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Fire Force
- TV 10/24 It indeed isn't the most original thing in the world, but IMO it sits snugly in the territory of still being fairly entertaining despite that, partly because of ex-SHAFT geling with Okubo's sense of style.
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Martian Successor Nadesico
- TV 2/26 It was about time to watch this after so long, and it's a VERY peculiar mix of serious and humorous right from the get go. But it's a damn fine mix so far.
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Megalobox 2: Nomad
- TV 1/13
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Sgt. Frog
- TV 6/358 So I heard this is similar to Ika Musume (or rather, the other way around), and so far the test is passed with arguably more aggressive but character centric wacko than IM.
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The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!
- TV 1/20
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Tomorrow's Joe
- TV 3/79 3 episodes in, and it already executes Megalo Box's narrative beats way better and convincingly, including Joe being a free spirited drifter or life.
TV: 6, OVA: 0, Movies: 0, Spcl.: 0, Eps: 23, Days: 0.38, Mean Score: 0.0, Score Dev.: 0.00

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A Kiss for the Petals: Becoming Your Lover
5 OVA 1 Now I understand why this a popular YTPMV material: you barely have to pitch-shift anything, as the voice acting is squeaky as hell. The music is kinda nice though.
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ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.
8 TV 12 A conspiracy-filled, inter-state show that commits the things I don't like in these sort of shows, but it mostly balances them with a tasteful sense of kind of theatrical "swag" and likeable cast? It's a combo I could like, and still do.
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AD Police Files
4 OVA 3 As much I like the Blade Runner/Snatcher inspired world along with the character designs and music, it's still a shallow attempt for a serious story, when pacing is all over the place along with the characterisation, and fanservice doesn't makes up for it
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Afro Samurai
5 TV 5
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Agent AIKa
6 OVA 7
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Ah! My Goddess
8 TV 24
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4 TV 12 At its best, it's a 7.5/10 decent loony shenanigan that isn't afraid of making girls into the wackos too. At its worst, it's the author's self-pleasing that is both lame and juvenile, and sadly this occurs way more often than the former scenario.
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AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
4 OVA 3 The burly Christmas spirit of my heart told me to watch something unique for this holiday, and I went with Battle of the Buttocks. Or for the more Eastern oriented people out there, Oshiri Onslaught.
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AIKa Zero
3 OVA 3 Zero, like the score I'd gave to this BUEHEHEHE. But in all seriousness, this is an Oshiri Onslaught prequel, for your gentlemanly and scholar needs about DEEP plots on the posterior.
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Akame ga Kill!
5 TV 24 Essentially what you get when a teenager discovers that cartoons can be violent, and this applies to both positive and negative. Former when you need something truly mindless and gorey, and latter when it's an overhyped show at its most typical.
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5 TV 12
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8 Movie 1
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All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
7 OVA 6 Ye olde rather innocent and lighthearted comedy from the '90s that can be a bit sugary at times, but still not enough to handicap its overall feeling of fun that even includes some character development on the decent side.
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Amagi Brilliant Park
7 TV 13 One could argue that the more serious side of the show didn't had that much weight in it, but in all honesty, I don't mind it here for one simple reason: this is the first KyoAni show since Fumoffu and Nichijou that I not only endured but had fun with it.
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Amagi Brilliant Park: No Time to Take It Easy!
7 Special 1 It was exactly like what a TV episode can do when it doesn\'t try to be serious or concentrate on the actual plot, and for that, it made a good choice. Still has that long-lost vibe KyoAni had with FMP sequels/Nichijou, make that as you will.
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Amagi Brilliant Park: Wakuwaku Mini Theater - Rakugaki Backstage
- Special 7 So, this is KyoAni essentially taking an even more rounchier attitude with Amagi than the TV series did, while applying tiny patches to tiny things in some episodes? Okay, it doesn't reflect the show as much, but whatever.
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6 TV 12 The highs of it were lower than Aria, and the lows were higher than Aria. As much the lows benefit from the smaller, more character-centric scale, the highs are also held down because of it, plus further highlighting how Amano's style can vary quality-wis
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Android Kikaider - The Animation
6 TV 13
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Angel's Drop
- Special 1 Well, something did dropped in me after those last 20 or so seconds, and it wasn\'t weight. And it\'s probably for the best to not even ponder on how it even connects to the kind of bizarrely fun/tolerable stuff before it.
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Animation Store Manager
5 OVA 1 About as good as any run-to-the-mill commercial can be with the aid of a hot-blooded character created and designed by Shimamoto Kazuhiko.
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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
3 Special 3 If this would be an educational video about every single bad animu cliche ever, and how to miss the point of the concept of parody, this would be a frequently referenced material.
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6 OVA 1
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Arakawa Under the Bridge
8 TV 13 It's always a good thing when a relaxing, mildly wacky series never forgets what it is, and is able to constantly approach situations with its own brand of style no matter what happens in the story. Propably one the most hippy-ish anime out there.
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Arcade Gamer Fubuki
2 OVA 4 Don't write a semi-serious story with random humour at 4AM after a hard day, otherwise you'll end up with a result where randomness is uninspired and lacks style, and the story is boring.
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Arcade Gamer Fubuki Extra
1 Special 1 I know fanservice Specials are usually on the lowest level of the priority ladder when it comes to effort, but this one lacks so much of it even the lyp-synch is atrociously lazy.
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Aria the Animation
8 TV 13 May steer towards 8/10 later on, but it's still a surprisingly chill and slow SoL that pretty much celebrates life as a whole, with a "simple" yet likeable cast. Your mileage will depend how much you're willing to ride with the "celebration" part.
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Aria the Avvenire
7 Special 3 The first episode is the one I liked the most, but even so, it was neat seeing this series with up to date and nice looking visual production values, even if the new kouhais could have been more different than just an almost copy-paste of Akari and co.
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Aria the Natural
7 TV 26 This season admittedly made me realize that I like the franchise more when it's about the characters first and everything else second, and in those times, it was a natural (heh) progression of S1, leading the way to the finale.
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Aria the Origination
9 TV 13 One of the earlier eps were sadly a good reminder of how Aria can be boring/unengaging, but the rest was generally a great way to close what was built up all this time, with goodbyes both good and bad. Amano's "theatrical" idealism did favours here.
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Aria the Origination Episode 5.5: That Little Secret Place…
7 Special 1 Akatsuki being busted twice like the dumdum he is was a good watch along with Akari being herself, but it admittedly feels a bit "underwhelming" when you know that Origination is taking big steps towards *something* big.
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Aria the OVA: Arietta
7 OVA 1 I have a feeling I should have watched this after Natural, but in terms of an episode about teacher-pupil relationship, this brought the standard the series usually does.
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Asobi Asobase - workshop of fun -
7 TV 12 Would have easily gotten an 8, but despite how rude n' crude the humor seems to be and fairly much so is, it's still more of a surprisingly comfier watch than something that constantly sideswipes you with random high quality bullshit. Still good.
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Asteroid in Love
5 TV 12 Nothing inherently wrong with it, but this is one of those "doin' it for the paycheck" kind of gigs, as far as DogaKobo's output goes.
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Attack on Titan
5 TV 25 You know the feeling when a story has a large potential, and that potential is obnoxiously undermined due of the trying-way-too-hard-to-be-"epic" way the author approaches the story? And when it's paired with an OST that is the best thing in the show?
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Attack on Titan: Since That Day
- Special 1 I agree with the show: the road to pick up that boulder was such an engrossing and immersive adventure with multi-layered, complex characters, they need to recap and savour it like a fine wine. /sarcasm
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Ayane's High Kick
5 OVA 2 If you can imagine a genderbent, kickboxing Hajime no Ippo but without the detailed insight into boxing and any sort of mentionable development, buildup and characterisation, you'll get this. Not offensively bad, but it's very unmemorable.
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Azumanga Daioh: The Animation
8 TV 26 Still the best "four-five girls doing weird shit" anime out there.
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Azumanga Daioh: The Very Short Movie
6 Special 1
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Azumanga Web Daioh
7 ONA 1
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9 TV 13
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8 TV 15
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Bakemonogatari Recap
- Special 1
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Baki the Grappler
6 TV 24 A blend between traditional shounen and fairly realistic fighting/training and implementation of existing martial arts. The characterization is on the generic side with a few exceptions, the blend and the fights/trainings are essentially the stars.
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7 TV 12 A more consistent quality would have pushed this show to the upper 7s, but as it is, it's a fairly decent weird-sensed ("dick") humored take on the girls do something setup, with some dipping in quality after a while.
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Bannou Yasai Ninninman
5 Movie 1 It wasn't able to cross that line where the kid-centered mentality of the story could not harm the quality for the older viewers, and the overall artstyle isn't as imaginative as the other Anime Mirai projects. Tarrocman in particular is rather annoying.
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8 TV 12 I'd say it's one of those ideal shows if you want to watch a coming of age story that isn't hard or "grand" in the slightest, but can be greatly enjoyable due to its genuine approach of both the subject, the rural setting and almost all characters.
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7 TV 11 Megaman X as a bartender? Why the hell not!
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5 OVA 6 Even if it was amusing when it was silly, the story still couldn't made up its mind what it wanted to be in general, swapping sometimes badly timed sillyness with boring story back and fort with plot holes, and an MC that has unexplained Deus Ex powers
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Batman: Gotham Knight
8 OVA 6
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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate
5 Movie 1 Have you played the first game? Can you imagine it without a single shred of gameplay and having the story all the way? If you thought the story was uninteresting and just a vehicle for the game's stages, this is what you'll get in animated form.
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9 TV 12 I have no idea how good Zootopia is, but Beastars is a pretty neat approach of a more realistic humanoid animal world its own set of inherent setbacks and injustices. And with good CG too.
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6 TV 12 Eps 7-9 were useless and the increasing fagservice/yuri/ecchi MC Satuo ripped out a huge chunk out of the show's enjoyment, but that aside I liked this show.
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9 TV 25 A fantasy story I actually like? And on top of that it has very good paced character expansions, an excellent MC and legitimite maturity that doesn't afraid of being violent, yet doesn't use it childishly? As much one more episode would be good, me likey.
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Berserk (2016)
4 TV 12 It's one thing that the post-GA story direction feels rather aimless and toothless if this adaptation is anything to go by, and it's another that the visuals are having an existential crisis trough the entire show.
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Bible Black
5 OVA 6 Am I ridicilous if I say that the story had more moral than Death Note, despite the rest the anime is just an encyclopedy for kinky shitness?
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Black Lagoon
9 TV 12
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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
8 TV 12
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Black Magic M-66
6 OVA 1 It's a considerable choice of watch if one's interested in a Terminator-esque story with Shirow's chara- and mechanic designs, but it's really nothing to write home about compared to say GitS or Dominion Tank Police.
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Blade of the Immortal
8 TV 13
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Bloom Into You
8 TV 13 It's fairly taste-dependent with the amount and kind of teen drama going on, but IMO it speaks for itself that it's a shoujo-ai, yet it touches and explores concepts of love that even hetero romances not always dare or care about. Without the LOL LESBIANS
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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
8 OVA 4
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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan 2
4 OVA 2 Way to ruin a good series with a needless overdose of fanservice.
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Blue Gender
5 TV 26
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Blue Submarine No. 6
9 OVA 4
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BNA: Brand New Animal
6 TV 12 Probably one of Trigger's better outings, but honestly, I really wish Nakashima would up his writing chops consistently, because this brand of "not fully explored character writing partially leaning on DON'T THINK, FEEL" has been used one too many times n
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BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense.
9 TV 12 I may had not watched all nu-isekai anime that were inspired by SAO, but this is probably my favourite right now. Not only great feel-good fun, but also deceptively smartly uses an OP MC.
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Brave Witches
5 TV 12 It's weird how BW is better than SW in terms of the base premise taken seriously, and yet SW still being more "fire-y" about its execution despite the dumbness and pantyshot galores, but here we are, at a wasted opportunity.
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Bubblegum Crisis
4 OVA 8 The last episode is the best one, and that's because it's like a mini side-OVA. The rest showcases why '80s OVAs can be bad. Rather good visually and musically, but otherwise it's a poorly written, cliche'd C-schlock carried by its style and music.
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Bunny Drop
8 TV 11 The ending was actually the best way to close a series like this in my opinion. It was a pleasent suprise overall, and this is how slice of life is done right, KyoAni/Key.
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Burn-Up W: On the Case & In your Face
5 OVA 4 An average, run-to-the-mill entry in the action-ecchi-comedy genre mix, altough the graphical production values and character designs stand the test of time successfully.
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Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman
4 OVA 1 This is one of those cases where you know it's meant to be stupid, but it's handled in such a lame and tired manner you can't help but roll your eyes a lot no matter how there are a few passable bits here and there.
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Campus Special Investigator Hikaruon
5 OVA 1 I suppose this can ease the thirst of those who want any kind of tokusatsu fix with fairly good audiovisual production values, but for everyone else, I don't see it being better than average. It's just there, so to speak.
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Captain Tsubasa
5 TV 52
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Castle Town Dandelion
7 TV 12 As much as it handles the 9 characters fairly well for what it wants to do, the matter of "getting" the heart of the show is a VERY major aspect that cannot be bypassed. If you don't, you may even dock 2-3 points from my rating.
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Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious
8 TV 12 Expected nothing, got children's anime levels of visual humor and energy, and a better Konosuba 2 than Kemono Michi is, and even the endgame was good. Easily willing to assume this show may have the best comedic character animation in its year.
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Cells at Work!
7 TV 13 Some episodes weren't as good as they could have been, because this is a cute little alternative to Once Upon a Time... Life, with genuinely adorable moments between characters.
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Charge!! Men's Private School
4 TV 34 It had potential to be a good parody against stubborn patriotism and the first episodes seemed to indicate this, but unfortunately it quickly became a generic fighting series with a bad, and an average fighting arc with deus ex machines all over the place
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Charge!! Men's Private School
4 Movie 1 I haven't expected it to fix the franchise's flaws, but the severly rushed pacing hurts the already mediocre story, and the fights are still horribly repetitive, along with how the movie STILL constantly cheats death.
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Chiisana Ahiru no Ooki na Ai no Monogatari: Ahiru no Kwak
8 TV 52
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Chio's School Road
9 TV 12 First episode wasn't all that convincing, but the rest were my brand of fairly mean spirited, and even surprisingly daring humor, and it managed to be consistently highly funny for the most part, while delivering that "weirdo everyday feel".
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7 TV 26
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Chrono Crusade
7 TV 24 Very satisfying ending for this kind of a series.
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4 TV 23 You know the feeling when a story can't function with all it's might because the characters are initially bad, and both the emotional presentation and the resolution is cheesy? That's Nagisa's arc in a nutshell, which was the least horrible arc in the bun
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Clannad: After Story
4 TV 24 This has one of the derpiest, most cowardly endings I ever witnessed so far for a "serious" show. While AS had a very good theme for the most part, the execution felt really rushed, often immaturely overdone and way too sentimental for its own good.
