Hokuto no Ken
Fist of the North Star
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Alternative Titles

English: Fist of the North Star
Synonyms: Seikimatsu Kyuseishu Densetsu: Hokuto no Ken, HNK
Japanese: 北斗の拳


Type: TV
Episodes: 109
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 4, 1984 to Mar 5, 1987
Premiered: Fall 1984
Broadcast: Thursdays at 19:00 (JST)
Producers: Fuji TV
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, Martial ArtsMartial Arts, Sci-FiSci-Fi, ShounenShounen
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.011 (scored by 2348723,487 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #5332
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1374
Members: 81,272
Favorites: 1,772


-Both main protagonist and antagonist look and act similar to each other. -Both series have a side character giving long exposition on the current situation in the battle -Expect a manly tear here and there  
report Recommended by Daitomodachi
Guts is essentially a Kenshiro clone. If you like the pragmatic nature and insane destructive power of one, it goes without saying that you'll like the other. Both series also feature ridiculously powerful enemies who must be overcome by the protagonist. Berserk lacks HnK's brilliant sense of humor, however. 
report Recommended by naikou
Coming out four years after the start of Hokuto no Ken, Sakigake! Otokojuku is another classic old school shonen! Featuring similarly over muscular fighters it deviates from Hokuto by adding in a comedy aspect. With an awesome mix of masculinity, pride, strength and humor, Fans of old school Shonen will fall in love with this series. Though the series lacks the constant flow of kills that Hokuto no Ken had, you will be sure to find that it is just as badass. Similarly if you Started off with Otokojuku, Hokuto no Ken is another action packed series that you should acquaint yourself with. 
report Recommended by Billgar
This is the closest you can get to Hokuto no Ken. Manly men, punch barrages, heroic sacrifices, brutal non-stop over the top fighting, ridiculous battle techniques, and the main character is basically Kenshiro. If you are a big HnK fan clamoring for something similar but nothing seems to fit the bill or hit the spot, Jojo is the answer you've been seeking. 
report Recommended by Kellhus
Both happen in desert. Both have main characters who are unbeatable and their enemies know it. Both characters are also the opposite kinds of moral extremists; Vash doesn't kill anyone and Kenshiro kills everyone who has harmed someone. 
report Recommended by Apocola
Both have as scenario a grim post-apocalyptic future, with the devastated Earth, dry, devoid of vegetation and where survival is difficult. Furthermore of the chaotic world of the future, both sides are subjugated by people more powerful. Because that, heroes arise between the darkness ... In Hokuto no Ken the difficulties come also because it rules the law of the strongest and the world is in a wild state, while in Green Legend Ran are governed by an alien race (Rodo). 
report Recommended by SunWukung
One of the most influential shonen of all time, and perhaps one of Toriyama's inspirations for the type of drama found in the Cell saga? Both have exciting martial arts battles. Both had bad initial dubs. 
report Recommended by PequeninoMikhail
These anime focus on manly characters but Toriko does not have the same tragic content as featured in Hokuto no Ken. In terms of quality and characterization, Hokuto no Ken is better but Toriko is the closest thing to a modern day Fist of the North Star due to the following: 1. The Four Heavenly Kings are adopted "siblings" while Hokuto no Ken also has a main cast of four adopted brothers. 2. The characters Toriko, Zebra & Coco are inspired by Kenshiro, Raoh & Toki. 3. Both series were stricken by war and famine. 4. The concept of "Knocking" is similar to Hokuto Shinken as it stops a  read more 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
Over the top violence. Buff men punching bad guys at lightning speeds. Super dramatic poses! 
report Recommended by halcyon_rhapsody
A showcase of pure, unadulterated GAR and nakama spirit put to test in bloody battles against larger-than-life, seemingly invincible opponents. 
report Recommended by MisterTimor
Both feature manly men fighting with superhuman strength in over the top battles in legendary lands where panty sniveling weaklings do not form a major part of the male population (at least none are featured) I think both titles can be recommended to manime fans. 
report Recommended by Estefan
Both series are brimming with manliness and oozing testosterone and both at their core are tragic series dealing with very similar concepts of life and death. 
report Recommended by linkjoker
Both feature a wanderer in a future wasteland who fights to protect the weak by making his opponents explode. Both also have very creative (if limited by budget) fight scenes, and as a bonus, the villains Braiking Boss and Raoh share a very intimidating voice actor. (Actually read Hokuto's manga, it's way better, but we can't rec manga to anime really. Casshern has no manga.) 
report Recommended by jimmymimpson
They both deal with siblings fighting each other for a legacy only one of them can have. 
report Recommended by SpawnofLilith
Badass characters that have the same feel to them. Feng Yun also has a lot better animation. 
report Recommended by bestkatalyn
Both series were made in the same time period and share the same feats: action, drama, manliness and a dose of comedy (City Hunter features more comedy than Hokuto No Ken). Also, Ryo's seiyu is the same as Kenshiro's.  
report Recommended by DiogoAttitude
Classic vibe of 80s action movies. Similar art, similar music, similar style. Bland, gory, heroic. Human body's durability and abilities far beyond the limits 
report Recommended by Nemo_Niemand
Like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure , Fist of the North Star features burly, manly men fighing against equally buff villains. Both also happen to be quite cheesy (in a good way) and have a penchant for overdramatizing. Fans of Jojo will definitely like Hokuto no Ken. 
