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Junchi Oct 9, 7:44 AM
Ja, a MiA igazából már a szinopszisa alapján ilyen full videojáték-hatásúnak csapódott le, úgyhogy ilyen szempontból találó bármiféle párhuzam a megfelelő gammákkal, a designt is fellehet fogni ilyen JRPG-kre hajazó megoldásként. Egyébként meg ajánlom, nálam mondom, az elmúlt évek egyik legjobbjaként végzett.

Ez a Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryukou meg nem tűnik olyan vészesnek, de ez mondjuk inkább már az a cucc, amivel megvárnám a végét, csakúgy, mint most a Mahoutsukai no Yome.
ViharTancos Oct 2, 11:06 PM
Nagyon szívesen :)
Junchi Oct 2, 1:14 PM
Yepp, leszek szombaton.

MiA: Cöh, /a/ sucks. Pont, hogy a vége felé lett még jobb, az utolsó 2-3 rész győzött meg igazán, hogy nem 7/10-es sorozat, hanem 8.
annarancs Oct 2, 11:26 AM
Köszönöm, hogy elfogadtad. :)
Drive0 Apr 22, 3:04 PM
Megvan a Persona 5? Hogy, tetszik?

És milyen volt a con, amin voltál?
VincentHarkonnen Jan 20, 5:26 PM
Well, I guess I don't even need to go into any bigger details whether the first game's good or not, because wow... No wonder that they've changed so much in the second game after the negative backlash (aside of the fact that the second game is a grimdark, edgy, serious game, or at least tries to be, you've probably already heard of the infamous Conquest ending where Nepgear murders the entire cast, it's so bad that even the actual heroines make fun of it in Victory, along with Nepgear being a bad protagonist in the second one) - you can't heal outside of battles, so your only way of restoring HP is to use items during a fight. The problem is that you don't use them yourself - the heroines do so on their own volition, you can just spend the so-called "Item Points" to assign them to a certain item to boost the possibility of a heroine using the said item, and even then, each item has a specific condition regarding when exactly can be used, for example, you can only use regular potion after your health drops below 50% and after surviving getting hit. And because Compa is the only heroine who can revive your characters until IF learns her own revive item ability at the level 40, you'll end up clenching your ass during each fight because enemies are programmed to target the heroine with least amount of HP, which is Compa 90% of the time. And once Compa bites the dust, you can't revive and your team gets mauled to death, because you can't heal between fights, so if you'll barely win a fight, the next one will open up with your party not healing becuase the girls need to survive a hit to use a potion and you'll get a game over because all of your heroines will be barely alive at the start of a fight. I swear, this game made me already hate Compa's character, I guess I can thank this game's healing mechanic for that... along with her squeaky voice which drives me crazy. It also doesn't help that in the first game, you're only limited to Neptune, Compa and IF, with 5pb, Nisa and Gust being DLC characters and the other three goddesses being optional characters you can unlock only after opening the last dungeon. And that's really too bad because I legitimately like those three DLC heroines more than the actual main cast, at least as far as the cutscenes they appear in go. And boy, am I eagerly awaiting playing Victory just to get to Plutia. *laughs* I do have to admit though, I really like the Cardboard processor unit you can equip on Neptune's transformed form in the first game - it basically replaces those things floating around her and pieces of her bodysuit with Yoji Shinkawa-esque mecha parts straight out of Zone of the Enders, except made of cardboard, which is an obvious nod to MGS. Granted, it makes you very weak against fire, but I still love the looks of it alone :D Also, gotta love the totally-not-dated-or-cringy humour based on 2011 memes, like giant enemy crab and stuff. I did appreciate the Resident Evil 1 joke, though.
Drive0 Jan 17, 1:55 AM
Boldog Születés Napot kívánok neked!
VincentHarkonnen Jan 16, 3:19 PM
Happy Birthday, mate! :) May all of your wishes come true, so that this year would become a milestone you'll always come back to while reminiscing in the future.

PS. More troubles with Neptunia inbound - the trilogy my friend ordered has arrived... only for him to find out that it was entirely in German. However, he did manage to finally hunt down the first game and brought it to me yesterday, but now he's waiting for the second game to arrive. I'm telling you, Neptune seemed to be such a cool goddess in the anime, but apparently I should give her more sacrifices so she'd lift the curse or something. Well, time to soak my MGS V in pig blood and set it on fire in front of the Neptune dakimakura.
VincentHarkonnen Jan 8, 3:20 PM
The Hungarian version of SM *was* renamed as "Varázslatos Álmok" (Wonderful Dreams), but even as a kid I noticed that the show rarely had to do anything with dreams in particular, and since then, it turned out that this was one of those weird translation choices that a good amount of other media also gets, though at the least these choices weren't because Hungarian kids/adults would find the show unappealing.