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Color of Sky, Color of Water
7 OVA 2 Take notes School Days, this is how you handle "one guy - multiple lovers" situation without them going bonkers. This goes to production values and characterization as well.
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Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
2 OVA 4 I thought this was supposed to be a horror, and not an anatomy lesson for butchers after drilling trough a shitload amount of weed like a rabbit. Too bad the weed wasn't strong enough to reverse the effects of increased blood pressure and weakened sanity.
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Cowboy Bebop
9 TV 26
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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
9 Movie 1
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Cromartie High School
10 TV 26
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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon
4 TV 25 So, Sunrise... you wanted to make a serious and gruesome show with romance on both genders and a dash of social commentary? Yeeaah... how about not doing it on a level of a 12 year old first.
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc
3 TV 11 The beginning was getting fairly close to make DR decently likeable with the silly school shenanigans, but then the "twist" came, and turned almost everything into garbage that sucked away even the cheese and ham, effectively killing the series.
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc
5 TV 12 For the most part this series had the cheese and ham that can make DR tolerable, and Aoi was great here, but the "twist" at the end tainted the experience quite a bit, to the point a 7 is the max I'd give to this even on an ironic level.
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Hope Arc
1 Special 1 A culmination of all that could make DR horrible, sasuga Kodaka and Lerche.
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Danganronpa: The Animation
3 TV 13 "Dr. Fuckedupdaptation, or how I learned that sticking to the 12-13 episodes limit, and trimming most of the source's (supposed) meat to the point of making it severely underwhelming and insanely rushed is a suicide at best".
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Darker than Black
8 TV 25
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Dead Leaves
8 Movie 1 The Great Escape plus Imaishi's over the top/style in animation/story cranked up so high it's one of the closest things to substitute weed = DL. Just like FLCL, it recquiers a certain amount of suspension of disbelief to make DL work, put it pays off.
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Death Billiards
7 Movie 1 The animation wasn't as fluid as it was in LWA, but in turn the story and characters had fairly more originality and seriousness that worked out well for the most part, even if it leaved somes things hanging.
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Death Note
6 TV 37
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Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil
7 Special 1 From what I remember it's just like the first episode of the OVA series, except with virtually no new scenes. Maybe my memory about the series is a bit hazy, but I don't remember the pacing of the dialouges being this fast.
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Detroit Metal City: The Animated Series
9 OVA 12
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Devil May Cry
2 TV 12
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Devilman: Crybaby
6 ONA 10 A constant battle between Nagai, Yuasa and the scriptwriter that sometimes makes for enjoyable low-A material, sometimes a mid-C shlock, sometimes a totally corner cut mess. A lot of shows would envy the chaotic balance the ONA has, but as it is, whoop-wh
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Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater
7 TV 12 Typical CGDT stuff, in a way that won't leave you with any particularly negative feelings afterwards. Not DogaKobo's most imaginative adaptations, but it was fine for this material.
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Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!
6 TV 12 I really wish this would have had a considerably better handle on tone consistency, because otherwise this would be a pretty decent stuff.
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Dirty Pair
7 TV 24 If it would have the more polished wiring of the OVA and wouldn't have some of those dud episodes, it would be a stronger 7. It's still a decent Sunday afternoon action cheese tromp that aged fairly well in its own way, including the duo.
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Dirty Pair Flash
4 OVA 6 I really hope the brief chara development for Kei and Yuri will serve as a setup for better sequels, because this reimagening was very haphazardly put together visuals aside. And I'm saying this without even seeing the core series.
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Dirty Pair Flash 2
6 OVA 5 My rating may seem underselling, but it\\\'s a massive improvement over Flash 1, for one reason only. It dropped the shit grade seriousness, implemented silliness in place of it, and voila, suddenly it\\\'s a better title.
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Dirty Pair Flash 3
5 OVA 5 It would be just a tiny bit weaker than F2 is only the first and last episodes would exist, but with the other three around, I can't help but feel that it's a step back. Still better than F1 though.
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Dirty Pair OVA
7 OVA 10 The fourth episode is too weird for its own good, but that aside, as long as you don't take it seriously and treat is as a B-grade slightly cheesy action series, it's a fairly good time for its age.
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Dirty Pair: Project Eden
5 Movie 1 It's a good thing the movie has '80s cheese and music up the wazoo, because otherwise the only thing it does good story-wise is to demonstrate that DP isn't suited for a length of a movie without being unnecessarily long and stretched.
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Dirty Pair: With Love From the Lovely Angels
7 OVA 2 Now this is more closer to the 10 episode OVA's quality. More polished writing and style, and the visuals get more chance to shine in the silly moments.
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6 TV 12
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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
4 OVA 4 It could've been a cool Hellsing-wannabe since those scenes are somewhat decent, but the story (along with its quality) is all over the place and can't find the exact tone it tries to archieve. I liked the Rammstein cameo though.
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7 OVA 4 The "true" storyline has a few blind spots partially due to the short length, but the OVA still makes for a relaxing watch with a very likeable sense of humour and '80s cheesiness. The OST is very good, altough the song placement could use work.
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Dragon Ball
7 TV 153
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Dragon Ball GT
3 TV 64
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Dragon Ball Z
6 TV 291
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Dragon Ball Z Kai
7 TV 97
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Dragon Ball Z: Bardock, The Father of Goku
8 Special 1
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Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock
4 Special 1
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Dragon Half
9 OVA 2
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Dragon's Heaven
6 OVA 1 It's obvious that the great, Moebius-inspired art style is what carries the anime, but the too long intro and abrupt ending is mostly what hindering this from being more decent girl-meets-robot, if still more art-style ridden OVA than it could have been.
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7 TV 12 The humor is VERY hit or miss, and yet dare I say that I like this show more than Hellsing. It's got a less restrictive premise, and Hirano is clearly having fun with that, without a shred of wariness of what others think about his approach.
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Drifters: Special Edition
8 OVA 1 A Hirano-flavoured cheesecake of wackos being action wackos with great visuals/music, but now with a more interesting premise, and a main character that is much more likeable than Alucard? Will look forward to the series.
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Dropout Idol Fruit Tart
8 TV 12 May seem like it coasts by slight fanservice and LOL IDOLS ARE TRASH humor, but it paces itself out nicely shortly after the start, and ends on a note that leaves with a funny reminder that Kirara Magazine has more than meets the eye.
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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
6 TV 12 They should've left the serious aspect of the love for the final ep., it's based around too much of obsessiveness to be taken seriously until that point, combined with how ovedramatic the script is at some points. The rest was fine, albeit nothing special
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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Ghost Girl
5 Special 1 A.k.a. "the first half of the series in a nutshell": it's certainly not horrible and can be sort of entertaining while it lasts and the SHAFT-esque visuals are decent too, but has nothing much to make it worth remembering.
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Elfen Lied
3 TV 13
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Emblem Take 2
4 OVA 2 The premise is promising and the character design is the kind of old-school I always liked, it still doesn't makes up for the bad characterization on the MC's part that keeps repeating the same points due to the constant reseting.
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Encouragement of Climb Season 2
7 TV 24 Saying that YnS is a low-calorie "cute girls doing stuff" kind of show isn't far away from the truth at all, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad. Nothing grand but it get the job done, and it's on the more personal/professional side of its topic.
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Engaged to the Unidentified
8 TV 12 A legitimately adorable rom-com with a lovely set of characters and an enjoyable balance between rom-com drama and fun times? Me likey, certainly enough to already calling one of 2014's less known good experiences.
