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Poll: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Episode 3 Discussion

Jul 23, 6:31 PM

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The animation is terrible! The 3D is also awfull!! There was also a moment where Yue flyes and looks like a doll (very bad). Is there more I've missed? Yeah, the episode wasn't that good after seeing too many weird animations and mistakes which makes this less enjoyable. Sad...
Jul 23, 7:02 PM
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That CGI scorpion ... Disgusting. The first minutes of the episode was disappointing but the rest of the interactions between Yue and our MC was nice and funny. I wonder what's behind that door.
Jul 23, 7:23 PM

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firegold33 said:
That CGI scorpion ... Disgusting. The first minutes of the episode was disappointing but the rest of the interactions between Yue and our MC was nice and funny. I wonder what's behind that door.

Agreed, but fighting sequence itself was not that bad. The problem is it's hard to see whether it was good or bad because of that terrible looking CGI giant scorpion or whatever it was.
Jul 23, 8:32 PM
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HueyLion said:
This anime has been quite trash compare to the expectations it had at the start.

Also no, even if the LN or heck manga is suppose to be better, if its anything like what the anime is showing I'll will stick with my Overlord and Reincarnated as a Slime both of which are better.

LN is better than the anime, which is expected considering how bad they adapted the Volume 1. Still, Arifureta isnt that great either. Both Slime and Overlord are better.
Jul 23, 8:41 PM

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The cgi wasn't the best, not even close but overall it was a pretty good episode!
I can't wait to find out at what floor he actually is when he will come back xD
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Jul 24, 2:46 AM
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I mean, the story seems good but the animation is dogshit and the CGI looks like complete garbage.
Jul 24, 5:07 AM

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Do you hear that weebs? The loli vampire is 300 years old, now you have an 'excuse' to indulge in your wildest fantasies lol the CGI os comedy gold at this point. I can't be bothered mentioning all the other flaws this show is filled with it.
Jul 24, 5:29 AM

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mattao313 said:
this was the best episode of the 3 yet it still sucked.


This anime is so bad that I enjoy watching it; to laugh.
Why the f does this get an adaptation and I still have to wait for a Skip Beat remake.
(yea I know. that doesnt have to do with shit)
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Jul 24, 9:25 AM

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too much cgi... is bad for my health
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Jul 24, 10:08 AM
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Hajime and Yue remind me of Vikram and Betaal.
Jul 24, 10:55 AM

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other than the scorpion cgi, the episode was decent but still not impressed.
Jul 24, 11:19 AM
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So far this is Sword Art Online levels of bad.

Also this pedo shit is really disgusting.
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Jul 24, 12:30 PM
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I don't understand all this bitching about the "bad CGI" and "bad animation." So far it looks like it's gonna be a pretty good anime and it's one of the shows I look forward to most this season. The vibe and chemistry between the characters is great and the MC has already evolved from a weak little vanilla MC to a badass OP MC. What more could you want? It's not like this is gonna be the best show ever, but I don't think any isekais these days are really trying to be. At the end of the day, all the average viewer wants out of an anime is an emotional connection with it's characters and a decent story to be drawn into. There are obviously other factors like voice acting, visuals, and music that can help make or break a show, but Arifureta has checked all the boxes as far as I'm concerned. I hope everyone can stop over analyzing and enjoy this anime as much as I've been able to so far. Good luck and success with all that you do. Peace.
Jul 24, 8:42 PM

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The CGI really doesn't bother me, people seem so damn fussy about every thing. I think this was the best episode so far and I think it's improving. Lol that scene where she just kept biting him was hilarious.

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Jul 24, 10:42 PM
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you know, this really isn't half bad if you watch it while not paying much attention.

just eat your dinner or something and occasionally look at the screen and see some big monster die or something.
Jul 25, 12:46 AM
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Why does this anime is getting from bad to worse in many aspect I hope they could fix it though
Jul 25, 12:46 AM
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Why does this anime is getting from bad to worse in many aspect I hope they could fix it though
Jul 25, 12:55 AM

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Terrible overuse of CG!
it was meh...
Jul 25, 6:48 AM
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FaaipDeOiad said:
So far this is Sword Art Online levels of bad.

Also this pedo shit is really disgusting.

Yes i know 300+ vampire molesting 16 yo boy. We must report it immediately.
Jul 25, 8:04 AM
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Episode 1 was a mix of bad and funny, but from then on I like it. Like there was a bunch of exposition you had to get through before the actual show started.

