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jpablojr Jun 12, 7:59 PM
I like when the story arrives early, but I don't mind starting on the lighter side if it's clear there's a ongoing and bigger narrative behind it. It seems to overall depend on the story and how it executes the concept but overall I do think I prefer for the story to arrive early on.

Oh I forgot to ask but what are your favorite first arcs in shonen?
jpablojr Jun 10, 9:13 AM
This took a bit of thinking as with most if my favorite series the beginning is often my least favorite part, but I came up with five that stand out in my mind:

1. Hunter Exam - HxH
2. Sanctuary - Saint Seiya
3. Tokyo - Rurouni Kenshin
4. Hanshin Republic - Tsubasa
5. Hunt For Dragon Balls - Dragon Ball
jpablojr Jun 1, 9:26 PM
Thank you, I feel the exact same in regards to seeing people who find value in these stories. As for Dai, it definitely strikes an interesting mix of both Pre-Z and early Z. The first half of the manga feels very Pre-Z, but during the second half, the manga becomes crazy, lots of insane moments and plot twists that would make CLAMP themselves happy, and they're so subtle and well foreshadowed that making a second read especially worth it, and the manga becomes reminiscent of Z, I would say the final arc felt like the Namek saga in terms of the power escalation and rising of stakes, especially the final battle reminded me a lot of Goku vs Frieza with how crazy it got, but what I like about Dai is that it ends right after that crazy and high staked arc/battle. The illustrator nailed Toriyama's style, but not to the point where it feels like a rip off, but more of a homage with it's own style mixed into to it that becomes even better as the manga progresses.
jpablojr May 31, 9:45 PM
I really loved your answers, and they made me confident in sharing mine. Admittedly it's pretty easy for a series to get me emotional, as many series have made me tear up, but few have really ever made me cry to the point where the momenta never ended up leaving my mind, and those are definitely the ones that had the biggest impacts on me personally. I'll stick to the quick top 4 similar to you.

1. Rurouni Kenshin: Similar to you, I really found myself falling in love with the themes of the story, especially Kenshin's quest to become a better person and to find atonement/change. It's a an idea that really stuck a chord with me at a confusing time in my life, and everything regarding Kenshin's character I was fascinated by, and it slowly began to really make an impact on me few others have even come close to achieving, Kenshin just really motivated me to become a better person myself. His journey was beautiful, and when he was thrown off his course in Jinchuu when he thought Kaoru died, I couldn't help but to cry seeing him in such a rough state, which really made him finally breaking the chains all the more powerful of a moment for me. The manga's romance also just really spoke to me, this more mature and natural take on romance, that made my heart burn with every moment. And finally Enishi himself, both terrified me and also broke my heart, I'd never felt such feelings for an antagonist before where I couldn't help but to cry for him during his moments of emotional pain, especially in his breakdown after his defeat. I myself find it amazing how important this story is to me haha.

2. Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken: This may be the most I've ever cried reading a manga. Despite being such a simple story, the manga's themes on heroism, courage, compassion, and sacrifice really left an impact on me. It reminded me of when I was young and in love with superheroes, I wanted nothing more than to see Dai become a hero and save the world, and while he was never my favorite character, the journey he undergoes is really wonderful, especially In the final arc where it all comes in a full circle. But the character who struck a chord with me the most, was Pop and his arc that despite never being the strongest, he more than made up for it in his continued journey to become brave, useful, and genuinely compassionate and watching it happen throughout the manga is insanely satisfying. The big moments of emotion of Dai or any of the other characters doing something heroic is nothing short of inspiring.

3. Gintama: I never would've thought that such a silly gag manga, would end up also bringing so much happiness to my life day in and day out. The subtle characterization of silly gag characters with dumb gimmicks who you never though much about, could then become tragic, heartbreaking, and even depressing through the serious storytelling during the more important arcs by taking those gimmicks and giving them context, could lead to some of the most emotional moments I've ever seen in a story. The cast is honestly lovely and I can't help but to love all of them, in particular the way that they are all given such wonderful exploration throughout the story, especially Gintoki. The stories themes of living your life, moving on from the past, and changing with the times are all themes that massively connect with me, and seeing every character under go through them is satisfying and rewarding. The series has a lot of heart and love put into it, and every second of it connected with me, in particular a character who at first is a silly 1 note gag character, but then becomes the focus of an important arc later on, is explored in such a wonderful way, and his death may be one if the not the most heartbreaking I've ever encountered in any story.

