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Days: 188.9
Mean Score: 6.46
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan
Sep 27, 6:00 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls
Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls
Sep 27, 6:26 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T
Sep 26, 7:44 PM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 8
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Days: 36.4
Mean Score: 6.34
  • Total Entries246
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  • Volumes626
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Watashi Igai Jinrui Zenin Yuri
Watashi Igai Jinrui Zenin Yuri
Aug 24, 7:44 PM
Completed - · Scored 6
Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau
Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau
Aug 22, 6:35 PM
Reading 16/? · Scored 8
Jun 28, 10:35 AM
Reading -/19 · Scored -


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Anjira Sep 23, 6:58 PM
Oh is Mario tennis hard? I only played a bit of the new one at a friends house awhile back and we did versus. I was debating on picking that up down the road. I really did enjoy the version on the N64 though. And nope, Rosalina is her own thing but she has little star friends called lumas that are super cute. And yeah started to play Mario 64 and I really dig it so far. Got like 7 stars so far and was busy playing yesterday when I finally got it delivered.

And yeah I am up to date on AYAKASHI TRIANGLE and read the new characters when they come out on Sundays. I hope it sticks around for awhile because I feel like it has room for growth and the ayakashi we’ve seen so far are pretty cool.

Ah I only saw a little of Takkyuu but it was alright. I hope you enjoy Softenni though! It was funny and cute and my fiancé and I enjoyed watching it together. And I also agree with you about ro kyu bu I dropped it really quick. A much better basketball anime imo is kuroko no basketball.

And nice save on the youtube video haha
Anjira Sep 20, 2:58 PM
Yeah super Mario sunshine is the one that came out on the GameCube where you shoot ster to wash stuff up. I missed out on that on the GameCube so I am excited to try it out. Unfortunately my copy got back ordered so I couldn’t play it on release weekend but I should be able to play sometime next week since it shipped on Friday. And no, Mario odyssey is the one with cappy. Mario galaxy introduces Rosalina and you travel to different planets and there is a gravity mechanic. It’s very good so if you get the chance I would check it out!

Yeah that’s true about to love ru, and after that he did the darling in the frankx manga and his latest series, which I’m reading and enjoying, is AYAKASHI TRIANGLE, which is basically Ranma 1/2 meets ninjas and ghosts lol. The main protagonist gets turned into a girl so wacky semi yuri hijinks ensue.

As for bubble tea the only flavor I tried so far was peach and it was nice and sweet. And as far as that video goes, I think it’s a girl but she looks like she could be gender fluid. And oh for sports anime, have you seen Softenni?
Samurotaku Sep 15, 7:54 AM
Here´s a present
Anjira Sep 14, 5:12 PM
Oh nice! And I just double checked but according to google bowser jrs first appearance was actually in super Mario sunshine, which I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet but I will soon! They are coming out with super Mario 3D all stars for the switch, which is going to have Mario 64, sunshine and Mario Galaxy. It is only going to be a limited run game though, and only available for purchase until March of next year. A lot of places for the physical copies are already sold out but I got my preorder locked in lol.

And with to love ru I feel like he was trying to leave room for another possible sequel series. After all, if the harem plan would have succeeded then it would basically be it for the manga. But yeah I was totally supportive of Momos plan because then you don’t have waifu wars and everyone wins. Although I’m also wondering if the author had a change of heart and wanted one girl to win in the end. Wonder who his favorite is, maybe Yui or Haruna?

Oh bubble tea I had one time at this authentic Chinese restaurant, (I saw authentic because there’s real Chinese food and then the Americanized version), and it was really good! I enjoyed the texture of the jelly bubbles in the drink and I would definitely try it again. Since you drank it so much, have a favorite flavor?
Anjira Sep 9, 4:42 PM
Huh I will have to check out that channel then. Is it also subtitled? And yeah I saw a few videos of people playing Pokémon go in Japan and I’m so jealous! So many pokestops and they have Pokémon centers which are just big Pokémon stores with all exclusive merchandise. We have the Pokémon center online for the states but man I’d love to go and drop 200 dollars in one of those stores in Japan hehe.

Yeah I was surprised that a Captain Tsukasa game was localized to begin with. And Mario tennis was very good. Did you know that’s where Waluigi made his first appearance? They needed a partner for Wario so they made him up, and Nintendo doesn’t really like to acknowledge his existence to this day lol.