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5 TV 12 One spectacular example of a series losing its edge late in the game, and frankly, the quality of the first 8 episodes is the reason the score isn't any lower. Because good audiovisual directing choices can't save a story betraying its own promise.
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Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
8 Movie 1 Even if the pacing is a bit too fast for my liking compared to the TV series, the movie still does a good job at being a recap/remake hybrid, partially because it covers/crams in less material than recap movies usually do.
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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
8 Movie 1 If the 1st movie was the testing ground, then this one is the real deal: it fixed the 1st movie's slight pacing issues, and actually molds the story in a way that it not only still vaguely resembles the TV series, but fits in the movie format as well.
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Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
4 Movie 1 The subtitle is right: they couldn't redo the more accessable but still rather good approach of the first two movies. The 2nd movie's ending proved to be such a large corner, the entire writing of this movie practically rammed into it head-first.
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Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
7 Movie 1 Probably was the best way to end these movies after so many years, and is an interesting view into Anno's current mindset with the first half's more slice of life-y focus, but ultimately, this entire movie series didn't needed to exist at all.
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Excel Saga
9 TV 26
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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
5 TV 10 I'm willing to assume this franchise has a middling S1 syndrome, for how the decently stupid humor and good fight scenes are teamed up with exposition dumps and fairly bad drama towards the end. At least it isn't risky yet.
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Fire Emblem
4 OVA 2 It would've been downright average if I wouldn't be a fan of FE games, but with it, it's just an adaptation with an awfully fast first, and a decent, but still lackluster second episode.
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Fist of the North Star: Legend of Kenshiro
5 Movie 1 Not only it was underwhelming as a prequel, but it showcases decently how the already stale story and the pretentousness of the franchise has aged horribly enough to make it average. The amount of Derp was a bit too much even for a movie.
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Fist of the North Star: The Movie
5 Movie 1 The brutality is well done, but everything else falls short partially because the movie made retarted choices in some scenes. The main problem however is that the execution lacks that substence that could make this more than a glorified gorefest.
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9 OVA 6 This certainly needs some more rewatches due to the twisted storytelling, but that aside, it was a pleasure to watch this with its excellent wtf-factor, balls-to-the-walls humour, and stylish storytelling/character design.
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Flying Witch
6 TV 12 It would worth a 5 otherwise if it weren't for the fairly enjoyable cast and some better episodes/scenes. It just doesn't really reach the same quality that NNB and Aria has.
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Frame Arms Girl
- TV 12 Can really understand why this show would worth a 3 or 4 for many, but for me, this was a surprisingly earnestly dumb and "confident" dumb fun show with a fun human MC and competent use of CG. Especially for a toy commercial series.
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Full Metal Panic!
7 TV 24
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
8 TV 13
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: A Relatively Leisurely Day in the Life of a Fleet Captain
6 Special 1
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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
9 TV 12
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Fullmetal Alchemist
9 TV 51
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Gabriel DropOut
9 TV 12 Would be a 8.5, but there's no way I'll give an 8 to this if Konosuba S2 was also an 8. This show is right in my alley in terms of pure cartoony fun that never turns too serious, with VERY good VA and animation work.
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Galaxy Angel
7 TV 24 If you like '90s, early '00s humor, you'll probably like this show. It hits all the right buttons to be a genuinely silly and entertaining show that doesn't robotically follow the stylistic elements of the time, but effectively uses them.
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Galaxy Angel A
7 TV 26 The better episodes contain some of the best in the entire franchise, and yet the worse episodes are some of the blandest in the franchise. And the second half unfortunately had more of those. It's a mixed season really.
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Galaxy Angel AA
7 Special 2 This Special had two episodes, but when it comes to changing the tides of S3, these weren't enough by virtue of episode number sadly.
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Galaxy Angel Music Collection: Shouen to Shien no Cassoulet
7 OVA 1 It follows the decent suit the more serious Forte episodes have, but this is where its quality lies for everyone. If you haven't liked these episodes before, than sadly this won't probably turn you over either.
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Galaxy Angel Specials
8 Special 2 See tags for vanilla GA.
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Galaxy Angel Z
8 TV 9 Isn't a radical change compared to S1, but the humor is perhaps more snappier now, and the situations got more creative as well.
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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
8 OVA 2 Watched this before playing the game, and it does a good job at translating the general style and approaches the franchise has. It's VERY taste dependant, to the point it might feel like an unintentional parody of 90s anime, but I do like its casual dumbn
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Gallery Fake
7 TV 37
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Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
9 TV 24
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7 TV 13
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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
6 TV 13 The awkward feeling when everything is there for a decent show about a "brainwashed" soldier's coming of age, and yet something is just missing to make it have as much impact as the concept might suggest.
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Getter Robo: Armageddon
9 OVA 13 Do admit I bounced off hard the first time, but another shot at it recently, and it's a very, very good OVA of the manly hotblooded mecha variety. Makes it obvious where Gurren Lagann got some of its ideas from.
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Ghost in the Shell
9 Movie 1
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
9 TV 26
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
9 Special 1
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
8 TV 26
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Ghost Slayers Ayashi
8 TV 25
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Ghost Stories
6 TV 19
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Ghost Sweeper Mikami
7 TV 45 Asian Ghostbusters with authentic, lighthearted and enjoyable '90s humour, fairly varied situations and a likeable cast of characters = this show. Some may find 45 eps too many, but the quality is consistent enough to not make this an issue.
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Ghost Sweeper Mikami Movie
7 Movie 1 A usual kind of episode from the TV series + more pronounced lightning and shadowing = this movie.
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Girls & Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle!
4 OVA 1 If you liked the TV series, you'll like this one as well for sure. If you haven't liked it, well, you'll dislike the cast once again, and wonder once again how is this meant to be for tank fans with these whack tank physics.
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Girls und Panzer
4 TV 12 The term "passion" doesn't exactly resonate with abusing boring family drama/lolmoe cutesiness and dull characters. So is existing tanks acting like RC cars with mounted cannons and ruining mildly enjoyable tank battles.
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Girls und Panzer der Film
- Movie 1 Won't rate until I rewatched the TV series, but the movie was either good enough to change my PoV on GuP for the better, or 2012 me is different from 2016 me. For a school-closing premise, the movie never went too gloomy and lost its style, that's a bonus
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Girls' Last Tour
7 TV 12 The world building is certainly up to taste given its rather minimalistic way of it being poured, and so are the girls' strangeness and "dunceness", but I strangely liked how their oddness made otherwise mundane, or even simple points more interesting.
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Go! Go! Ackman
7 OVA 1 It's a shame this didn't became a full-ledged TV series, its style of humour is fairly reminiscent to that of Dragon Ball (not Z/GT) with its slapstick and sometimes vulgar, yet still enjoyable and "cartoony" nature.
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Golgo 13: Queen Bee
4 OVA 1 Despite the excellent OP/ED song and that little scene in the ending, let me summarize the OVA in Golgo fashion: "..." and "lot'sa sexting". I have a feeling this wasn't the best entry point into this franchise for me.
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Golgo 13: The Professional
6 Movie 1 That 6/10 is entirely on Dezaki being Dezaki-good as always, because otherwise it's still the same boring, shallow MATURE shlock Golgo was always been.
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Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!
6 TV 12 I do admit that the show's steam died down a little as it gone on, but at the end of the day, it was still a stupid-silly little show enough to be in the upper layer of 6, or the lowest layer of 7 depending on my mood.
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Good Luck Girl!
