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Mob Psycho 100 II
Mob Psycho 100 II
6 hours ago
Watching 11/13 · Scored -
Usagi Drop
Usagi Drop
6 hours ago
Watching 3/11 · Scored -
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Mar 19, 8:00 AM
Watching 10/12 · Scored 9
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5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Yesterday, 5:22 AM
Reading 78/? · Scored 8
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Yesterday, 4:47 AM
Reading 34/? · Scored -
Mar 18, 3:14 AM
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Psychulsive Mar 2, 4:29 AM
You should continue with the Kaiji manga. There are gambles which involve strategy, and mind boggling ones. But the point is that, with Fukumoto every gamble is not just strategy, there are gambles which involve psychology. The focus alternates between psychology and strategy every arc. Bridge crossing arc was pure psychology with less strategy. But didn't you feel the tension and fear throughout the arc, it was gripping and Tonegawa's speech was something very impactful, wasn't it?
As for the bog arc, I loved how the control shifted so many times as Fukumoto introduced new elements to the gamble, which were simple yet unimaginable to predict.

All in all, read the next arc. It's pure strategy and there are some really good plot points in it and the stakes go higher and higher. Also don't let Mahjong restrict you from reading it because this arc's gamble is a much simpler gamble which just uses Mahjong setup, but you know how FKMT turned RPS to such an unexpected strategic game, something similar happens in this gamble. You'll understand the rules as you read and will get familiar with the technical terms with the translator's footnotes/notes. Highly urge you to give it a chance.
saengdao Feb 24, 9:39 PM
hmm now that you mentioned the artist for the opening song, im interested so i might check out some other stuff. usually i dont like the type of style they go for, but they also did the ending for re:zero which is more popular than the opening. any other soundtracks and openings this season you're liking?

hmm not sold with naofumi? do you mean his character development as of now or just him as a whole entire character? he's quite a unique type of protagonist for the isekai world. he's sort of the underdog here, isn't highly overpowered but is powerful in his own way, and isn't dense or oblivious. if anything, the rest of the characters in the world are oblivious and follow whatever they're told. i like that it's different, but it could also flop because it's different. what do you think it'll end up as in the end?
mifti Feb 13, 4:02 AM
sorry for the late reply first of all :~ my computer is fucked. up. and i'm basically only checking mal through my tablet and it's so awful to write there >//<

i think it'll take me a little while to get to hatsukoi monster because i think i'm kinda......tired......of watching stuff lol like this week all i've done is read manga and reread a book i like. the only thing i'm watching are the seasonals because my curiosity is greater than my supposed burnout lol but when i'm fired up again i promise i'll get to hatsukoi before anything else so i can tell you what i thought

RIGHT???? I MEAN. how can a college professor expect a college level work when she let us write less than my 5th grade teacher. i mean. honestly. this whole experience just made me so frustrated right off the bat. college was a huge disappointment in the end lol i'm glad i at least got married and ended up with a nice ass expertise otherwise i'd be vengeful at this point

i basically only write romances lol right now i'm working on a story about a guy who's fucked up because of his desires (he's a sadomasochist but is heavily tormented about it and is in denial) so he drowns himself in work and social isolation but that shit changes when he gets to know his twin sister's best friend who's also his twin sister's first love. it's just all very gay, slow and hot. i'm basically writing the story i've always wanted to read but only found in fanfics lmao
saengdao Feb 10, 9:59 PM
oh man that gets me riled up to read it, definitely wanna start the materials once the anime ends then. dont wanna ruin my image of the anime as of now, since the manga is usually better and more detailed. i wanna see kaguya and shirogane end up together, i hope thats the good thing that happened. havent seen nisekoi yet but i can definitely believe it, 200 chapters for a harem like that seems like a bit much.

i think boogiepop and the part of mystery it has is the exciting part to me. i definitely think the arcs are connected and go off of one another, but im probably just not smart enough or want to make the effort to figure that out. it could be one of those shows that start off very slow the first half, then rush it til the end. although that's hard to pull off in almost every case. im considering watching the older adaptation to see if that's better than now, and if that's always been the vibe. i can say for sure though, the opening for boogiepop is a banger.

