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Osomatsu-san 2nd Season
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
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Onanie Master Kurosawa
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Iris Zero
Feb 21, 6:30 PM
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Lelouch0202 2 hours ago
You and me both, lot of work to do. :(

Rank 131 already wow, weren't you like 90 or something a few days ago? XD
The 10xp must've given you an insane boost.

Wow, T2 eh? That must've been hard. Congratulations! 15 gems is a lot. XD
Every event is gonna be just as competitive so get ready.

I get that a lot, I don't skip stories in SIF since I really enjoy them but I play FGO as well and I pretty much skip every story scene. Master songs are hard aren't they? The sliding to normal transitions always throw me off a bit.

That's great. I love µ's just as much as I love Aqours, they're the ones that got me into Love Live after all. Though, I do feel kinda sad that I got into Love Live just a little after µ's disbanded and couldn't follow them through their lifetime. I guess it's for that exact reason I have a soft spot for Aqours since I started watching Love Live just as Aqours started so in a sense I've been following them since the very beginning. xD
Umi-chan all the way for me but hey I love them all. XD

Interesting? Well just grad school work but that in itself is pretty interesting to me so I've been having fun.
How about you? Been able to keep up with all your school work?
Lelouch0202 Feb 17, 9:34 PM
No worries, you'll get everything eventually.
I'm still debating if I should do Step 2-3 or just be content with what I got.

Animal Dia? I love the idolized version of that one with the snakes. So beautiful. <3
Lelouch0202 Feb 17, 6:57 PM
Thanks. :D

I want that Chika card too. :(
Are you gonna try scouting in the 2nd year step up?
Lelouch0202 Feb 17, 6:49 PM
Update: Step up Scouting has blessed me. <3
Lelouch0202 Feb 17, 12:59 PM
Goddamn. xD
These 10 XP songs are so broken.

I try to hold back on most cases, the 2nd year special scouts are often the most tempting for me and sometimes I do give in unless the UR I'm saving for is right around the corner in which case I try to resist at all costs. I totally get your feeling though, it's not east to resist the temptation of potentially getting a new UR. That's why I use my green scouting tickets leisurely, if I feel like trying my luck on something, I just use those instead and if I get nothing then I can console myself saying that I've atleast not lost any gems. XD

Nope, I haven't bought any of those from the sticker shop. I buy some of the badges if I see them but otherwise I only strictly buy the blue coupons cause it's the best chance for me to get a UR. I used to use my seals on R's before but I completely stopped now. I do use them on the rare SR though.

No worries, she'll come home eventually. You-chan eluded me for months so I've totally been in your spot. XD
That happened to me with blue tickets, I scouted in the muse SSR/UR box once and I just couldn't understand why I got a Honoka SSR. XD

It's hard to say, I only have 6 idolized UR's so far so it definitely takes a while since you need to get the UR again. I did cave in once and use 25 SR seals to idolize Time Travel You so there's that. xD
I generally idolize my SSR's instantly using 5 SR seals if I know they're a strong fit for my team else I wait until I get a copy. Since every event now gives out both SR and R seals, it's pretty easy to idolize SSR's. UR's are still comparatively harder to idolize.

Nice, placing in the 2nd Tier is pretty hard and quite competitive. Good Luck! I normally just settle for Tier 3.
The Kotori Maki event was a blood bath, with the 5 LP songs, the event was totally broken because the first two brackets were insanely competitive, I just burned out after getting all the event point rewards and stopped playing the event. If you'd placed in tier 2 or higher, , all I could've said is that you're a force to be reckoned with. XD
Lelouch0202 Feb 16, 7:13 AM
Yeah, I just boosted the cards I wanted up after getting them. xD

These x10 XP songs are insane, I'm only playing them for the challenges but those are insane. I saw someone with a 2000LP overflow from just constantly grinding them. xD
I'm just focusing on the event for now, I play the Lunar Songs whenever the challenge pops up else I just play the event.