Hahaha, that sure was a great name for the show where one of the heroines gets shot like 70 times, while one of the antagonists wanted to have sex with her dad so she could give birth to her "new self" and therefore she'd live forever by by the power of time paradox and travelling back in time just to become her own mother :D Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh, this show had some pretty bizarre moments, but that's also why I genuinely liked it, at least it didn't feel as overdramatic as Madoka. In Poland, they changed the title to "Czarodziejka z Księżyca" ("The Sorceress From The Moon"), so I guess it actually did fit, they generally kept calling themselves sorceresses of *insert planet's name here* in our version, which I guess is a pretty nice translation of the whole "sailor" thing from the original. It's too bad though that the Polish version relied on the voice-over translation, with the Japanese voices being heard in the background and a single lady reading the translation out loud. I actually remember DBZ (the original and GT too, now that I'm thinking about it) being translated like this in my country too, pretty much everything that hasn't aired on Fox Kids or Cartoon Network received such treatment, with the exception of Pokemon which aired on the same TV channel Sailor Moon did, but given that it came few years later, they could afford actual voice actors, I guess. Speaking of Sailor Moon, have you heard of the infamous Sailor Moon condoms from Japan? :D No, really, they actually officially released condoms with Usagi's face on them to promote safe sex in Japan in order to fight syphilis. Hell, they even came with posters saying "if you won't have safe sex, I'll punish you!" or something like this, needless to say, it made me howl from laughter. I'm just dying whenever I imagine some poor guy putting his Usagi condom on and his girlfriend being like: "You know what, no, thanks". And the best thing is that Naoko Takeuchi herself approved this. It seems that at this point Sailor Moon made her so rich that she seriously doesn't care anymore, that's probably why she hardly ever draws any new manga lately. If she wants some quick buck, might as well give the license to Platinum Games, given that SM Crystal made this franchise popular again, I can see people buying a simple Beat 'Em Up of it. ...holy shit, now MGR truly made me want more Platinum Games titles made like this. This isn't going to end well, help, I've been playing bad/average games for so long lately that I now want a good challenge.

So it's like a cross between having character selection in older beat'em ups with some statistics thrown in, and it does kind of reflect on the game's difficulty: not just the weapons, but the characters level up as well, so the difficulty is certainly more lax than most other PG games, even if the last two difficulty modes still present huge spikes that are present in the Challenge missions as well.

I see, sounds pretty cool, actually. As long as the characters are nicely balanced enough, I can see myself enjoying the game a lot, even if I'm already eager to play as nothing but Wheeljack. *laughs* This kind of multiple character roster in Beat 'Em Up games is something I seriously miss, you know, something that goes beyond your usual Dynasty Warriors selection of overpowered characters who generally handle exactly the same. Then again, I guess that coming up with interesting characters when your roster is already full of 40 different characters already is legitimately tough, so Devastation actually did a good job at limiting itself to only 5 characters, despite of the fact that they technically could use more.

