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Golden Kamuy
Golden Kamuy
Yesterday, 8:23 AM
Watching 7/12 · Scored -
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou
Yesterday, 8:23 AM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Fumikiri Jikan
Fumikiri Jikan
Yesterday, 8:23 AM
Watching 7/? · Scored -
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Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
May 19, 10:16 PM
Reading 30/144 · Scored -
Umibe no Onnanoko
Umibe no Onnanoko
May 17, 2:00 AM
Completed 20/20 · Scored 6
Piano no Mori
Piano no Mori
May 15, 9:49 PM
Reading 30/242 · Scored -


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Lelouch0202 May 17, 5:37 PM
I hope you can get the UR's one day. I wouldn't recommend maxing out the SIS of SR's unless you really want too. You're gonna replace most of your SR's with SSR's and UR's in due time. I'd much rather trade the duplicate copies for seals and get blue tickets instead. Oh you did? That's great and doesn't that mean you already have a scorer UR?
It was like that for me too, it took me a year of playing to get my first You-chan UR but boy was I happy when I did. XD
That said, I'm still heartbroken that I didn't her Wonderland or Valentine's cards. T.T

Personally the anniversary packs are a pretty good deal, they're definitely giving out a lot of stuff with it including a choose your member SSR+ scout. So there's hope if I buy the pack but I just don't really wanna spend money. Bunch of SR's? I'd be surprised if I got more than 1 SR. XDD
Bandori's gacha is definitely pretty good, I'd say the general rates are better than LLSIF's but I like the latter's overall system more because the Blue tickets are much easier to get and you get green tickets each event as well. That said, I've got 3 4* in Bandori so that's definitely a point in it's favor but it was over multiple scouts.

Oh? I don't think I've seen any of their shows but I hope they do a decent job. If the CG quality is at least at the level of the game I'd probably be fine with it.

Same here, I just hope LL doesn't go that route.

I do play FGO a fair amount, not consistently but I do play it more often than not. It's a pretty good game once you come to understand it. My biggest complaint with FGO is that the gacha system is atrocious, it's downright designed to get you to pay till you get the card you want. The drop rates for the highest tier cards are insanely low and it just sucks. You can still play with lower level cards but you just need those max rarity cards if you know what I mean. XD
MetaThPr4h May 17, 2:09 PM
> I'm watching all the seasonals now than handpicking them

I used to try every single airing from around Fall 2015 to Spring 2017, it's was crazy and a lot of times I sticked to series I didn't like at all and weren't worth finishing anyways q_q, from time to time it appeared that one anime that was like "damn, I'm so glad I gave this a try!" tho. Now I usually try the ones I'm interested about + clear ones that will be popular and the rest is based on what people say about them, this still ends with me watching a lot of series anyways xD

> Have you tried out the Danganronpa V3 yet?

Not sure if I said it back when it came out but for what I know my laptop shouldn't be able to handle it, I have to check out just in case tho.

Yeah, and the total episodes count keeps going up, not sure if I should be too proud for the pace it's going up haha.
While we're at it, a bit late gratz for the 5k episodes from your part n_n

> Yeah, I still see that Gintama hate banner on your profile lol

At this point and with how many Gintama fans I talk with this has become more of a meme than anything tbh xD, I actually used this for the April's Fools 2018 MAL, fun stuff.

MetaThPr4h May 16, 5:25 AM
Thank a lot EGOIST!

Things haven't changed much since the last time we talked here (April 2017? Fuck, time sure flies q_q), still studying, still being a salt machine when it comes to anime hehe, and you?
Lelouch0202 May 12, 9:54 AM
Haregi Dia is such a beautiful card, I love the lighting on the Idolized version. Congratulations on her and Angel Kanan!
I did the 2nd year 30 gem scout and ended up getting Time Travel You who I already have idolized so I just used it to idolize Christmas You instead. XD

KLab are going all out for this 4th anniversary, there was nothing like this last year. The campaigns, the scout boxes and even 4 free 11 scouts? Holy Shit! We are getting so much stuff.

8 pulls for Valentines You and I never got her. Not even a UR. :(
I was hoping for Valentine's Riko at the very lease but apparently rate up is a lie since I got the New Year's Dia SSR, Circus Riko SSR and Animal Kanan SSR. It's honestly a little disappointing that I didn't get any UR's or even the rate up SSR after all that scouting. :(
I'm gonna try and farm as much as I can and hopefully scout another time or two. Worst case I might even end up buying the anniversary pack and I don't really wanna spend money. :|

Yeah, I just saw the news for Bang Dream! I'm super excited, I hope they focus on all the groups this time around. Really wanna see Roselia and Afterglow.
-Bass May 8, 12:03 AM
Nice username you got there
psikun May 5, 7:11 AM
thank u for the compliment in the profile picture thread, it did take me awhile to edit it in photoshop <3
FunnyFeeling May 3, 3:02 AM
what cha mean?
he deleted it sadly
weeaboobz Apr 30, 10:42 PM
wow u stole my name
Lelouch0202 Apr 28, 9:58 AM
Congratulations!! Not one but two New Year's You-chan, I'm jealous now. XD
So beautiful. <3

Congraulations on Wonderland Dia and Initial Riko as well. :D
Lelouch0202 Apr 28, 7:41 AM
One day, I'll have You-chan shrine just like that. One day. :P

Well, good luck to you. Hope you get her. I'm gonna save the rest of what I have for Valentine's You but I really wanted New Year's Chika. :(

I tiered for the first two events but I couldn't do much for the Kokoro event even though I really did want to tier, had too much work going on. I know the Rain event starts next week so I'll definitely be trying to tier for that.
I still play thumbs only but I can see how flicking can be harder on the index finger.