report Recommended by charlie21
Terra Formars is like Fist of the North Star meets Starship Troopers. While they have different settings, they are both filled with manly action that will keep your testosterone pump up. You have muscular characters that use superhuman powers to fight other powerful enemies. Not to mention these titles are very violent too. They have enough action to keep you entertained. 
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
both MC have badass characters. They both are fighting for the ones they love and also to get stronger. In both anime, many new badass antagonists proceed too. And most importantly, both are related densely to martial arts. 
report Recommended by HellSlayingOtaku
Both carry out in much the same fashion. The protagonist traveling to a big city to face a man of similar martial arts power, all the while stopping at smaller towns along the way and dealing with the smaller side effects of his enemy's tyranny. Both series are martial arts centric, with battle auras. And most of all... both series deal with the fate of the characters and how it is aligned with the Big Dipper.  
report Recommended by Nibmeister
Both share manliness at its finest. Both protagonists have a sheer overdose of masculinity (just look at their eyebrows, MANLY!) and defeat their opponents with epic feats (Kenshiro with Hokuto Shinken and Duke with his unrivaled sniping skills). 
report Recommended by DiogoAttitude
Both series were created in the 80's and share the epicness of the 80's: over the top action, violent scenes, epic fights, the power of love and friendship, overpowered characters and manly tears (yes, Saint Seiya IS manly in its way).  
report Recommended by DiogoAttitude
These series feature a manly hero using martial arts to defeat bandits and villainous martial artists. Fist Of The North Star takes place in an post apocalyptic setting which eventually becomes very story driven involving battles among brothers. Ramenman's anime is very episodic but contains the same themes of honor, violence, & heroism as found in Hokuto no Ken. In other words, Tatakae!! Ramenman is the Chinese version of Fist of The North Star. 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
Both anime are about ancient and invincible martial arts technique. 
report Recommended by Volturnus
Both titles came out in the 1980's. Both anime feature extremely muscular main characters that fight against powerful enemies with over the top violent martial arts. However, Battle Royal High School is more violent and gory than the Fist of the North Star TV show version. If you enjoyed one, you will enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Excel Saga's episode # 23 is an hilarious parody, for the most part, of Hokuto No Ken. You'll obviously understand the episode's references better if you watched The Fist Of The North Star before. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Well even if one is wrestling and other killing to save humanity from destruction. they both resemble in their heroes, tiger mask and kenshiro and their sense of justice. they are both fightings with violence and lots of blood. ALL I can say is that the resemble in greatness.  
report Recommended by yardakani
They both involve extreme fighting conditions. Eventhough Hokuto no Ken may seem a bit outdated and not as appealing to the eyes, they are both very much so alike. Fighting to the death, revenge, great action scenes, and outrageous fighting moves. Check it out.  
report Recommended by PlatinumZero
Main character is extremely powerful. Travels across the land of a destroyed world fighting various enemies and helping strangers. Both series have lots of action and violence. 
report Recommended by Jackson_H
Both series are very action oriented and have a dark atmosphere. If you like the sad protagonist aspect of Shingeki no Kyojin you will love Hokuto no Ken. I think they are both very similar and I would lump this into one of the big four male power fantasies including Shingeki no Kyojin, Berserk, Claymore and Hokuto no Ken.  
report Recommended by Radiation_
Both series are heavily based around characters who don't know that they're already dead. 
report Recommended by AaronCruse
PROTECT YOUR ENVIROMENT!! Earth day before the start of the nausica movie, there is an logo of the WWF ( world wildlife foundation) wich appreantly used this movie as a promotional 'eyeopener'. both hokuto no ken and nausica storyline place after humanity ravaged the earth wether its a nuclear fallout or a global war, but more in naucsica case there is an effort to discover to revive the earth and let the humans learn from their mistake 
report Recommended by Shura-shurato
Insanely bloody and violent anime's with a badass lead character with super human strength. 
report Recommended by UltraTien
The main aspect these shows have in common are manly heroes fighting against their brothers in brutal combat. (Jungle King Tar-chan episodes 18-30/Fist of The North Star episodes 30-49 & 98-109). Aside from the earlier statement, Jungle King Tar-chan has more options in its story due to appearances of tournament arcs, vampires and wrestlers. Fist of The North Star primarily centers it story around a messiah-like hero and his journey to protect the populace from evil tyrants. Surprisingly, these anime deliver well written stories that explores the evils of men and gradually become more complex than their initial beginnings. 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
Both series feature incredibly heroic men, manly tears and very masculine fights. While Kinnikuman is more humorous in tone, Kinnikuman's characters are just as likable as the cast of Hokuto No Ken. 
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
i´m pretty sure that both have the same martial -arts voice-over dude when it comes to both explaining the heroes and villians main techniques! only i don´t know the name who was the voice over sadly 
report Recommended by Shura-shurato