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Poll: Miira no Kaikata Episode 12 Discussion

Mar 29, 2018 10:24 AM

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A continued episode from the previous one. I think this along with the previous episode have been the most serious ones yet.

Poor Mii-kun. That guy squeezing him was a hard scene to watch. However, the remainder of the show returned to the lighthearted series I remember with the critters. There's even some yutaka fluff going with festival activities.

Overall, 5/10. A so-so series. I didn't think it was good or bad, just average.
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Mar 29, 2018 12:44 PM

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And so Mii-kun is saved from the evil collector and we end with a heartfelt and fluffy summer festival reunion. Plus the promise to be together, forever. I think Frieza Anubis would have enjoyed Yuru Camp btw. XD You know, as adorable as this was I think Gakuen Babysitters just barely edges it out in that category to take the cuteness title of the Winter season this year. Both shows had moments of drama, but this one definitely had more, and even dared to end an episode on a cliffhanger. I suppose there's merit to having more dimension, more depth, but really this show, like that one, was at its best when it was just being adorable. For me at least. Anyway this was still a very good, solid 8/10 series. Isao was probably my favorite of the little ones, slightly beating Mii-kun. And of course Kaede, who was sexy as fuck, was the best human. And uh...yeah, that's it. XD
Mar 29, 2018 1:23 PM
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Good thing that evil collector got punished.
I liked this show. It was funny and cute but also tearjerking at times. I'll give this 7/10
Mar 29, 2018 1:31 PM

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It was brave of Sora to rescue Mii-kun. I'm glad the guy that kidnapped him got what he deserved. Everyone had fun at the mini festival. It was fun to watch everyone interact with their own creature. Good show overall. 6/10
Mar 29, 2018 1:56 PM

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I wasn't too big on the bad guy, but the justice he got and the very cute second half of the episode totally made up for it.

8/10 from my part and one of my top 5 anime from this season (2nd best nonsequel after Babysitters and tied with Slow Start), super adorable show with a nice cast, I will really miss Mii-kun q_q
Mar 29, 2018 2:27 PM

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I figured out what has bugged me about this show since the beginning... NO ONE BLINKS ENOUGH!! The only time that anyone blinks is when they are changing facial expressions. lol

No wonder it always felt a bit creepy even with how cute this show is. lol
Mar 29, 2018 3:25 PM

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8/10, catchy ED song.

Frieza's VA in this show was the icing on the cake lmao
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Mar 29, 2018 3:30 PM

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deadman80 said:
I figured out what has bugged me about this show since the beginning... NO ONE BLINKS ENOUGH!! The only time that anyone blinks is when they are changing facial expressions. lol

No wonder it always felt a bit creepy even with how cute this show is. lol

The only thing that creeped me out all the time were Mogi's bangs and her big disturbing stares XD.

It was a pretty solid show though, it unexpectedly went deep with past trauma and relationship stuff.
Mar 29, 2018 3:44 PM

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Pretty decent episode and a nice closure that is as slice-of-life as how the anime started.
Highlight of the episode for me, though, is when Daichi first met Kaede.
When a highschool boy meets the model he always faps to in his room... =D

Man I'm going to miss this show.
Mar 29, 2018 4:04 PM

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I don't know if this have a manga, well i think that it has since "comico" appeared at the opening but...can someone answer me something? please >.<

1) does tazuki love sora's....aunt? sister? i don't remember... in the last chapter he says "tch" when the yellow haired one (yeah i am bad at names) says that he is her fan and he is the one who also borrow her glasses when she is mad

2) what is inside Mii's bandage?

3) what happenned to tazuki in the past? i am not really sure, someone went after him and that dragon but what happenned to it? did the bad guy take it? and what about tazuki's scar? how was it made?

thanks <3
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Mar 29, 2018 4:06 PM

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Decent finale and decent show overall. Was pretty fluffy, and surprisingly had its fair share of touchy moments. Enjoyable for what it was.


Mar 29, 2018 4:29 PM
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Aunt was on television. So she makes commercials as a model?

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Mar 29, 2018 5:34 PM

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OK nice episode and all.... but I mean the spirits are really mean and unforgiving... the last episode Sora and friends were almost killed by them... and the guy in this episode was subjected to hundred slashes and burning ...sure he did ...was wrong but I still believe they took it too far...

overall good show///
Mar 29, 2018 7:23 PM
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Lol the thing with the collector was a bit exaggerated, especially with Mogi lifting Sora and Sora scaling that cliff. We could've done without it, although I did like the mini festival they were gifted.