4 TV 13 The show had some good episodes despite its "shout in 24/7" style, but the amount of drama was way, way too much for a show like this, it was badly structured and all that drama doesn't even lead to anywhere due to the constant resetting.
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Gourmet Girl Graffiti
7 TV 12 Some may question the \"oversexed\" eating and might find it too bland/slow for a SoL, but I had a considerably better time with it than I would\'ve expected. It\'s cute, it\'s endearing, and while never being a drama, it still touches on heavier subjects
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Grand Blue Dreaming
7 TV 12 With more often on-point direction and visuals this would have been an easy 8.5, but it was still a very good, 2000s-esque comedy that combines the comedy with the serious diving surprisingly well.
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Grave of the Fireflies
9 Movie 1
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Gravity Daze The Animation: Ouverture
- OVA 1 I don't know how much this was true to the game, but aside of the ending part being somewhat rushed, this was an alright interquel-promotion. Do sort of like the humor of this, along with the "cazs" Kat and Crow have.
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Great Teacher Onizuka
10 TV 43
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Grey: Digital Target
3 Movie 1 Or how to have a Terminator-esque plot combined with a world where there's more than meets the eye, and still mess it up due to insisting on being a Z-grade '80s action OVA that doesn't bother to notice its own potential.
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Gun x Sword
7 TV 26
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8 OVA 6 If NGE is the problematic and crude, yet talented younger brother and TTGL is the energetic kid brother, then Gunbuster is the gentle, composed and experienced older sister whose ways are the example that the brothers are following in their own ways.
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Gunbuster 2
5 OVA 6 The only thing that remotely lives up to Gunbuster is the amusing audiovisual production values. Everything else is a wasted potential due to the writing's shortcoming of being too underdeveloped and hasty at multiple points.
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Gunbuster! Science Lesson
7 Special 6 It's a nice touch to dedicate these specials to explain the science of the show's world, as opposed to just resorting to the way of today's usual Specials.
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Gunsmith Cats
8 OVA 3
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Gurren Lagann
9 TV 27
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Haganai: A Round-Robin Story's Ending Is Way Extreme
3 OVA 1 Repetitive rape and poop jokes that are not even vaguely funny or witty? Apparently PewDiePie got his hands on this OVA.
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Haganai: I don't have many friends
5 TV 12 Was it worth it to finish it after 2 years? No, not really. The presence of continous storyline and occasional seriousness is ironically the main reason why the story seems so obnoxious, preachy, and immaturely cliche.
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Hamelin no Violin Hiki: The Movie
7 Movie 1 A Slayers-esque story and style with a somewhat anti-hero main character, and music-infused magic instead of just pure magic? Colour me intrigued enough to tackle the TV series some time.
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Hanamaru Kindergarten
7 TV 12
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5 TV 5 The emphasis on the new character didn't let the story play out and come together the way it could have been, and two S2 arcs showcase it much, much better what S2 is capable of.
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Harukana Receive
8 TV 12 Deceptively solid sport series with generally good characterization, great visuals and matches, and a samba-influenced OST, all belie what some may get from the Kirara origin and the character designs.
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Hayate the Combat Butler
5 TV 52
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He is My Master
3 TV 12
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Hell Girl
5 TV 26
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Hell Girl: Two Mirrors
4 TV 26
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Hello!! KINMOZA!
7 TV 12 Last two not-as-good eps aside, this season was an improvement over S1 for sure, with its more polished style in both the humor and the handling of the overall cast. Would want an S3.
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6 TV 13
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Hellsing Ultimate
6 OVA 10 The amount of downright confusing or overdone script towards the end was a blow to the show and some parts could've used more exposition, but in turn it's still one of the better over-the-top/OP action series with a charismatic set of cast.
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Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls
5 TV 13 A word of warning: you really need to be a hardcore Sega fan to get the most out of this show, and even then it's not worth more than a weak 6/10. If anything, the characters, jokes, and that sort of jazz is just not strong to support the concept enough.
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High School Girls
6 TV 12 As much as I like its sense of humor, it doesn't help that it feels cheap graphically speaking, and the more serious bits often doesn't feel quite as home as they could. Still not that far away from a 7.
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High School of the Dead
3 TV 12 "You want zombie killing, boy? How about neglecting that and fill the series with andolescent fantasies?"
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8 TV 12 Yakuza: Dad Souls of the Esper Raiser Kind, and it does a good job at mixing humor with the whimsical and the emotional, all in its own flavour.
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Honey and Clover
6 TV 24
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Honey and Clover II
6 TV 12
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Honoo no Tenkousei
8 OVA 2 It's almost a sin this haven't received a full series given how it has a simple, yet good sense on how to poke fun at '70s sport cliches both in content and graphical presentation. Plus it's one of the few partially Go Nagai parodies that actually works.
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How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.
7 TV 12 It's an accurate representation of the joke level of a fifth grader, and it's done in a way that is easy to like if you're up to slightly repetitive yet still varied enough immaturity.
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How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?
8 TV 12 Glad to see this isn't an empty ecchi stuff, but a genuinely good edutainment series that is as educational as is funny, and adding Doga Kobo's style is a match made in heaven.
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Humanity Has Declined
8 TV 12 The time-reseting arc was the weakest point of the show, but the show was still good, with fairly unique art style, good sense of "WTF-static, yet very true" humour, and messages that are not forced, but are natural, well presented parts of the concept.
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Humanity Has Declined Specials
7 Special 6 I kinda wish that this special would replace the time resetting arc of the TV series. One reason for this being that this has to be one of the trippiest things in the franchise.
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Hunter x Hunter
8 TV 148 The pacing of the CA arc prevents me from giving a wholehearted 9, but overall HxH is pretty much one of the best shounens you can watch at this moment. Basically a shounen written in a seinen mindset, and it really shows despite its kiddy exterior.
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Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge
5 Movie 1 It's rather ironic this is supposed to be a canon side-story, and yet it feels like a lazy cash-in shounen movie. I would rate it a 3 or 4 if I would compare this to the (reboot) series' standards.
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6 TV 13
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Hyperdimension Neptunia
5 TV 12 The definiton of pleasing established fans: it's targeted towards fans of the games more than gathering new fans. The intentionally retarded humour works despite this, but not the serious side of the story that's awful and takes itself too seriously.
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Interspecies Reviewers
9 TV 12 Sometimes a more fanservice heavy stuff with still funny, immature and entertaining sense of humor just works, and this had passed the test with flying colours.
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Invade! Squid Girl: Won't You Eat Squid Ice Cream?
5 Music 1 The animation and coreography was fairly good, but that generic J-Pop music is hurting my ear. I'm not expecting Judas Priest or anything, but the instrumental version of S1's opening is perfect for this series, they should've used that song instead.
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Iria: Zeiram The Animation
4 OVA 6 Even a refreshingly competent, fairly well rounded character from the "strong female" archetype can't save a show that is so average it's barely memorable besides the mentioned character and the Opening.
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Iron Man
3 TV 12
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Is This a Zombie?
5 TV 12 A good testament to how pointless lolplot and fagservice tropes only add unnecessary amount of salt to the wound for an otherwise passable, brainless fun series that could've been more than what the "salt" caused.
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Is this A Zombie? of the Dead
5 TV 10 Slightly weaker than S1. It concentrates more on SoL and humour with omitting S1's lolplot aspect, but the SoL/humour aspects are too average and plain to make it more than passable average, let alone atone the franchise's mediocre quality and clichefest.