Ah okay that totally makes sense about kiss x sis. In that case I feel like a spinoff manga about sensei and Keita would have been better then, imo. And this point, he just go for the harem plan like to love ru lol.

Yup, they want a hug so they can take a picture of you with them and then charge you. Typical tourist trap. And to put my appearance in perspective, in college I was going to do an internship at a school and I arrived and the front desk worker was like, oh miss, who is your teacher, and I was like, um I’m the new internet and the front desk work apologized a bunch lol. But I’m not going to complain because you know why? At least we will age gracefully then. 😎

Yeah there are a lot of seltzer water companies here, bubly is a good example. It’s similar to sprite but it has no sugar or calories or anything, just flavored water that has the bubbles like soda.

Abajur Sep 7, 4:44 PM
Ahahaha, seja um médico que deixa figure da Hatsune Miku na mesa pra atender os pacientes! Eu iria, com certeza.

Cara, parei de assistir anime fazem quase 3 anos. Só tenho reassistido HxH, lentamente. Sei lá, só parei. Eu sou muito obcecado pra ser saudável.

Omg, Magia Record acontece no mesmo universo que Madoka Magica??!! Não sei porque, mas não esperava que isso fosse acontecer, nunca.
Anjira Sep 7, 3:09 PM
Yeah it would ave been pretty cool to use the skull kids mask but it would have probably made you a berserk or something haha. And yeah I get what you mean about Pokémon, there’s a lot you’ve missed haha. Have you ever tried Pokémon go, (speaking of)?

And yeah I saw there’s a Captain Tsukasa game but I don’t know anything about the series. I know soccer is super popular across the rest of the world but not so much here, although I’m not really a sports fan in general. I’ll check in on like the super bowl but otherwise it’s pretty meh to me.

[spoiler] why exactly was it boring, because it just focused on them? And why did they break up?[/spoilers]

And no the people in costumes wanted me to take pictures or hug them so they could charge me for them lol. Easy way to make money I suppose. And yeah New York definitely has a wide variety of people so sometimes it’s just fun to go people watching. And you don’t like orange soda? Wow lol. I really don’t drink soda anymore but I did enjoy that one as well a ginger ale. Lately I’ve been drinking seltzer which has zero calories but you get the soda effect.
Anjira Sep 2, 5:16 PM
Ah yeah I never got a chance to play ocarina of time but I did play Majoras mask, that was good. I made sure to get all of the masks but I didn’t go after all of the hearts and having the fierce deity mask definitely made that last boss fight against skull kid kinda anti climatic lol. If you like watching people play games, I would check out game grumps if you haven’t already. They actually just finished their play through of Majoras mask so it’s still fresh in my mind. And yeah I played Majora on the 3ds so I definitely used a walkthrough lol. And this will be the first Pokémon snap since the n64 so you haven’t missed out on those games, but you’d be shocked on how many new Pokémon their are.

Wowowow kiss x sis is still around? I had no idea. I briefly read the manga but I mostly remember watching the ovas, and I don’t remember if I finished them either. I do remember I liked the blonde teacher lady though, she was cute.

Ah okay that makes sense. In my old child house we had a large tub that could fit multiple people but now I have the micro tub lol.

And yeah last time I was in nyc we were getting out of port authority and someone ran into me and they dropped their phone and tried to blame me on breaking their phone. I was like, I’m sorry but you ran into me. My fiancé was there so he just left but I would have been scared if I was by myself. And yeah there’s a lot of cool stores in NYC like the Nintendo store and Kinokunia which is a Japanese book store chain. And yeah there’s a lot of people asking for tips. Because of my young appearance the people in time square dressed up like elmo and stuff would ask me if I wanted a hug and pictures and I’m like uh no leave me alone lol I never had to it for opening the door before that’s weird. That’s not something that usually happens where I live.