MGR -> Thanks! I still couldn't believe that I got the Platinum when I woke up today, I thought that it was just a dream :D Yeah, I certainly conquered my fear of Platinum Games with this one, because I used to imagine MGR to be as frantic as Bayonetta, with the big angels replaced with Gekkos jumping all over the screen and kicking Raiden from all directions. Still, I definitely agree with you on the "game" part of this title's challenge, because it truly feels more fun than Bayonetta to me, with how it doesn't expect you to be THAT perfect, as long as you'll memorize the enemy attack patterns. I also like how you can achieve S Ranks in more than one way thanks to the scoring system which does make the things easier for you with the No Damage bonus, but you can still get hit and end up with an S Rank by building up enough combos, BP collected and Zandatsu, even if it's obviously harder. The only two fights I've beaten with an S Rank while getting hit were the turret section in R-03 (which is hellish on Revengeance because of the rocket launcher guys who take away 70% of your health with one hit) and the fight against the AI controlled bodies of Mistral and Monsoon on the same stage. Ironically, Sundowner took me more time than any other boss to S Rank, mostly because No Damage alone isn't enough to give you the best grade - you also need to reach a combo of 50 hits and then let hm summon lesser cyborgs during his second phase in order to get at least one Zandatsu. Same goes to Sam, who also requires you to get the combo of 50 and Armstrong, who requires you to get a combo of 100 while fighting him. Still, I'd say that ranking 1st on all VR Missions was harder than the S Rank run on Revengeance, mostly because you're limited to vanilla Raiden without any upgrades, as the only thing that carries over are your combos and boss weapons. But it also does teach you to play the game well the hard way - without the bodies and wigs, you're pretty much limited to play this game well, which is something I actually liked, with how most of the VR Missions weren't even that hard, but the margin of error was always small. However, I did like how even on my first run of this game, I wasn't getting the Stone ranking like in Bayonetta regardless of how hard I tried, so MGR truly was more motivating than this game. It just doesn't feel like it's ignoring all of your efforts, even if you will screw up in MGR but still do well, the game will give you a B at worst, so you end up feeling that if you'll try a little bit harder, you might just get an S. In Bayonetta, it feels like you get a Stone (or Shit, as Yahtzee used to call it in Zero Punctuation while complaining about the ranking system being too demanding as well) or Gold/Platinum, hardly anything in between. Also, MGR isn't as QTE heavy as Bayonetta was, that's also a plus. As for the DLCs, I'm planning to get all three of them, but rest assured that Sam's DLC is my priority without a doubt, can't wait so fight the infamous Super Armstrong on Reveneance, supposedly he goes into his super powered phase after taking just one hit on this difficulty :D Admittedly, hearing about Sam's parry and attacks being weaker does make me feel scared a little, but then again, getting a Platinum in this game was also pretty scary at first, to the point that when I finally bought this game three weeks ago I approached it with the "I'm just gonna get as many Trophies as I can and call it a day", until the game's difficulty proved to be anything but Bayonetta's and I decided to take my time and learn how to play it. I'm gonna try VR Missions after Sam's DLC because nothing can be worse than that dreadful Mission 17 from the main game and Bladewolf will come last. Admittedly, it is too bad that his DLC is the worst (I've watched ChipCheezum's playthrough of it and even that made me yawn), especially with how his character had a lot of potential - while Sam was definitely different from Raiden, he was still a combat-oriented character, so playing as a sneaky protagonist where you actually get the No Alert bonus for each ranked fight (plus you can finally perform silent kills on GRADs) sounds like fun, but this DLC definitely is the weakest, despite Khamsin's boss fight being a cool little addition. I still want to beat this game 100%, so all three DLCs are a must. You know, a Platinum is already fantastic, but might as well go beyond the bounds, after all, I've waited 4 years for finally mastering a Platinum Games title like I did last night :) Also, VR Missions DLC has got a Dwarf Gekko giving you a thumbs up, that alone is worth the money :D

If nothing else, this is already an achievement in itself, compared to how easily he could have just ran away with your money instead of being legit scared what you'd say for this.

Yeah, especially with how I don't know where exactly he lives now after he moved not too long ago, and that's probably what broke him, because at the beginning of December, I wrote an SMS to him about sending me his new address so I'd come to pick the game up if he's that busy at work. Of course, he didn't reply, but I ended up calling him twice every day. After four days of enduring this and not picking up his phone, he finally broke and came with an apology, I guess he just couldn't take hiding this from me anymore, but even then, why hide something that clearly wasn't his fault? So what that the guy screwed up the order, happens from time to time, as long as he wasn't at fault himself, I don't see any reason to be scared. Still, Neptunia still hasn't arrived, I swear, this game is cursed or something.
Catrin Jan 8, 11:47 AM
Én pedig az acceptedet!
VincentHarkonnen Jan 7, 5:46 PM
I know I've been flooding your message box on PSN with the "MGR progress reports" of mine, but given that I'm not sure if you're Online recently, I guess it's better to leave this one last announcement here: got my MGR Platinum tonight! :D I'm now officially the Keijo master. *laughs* Man, does it feel great to finally conquer a Platinum Games title, MGR seriously has the perfect difficulty, it's almost as if the player is Raiden and the game is Sam - it manhandles you at first, but then you slowly keep realizing that it just wants you to man up and improve, motivating you to try harder when you screw up until you'll finally best it and realize that it wasn't so hard at all. Bayonetta didn't have that to me, it just made me feel depressed as I kept playing. Well, I guess it's time to put this game on shelf for now, until I'll be able to afford all DLCs. Because to be honest, VR Missions kinda made me like them a lot, I wouldn't mind downloading those 30 extra ones.
Junchi Jan 1, 9:33 AM
Újabb boldogat (vagy boldogabb újat?) neked is.
Drive0 Jan 1, 1:26 AM
Boldog új évet kívánok!
VincentHarkonnen Dec 26, 2016 11:43 AM
Sailor Moon -> Haha, I remember liking this show a lot back when I was 6, but admittedly I also discovered it "fully" after rewatching it years later and just like in your case, it mostly felt like wathcing it from scratch. Then again, the 6 year old me only watched this show because of Rei/Sailor Mars, I didn't even care about a genuinely good comedy in it back in the day. *laughs* Definitely stick around until the third season at least, it's just that good. Also, the major antagonist of this season was voiced by the same guy who voiced Kenshiro from Fist of the North Starand let's just say that he just had an overdrive in this role - playing an evil Otacon really had to be a ton of fun for him :D It's still too bad that back when the show aired in the States it got censored so hard, no wonder that so many people still consider it a title for little girls. I don't know how the Hungarian publisher handled your release, but Polish was a sort of a middle ground between the releases - it did cut out the character deaths and parts like the heroines getting crucified or Sailor Neptune getting shredded by machineguns, but still kept the original names and the actual script from the original (which is nice, given that the American version actually avoided the word "death" like fire and Polish was translated straight from the Japanese version). Then again, the American version even went as far as removing the shots of lightning strikes to not scare little children. Good thing that DBZ didn't get such treatment.