Well good luck, hope you can get your 1st, 2nd and 3rd year teams. :D
I'll probably try my luck on the 2nd Year Step Up that should start right after the current one.

My N stickers eh? I normally just save them and if I ever feel like scouting I spend them at the sticker shop to buy Blue Coupons so I can scout in the SSR/UR box.
I avoid using them to idolize R's since it's pretty easy to get the R's again, I only use them on my SR's if I only feel I really want the card idolized so yeah, mostly just blue coupons.

Congratulation! looks like Hanamaru likes you. XDD
It's pretty awesome that you now have tri-color UR's, I'd recommend making them the centers of your respective teams.

To be honest, I kinda have a similar situation with Yoshiko, I've actually never scouted for her UR's when they come out but I always seem to get them at some point, mostly in the Blue Coupon boxes and some of the other limited ones. In fact I have 3 out of her 4 UR's currently on WW and I never scouted for any of them when they were released.
Lelouch0202 Feb 14, 4:47 PM
Oh, are you talking about the favorite member points? After all this time, I still don't know exactly how they work. XD
Though, I wouldn't worry about them. The maximum gain for those points at least from what I've noticed while playing seems to come from setting the card as your partner and having them as the center for your team, you also need to actually use the team in the live shows for it to count I believe. Otherwise the gain looks to be fairly low so I wouldn't worry about it.

Yeah, I'm really liking this event. The cake shop story was absolute gold. XD

Yeah, if only I had a 3rd year focused team, I'd scout for her more often. I hope I get her UR's at some point at least with blue tickets. :(
I'd put your swimsuit Hanamaru as the center since you get 9% boost for all members and 3% extra for Aqours cards. That is of course if you want to focus on squeezing out as high a rating as you can.
I think the Aqours step up scouts start day after tomorrow, so get ready. XD
Lelouch0202 Feb 13, 6:57 PM
Good Luck. XD

Oh yeah, swipe can throw you totally off guard cause you need to adjust to it.

Yeah, I get why people love Guilty Kiss a lot and they're definitely right in saying it. Well after her opening solo in Awaken the Power, I feel Ruby's or rather Aiai singing as her has gotten way better than what it used to be. I liked You/Shukashuu's voice from the start, she always puts a lot of energy into her voice and the recent PV of You's solo really brings that out while also showing her vocal range.
I've always liked Azalea so can't say much.

It was the exact opposite for me, my smile Team is the strongest and my cool team was the weakest. Though right now all my teams have nearly equal strength but my smile team still leads marginally.

Well, generally it's probably good to replace your healers when you don't have the 4-slot Healing Score skill especially when you can clear live shows without them but I'd vote on keeping a UR healer over switching with an SR scorer just because the raw attribute stat you can get is way higher than you can get with a SR. Like I keep Christmas You/Haregi Dia/Time Travel Chika/Initial Riko/Valentine's Yoshiko on my respective teams even though I don't really need the heal just because I can equip them with a Veil or Cross and that along with their raw attribute stats always get me better results that any SR I can use. Though in You's case, I also need the 2nd year center boost. I also like the cards so there's that. :P
That said, replacing an unidolized healer UR with an idolized scorer SSR is probably a good idea and more often than not might yield better results depending on your team.

I know μ's stories are unlocked based on level but I'm pretty sure Aqours are unlocked based on Aqours goals which you don't even have to worry about since you'll always have them done. XD
Aqours stories are added every time a new Aqours UR is added.

Apparently KLab is out for our gems and my money cause we're getting a Choose your Member SSR packs which is very very very tempting especially since I'm still looking for Wonderland You to come home. XD
We're also getting Year-wise step up scouts for both Aqours and μ's so R.I.P my saved gems since I'm probably gonna try my luck in the second year step up. XD
Also, it looks like the step up scouts are only gonna be available for a day so heads up.