4. Assassination Classroom: With me wanting to become a teacher, this story really hit some beautiful notes that made a big impact on the type of person I want to be, and further inspired me wanting to pursuit that career. Korosensei is a really lovely character, and his dedication and passion for teaching his students is one that I quickly became invested in, all of his lessons burn into the root of the studenta he teaches, helping them fix a flaw they have, and seeing him inspire his students in one way or another to become better people is beautiful. The story of why Korosensei became a teacher is also wonderfully handled, and I won't deny that I cried, and it made the lessons he teaches all the more powerful for me.

Honorable mentions to Hunter X Hunter for Meruem and Komugi and Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles for Fai's backstory. I really wanted to include them as both series also had a pretty strong emotional connection with me but I've made this fairly long as it is, so I'll just leave them as mentions.
jpablojr May 29, 4:03 PM
What manga/anime are the ones you’d say had the biggest emotional impact on you? Whether they were moments that made you cry, tear up, or simply just feel a lot deep down in your heart?

jpablojr May 26, 7:51 PM
The Great Shinobi War has always been an interesting arc for me, unlike with the TYBW in Bleach where it starts off really strong but got weaker as it went on due to Kubo's declining health, I think the Shinobi War had a pretty weak start, easily some of my least favorite material in Naruto, but as the arc went on I grew to like a lot more, I especially grew really interested in Madara's character. The second half of the war had some of Kishimoto's finest writing in my opinion, and everything was leading to it becoming a top 3 arc for me, but then Kaguya came about who I still just don't quite understand at all, and Madara's arc was never properly concluded. Luckily, Naruto vs Sasuke was a perfect conclusion for the manga, and it almost made up for those two hiccups, but it still doesn't change that the War, is an arc that I think was roughly handled at points, but still remains as my fourth favorite Naruto arc, it easily could've been my favorite but the weak beginning and the strange writing choices near the end kinda hurt it a bit for me even if I still like 70% of the arc and absolutely love the finale of the manga. All in all, I think it's a good arc and served as a decent way to end the manga.
jpablojr May 23, 9:46 PM
You basically said what i think. Mashima’s a monster when it comes to being a weekly mangaka, he’s definitely very dedicated and passionate about what he writes, and it shows through his work ethic, and I can definitely respect that about him.
jpablojr May 22, 10:06 PM
The arc villains in Rave somehow felt more forgettable and boring than the ones in FairyTail in terms of design or personality. The villains in FT were more thematically inconsistent in the story or were just kind of there, and while I would say the Rave villains were more thematically consistent they had a far more bland feel to them, to the point where I'm struggling to remember any of them other than Lucia. Lucia is by far one of Mashima's better villains he's written, he has some neat ideas behind him but lacks in pretty much everything else, he felt like a less polished Zeref in terms of the concepts and ideas behind him mixed with having a less cool version of Acnologia's design more or less. So as whole they're a downgrade from FT's villains in the memorability department but in the same way are better from a story perspective so... I would say they're more or less the same, both series lack what the other did. I hope Mashima can finally piece them together into one story, which hopefully happens with Edens Zero, as I'd like to imagine that Mashima has been trying to improve his storytelling.
jpablojr May 21, 6:29 PM
It's quite boring to be quite honest. I far preferred FairyTail, which is in of itself not saying much. I think Rave is a story that I probably would've liked if I was younger, and having read other shonen manga that just do what it does better makes me just not care for it, I thought the art was meh, not quite as good as his later art in FairyTail. The story was whatever until the final 2 arcs where the manga just collapsed on itself, with it massively contradicting it's own established rules and most of its thematic meaning. The cast was uninspiring for the most part probably due to the fact that the main crew had too many mascot characters to be quite honest, in particular Griff and the stupid star guy were obnoxious. Haru was decent, still better than Natsu I suppose, Ellie was cute and had some decent moments but not much else, Let was ok, and Musica was lame, but I will say that I quite liked Julia's character, she definitely felt the most consistent when it came to her arc. The main villain was ok, he had some neat ideas behind him but not much else, and Sieg was just a dumb character imo, and I wasn't a fan of how Mashima wrote him. Everybody else I either forgot or didn't care for. It was overall a chore to read and not very enjoyable, some decent ideas and themes hidden in with a bunch of trash, similar to FairyTail, but except worse. The only reason I didn't give it a 2, is because I enjoyed the main romance. While by no means perfect, hell I wouldn't even call it great, I will at least commend Mashima for bothering to write a long term romance in the manga that actually bothered to develop, even if it wasn't great. It had some cute and funny moments, and was easily one of his most consistent story beats/ideas, and I had some enjoyment with it, so for that I gave the manga a 3. Overall it was a pretty boring experience.
jpablojr May 17, 2:59 PM
I like Holic quite a bit, not as much as CCS and nowhere near as much as Tsubasa but I quite enjoyed my time reading it, Watanuki and Yuuko were wonderful, and I also quite liked Doumeki. Some great episodic stuff, interesting ideas on desire, and great art. I thought the change made sense considering what happened in Tsubasa, and it also made the change all the more emotional I especially liked the somber and depressing route that the story took after the big change, while the story never shied from darker stuff, it still had a lot of heart and warm moments, but after Yuuko left the story became a lot more cold and somber, which made the read rather heartbreaking, which I think worked in showing how Watanuki's desires to see Yuuko again, and to take over the shop for her have lead to a rather lonely path for him, but one that he doesn't regret because he still desires to see her even if it never happens, which was a neat parallel to how Yuuko's life in the shop to satisfy her desires. While Tsubasa also had a bittersweet ending, it had a positive message behind it, while with Holics, it was just really sad. None the less I really liked Holic, and seeing stuff from the Holic casts perspective was neat. I'm excited to get into X now sometime soon.
jpablojr May 13, 9:55 PM
I definitely like both, and it often depends. I like over arching villains like Father, Vearn, Fei Wong, and Naraku where everything that happens ties back to them, as it makes their eventual defeat all the more gratifying while also giving us the chance to get to know them more and in the process making us more interested when we find out everything about them. But I do also like arc by arc villains like in Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball, FOTNS, or Saint Seiya, as it makes each stories conflict all the more different every time, with each villain and each arc carrying its own themes and ideas that in someway play back to the main concepts of the series. This is one where I can’t find myself really picking one or the other so I’ll have to say it’s a tie. Also out of curiosity who would you say are your top 10 shonen female characters?