Overall, a very enjoyable and chill series. The creatures were adorable! I'd be down if a sequel ever happens ^^
Mar 29, 2018 8:05 PM

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still not a fan of the sudden change in atmosphere, if it was going to go this route then at the very least they should have had a collector watching them from afar since the beginning that to me would have helped. I do still like this anime and I hope it does get another season just hopping they don't repeat the same mistake with this season.

YumiShinku said:
I don't know if this have a manga, well i think that it has since "comico" appeared at the opening but...can someone answer me something? please >.<

1) does tazuki love sora's....aunt? sister? i don't remember... in the last chapter he says "tch" when the yellow haired one (yeah i am bad at names) says that he is her fan and he is the one who also borrow her glasses when she is mad

2) what is inside Mii's bandage?

3) what happenned to tazuki in the past? i am not really sure, someone went after him and that dragon but what happenned to it? did the bad guy take it? and what about tazuki's scar? how was it made?

thanks <3

1. no he doesn't we all agreed that it's tazuki x sora not sora's aunt.

2. No one knows they never specify.

3. they did explain it twice if I'm not mistaken. the dragon got captured but eventually it was rescued and is doing alright now. as for the scar watch the episode where Conny is introduced. I'm not going to make this easy for you some things you just need to figure out on your own.
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Mar 29, 2018 10:07 PM
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Although there are some changes in the anime, but this series of adventures of Sora, Mii-kun, and everyone are super-duper cute and amazing! However, there is still more to come that I want to see. Tazuki needs to overcome his problem in the future, Daichi has to overcome his past by meeting Paku the demon bunny again, who is Daichi and Mukumuku's friend, Sora has to meet his father, we have to see the oni grandma and the fox girl as they go camping someday,we have to see Sora overcoming his problem as he takes care of the bird, and see Pochi's past while celebrating Sora's birthday. It'll be better if the characters can do a preview each episode while they talk about their cute critters. I hope they can get season 2 of How to Keep a Mummy someday! And by wanting a second season of How to Keep a Mummy, I really mean it!
Mar 29, 2018 10:29 PM
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Nice ending and overall it's better than i expected, just wish more people know about this anime.
Mar 29, 2018 10:47 PM
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Pretty good episode and series overall. Would like a second season for more cute moments.
Mar 30, 2018 5:31 AM

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pretty boring series, at least for me. 5/10
Mar 30, 2018 6:40 AM

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Seems like Tazuki has a crush on Kaede? They look cute together, but I'm still for Tazuki x Sora tho

A beautiful, cute and nice ending <3

Mar 30, 2018 7:47 AM

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Kinda weak finale. Still a very nice and comfy series overall. The early episodes are the best. Here's hoping they'll introduce new characters after this episode/chapter.

Mar 30, 2018 8:31 AM

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Really good series. What we thought was going to be a nice slice of life turned into an anime with some ominous undertones. Along with some depressing backstories.

You gotta wonder in a world full of Supernatural are humans affected as well? So for instance Mogi had crazy strength, Sora was pretty skilled while climbing, and Tazuki had really good eye sight.

They never really went into detail with that and I feel like they wanted to just "accept it" lol

Overall 8/10
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Mar 30, 2018 9:56 AM
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9/10 from me. They last episode is really good
Mar 30, 2018 11:17 AM

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LOL at the collector getting a hundred lashes and burning. Might as well kill him.

This series was really cute but the story/plot was pretty average and that speaks a lot to me. I loved Mii-kun and all of the other creatures but it was just okay.

Overall, I think it's a 6/10 series. I absolutely loved the adorable moments the creatures had but the humans Sora, Tazuki, etc. weren't that interesting.
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Mar 30, 2018 1:04 PM
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I like how no one winced at the fact The Collector is basically dead.
Mar 31, 2018 12:42 AM

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It was a cute precious ride that you'd treasure this show!
Mii was of course rescued.
And later on they had a miniature omatsuri!
my favourite character of this show is Aayan! cuz of the way he speaks!
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Mar 31, 2018 5:23 AM

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What a wonderful series.
It was a perfect example of mild anime. If you're watching for plot, you're gonna have a bad time.
However, there WAS character development, but just at the perfect level for an iyashi-kei anime such as this.
Sora and Tazuki's friendship is really precious. I really enjoyed watching Sora's development into somebody who can rely more on the people around him. The scene where he is holding onto Tazuki's shirt was so simple and meaningful. Loved it.

One of my favourite parts of the episode was also Daichi fanboying over Kaede...

Overall, I loved the series. It was a great way to end a stressful week, and I will definitely be checking out the manga on comico. The creatures were adorable and the characters were so sweet my teeth ached. I ended up liking Aayan the best because his way of talking seems so uptight, yet everything he was actually saying was so pure and sweet. (thank you for casting Nakao, thank you). I wasn't even bothered by all the Sanrio product-placement.