isekai has been popular and popular, i could say for sure i might've only liked one or two isekai that i've seen. the concept is nice, but the execution that some anime put in it is garbage. shield hero is different mostly because this protagonist isn't over powered, and gets treated like shit. which is a good change compared to the godly harem protagonist, but even in the manga right now, not much i can find that is totally unique. any thoughts on that?
Hey. Lego my ego.
FluffyRem Feb 9, 3:50 PM
I see. Nice OC she is pretty
FluffyRem Feb 7, 6:37 AM
Hello just passing by..

Who is that character on your profile picture?
saengdao Feb 5, 9:18 PM
i'm actually planning to start their source materials eventually, you think it's just as good as the adaptation? i found sites holding 5-toubun no hanayome, seeing how the anime is going, i kinda wanna start the manga to see how it goes after the anime ends. i'm also definitely planning to watch mob psycho ii after it finishes airing, i wanna binge watch it asap.

for boogiepop, it's intriguing in its own way i'd say. at first i was bored but still into it, then confused, but now im kinda getting what's happening and it's still interesting. it took maybe halfway through episode 3 to work out the plot fully, and it could improve in the next twelve episodes it has. it might be boring depending on if the slow pace isn't for you.

shield hero is actually.. pretty decent right now. it isnt the best isekai i've seen in the world, but it's a unique one. the mc isn't overpowered, and actually acts like a douchebag, because he's treated like he's a douchebag. it irritates me to see how everyone treats him there, but i think that's what makes the show stand out as of right now. i've actually started the manga, since i cant totally predict the plot of shield hero. i'd say to give the first episode a shot and see how it goes, and decide from there.
mifti Feb 3, 6:06 AM
lmao someone literally recommended me hatsukoi monster this week
evangelion was surprisingly one of those shows for me? when i first started watching it when i was younger i thought it was just some mecha show and i don't usually like mecha so i ended up dropping it, then when i was in college i decided to pick it up again because it's so iconic and such a classic and it. it CHANGED me. it was such an amazing experience, i really truly loved it, but damn, it's a love it or hate it ride for sure

i did fantastic after that because my issue with that subject was page limit. my professor wanted us to write a continuous story with character development and all but we could only write one page per week, and it wasn't even front and back! and to me that was so hard, i like writing a lot. i begged her to let me write more, bc i was fully aware that none of my colleagues would volunteer to write more than one page per week, so i'd be the only one that she would have to read a little more, you know? but she refused and then told me that my problem wasn't page limits, but that i wasn't as good as i thought. on the next semester we had the sequel to that subject with the same professor but she let us write as much as we wanted and guess what? i was like 10 10 10s across the board. it was such a sweet quiet revenge lol

now my writing is going great actually, i've been writing everyday, which to me is what matters most. i have like two mottos when i comes to writing, which i "stole" from two authors: one is to write everyday, even if just a little, even if i'm going to delete it tomorrow, and the other is hemingway's advice to write drunk, edit sober lol although i tend to write while high, not drunk, because drinking makes me swollen ;-;
Lelouch0202 Jan 30, 5:35 PM
Thanks a lot man. :)

Well, I don't think I can maintain the level of efficiency needed to crack any of the top tiers since I simply don't play that much. Yup, once you've reached the SSR+ territory the events are technically just for collection and rewards. I generally keep the cards that I think look nice, if not I'll generally tribute them for seals and exp. I always max level the cards before doing that though.