Good characters so far, which is the lifeblood of any good story.
Jul 25, 8:43 AM

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The adventures of Accelerator and his thirsty loli vampire were fun to follow, I'm liking this dude quite a good amount and I'm starting to think that this is the factor that makes me like some isekai works, although I'm definitely being cautious because at this point I also was liking Slime and Shield Hero and... yeah, both ended up being a torture to me (I need to learn to drop popular stuff).

Overlord S3 made a cameo here with awful CGI scorpion that made my eyes bleed, but tbh I liked the fight outside of that.

Parasitic plant was spooky, seeing Hajime shot at that monster while controlled Yue was between both was too good, she gave the classic "shoot, don't worry about me! (But you won't to avoid hurting me, right?)" and that fucker didn't even hesitate, her reaction in angery was cute.

Floor 100 and evil cliffhanger for next episode, let's see what is there.
Jul 25, 10:43 AM
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Oh my, I'm kinda surprised. I mean, that abomination of CGIness aside, this anime became somewhat enjoyable to watch. Sure, it will never be the highlight, but it made me chuckle a few times and even allowed me to somewhat sympathize with the characters. The MC is as badly written as ever, but at this point I don't really care that much about it anymore.
Jul 25, 11:35 AM

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I think it's the best episode so far, but it was bad either. Hope to see at least a slight improvement in the next episodes, unless I'm gonna drop it without hesitation.
Jul 25, 3:32 PM
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this show is actually trash. i'd drop it, but i want to finish what i started. i'll try to take it as a joke or sth. but this cgi...
Jul 25, 3:39 PM
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The episode was quite entertaining, focusing on how the relationship between Yue and Hajime progresses now that they are fellow travelers.

At least Hajime and Yue's teamwork is good, they both gave their best effort to defeat that scorpion monster.
I laughed a lot about how Yue transformed Hajime into her source of food, she drinking the boy's blood casually, while he made every effort to move forward.
Another detail that stood out a bit was the origin of the maze that Yue tells Hajime, which is well received information and that I assume will be relevant in future episodes.
This episode highlighted Yue a lot and as she slowly gets used to her savior, besides that Yue puts on too funny faces.
Hajime put a good use on the body of the scorpion, its strong shell resulted in material to create that rifle, which I hope Hajime will put to good use soon.

Tender detail of how Yue was moved to hear the story of Hajime, both must stay together to be happy, I hope in the end Hajime stays in that world with the girls (the priestess girl, the rabbit girl and the girl with black yukata .

Anyway, the episode was good as for the development of Yue and Hajime, the CGI of the scorpion is another separate issue and ruined the episode a bit (very, very little), but I'm getting used to these monsters in CGI.
If im honest Yue is the reason I keep watching this anime, I want to see how her character is growing, I also want to see that girl with black Yukata who appears in the OP and finally I want to see if Hajime destroys the face of the classmate who betrayed him, oh and I want to see what happens to the girl who suffered so much for the loss of Hajime.
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Jul 26, 3:22 AM

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Oh god that cgi was so unbearable, I'm getting Overlord s3 flashbacks

Jul 26, 3:39 AM
of Blades

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She's an old Loli! 300 years old! She's legal bois
キミと私 きっといま同じ気持ちだよ
Jul 26, 7:02 AM

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The episodes are getting better, but theres still something just really bad about each one.
Jul 26, 6:27 PM

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i don't know what's up with people complaining about the cgi when in fact it's used on those massive mobs. good luck finding an anime with an average budget that deals with massive mobs like that that don't use cgi lmfao
Jul 26, 8:42 PM
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I'm unsure about my feelings for this series so far. It did catch my interest enough to dive into its manga but seeing how it will only have 13 episodes my hopes are not high. The anime so far is some aspects gives a little bit more than the manga in some areas in others it lacks. I guess that can be said for any adaptation. It does however seem to be adding a far bit more... context to certain things in the story that the manga has yet to divulge. I do hope the anime will at the very least flesh out Hajime's and Yue's romantic relationship more than the manga.
Still not impressed with how CGI has been used in recent anime series that have come out in the past year and i have little hope of its improvement. I just try my best to not let it offend me completely.
Jul 27, 3:49 AM