Mine are:

1. Tomoe Yukishiro
2. Princess Sakura
3. Nico Robin
4. Kagura (Gintama)
5. Kagome
6. Kaoru Kamiya
7. Riza Hawkeye
8. So, Dakki
9. Orihime Inoue
10. Athena/Saori

Honorable mentions to Nami, Princess Leona, Maam, Tokine from Kekkaishi, Megumi from Gash Bell, Boton, Winry Rockbell, Yuuko Ichihiro, Tsurara Oikawa and Rukia Kuchiki

I’m probably forgetting a few but those are some off the top of my head.
TrevRockOne May 13, 8:27 PM
Overall, Anne is a very healthy, heart-warming slice-of-life, with some dramatic moments strewn about. The biggest, most dramatic moment is toward the end, so there is a powerful payoff to it all. But what Akage no Anne is really about is just watching Anne grow up before your eyes. The show is very thorough in portraying that, and it's very satisfying to watch.
TrevRockOne May 13, 7:41 AM
Hey, and thanks for accepting. I like to add people whose taste I appreciate.
jpablojr May 12, 8:47 PM
Dark reflections are definitely up there, but I’m also a fan of the thematically connected villains. Villains that connect to the hero not by being dark reflections of them, but rather their own person that connects to the hero in some way thematically, something that binds them together that leads to them in battle, they’re opposites but still different. Let me get some examples:

-Naraku - Inuyasha and Kagome
-Enishi - Kenshin
-Fei Wong - Syaoran
-Dakki and Bunchuu - Taikabou
-Vearn - Dai

They’re polar opposites but yet they connect thematically, they reflect two different sides of a coin, rather than being someone they could’ve been, these are villains that instead share and are the complete opposites of the hero in terms of ideas, personality, etc, but yet they remain connected do to the reoccurring idea such as Naraku and InuYasha’s feelings on human emotions, Enishi and Kenshin’s struggle to change, Vearn and Dai’s opposing views on heroism, or Fei Wong and Syaoran’s desire to get what they want no matter the cost of it. I hope I was able to word that right and make sense, and it’s tough picking between opposites and dark reflections but I think I’d have to go with opposites.
jpablojr May 7, 9:15 PM
The anime's directing looks beautiful, though with it being quite old I was a bit hesitant to watch as watching older anime is harder than reading older manga for me, but I do plan to watch it at some point after I do end up finishing the manga. On the other hand, how's Black Jack? I read a good portion of it not too long ago and I really liked it, but I ended up getting busy with other series so I wasn't able to finish it.