I would really love an OVA for this one, and would pre-order it as soon as it's announced!
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Mar 31, 2018 6:22 AM

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Pretty much the fluff I was expecting.
Mar 31, 2018 7:55 AM
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I'm gonna miss the series.
A shame, we have plenty of stories/subplots left to tell:
What Mii-kun truly is, and that flash of light
Sora's dad formally introduced + more supernatural souvenirs!
Tazuki, the dragon (assuming its not Isao but we've been introduced with 2 or 3 child oni), and if they go dark again, the collector from his childhood
Other collectors
Other land gods
Tazuki's ability of enhanced eyesight (and by extension, Sora and Motegi's peak human abilities)
Forest Youkais reappearance
Heck evil youkais
Will a few of their classmates join the group, like the boy who kept seeing youkai and got a picture
Mii-kun's background/origin, stories of Egypt
Pochi's life prior to meeting the Kashiwagi family
More backstories from Tazuki and Sora

And the promise to be together to happen
(Esp. Sora x Tazuki. Bwahahahaha)
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Mar 31, 2018 7:32 PM

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How to Keep a Mummy Overall Impressions:

This is hands down one of the best slice of life anime from Winter 2018 I have watched. As a fellow connoisseur that heavily enjoys cute girls doing cute things, How to Keep a Mummy is the cutest thing ever, and it does not even focus on cute girls. Once I saw the first episode of this anime, I was diagnosed with cuteness overload.

The anime revolves around four friends named Sora, Tazuki, Asa, and Daichi, whom get their own small Japanese mythical creatures. Among the first pet is Mii-kun the mummy. And wow, this character will dose you with phrases like “AWWWWW!!!” and “STOP BEING SO CUTE!” constantly when little guy attempts to do favors for his keeper Sora. The cuteness builds up further when more pets are introduced like Conny, Isao, and Muku Muku, all of which have their own ways of delivering different kinds of CUTE moments! Mii-kun could literally speak, and that would be all it takes to subconsciously scream my love for the mummy.

The pet owners, while not as much of a star as the pets, develop well and are memorable with their distinct personalities (Tazuki being the most interesting for me). Sora/Tazuki get the most screen time for this anime. Although it is somewhat disappointing that characters like Asa and Daichi eventually become less of a focus over the course of the anime (Even their respective pets do not get much screen time), the character chemistry between Sora/Mii-kun and Tazuki/Conny was very well-written enough that I could get past that easily and enjoy the comfort of the anime.

I would not say the presentation is a detraction, How to Keep a Mummy is animated overall. When the moments of Mii-kun and other pets come, that is where the animation excels and illustrates the cuteness in its full glory. There are not many impressive details to find, but the visual presentation is light enough to get me in the mood to watch. One last thing I enjoyed was the subtle world-building of the mythical land of creatures building up over time. I loved that the world was one where humans/mythical creatures seemed to coexist peacefully. It made me want to know more about the pets and how all the little creatures originated.

This was greatly entertaining anime overall. Now I am empty because I will not have any more Mii-kun to adore. ;-;
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Apr 1, 2018 2:18 PM

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Cute show with only one bad episode. Felt like I was watching the same show twice with Gakuen Babysitters also airing, and that was not in any way a bad thing. Made me wanna hop into the Chao Garden.
Apr 3, 2018 2:34 PM

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I found myself strangely fond of Mii-kun. I won't claim this series had a lot going for it, but it did have multiple moments of fantastic writing and execution that shouldn't go unnoticed or unrewarded.

I feel like every season should have a series like this one, not in setting but in tone. It was a nice laid back series that wasn't too complex but still had well executed elements that made it enjoyable to consume in small quantities every week. A guilty pleasure, if you will.

This season had the unholy trinity of Gakuen Babysitters, Yuru Camp, and Miira. A bit much, but it's nice to cheat every once in a while.
Apr 7, 2018 12:56 PM

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This was just the most adorably fluffy and sweet series with surprising character development to add depth. I'm sad that it's over and am definitely hoping for more!
Apr 8, 2018 2:05 PM
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This was a sweet end to the series but I do wish we had more explanations for some things. Without having read the manga I can only assume that they left some things out in hope for a second season. Overall I liked the world they built for the mythical creatures but I wish it could have been expanded on. There were a lot of things to like about this series but for everything that was good there felt like a loose end was left for it
May 2, 2018 12:22 PM

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Very cute show. Just like the manga, although I need to catch up on it.