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I can get behind this. As long as you have no expectations, you can enjoy this ;)
Jul 27, 12:05 PM
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I thought the episode was decent. The CGI wasn't bad either, though it could've been better. What annoys me is how slow paced the episodes are. I just hopes it keeps getting better. (:
Jul 28, 3:36 PM
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Kxrumi said:
Pretty boring and predictable.
The fight against the crab was very bad, inconsistent and with a horrific CGI. The music during the fights felt very out of context, as if it didn't fit.
Hajime in the first 2 episodes wanted to take revenge on the one who betrayed him, but now he says he doesn't want revenge...nani?

that's for now lmao the only thing he want now to get out from this dungeon
Jul 28, 3:45 PM
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the episode was good but oh well the cgi could be better but it still passable the planet monster was better and although yue isn't my favorite character but she's fine also white fox helped Asread in this episode's animation
Jul 30, 11:15 AM
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Mythologically said:
If this is a horrible adaptation, the LN must be the best thing ever made by humans
imagine continuing to defend this piece of shit after episode 4 lmao
Aug 1, 7:08 AM

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I have many things on top of anime quality, but at least they have balls to let MC be molested by lewd vampire loli only second episode we got to know her. Pretty straightforward, but standard being Harem Hero who doesn't get lewd somehow even though all girls are into him, that's nice change of pace.
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Aug 5, 7:38 PM

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This show just keeps getting worse and worse. I'm glad I didn't drop it though; it's beginning to get really funny. The CG is still pitiful, especially with the spikes and the Scorpion. The soundtrack is still great and awesome to listen to, though. The fight itself was an animated shitshow. I couldn't even begin to tell what was going on, and the choreography is among the worst I've seen in a show classified as "Action." Yue beginning to cry after his story made me laugh really hard. The voice acting of the entire cast (except for Hajime's VA) is pathetically awful. The scene where they were trying to simulate a crowd cheering but it was just one guy going "Yeah!" halfheartedly is one of the greatest moments in anime history. If she can stop biting his neck, that would be great. It's just fucking weird seeing a loli seductively drink blood. At least in Monogatari the loli has a personality. At least this action scene wasn't terrible. Although, that was mostly because there wasn't any action. I'm shocked to actually find a loli in an isekai with LESS personality and importance than Filo from Shield Hero. Incredible. In conclusion, 8/10 comedy, 4/10 episode.
Aug 6, 4:30 AM
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lol that cg.
"I'll explain everything in order" - mc, did they messup the editing last 2 episodes just to say this?
Nice abrupt osts & backgrounds are decent.
Flower dinos were 2d & cute. Poison woman was properly creepy so gj there.
Aug 6, 7:49 AM
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Lmao did anyone notice that when he was carrying the vampire girl in battle the mc got his arm back for a moment and after battle its gone again xd
Aug 8, 9:59 PM
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Have given this anime the 3 episode rule and I am already contemplating whether to drop it or not.

The plot feels like it doesn't go anywhere. I literally was fighting myself to not fall asleep while watching it.
Some of the scenes are downright retarded and leaves me being unable to tell whether the anime is trying to take itself seriously or not.

I want to give this anime a try, but if I do decide to drop this I'll give it a 5/10
Aug 9, 7:41 AM
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you are ripe Time to eat
Aug 18, 2:36 PM
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The episode was funny.. but my god I hated Yue.

So, a 300+ year old Vampire Loli that got locked away for being too strong gets possessed by a plant lady that the MC killed in 2 hits?

but WAIT in the same episode, they also make her do some giant ball of fire death on the robot enemy that the MC couldn't pierce through until Yue helped???

But wait... not once did our MC question the intention of Yue sucking her blood, he just let it happen... every single time.

And I don't understand Yues character still, why does she act like a 5 year or something, this really bothers me. I would at least understand if they made her 17 like the MC, but my god, she acts like a lost child.

Am I just lost or has this character just lost its memory of "learning to be an adult" ( she doesn't age i know, but her mental mind has to ) while she was locked away?
Sep 1, 12:32 AM

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That was... mild? It could have been better, but I'm not seeing how it's that bad, probably it goes downhill from here who knows though. Looks like the show will have a lot of Combo battles though.
Sep 5, 1:06 PM

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I don’t even know why am I even watching this anime, guess I want to know jus how bad an anime can get

DAMN, that was the most horrible CGI I’ve ever seen. Not even the slightest effort tho. How could they think to air this shit on tv

Loli vampire is the only thing I care about in this show. Might jump my score to 2 for her only
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