MGR -> Yeah, this game is nowhere near as bad as Bayonetta, which was something I was genuinely scared of. At least in MGR the enemies aren't flying all over the screen, while the annoying rocket launcher guys are stationary. To be honest, after getting comfortable with this game, I realized how easy it is, to the point of actually believing that I can get a Platinum in this one. Admittedly, it's still harder than Vanquish, but that game still had a tough Platinum thanks to its relentless Challenge Mode, the VR Missions in MGR are actually easy for the most part, except of this one terrible mission where you need to clear three rooms using only grenades and rocket launchers, which is just a bad challenge design, even ChipCheezum hates this Mission. Getting no-hit bonuses is also much easier than I thought, as long as I'm not fighting Raptors, I'm super fine for the most part :D I actually started my S Rank Revengeance playthrough yesterday and it's also pretty easy for now, definitely much easier than Very Hard, which is just... Damn. Still, getting my first Platinum in a Platinum Games title is going to feel like a major achievement, especially in this game :D With that being said, I heard that Transformers is actually the easiest Platinum game along with Legend of Korra, mostly thanks to the equipment you can get while playing on the hardest difficulty and the ability to level up your character. And speaking of, are the characters actually different from one another in terms of how they play, or it's just the purely cosmetic "choose your favourite character and go nuts" kind of thing? I think I'm gonna go with Wheeljack as my preferred character, especially given that my favourite character from this franchise (Starscream) isn't even playable. And, of course, because Wheeljack's vehicle form looks cool as hell to me :D Regarding MGR's shortcomings, yeah, the ending portion of the game really felt like they were running out of budget there, especially with how Sam could've been easily a boss on R-05. Then again, I guess it makes the S Rank run easier. *laughs* I'd personally add the camera to my short list of flaws, because even with a lock-on, it's often making it hard for me to avoid attacks, even if the offscreen enemies are less aggressive. I also felt like the combat, or moveset rather, was a little too simple, with Custom Weapons being limited to replacing your strong attacks and the actual swords not even having any unique attacks on their own, aside of different speed, range and strength. But the whole mechanic is functional at least, so there's that. Haha, to be fair, Platinum is the only developer I would've entrusted Keijo license to, maybe Capcom would've been able to handle it as well, not sure about Suda 51. I definitely wouldn't give it to Takaki, even if he'd be extremely eager to make a game based on this manga - it's enough that every single one of his games recently has got to be a shallow Beat 'em Up with tits. It was funny with Senran Kagura at first, now I'm tired of it.

Well, I still celebrate the New Year, so one way or another, thank you kindly for the wishes :D Haha, true, my luck's been pretty abysmal this year, especially during the last two months. But who knows, maybe it's about time to turn the tables on my fortune in January. I mean, me getting good at MGR has got to be a good sign, right? No one gets good at a Platinum Games title for no reason, these games are just too special. *laughs* Speaking of bad luck, I definitely have one regarding Neptunia. On October 1st, I ordered the first game via my friend because I couldn't find it at any store and there was only this one guy at the moment who put this game on auction. So I gave the money to my friend and he disappeared for two months. Wasn't picking up his phone, nothing. I honestly thought that he just took my money and ran away because his financial situation was pretty crap at that point too, until he suddenly came back at the beginning of December with an apology, saying that he was simply too scared to tell me that the order got completely screwed up - the guy didn't have the original Neptunia and mailed him the second game instead. However, while he didn't have any copy of the first game, he did have Neptunia Trilogy, so my friend mailed the second game back to him along with some extra cash and ordered the Trilogy for me... which still hasn't arrived :D I swear, I've got the worst luck when it comes to Neptunia, the last time I wanted to order it myself back in February, the store wasn't aware that they're already out of copies of this game. Damn, and to think that I'm doing it all for a legitimately horrible game, just so I could learn the story before tackling the much better sequels. On the plus side, if the trilogy will arrive, I'll already have all three PS3 installments of this franchise. Gotta love how whenever I think about what I'm doing just to get Neptunia, I just feel embarrassed. That's the kind of struggle you should be experiencing while hunting for MGS V or something, not a terrible game like this :D

MGR 2 pre-order bonus. Remember kids, every cyborg ninja loves school. Not just an ordinary school, but THE school.
Junchi Dec 26, 2016 10:59 AM
Köszi és viszont!