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Sugram22 Jul 21, 2:34 AM
having issues accessing mal couple of days new like reloading like 3-5 times before page loads its either white page or error
Jet_Nice_Guy May 29, 2:24 AM
Hello. Yes, I have seen The Witcher. However, I didn't really like it.
Vi- Apr 22, 7:22 PM
LOL that reminded me Jumanji xD Have you have watched it? I have watched just the first old one, I need to watch the new ones xD
Vi- Mar 27, 3:01 PM
Here in brazil around 3000 infected and 70 deaths.

Trafic decreased considerably. Many places are closed except for supermarkets, pharmacy and some others.

LoL "this is not time to make orgies" huahuahuauhauhau oh well, as long as everyone is negative for coronavirus then this is the best time to make orgies hahahaha fap time will increase significantly as well lol
Vi- Mar 24, 7:48 PM
Oho~~ Kazehana is also my favorite, followed by the blond tsundere.

Hahaha Kuu is so funny! Though the author stops using funny moments with her after a time =(

How is your situation where you live now regarding the Coronavirus?
Vi- Mar 19, 5:23 PM
I really loved the anime. Both seasons.

I can say to you that anime and manga is relatively different.

I dropped the manga because the pace was very slow and it was kind of repetitive, so it started to become very boring. I was planning to drop it way before but I kept going.... until....

Vi- Mar 19, 2:53 PM
I dont want to even watch hahaha I have watched the first few seconds and it was enough to make me mad hahahaha they dont know what is gold!
Vi- Mar 2, 7:32 PM
lol it's kind funny how some people (like this senator) want to blame an anime or games for what happens in real life or to prevent something from happen.

I mean, this is like "I ll ban GTA because otherwise people will start killing and randomly stealing cars on the streets", or, "I ll ban all these FPS games otherwise people will start pressing B43 to buy a colt and start shooting" LoL

They do not have what to do so they uselessly want to find something where they can show how much they do good for society by "I want to ban animes because of child abuse material" lol

*shows him my hot loli body*
Vi- Feb 23, 5:40 AM
Yes, Funanimation dropped the anime because it was too heavy for their their sacks hahahaha
Vi- Feb 22, 1:42 PM
Oho~ I am still here watching animes! Hahaha

GuP Das = Girls und Panzer Das Finale.

By the way, did you know about the a hardcore ecchi anime making lots of success? I cant wait to watch it! It's called ISHOZUKU REVIEWERS. Damn, I bet this one will be one my easiest 10/10 hahaha
Vi- Feb 20, 4:03 PM
Sup, Sugram, how are you?

More than 8 months since Gup Das Finale movie 02 has been released but still no subs... ><
Vi- Jan 10, 2:26 PM
Yes! I really do enjoy Railgun.

Curiously, I really dislike its counterpart Index.

Railgun is better when it comes to
1. Main Characters (we have Kuroko, Misaka and the other girls)
2. We don't have Touma as the main character in Railgun (Touma is one of the few male main characters that annoys me >< )
3. Railgun's story and events arent messy as Index's.

Those ^ are my opinions, though.

I'm excited to start watching Railgun <3

By the way, if I'm not mistaken I think we have talked once about Railgun and Index, didn't we?
Vi- Jan 2, 9:13 PM
Happy New Year, Sugram!

By the way, I didn't read what you had said about GoT because I still haven't watched the last season and I want to avoid most spoilers xD

Ah, I am getting so dissapointed by these last animes I am watching. Beastars and Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai! started so nice and promising but became boring and cliche.

Beastars, for example. Started nice and promising but turned out to be cliche with a forced romance.

Bokutachi I really did enjoy the first season but the second is basically a filler with such a rushed ending after the credits.

FUUUUUUUUU I am yet to watch a nice anime from that season. I bet JET GIRLS will be the anime I wll enjoy most (and here on MAL it's with such a low score, without any surprise about that).
Jet_Nice_Guy Dec 31, 2019 9:13 AM
Happy new year!
Sugram22 Dec 25, 2019 2:38 AM
Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!