May 8, 2018 11:53 PM
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ibraheem234 said:
OK nice episode and all.... but I mean the spirits are really mean and unforgiving... the last episode Sora and friends were almost killed by them... and the guy in this episode was subjected to hundred slashes and burning ...sure he did ...was wrong but I still believe they took it too far...

overall good show///

Haha yeah, the guy's probably gonna die and they just laugh it off and go on with their life and go home snd have a carnival. They were going to kill the kids for being in the wrong place at the wrong time last ep, and now this guy seems like he's being treated less harshly than they were even though he actually did something wrong. This whole last-minute arc soured an otherwise enjoyable series for me.

6/10 cute, but had a few unforgivable flaws
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Aug 17, 2018 9:24 PM

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Nothing much to say about this, it was really cute and fun to watch. Glad they added a bit of a dark twist to the story, like the little creatures being kidnapped and sold to other people.. if this was just a happy go lucky pokemon story, I'd still like it but wouldn't find it as engaging as I would.

I do wonder why a mummy from Egypt would have Japanese's mannerism, like keep apologizing, doing dogeza, bowing his head all the time, etc. It's a bit cringy how Japanese that mummy is.
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Oct 4, 2018 11:20 AM
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Really quite enjoyed, fun, super cute and generally care free, would recommend. Would probably give the series overall a 7/10.
Oct 8, 2018 9:08 PM

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Sora climbing like Drake.
Dat lightning.
Kami is blushing.
Kaede in dat yukata.
lol at Mii getting hit by the rubberband.
Aayan getting another facial.
Dat ending.

And that was the end. It was good. I finally finished this after starting in April.
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Dec 19, 2018 9:15 AM

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I am so glad I am done with this show. SO boring...4/10 , cant go lower since the creatures were kinda cute and amusing.
Mar 19, 2019 10:52 PM

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So, they did killed the collector, right? Honestly, I hope so.

A final episode which didn't look like one. It still was a good one tho.

The first part with the collector incident was... ok, I guess. Honestly, I was expecting another kind of development and conclusion but in the end I found it pretty decent. However, it also felt a bit exaggerated for moments such as the scene whith Mogi lifting Sora and him climbing the cliff in the next one. I think those scenes could have been handled in a better way but it wasn't a big deal either.

The second part with the mini festival was nice and cute too but on a side note and personally speaking, it was a bit disappointing Kaede didn't have enough screentime throughout the series. Honestly, I really liked her character and not to mention that "Kaede-sama" can be my goddess if it were possible... too bad that side of her personality only had few minutes of display but well.

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable series. I liked the serious turn the anime took during some episodes and the development between characters sure gave more depth to the typical "everything is cute" series. A very pleasant surprise for sure.

Aug 9, 2019 10:14 AM
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Did I just watch shounen-ai without realizing it? Nice ending though, these last few episodes went quite deep.
Sep 8, 2019 11:13 AM

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This show was unexpectedly cute and wholesome. Peak comfy with a touch of feels every once in a while. It's like a spin-off of Pokemon. I didn't like how the story attempted to feel dramatic near the end, it was just dry.

Dec 17, 2019 7:35 PM

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I'm glad Mii-Kun got saved but it was hard to watch as he was squished by the collector guy. It returned to the cute, lighthearted show afterward with them having fun with the mini-festival. I usually don't enjoy slice of life types of animes, but this one is one of the many exceptions, The cutesy and warm atmosphere made my mood brighten and though I'm sad to have to end this anime, ill definitely be coming back.

solid 8/10
Mar 13, 2020 4:39 PM
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I want to read the manga continuing the story anyone know what chapter the anime ends?
Apr 17, 2020 3:47 PM
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anyone know what chapter I can continue this in the manga?
Jun 24, 2020 1:09 AM

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I'm at loss of words, this show, this very show that I started just on a whip means so much to me now, it's only been 3 days, but I already started seeing everyone on the show as family. Please let there be a second season.

I love how when they started waving at the ending, this time, it's a genuine wide smile.
Nov 5, 2020 11:22 AM

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I'm glad the jokes didn't become monotonous or overacting and they didn't explicitly add romance between the friends.
One thing, just every creature was called with male pronouns, maybe they all just happened to be male (at least in flashback they showed a female doll like creature) or by default creatures are called with male pronouns when gender is unknown like with Mii-kun.
Overall a cute series !
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Mar 25, 12:47 PM

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I didn't like that bad guy at all and I felt sick when he was squeezing Mii-kun. I think that scene was unnecessary. Still, I found this final rather good episode and the last minutes were heartearming. I hope that group will stay together forever. <3

Overall this is one of the cutest anime I have ever seen. The first half of the show was especially extremely hilarious and adorable.

Good character chemistry, cute little creatures and lots of both heartwarming and serious moments. There was also no romance at all which was nice in my opinion.


P.S. One little mystery is stil bugging me.. How did Mogi get so strong?! xD