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Goblin Slayer
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Vi- 9 hours ago
Thank you for the suggestion.

I have a feeling that despite the ero comedy Ill get a little bit annoyed by the fact that the mc is a shota whom pretty and hot girls are all over him ><

How is the ecchi?

Vi- May 18, 2:06 PM
Sugram, have you been reading Yuragisou manga? How is it?

I see it's still publishing? How is going the translation?

I intend to read the manga ^^

EDIT: I saw 2 chapters and the manga has censorships even on the nipples =(
Vi- May 17, 2:39 PM
yep lol I did see it.

that episode the ecchi was over 9000! it reminded me a lot of To love ru hahaha

at times like that I think "would be nice if it here had a touch of hentai" not in a sexual intercourse way, but regarding censorship... instead of censoring it showing the omanko and such.
Vi- May 16, 6:37 PM

I have just finished Yuragisou! Thank you for your recommendation! It's been a while since I have watched a nice harem + ecchi + comedy + slice of life anime.

Really enjoyed. <3
Vi- May 14, 7:08 AM
Oh~ I have already watched Isekai Maou! Thanks for the suggestion anyways!

Shera was the best girl of that season. Actually, not only of that season in specif but also of many other seasons =P I loved her.

The last episodes kind disappointed me. The outcome was lame / cliche that disappointed me >< I was ready to give the anime an 8 but the last episodes made me give it a 7.

I m enjoying in a good amount Yuragi-sou. The ecchi and fanservice are nice and the comedy is being good enough for me! So far I have watched 4 episodes and Im currently waving from 7 to 8 / 10.
Vi- May 13, 5:41 PM
Wow! Thank you! Hahahaha I was in need for ecchi / fanservice animes! Damn! Im starting watching this tonight! Im downloading the episodes right now!
Vi- May 12, 8:41 AM
Sup sugram, I really tried to watch Index until the end but in the end I couldnt.

Well, at least Railgun is upcoming soon. I hope to enjoy it the same way I enjoyed the other seasons <3

I wanted to watch Youjo Senki movie but there isnt a subbed version yet.
Tatte no Yusha is still ongoing. 7 episodes or so to go. About 2 month to finish ><

Im trying this SHUDDENGO, looks like it has a Hentai version and a non-hentai version. Going for the hentai version (i will added it in my hentai acc).

At any rate, Ill back to read some of the manwhas Ive been reading until the other animes finish airing and/or some movies (such as Youjo Senki) gets a sub version.

Vi- May 11, 2:28 PM
I have watched 11 ep....

I feel like dropping it soon, Ill try to watch 2 more or 3 episodes.

I better wait for Railgun instead.
Vi- May 10, 11:15 AM
I have already watched 6 episodes of Index III, damn... I feel like dropping it already hahaha and it has 26 episodes! LoL

Vi- May 8, 7:33 PM
Hm... I did watch the trailer. As you said, they have mecha-like armors... it reminded me of Knights of the Zodiac =P

Even though I'm not sure If I'll watch, thanks for the suggestion anyways.


I have just watched Non Non Biyori Vacation.

It was a pleasant anime if you wanna relax and put your mind at ease.
I usually suck for animes like that, though Non Non in general gives me good and relaxing feelings.


Now I'll start Index III.
I dislike Index, though I do really like Railgun.
I have disliked index I and II, I have a feeling I'll dislike Index III as well, though since it's connected to Railgun I'll try to keep watching.

Index is hell of confusing, random and the main character (Touma) annoys me. Exactly the opposite of Railgun.

Well, let's see what awaits me in Index III.

Vi- May 5, 6:49 AM
Hahaha Tatte no Yusha at least at first looks like your usual Harem + Action anime judging by its cover pic, though it looks like it has something different to it.

I'm somewhat anxious to start watching it.

Garo Vanshing? Never heard about.
I've just checked out and it's an anime from 2018. It's somewhat recent.
Demons and such hm...

Have you ever watched this one?

I gave it a 7. It had some things that bothered me otherwise I would have give an 8. Actually I was waving from 7 to 8 at the time.
I don't know why I'm suggesting you this one haha that was a bit random; I just felt like suggesting you Needless in specific. It's been a long time since I watched that anime.

Vi- Apr 30, 6:28 PM
Oh~ Im yet to watch this anime. People are saying it is a nice anime. Im just waiting to finish airing to start watching it.

Now Im curious why they are so mad =P Cant wait to watch the anime haha

Are you enjoying the anime?
Vi- Apr 1, 7:41 AM
Sup! Well, I actually don't even know who is Vic >< I'm out of this situation or what is happening ><

LOL! Here as well! hahahahhaa I haven't noticed that, wtf is happening... I hope this is just a joke...... i hope
For a moment i thought they were just characters from ecchi and hentai animes, but all of them are like that, so that's why my initially guess is that this is a joke, must be!
Vi- Feb 26, 5:11 PM
Hm... so it asks to reg... fuck ><

I'll try to find it somewhere else, like on mangakakalot and the other sources you told me.

So, just to confirm, you have just suggested me MY STEPMON (which is also called This Doesn't Feel Like Me)?

You can't find it here on MAL because it isn't a manga, it's a manhwa (it's Korean). MAL does not add manwhas to its database =(

Thanks for Alita's possible download / watch sources, I'll give it a look

By the way, which chapter you are in Kiss x Sis? I stopped (at the moment) at chapter 118 (currently 130 chapters available). I do really like kiss x sis, can't wait to resume my read.

Did you see that things goes beyond you could imagine? I didn't even believe that would get to the point it get! yes!!! ^^
Vi- Feb 25, 6:12 PM
Oh... so if it's a movie I might give it a chance, is it already available to watch on internet? or torrent download.

Damn!! thanks a lot for those suggestions! I was really in need of manwhas to read.
I will surely give a chance to both!

This one is MY STEPMOM as well? This

Hahaha different from mangas, Manwhas are most of them colored. I really like it because it feels more vivid and doesn't tires my eyes as much as the mangas do.

By the way, here is my manwhas list I have noted on windows notepad: