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Poll: Hibike! Euphonium 2 Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 24, 6:57 PM

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Oh boy that confession! Pretty solid episode, a bit sad that they got bronze in the end but well in general it was still really lovely! Quite a great episode, I really do wonder what the next and last episode of this series has to offer, but in general I can call this the ending already!
Jan 26, 12:02 AM

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I don't know whether to love it or hate it.
Jan 27, 4:18 AM

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Lel not even silver, they only won bronze!
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Jan 28, 11:50 AM

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Even if we know that Kumiko and Reina aren't going far than this, I still hoping it would, Kumiko have a crush on her for sure, but Reina is blind for Taki, I have to admit that she was brave to confess near everyone, and we all know that Taki will never accept her.
I am glad Kumiko and Mamiko finally said to each other their real feelings, the third years will be missed.
Feb 2, 1:45 AM

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Taki-sensei you dense!
She confessed to you twice! xD
Well considering teacher-student relationship is forbidden
He probably noticed it, but played it safe

That was kinda sad they got bronze
Last scene is so heartwarming
If only they hugged each other, it would be so perfect
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Apr 10, 2:50 PM
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xSkipi said:
After all those drama I didn't see the Nationals coming xD
Two seasons just finished here with the bronze, disappointing but it's more realistic I guess

can't wait for the last one !

I thought the second season was a step down from the first. But the idea of slapping "realistic" results on to patently unrealistic shows really grates.
Apr 11, 4:58 AM

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we didnt even get to hear them play? wasnt this what the series was about?
the drama this season was really, really bad.
Apr 25, 8:18 PM

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This was pretty fun. Kumiko and Asuka both get the cathartic resolution to their respective arcs, it was cute.

Just a general piece of advice for those who weren't satisfied with this episode: it's useful and fun to listen to the perspectives of other people, especially if they contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way, but don't forget. Your interpretation is just as valid!

I felt bad, but I had to laugh at Reina's horribly futile second attempt. Not only can Taki not connect the dots, he isn't even aware of the existence of any dots. I would understand if girls constantly confessed to him but he literally said he wasn't sure if the students really liked him. I commend Reina for having the guts to confess in front of an audience, twice. Maybe third time's the charm and he'll actually get it?

@VersoSciolto I read through your posts in the thread. I totally forgot about that incident! And it was in the 3rd year of junior high, not even kindergarten or something. Man, I mostly just found Shuuichi forced or boring so far but god he's a jerk and a creep. Though I'll admit I find it funny how far you went in your crusade against him. As usual, you brought up a lot of interesting stuff, and I like that you can criticize the show without attacking the other viewers. Reina's situation looks a lot less funny and more depressing now.
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May 28, 5:37 AM

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Geddy Lee would be proud.
Jun 29, 8:57 PM
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as soon as they didn't show the performance it was over.
but seriously though, couldn't we have had fucking something???

well. from a logical viewpoint of "what would be best for the plot", it was not that hard to guess they wouldn't win but...they sure threw on a lot of bets for this nationals before going into it.

at least there was closure for some people, like asuka.
also reina's confession was really cute tho. hm, so i think shuichi and kumiko are supposed to be a thing. well he's been shown a bit more recently but idk nothing worth commenting on. barely know anything about him besides that he's known kumiko for a long time so...yea

well. idk if there will be any more anime, and idk if i can/would read the LN. i'm guessing they'll win in their 2nd year
with the nationals over i wonder what else there is for the last episode of the season.
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