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Is This a Zombie? OVA
6 OVA 2 I don't see the point of having another beach sequence in the second ep., but the first ep. overall is a good template of what the series should've been. A really, really weak 6 in my book, but this direction is better than what S1 had.
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Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako
1 OVA 1 You know what they say: if you don't have enough loops... USE MORE LOOPS!
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Issho ni Training Ofuro: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko
1 OVA 1 As someone who decided to excersice frequently at the start of this year and lost 28kg so far, I question the legitimity of these excersices. Not that this is the only problem of the OVA: its very existence is an enigma to me.
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Issho ni Training: Training with Hinako
1 OVA 1 And on the seventh day, God said: "Art thou ready for animation? Because this one actually has keyframes this time, for the cost of quality."
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Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
8 Movie 1
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)
6 TV 26 Tip: don't rely too much on the "overdramatic, obvious reactions on purpose" gimmick without knowing when to stop. It does makes the franchise have its own flavour of over-the-topness, but often it's so overdone it could be called "Shounen for the blind".
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
8 TV 24 It's not *as* bizarre as Battle Tendency was, but evens things out with the varied enemy/situation scenarios, much stronger supporting cast, and better production values/directing. That, and the dramatic scenes were handled considerably better than in S1.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Battle in Egypt
8 TV 24 Lackluster/asspull finale aside, this is probably the best Jojo part in anime form as of date, with combining Battle Tendency's bizarreness and battle style with SC1's more ironed out sense of overdramaticness and the Stand concept.
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7 TV 12 While the show certainly had visual inconsistencies, weak serious scenes, and a little more character presentation for the side characters would've been handy, I still enjoyed it for what it is (B-style action), and I'm looking forward to season 2.
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Jormungand Season 2: Perfect Order
7 TV 12 A good follow up to S1 that fixes some of its weak points (weak serious scenes, visual incosistencies), but the ending is fairly a letdown, and there were parts that could've been fairly better. Aside from this, S2 is the better season of the series.
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Kaguya-sama: Love is War
8 TV 12 The narrator can be difficult to deal with in the first ep, but IMO he's not an issue after that, resulting in a still great rom-com that knows to make use of its established characters and them being sideswiped by the most random things.
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Kaleido Star
6 TV 51
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Kamen no Maid Guy
6 TV 12
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Kamen no Maid Guy: Ano Natsu, Ichiban Yutaka na Chichi.
6 OVA 1 Aside of a very few amount of full-on boob shots, this ep. was more or less like what I remember the TV series to be. The ecchi is still as present as ever, but the OVA is still more on the stupid than the ecchi side, which is favourable for me.
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8 TV 12 Hayao Miyazaki: the TV series.
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KanColle: Kantai Collection
4 TV 12 A part of me wants to at least complement the series for being a more balanced, less annoying and T&A filled approach than Strike Witches or GuP was, but it's still a short, rushed mess that didn't lived up to its potential.
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Kansen 3: Shuto Houkai
5 OVA 2 Average as fuck (seewhatididthere), but it holds up fairly well storywise for a hentai.
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Kansen: Inyoku no Rensa
3 OVA 2 THE WHOLE CITY IS OVERTHROWN BY ZOMBIES *shows a small campfire over the city*
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9 OVA 6
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8 TV 12 The last episode was a mindfuck in both good and bad ways, but that aside, it's one of Nisio's best works. The dialogues are as lenghty as in the Bakemonogatari franchise, so the 45 minutes long episodes may drive away some.
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Katsugeki Shoujo Tanteidan
5 OVA 1 It's a poor man's Project A-ko. That's all there is to it.
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Katte ni Kaizou
5 OVA 6 Zetsubou Sensei with 1000% more physical vulgarity and much less charm/uniqueness = this show. It has it enjoyable and decent parts even in the vulgar department, but these are few.
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3 TV 12
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8 TV 12 Now this is a way to do a seemingly fanservice bait show that instead honest to goodness focuses on its more serious premise and being hype about a sport despite not being above nonsense and good. Less QUALITY could have been better though.
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Kid Icarus: Uprising
5 ONA 3 Good thing the ONA's used the OST of the game, as it was the best thing in this short and fits to the motif of the game perfectly. Studio 4C's episode was the best but shortest, I.G.'s was the blandest, and Shaft's was the trippiest and non-sensical.
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Kiddy Grade
6 TV 24
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Kids on the Slope
7 TV 12 Last episode's first half didn't do justice, but the second was a little better with the end of emo Kaoru. Overall it's a very good show with hiccups till ep 10., but after that, it starts to go downhill with the forced drama, which sort of redeemed by ep
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Kiitaro's yokai picture diary
8 TV 12 One of the better/cuter/rascal-y (short) shows of the year, and yet it's barely talked about? Meh. It's still among the more quality short anime though, and that's what matters.
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Kill la Kill
7 TV 24 Despite the serious side of things having room to improve and the lacking budget, the show proved itself to be a worthy blender of Imaishi's past works, from loud hot-bloodedness to hyperactive and quirky humour, all wrapped up in unique graphical style.
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Kill la Kill Specials
7 Special 2 An OVA that REALLY feels like an actual "unaired" episode? And it's more of a closure than the 24th episode was: still certainly not something that holds literary/deeper values, but it reflects KLK with all its stylishly overblown simplicity.
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Killing Bites
7 TV 12 An actual B-metal fun action series with a rocking OST, and a healthy sense of not going full edge, and actually caring about character backstories? Well, well, well.
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7 TV 12 Wasn\'t Non Non Biyori grade by any stretch of the imagination, but for what it was, it was still a nice little cutesy SoL even if it isn\'t the most memorable in the bunch.
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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - Byouki no Kuni - For You
7 Movie 1 It's a good bit more character driven and cinematically expanded than a usual episode in the TV show, which is a small breath of fresh air even if the 3DCG is somewhat poor for a movie.
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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - Nanika wo Suru Tame ni - Life Goes On.
6 Movie 1 It's a shame that there wasn't enough exposition on Kino's personal dilemma, it makes the movie somewhat half-done that only her training got enough focus.
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Kino's Journey
8 TV 13 This is about the closest thing one can get in anime form that captures the essence of learning about different cultures, or in this case, the many aspects of human nature. Even more so when the writing doesn't offer a forced interpretation about them.
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KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!
7 TV 10 As long as you see this show as a "cartoony", trashy, scummy take on the fantasy concept that SAO and its brethren botched in recent years, it's a surprisingly decent romp that takes trashy fun over everything else. Some party may feel too scummy though f
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KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2
8 TV 10 It's the kind of sequel that this show needed: basically the same, but the humor got sharper and better timed, the characters are more scummy/loser, and DEEN's loose animation and the VAs work just became more on point.
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Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust
7 OVA 2 I haven't played the game so I don't know how true this adaptation is to it or not, but it does a good job at being a short, fairly fun teaser with likeable characters and very good animation at places for those who haven't played it.
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Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear
4 TV 12 I'm being VERY generous with that 5. Started out as a "daring" SoL comedy about an awkward miko and her bear. Then it was a lackluster and witless Watamote clone with some better scenes/eps sprinkled in. Then the last few minutes ruined the whole thing th
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Laid-Back Camp
8 TV 12 If Rin and Nadeshiko are S grade, then the rest of the characters are B grade, and by the end, this was an A grade iyashikei. Could have been an S of course, but having a likeable kuudere as the mainest protagonist really helped selling the hobby.
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Landlord is in Puberty!
7 TV 12 Partly because of its length (that could use 3 min. per episode BTW), but this series is the very definition of 7/10. Not remarkable or particularly memorable, yet it's simply "alright" enough to provide low-calorie entertainment if you want a short one.