Tsubasa is a great show if you ask me but it's upto you.

I personally really like the Persona 5 anime even though I haven't played the game but I doubt they can fit the entire 100+ hour content of the game into a 25 episode anime so it's only natural that a lot of the players might have complaints about certain things.
I really do wanna play a Persona game but I don't own any of the consoles. :(
I might play Persona 5 if I can get my friend's PS4 over summer break.

Oh yeah, the first opening was lit. I loved both the 2nd season openings as well but the 3rd mismatch between the song and the visuals of the 3rd season does hurt. It's a real shame too considering that the visuals for the 3rd season are the best so far.
Lelouch0202 Apr 26, 9:48 PM
Hah. xD

I haven't read too much into the story as well, I wanna do it but I just end up playing instead.

Yeah those free scouts. :(
I hope we get some of that stuff at some point.

New Year's Chika is finally out? Did you get her? I scouted twice and didn't get her or New Year's You. T.T
I did get TimeTravel You but I already have her idolized but at least I got another You-chan card.

I don't know, for some reason the slower approach speed helps me reach better. Even though we're still tapping the same amount of notes per second, the slower speed helps my judgement. I've gone upto 4.5 speed now and I hope to go more.
I play SIF on half speed as well.
Same here, some times I don't if I didn't tap or if the game didn't register it properly. :(

Definitely will given Lupin a try at some point.
I think I'm still gonna put of Megalo Box until I read Ashita no Joe.

Tsubasa is definitely a shounen story through and through but I personally love Shounen so it's right up my alley. Plus it carries a lot of nostalgia for me so Tsubasa gets a lot of bonus point from me. XD
Yeah, Hinamatsuri is awesome. XD

I saw 1 episode of Caligula and I haven't really been motivated enough to follow it more closely but from the only episode I saw, it could go either way. It could either be the real dark horse like you say or it might be really crappy. I just don't what to think of it after one episode. XD

Yeah, the P5 opening is so so good. I really wanna play the game. T.T
I don't know if it's a weak song rather than it just not fitting well enough with the visuals. The full version might be pretty good but yeah Sorairo Days fits it way better. xD
Prankster_001 Apr 21, 8:44 AM
Well the characters in Tadakoi were just likable
Prankster_001 Apr 20, 2:38 PM
I didn't know that ur watching Tadakoi tooo
Prankster_001 Apr 20, 12:53 AM
Lelouch0202 Apr 16, 4:49 PM
Arisa was a pretty fun character. I always enjoy watching her use her more vulgar language tone when she's trying to scold Kasumi.
Kasumi is sorta like a weaker version of Honoka but I still liked her and Rimirin is good too. XD
After playing the game for the past two weeks, my favorites apart from from Poppin Party are Ran, Lisa, Yukina, Moca and Tomoe. I'm also kinda like Sayo and Kokoro.

That's too bad. Also, I agree, Ayane Sakura with her deep vocals is freaking amazing especially considering she voices a lot of cuter characters. Have you listened to Ready Steady Go yet?

After this and Guren no Yumiya, Ran and Yukina are my favorite vocalists.

I think they cover anime songs mostly for now but I do hope they start covering other artists as well, it'd be real nice.

Oh, I hope you're doing better now. I'm able to play upto difficulty 20 now. I haven't started on any expert songs yet except for one of them which had 20 stars but I assume they're pretty hard.

Holy shit! 9 Speed? Goddamn, I play at 3.5 on all difficulties. XD

I really should start the Lupin series when I get the time. I want to watch Megalo Box but I don't want too without seeing Ashita no Joe first.
Well, considering that I expected this season to be the strongest season of the decade, there are quite a bit of shows that caught my eye.
The huge sequel list with BnHA S3, Steins;Gate 0, Amanchu and Shokugeki already makes this season amazing but as for the new shows almost everything I saw was pretty good. Persona 5, Wotakoi, Hisone to Maso tan, Hinamatsuri, Tada-kun, Ginga Eiyuu, Golden Kamuy and Captain Tsubasa are the most notable.
Piano no Mori was good but pales in comparison to the movie. SAO Alternative is surprisingly pretty decent. Tokyo Ghoul:Re and Lostorage Conflated seem pretty good too. It's gonna be an awesome season, that's for sure.

I watched the first episode of Caligula and I don't know what to think of it, it could be a train wreck, it could be decent, it might even be genius. I don't know. XD

Favorite OP so far is Persona 5's OP, so so good. The visuals got the style as well.
Don't really have a favorite ED yet.

The BnHA has fantastic visuals but I guess it doesn't match up with the song all that well but I still thought it was pretty decent. You should check out this Sorairo Days. version of it.

Also, It's You-chan's birthday. :D
JP got a birthday box for her but here at EN we didn't. T.T