, and the latter's best interest.

Sirota starts out and largely remains your typical faceless, spineless, male perspective character. Though in this case a couple of things deviate from the norm: he is not "perfectly average"; he is "dismal at everything"; he is so much worse than average. He is also not "oblivious to love"; he is very much aware of Takamine's flirtatious behavior, but is doubtful and sceptical of them after the latter's actions in the first chapter; this, I feel, interestingly justifies them from a storytelling device, because all too often we have a perspective character that is obnoxiously oblivious to romantic signals that the audience is completely unaware of — in this case he is completely aware; he simply does not trust Takamine and reasonably so.

Takamine as a foil to this as character is supposedly "perfect" and admired, excellent in all things. The dynamic he has with Sirota is somewhat in between that of a tough-love parent and a romantic interest. It is clear that Takamine has had romantic feelings for Sirota for a long time, and an explanation therefore is given; Takamine acts in a sexually provocative — albeit often quite sadistic way — exploiting Sirota's nice-guy personality, reads him like a book, and plays him like a violin — nevertheless along the way giving him greater confidence in himself and having him achieve things.

The art is very good; there's no denying that. Though I personally find none of the characters particularly æsthetic, that is but a personal taste.

I started reading this series thinking that it was terrible but it got progressively better; the first chapter as said is very off-putting and portrays it as brainless fan-service, but the further one goes into the story the more complexity to both characters is revealed. Judge it not on the first chapter alone.