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Legend of Duo
5 TV 12
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Legend of Lemnear
5 OVA 1 Normally I'd give a 4 for this, but the music, and the visual style/animation provided by Urushihara were easily good enough to warrant a kind plus point. That still doesn't change the shlock, forgettable, empty OVA taste at all though.
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Legend of the Crystals: Final Fantasy
3 OVA 4 Thank you Boku no Eruption for making a video about this, it's just as awful and shallow as you said it was.
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Little Witch Academia
8 Movie 1 Not the most original plot, but it's more than enough for a pseudo-experimental project given it still has its fun, cartoony charm, and the graphical work is just marvelous, worthy successor of FLCL's and TTGL's style.
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Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade
8 Movie 1 Despite the larger "scale" story-wise, it's still "just" LWA1 but being longer and looking even better than the first one did. And still proves that Kickstarter can do good things once in a while.
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Lost Universe
6 TV 26
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Love Hina
8 TV 24
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Lupin III
8 TV 23
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Lupin III vs. Detective Conan
8 Special 1
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Lupin III: Sweet Lost Night - Mahou no Lamp wa Akumu no Yokan
6 Special 1 I wouldn't say it puts the Lupin name into disgrace, but it's still one of the more generic installments of the series due to how it loses steam after a while. Lupin is still a cool bro though.
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Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
8 Movie 1
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Lupin the Third: Jigen's Gravestone
7 Movie 1 While the story itself isn't the sharpest and the way the sniper got caught could potentially feel bullshit for some, but I'd say this was a better presentation of the "new age Lupin" than the Mine Fujiko series was.
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Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
5 TV 13 The production values of graphical style and OST were good and Lupin/Jigen/Zenigata were good as always, but the stories had many things left to be desired when it comes to pacing and quality, and the "true" storyline was way too alien and disjointed.
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Macross Delta
6 TV 26 I really wish the whole show would have been like the first half, because it's a better idol show than a lot of the other ones, and the rookie flyboy story would have complemented it greatly.
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Macross Plus
8 OVA 4 Has the usual Watanabe-branded obsession with the past, so this needs at least two watches to really seep in, but it's worth it.
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Mad Bull 34
4 OVA 4 The first episode was fairly good for an '80s buddy cop story, but the OVA should've ended at that point because the rest is an increasingly very dull, unremarkable experience afterwards.
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Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll
7 TV 12 As much as I think this show is a good example of the case of taking a moronic premise and bring it to the end like your life depends on it, it\'s also its own demise if the dumbness doesn\'t hook you and feel utterly disgusting, insensitive an tasteless.
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Magical Circle
8 TV 24 Sometimes too fast pacing aside, this is a pretty competent little '90s fantasy-comedy with today's visual fidelity, with an earnestly bratty and adorable tone too. It's even a good alternative if you haven't liked Slayers IMO.
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Mahou Gakuen Lunar! Aoi Ryuu no Himitsu
7 Movie 1 I don't know a lick about Lunar in general, and I was still fairly entertained by the fast paced random humor this little movie had. That's a sign of a game tie-in hitting the minimum of legit acceptable level.
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Majokko Tsukune-chan
8 OVA 6 A bit of warning, this is one of those "random for random's sake" titles, so approach it as such. It worked for me for the most part though: the intentionally cheap production values fit the show's zany nature well, and the fast paced sense of random as w
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Manyuu Hikenchou Specials
- Special 8 It's still passable if you liked the TV series, but I'll be honest and say that it doesn't work quite as well without it being a part of the show's "plot".
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Mars of Destruction
1 OVA 1 I'd like to believe that this was made for a bet regarding if it's possible to make a motion picture without a shred of coherent story exposition and correct amount of saturation that doesn't make characters glow. The bet was succesful.
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7 OVA 7 It's a very faithful representation of Go Nagai's wonderland with still excellent pre-digital art, though for better or worse, it also replicates the outdated-ness and weaknesses of Nagai's style.
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Mazinkaiser SKL
6 OVA 3 The debate regarding fate was unnecessary and the pacing was a little too fast for lay down everything enough, but that aside it's a good OVA for those popcorn-munching, lazy saturday afternoons with manliness and "fighting mechas with metal music" style.
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Medaka Box
3 TV 12 I shouldn't say this due to this season only being an "intro season", but this show was a complete waste of time for me so far. Why they didn't call this show "Pamper Medaka as much as you can" is beyond me, as nobody can shut the hell up about her.
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Medaka Box Abnormal
5 TV 12 The sings of quality increase are there (fairly interesting story/feel), yet S2 still suffers from S1's pretentous yet empty style and shitty characters. Better than S1, but still doesn't deserve a cookie.
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Megaman X - The Day of Sigma
5 OVA 1
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MegaMan: Wishing upon a Star
7 OVA 3
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Megane na Kanojo
5 OVA 4 The first two episodes were fairly adorable and its couples were decent, but the rest just didn't had the kind of juice that would make the story more than a somewhat oversentimental romance stuff.
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Metal Fighter Miku
5 TV 13 I give it has some odd charm at times and some cinematographic choices are nice, but it was unnecessary to make this a team sport-centered show when Miku is the only who gets any mentionable time. A better focus would've done wonders for this show.
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Midori Days
6 TV 13
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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: Kamoniku tte Midori-ppoi Aji ga Suru no ne.
7 OVA 1 Ironically enough this feels more Special-y than the official Special on the first disk volume, but that doesn't take away anything, it was an adorable little set of flashbacks regardless.
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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: Mite. Are ga Watashitachi no Tomatteiru Ryokan yo.
7 Special 1 I like it when an onsen episode doesn't take the easy way out and actually tries to be in-line with the parent franchise. Which this OVA did well.
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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
7 TV 13 Now this episode was more in form with the series - fairly cute/decently serious, and a good preparation for the end game.
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Mitsuboshi Colors
7 TV 12 Yotsubato meets Kids Next Door with a way more grounded approach that still manages to be cute and bratty at the same type, and it's even adapted by Silver Link? Could use less QUALITY, but it was consistently on point with its charm.
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Mizugi Kanojo The Animation
8 OVA 4
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Mob Psycho 100
8 TV 12 Not counting the little dip around ep8, the series *just* missed the amount of pizzas it could have to make it a 9, and despite that, it's still obvious that this was ONE's main project, being more character centric and serious than OPM. Don't let the art
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Mobile Police Patlabor 2: The Movie
8 Movie 1 The script could have used more naturality at some points, but its musings about peace and war are still as relevant as they were back there, and the direction did a good job at conveying the heavily uncertain air of the subject.
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Mobile Police Patlabor Minimum
5 Movie 3 I kind of liked the segment with Shigeru and the repair boys, but overall the OVA is just a little novelty extra about the show's world that isn't particularly good or well delivered.
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Mobile Police Patlabor: Reboot
8 Movie 1 I really hope this will get the Dragon Dentist treatment later down the line, because this is a surprisingly solid reboot that keeps the general atmosphere and attitude of the franchise, but without rehashing it.
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Mobile Police Patlabor: The New Files
6 OVA 16 The second half of the Griffon arc had a very lousy ending, but as far as filler-grade episodes go, most of these would've been better than a lot of the fillers in the TV series. Still worths a 6, but it's the upper layer of it compared to the TV's lower
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Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
8 OVA 6
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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
8 OVA 12
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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - A Battle with the Third Dimension
7 Special 1 Altough Amada's constant shouting whilst combat is jarring even compared to the original OVA series, I'm pleasently surprised that the OVA manages to capture the graphical style and battle scenes of the original series even with the modern-day animation.