And I want to try the rest of the worlds Coke a Cola too! I have heard there’s a difference and I’m super curious. That and I want to try orange coke.

gabrielz8 Aug 31, 3:46 PM
Olha só quantos nomes e obras, meu coração Shoujo Ai/Yuri pula de alegria! kkkkkk

Pode deixar que vou olhar cada um deles com calma depois, que essa semana estou trabalhando no vídeo dessa sexta (inclusive pela nota que você deu acredito que vai gostar), mas assim que postar eu vou saciar a falta de Shoujo Ai na minha vida com essas obras, valeu pelas recomendações =D

(Inclusive eu li Beauty And The Beast Girl, eu também achei bem fofo, mas como ainda está rolando eu deixei de lado para acumular alguns capítulos rs)
Anjira Aug 31, 9:55 AM
Oh yeah there were a lot of games I played on rental too, like Jak and Dexter but I ultimately just kept renting that out until I beat it lol. And yeah Nintendo definitely has some of the best long running franchises out there. And speaking of Zelda, have you played any of them?

Yes most normal type Pokémon, like Clefairy and Wiggletuff could learn more than normal type attacks, and nowadays they also have the fairy typing, which got introduced in generation 6. There’s a lot you missed but if you played sword or shield you’d be able to pick back on things pretty easily.

Haha I totally forgot about kiss x sis. That was an interesting anime back in the day. And yes I would totally do a private onsen. I also really want to see the cherry blossoms, and it would be super cool to have like a picnic underneath a bunch of falling blossoms. Would be super bad for my allergies but still very pretty lol. And yup, that’s how my house is setup, with the bathtub and shower in one. Although some houses have it separate. I just really want to find a house with a big tub and take a big bubble bath haha. And yeah New York is it’s own beast and the people can be rude and it’s a fast paced city. I’m not too far from there, like about an hour or so. I miss going there for the shops and for the broadway musicals though.
gabrielz8 Aug 30, 6:22 PM
Opa, tudo certo sim e com você?

É assim que acabo fazendo com a maioria dos mangás que estou acompanhando atualmente, Iruma-kun por exemplo, eu espero acumular um volume inteiro para ler tudo de uma vez, acho melhor assim...porém tem os casos como Kaguya-sama, que acompanho o mangá a um tempo, quando sai um capítulo novo eu paro tudo para ler na hora kkkkk

Você também é um amante de Yuri/Shoujo Ai? Olha só, sempre bom encontrar alguém com gostos parecidos rs Por um tempo as únicas obras que li foi apenas desses gêneros, e considero Shoujo Ai o meu gênero favorito! Eai, lendo o que de bom? =D
lucyzinhw Aug 30, 2:07 PM
Me desculpa pela incrível demora para te responder, dessa vez eu demorei muito, geralmente entro muito pouco aqui. Espero que o problema do MAL tenha dado uma estabelecida nesse período que não entrei.

Eu estou te respondendo novamente, não sei ao certo o que aconteceu, mas eu te respondi e meu comentário simplesmente sumiu, então estou aqui respondendo novamente kkk

E simmm, eu já assisti o live action de kakeguriu, eu achei muito diferente e divertido, principalmente para alguém que nunca tenha ouvido falar da obra ou visto o anime, é um live action bem divertido. Comecei a assistir o anime a pouco tempo já que não tinha parado para assistir, é bem interessante como abordam os jogos no anime.
gabrielz8 Aug 30, 11:00 AM
Hey, valeu pelo follow! Eai, assistindo/lendo muita coisa boa ultimamente?
Anjira Aug 29, 8:39 PM
Ah nice. I absolutely loved Pokémon snap, and I don’t know if you heard but they announced a new snap game coming to the switch. So excited about that! But as a kid I played that game so many times over and over again trying to get the perfect shots. I will always remember the end sequence where you’re hunting down Mew and have to get him out of his bubble lol.

And yeah Koffing was pretty versatile. In the new sword and shield games there is a Galarian Weezing form where he looks like he came straight out of a chimney lol. The new games are based around England so makes sense.

Yup...I googled Jingai Shunman and looked and some images and was like nope. Cool you’re into it though. Reminded me of that insect island manga or whatever that got an ova recently. I didn’t not watch it but my friend told me that it’s definitely not up my alley either.

Yeah I also have a fear of heights cause my balance is horrible and I’ve only been on a plane twice and that was within the continental US. And maybe not necessarily a public onsen but I would like to go to a inn where they have private baths and just relax and drink sake like they do in the animes. That’s on my bucket list. Also I just really miss baths. My current house has a small bath and it’s not comfortable at all.

And I don’t know too much kpop but black pink is pretty good. And haha yeah I do have a lot of conversations going. I just respond when I know I will have time to go through them all, which is usually at the end of the day.