I really like Nanatsu no Taizai's 2nd season though I think the fanbase for NnT isn't really as big as some of the other popular franchises. In fact I've almost never seen it talked about as much. There's some discussion on the anime threads but never really a lot. Don't know what it's like for the manga though. Damn, I really need to get caught upto Golden Kamuy again. Problem is I still have to catch upto Black Clover and One Piece. At least for the latter I read the manga but I do want to see some of the stuff animated and then I need to watch Hitman Reborn so it's gonna be a while before I catch upto all the shows that I've been wanting to watch. On-Hold hell is too real. XD

Oh, that sounds good. Yet another show that I need to watch. If it's better than Franxx then that's already a win for me and yeah I've seen the designs. Pretty good. XD

Kaguya-sama is just hitting it out the park. It's absolutely fantastic and the direction is simply awesome. I do want to read the manga but I think I'll wait for the anime to end and then pick it up. I agree about Neverland, I have the manga on hold after like 78 chapters but it did kinda fall a little flat a little after the first arc which was by far the strongest. The adaptation is great but it is a shame that they're skipping a lot of the mind games in favor of making it more suspenseful.

Oh really? I'm still kinda neutral and I actually prefer the singing voice of the other members of Poppipa compared to hers, especially Saya's. The only thing that puts me off about the second season is Rinko's voice, I guess like you mention it's just so weird to here after hearing her voice in the game and yes she sounds a little older and I guess not as timid? XD

Hah, I didn't mind Yuri on Ice but I for some reason couldn't watch too much of Side-M. It was just weird to me. XD

That's awesome, I liked the new year's gacha thing but I hope they make it more grand like SIF's lottery in the future. The lottery prizes are actually awesome. :P
May the RNGods favor all of us. xD
saengdao Jan 27, 10:17 AM
lol no worries, i usually reply late too.
man you've been watching seasonals for a while, i just kind of got in the routine. so far the most entertaining anime to me are yakusoku no neverland and kaguya-sama. how about you?
mifti Jan 27, 3:06 AM
i think deleting dropped entries also made me feel less pressured bc now i can re-find them (is that a word? lol) eventually some other day without even remembering that i dropped them? so maybe one day we'll meet again in a better place and in a better time and i'll actually like them. like evangelion

the writing has been tough. before i entered university, i had notebook after notebook plastered with like 30 different stories. i have them all still. i went to cram school for 2 years and while i did pay attention to some classes tbh i went there and always ended up just free writing instead of studying (maybe that's why i needed two years instead of one....). my teachers thought i was writing down the class subject omg poor things ;-; but when i got to university it was a very deep and dark disappointment. bc i had waited my whole life for that moment, when i'd be surrounded by other ppl with artistic ambitions and i'd finally be free to write how i wanted and especially how much i wanted, bc in school all creative essays had to follow guidelines and page limit, which to me has been a problem ever since i was a child bc, as u may have noticed by this message, i don't save on words. i write a looooad. then i got there and surprise............guidelines and page limit + a new element called COMPETITIVITY AMONG PEERS and my writing teacher actually said i didn't write as well as i thought i front of the whole class.....on the THIRD WEEK of classes. like. i was too fresh for that. so what happened was that during university i became very nervous and insecure about my writing but also very overwhelmed bc i felt everything i wrote was unfit for my college subjects and therefore unfit to be written at all. i ended up with a 5-year writer's block. i graduated last may and only now in january did i finally have another idea and the will to write again

tl;dr: college aint shit

by the way blackkklansman is AWESOME but only if you hate racists and love adam driver
mifti Jan 20, 4:43 PM
i decided not to leave anything on hold or dropped this year.......everything i don't feel like watching i just delete and forget about lol but i tend to do the same, i try to watch like EVERY. SEASONAL. and i always end up tangled in the middle of them, confusing characters and plots, forgetting episodes, skipping them accidentally. it's a mess

i lived for cinema when i was a teenager, it was like My Thing and i just felt like there wasn't anything really for me to study because i want to be a writer and tbh i didn't feel like i needed to go to college to be a writer (still don't lol) but it was also something i wanted to do, so i went ahead and studied film. i didn't watch a lot of movies last year though :~ i think from the ones i watched it would be either blackkklansman or crazy rich asians. i really liked them both. especially the first one bc it has adam driver in it hehe~
saengdao Jan 20, 9:36 AM
hihi~ cute coding on your profile
seasonal watcher too i see
Rsurect Jan 20, 8:59 AM
bro when is that i want to go with you