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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Miller's Report
6 Movie 1 The movie exlusive elements are pointless given how they're so underdeveloped they doesn't flesh out anything both regarding the show, and Miller herself. The only saving grace are the scenes straigth from the OVA, which are still rocking.
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Monogatari Series: Second Season
9 TV 26 Signs of rushed pacing/production can be spotted at times, but that aside, it does a great job as a sequel. It has a lot more freedom/diversity/meat in its storytelling and charadevelopment, and puts it into good use. AOTY 2013.
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls
8 TV 12 It's VERY hard to talk about this show. It's a very entertaining bullshit silly fun that doesn't afraid to go full throttle with the strange premise, but it's so person-specific and odd (sometimes too odd) that that 8 might as well be 1 for other people.
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Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
9 TV 12 A surprisingly good and varied comedy that takes and twists a lot of shoujo tropes and cliches without ever losing sight of the main objective that is lighthearted and decently creative fun with a very likeable set of cast.
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Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Specials
8 Special 6 Basically what you get if you take an episode of the TV series and don't make the skits seamless. It isn't a negative thing mind you as the Specials are good, but it still makes you appreciate the effort that makes 4-koma adaptations "seamlessly flow".
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Morita-san wa Mukuchi.
4 TV 13 It barely offers anything besides the kind of unique look and behaviour of the female lead, altough I do appriciate that the episodes are just as lenghty as they should be, unlike being a 23 minutes long torture per episode.
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6 TV 10 The characterization played an underdog role so it could've been better even if it does its job, but the drama was handled well except for the final eps. The implementation of the management tactics was pulled off well, making the show a fairly unique one
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4 TV 12 A.K.A. Charlie's Angels - animu version. With all the additional fanservice and boobs made out of basketballs.
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Mr. Osomatsu
8 TV 25 A more consistent quality could've pushed this series to a 8.5-9, but even as it is, it's a noteworthy mixture of mostly balls to the walls mean-spirited humor that doesn't shy away from more emotional moments. It IS extremely taste-reliant though.
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Mr. Osomatsu Episode 3.5: Virgin Heroes
7 Special 1 Wouldn't have scored this over a 7 either way, but I still wish Pierrot would lay off the F6 segments at this point, segments like the Virgin Hero one is much more truer to this show.
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Mushi-shi: Next Passage Part 1
8 TV 10 The episodic formula makes the less stellar episodes stand out more than they should, but otherwise it's a solid series that touches some neat topics and concepts, with production values and pace that really bring out the zen-esque vibe.
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Mushi-shi: The Shadow that Devours the Sun
7 Special 1 Basically a standard Mushishi episode only in 45 minutes instead of 23. If you watched at least one Mushishi episode, you should know well what the word "standard" means in this context.
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Mutant Turtles: Choujin Densetsu-hen
2 OVA 2 Thank god ChipCheezum and Ironicus commentated over this, as the show practically rapes a part of my childhood in the ass. It's basically Power Rangers combined with TMNT, only much more shittier.
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My Hero Academia
8 TV 13 For a shounen that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel but rather makes it spin well enough, it did its job. The antagonist portrayal may be lacking, but there's enough heart and soul put into this to make it a more recommendable shounen, for all ages.
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My Hero Academia Season 2
8 TV 25 The general opinion still stands: it isn't the most revolutionary shounen ever, but it certainly follows the footsteps of OG Dragon Ball and One Piece enough to be a serviceable shounen with an actual heart in it.
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My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
8 TV 12 Doing double-duty as a videogame-based isekai AND an otome riff, and being pretty good and wholesome at both. Don't mind if I can has it.
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My Ordinary Life Episode 0
5 OVA 1 The first part with the fishing analogy was decent, but the rest was mediocre. Altough I have to admit that the OST breathed together with the visuals even in the franchise's first venture into animation.
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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
7 TV 13 It's rather refreshing if you don't follow romcom cliches to a T, and have a writing that dares to have its own, more thought out agenda and not restricted to a juvenile target audience.
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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU OVA
7 OVA 1 I personally liked the TV series's 13th episode as an anime-only material better, but that doesn't take away my impression that this OVA is a fine work for an extra being packaged together with a handheld game.
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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!
8 TV 13 The ending is too \\\"unfinished\\\" for my liking compared to S1, otherwise this season did exactly what a sequel for a series of this kind should do: being more serious, and dealing with meatier material.
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Mysterious Girlfriend X
7 TV 13 The episode itself was good, but not enough for a final episode, unless they make a season 2. Overall not the best series for watching the advancing romance, but it does a good job to show small steps of a good romance, the two MC's do make a good pair.
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Mysterious Girlfriend X: A Mysterious Summer Festival
7 OVA 1 I was expecting the usual "fagservice OVA for the horny fans" kind of deal, but fortunately it was just like an episode from the series, even though it had moments that were lolwtf even for this show.
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Mysterious Play
7 TV 52
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2 TV 220
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Natsuki Crisis
5 OVA 2 If onlythe 1st episode would exist, I've given 6, for having an odd '90s charm to it that makes even the almost forced conflict being resolved fairly entertainingly along with Natsuki herself, but 2nd ep really highlights how bleeding the writing could be
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7 TV 24 Not the most convoluted story, but the writing is self-aware enough to leave the "meat" to the last episodes, and not make it more serious than it is. Instead it takes it easy for the most part with efficency, making it a fun watch with rocking OST.
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Needless+: Saint Lily Gakuen no Himitsu
7 Special 12 The fanservice has more emphasis than in the TV series, but it retains the wtf essence of the series, which is a big plus among specials nowadays.
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7 TV 26
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Negima!? Magister Negi Magi
6 TV 26
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Nekomonogatari Black
9 TV 4 Mixture of Bake and Nise: the fanservice is similar to the latter but handled much better, and the plot while similar to the former, is more heavier in its theme and execution than Bake's arcs.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
8 TV 26
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Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
9 Movie 1 About 3-4 times more controversial than the TV series is. Either you'll hate it like no tomorrow or you'll end up watching it multiple times just to get different conclusions each time. The symbolism is a bit overdone, but I'm in the latter party.
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Nerima Daikon Brothers
6 TV 12
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New Dominion Tank Police
7 OVA 6 The last episode hurted the series with being sloppy both in story and animation and the plot didn't answered some questions, but fortunately this OVA retained the '80s action/comedy blend of the first series enough to not make things worse.
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New Game!
7 TV 12 Despite how piss poor ep10 was, and how the game development angle was more of a premise than an explored topic, this was still a lively and lighthearted show that still managed to have decently emotional moments here and there.
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New Game! Watashi, Shain Ryokou tte Hajimete nano de...
7 OVA 1 It's New Game, it's an OVA, it's about as good as these two metrics would tell you.
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New Game!!
8 TV 12 If S1 only tried to walk, then S2 does it. Still isn't radically different or less idealistic, but there is a better balance between humor and seriousness, and gets the working hurdles of the early-mid 20s age range in the creative field.
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Nichijou - My Ordinary Life
7 TV 26 The second watch provided a fairly better experience with this show, altough its flaws are still present in the form of often cumbersome pacing and hit-or-miss effect of directing of the scenes.
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Ninja Nonsense
7 TV 12
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Ninja Ryuukenden
3 OVA 1 [nerd voice]Excuse me sir, but this adaptation is inaccurate because there are no eagles in it and Ryu doesn't hop backwards when he gets hurt,