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Days: 110.1
Mean Score: 7.83
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2 hours ago
Watching 8/12 · Scored 8
Sakura Quest
Sakura Quest
11 hours ago
Watching 13/25 · Scored 9
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Days: 24.8
Mean Score: 8.34
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Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
Jun 26, 6:20 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Black Clover
Black Clover
Jun 19, 4:44 PM
Reading 77/? · Scored 9
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Jun 11, 10:54 AM
Reading 41/? · Scored 9


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EcchiLordMamster Yesterday, 4:04 AM

Can't wait :D
TwistedMind Jun 26, 6:42 PM
YIPPIE!!! :)
:) <3333 Haha, YAY! :)

Yup! :) Well, that sucks, haha :D I'm sorry South Carolina isn't that great then :D

:) Yippieyay! :D Seems like it!!! :D Haha :D
:D :) <3333333

Yay!! :D
While I haven't listened to Seperations yet (I don't like to listen to too many albums at once, so I can differentiate better), I listened to all of the Life Awaits album today! :) The whole thing is extremely good!! So thanks for the recommendation! :) I'd say my favorites are actually Bones and Waves, but all the songs are pretty awesome!! Gonna listen to Seperations next! :)
If you also want a recommendation, you should check out dEMOTIONAL, they recently released their third album and it's pretty cool! :D

Sure! :) Actually I haven't watched AoT season two at all yet!! Did you already finish it? Guess I'm gonna marathon it sometime, just like I did with the first one :D

Yay, I'm glad you'd like to listen! :) I guess I'll just put some links in here, because, well, why not :D
(if there's someone reading through the comments, feel free to listen as well, but make sure to give me feedback, lol :P)
I'm really curious for your opinion on them, buddy!! :) <3333
DayaShigeno Jun 22, 7:30 PM
TwistedMind Jun 22, 7:10 PM
YAY!!! :)

:) <333 Haha :D So am I! :D YEAH! :)

Haha, you're right there! :D I totally believe that South Carolina ain't bad! :D

:) Yippie! Well, glad you're glad I'm glad, haha! :D
YAAY! :D <3333

Haha, thanks! :) Sounds good!!
I just listened to Worst Intentions and I do like it indeed! :) I'm going to listen to the rest of the album, as well as Seperations and tell you what I think in my next message then! :D
Also, what do you think about the current anime season? :) I completely lost track of it to be honest! The only thing I know (and I'm still hyped for) is Jigoku Shoujo 4, which should begin airing in a few weeks I guess :D

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that I recently got into soundtrack composition, mostly in the style of the Pokémon or Kingdom Hearts OSTs, and I really would love to show you some I recently made to hear your thoughts on them! :)
ronsgrooves23 Jun 21, 11:48 PM
Okay! Thanks for the recommendation :)

Hope to keep in touch with you in the future:)

Just message me anytime­čÖĆ
ronsgrooves23 Jun 21, 10:44 PM
Wow! Don't worry I love long replies :)

Well as for me, this season I am following some series like re creators, aot season #2,rokudenshai akashic record and of course boruto(which is technically the same as hell as Naruto hahaha!)

I am not rewatching any show at this moment because of may tight sched :(

Hmm for the next season ummmm

New game season 2
Fate(yet again­čśä)
No game no life zero (movie)

And that's it for me :-D
ronsgrooves23 Jun 21, 9:51 PM
Okay :)

By the way what series are you watching currently? or are you looking forward to a series this aummer?
ronsgrooves23 Jun 21, 11:12 AM
Sorry for the late reply :-[

Oh thank you I am glad to hear that :)

Hoping to discuss more things with in the future:)
Maruko-san Jun 21, 5:38 AM
Yeah thx. Seems you love gundam huh? Well I've never been a fan of it. And damn your anime list is so many, well so does for the others
Maruko-san Jun 21, 5:26 AM
Feels good man. I added cause i saw your profile picture. Man Kotarou & Akane is the best couple ever man. Tsuki ga Kirei is really underrated don't you think?
ronsgrooves23 Jun 20, 8:03 AM
Hello! No problem at all:)
I'm very fine, nice to meet you­čśä
TwistedMind Jun 17, 7:59 PM

:) <33 Haha! :) I think so too! :D :) Yeah :D

Haha :)
Yup! :) Yeah, I can imagine :/ Definitely sucks :/ Yep!

:) Yay! I'm glad, haha :D
YAAAY!! :D :) <3333

Btw, I'm sorry my messages get so short D: I'll try to make them longer again next time! Also, do you have any new music recommendations? :D
Dead_unicorn Jun 14, 5:45 AM
Hello, thanks for accepting my friend request. I'm fine, and you? I saw that you like Adelitas Way, it's one of my favourite bands, too.
TwistedMind Jun 12, 7:04 PM

:) <3 Haha yay! :) That's indeed true! :) :D Yup! :D

Haha :)
Well, yes! :D True! :) Ahh, I see! That's a really stupid reason indeed! :/ But can't be helped I guess :D

:) Yay! :) Thank you again! :)
Well of course you are! :D :) <333333
EcchiLordMamster Jun 11, 3:36 PM
YEA PRETTY MUCH, although i really do love Tsugumomo regardless, i was disappointed to realize that happened xD