PV of the new Dia UR

This set is so beautiful. <3
Lelouch0202 Feb 11, 8:02 PM
That's cool, Are you gonna aim for a high rank? Also, yeah I totally get that. Need that 100 LP so you can actually get good sleep without worrying about being efficient. XD

You'll get better at the songs as you keep playing. I still struggle to get FC on some Expert songs as well, Beat in Angel's the hardest expert song for me. Also, I think I've only gotten FC on like 2 master songs, I can clear all of em though.

Ahh, Now I'm tempted to read the stories to get it. Thank you very much. XDD
I love CYaRon as well! They're my favorite sub-unit. I know everyone talks about how awesome Guilty Kiss is and how they do different genres of music and utilize the trio's voices the best especially with Yoshiko's singing. That said and despite all the cool stuff they do, I've always liked CYaRon's classic energetic and catchy songs the most.
Azalea is great too, they've got this refined aura about them and it works in kinda of an interesting way with the electro style they generally use. XD
What's your favorite sub unit?

Congratulations! Is your smile team your strongest team? xD
Idolized cards are generally stronger but don't disregard the unidolized. if you've got an unidolized UR and an idolized SR. Definitely pick the UR unless the SR is somehow better for what you need in your team. I think for card strength it generally goes like
Idolized UR> Idolized SSR > Unidolized UR > Unidolized SSR/Idolized SR > Unidolized SR > Idolized R> Unidolized R> N
Of course this isn't always true and stuff like Card Effect, School Idol Skills and Center Boost and stuff play into this but generally don't disregard unidolized cards unless they're significantly weaker, There are also cases where you might want specific abilities and in those cases it's most definitely preferred to use your UR's or SSR's since they have better skills even if they're unidolized.
Lelouch0202 Feb 10, 7:17 AM
The next event is on Tuesday and I think it's gonna be the Yoshiko-Hanamaru Adventure Stroll. It's a fun event and I'm looking forward to the stories they bring. xD
Yeah, if you wanna tier in events and try to place in the top two tiers, (I think that's till Rank 6100). You'll have to play pretty competitively and use your gems to refill LP so you can keep yourself high on the ranking.
I prefer saving my gems and I'm fine with placing in the 3rd Tier since I get a copy of the Event SR so I normally don't play too competitively. I do try to place high on the Score Ranking so I can try and get an SSR seal.

I really need to read those stories. :P

New Year Chika should hit EN sometime from Mid-Late April and Valentines You should come out in early May. If you really want your UR's, start saving. XD
Lelouch0202 Feb 9, 6:28 PM
Welcome to the club. XD

I don't think we'll get birthday boxes for Aqours anytime soon, none of the girls have enough UR's at the moment so I assume it'll probably be another year or two until we get Aqours birthday boxes. That said, KLab might surprise so who knows?

Dia-sama will never disappoint since failure isn't allowed in the Kurosawa household. :3
It'll be another 3 or 4 months before the next Chika UR. XD

I really wanna scout for Autumn Dia but all my teams are 2nd year focused and I also wanna save for the upcoming Chika and You UR's so I don't know what to do. :(
Reshiram_IX Feb 9, 3:00 PM
No prob. Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta was a fun read.
assyrian Feb 8, 8:14 PM
I wanna hug Mio <3
Lelouch0202 Feb 8, 7:36 PM
Yeah, once you start maxing stuff out. Love Gems become a little scarce and saving gems becomes all the more important for scouting. That being said, you can pretty easily get around 50 gems per month even as a f2p player once you've maxed everything.

If you ask me, Dia gets the best UR's. All of her cards are absolutely stunning and each one is pretty much better than the last. I can't wait to see what she's getting next, there's a chance she might be paired with You for the current Valentine's set and if so I'm so looking forward to that.
Lelouch0202 Feb 6, 8:02 PM
Ah, guess I'm a little ahead of you. I wish they'd just give us new songs without having us read through the stories. :P

Also, I love the Haregi Dia picture. <3
She was my 2nd UR. XD