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Mean Score: 5.45
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Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space
Aug 24, 8:59 PM
Watching -/1 · Scored -
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
Aug 24, 8:58 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
Aug 8, 8:38 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 8
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Days: 104.7
Mean Score: 5.69
  • Total Entries277
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  • Chapters18,252
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Yesterday, 7:50 PM
Reading 67/438 · Scored -
Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Sep 16, 8:23 PM
Reading 68/? · Scored -
Hi no Tori (1967)
Hi no Tori (1967)
Sep 10, 5:20 PM
Reading 3/19 · Scored -


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Berry-Vodka Jun 6, 1:23 AM
oh yeah, no prob

the whole harlock franchise sounds much more interesting than the Yojouhan story imo.
Berry-Vodka Jun 1, 12:03 PM
may i ask why you started the tatami galaxy? first episode, was it good? i was glad it was short because of the story telling style it really turned me off. like there isn't much.
jpablojr May 2, 10:37 PM
Yeah. Sunday likes to give their veteran mangaka a lot of space for publishing which I can appreciate.

By the way, considering how long we've been conversing through MAL's comment system I'm surprised I've never asked you but do you have a discord?
jpablojr May 2, 12:12 AM
It's a battle manga like that of InuYasha. While it still has her lovely dry humor, it is more serious and dark. They have run ins with evil yokai that do evil stuff that happens to connect to the main plot or characters in someway. Though it isn't as action heavy as InuYasha. It is definitely a battle manga but not as much as InuYasha, at least not right now. Comes off as more of dark mystery a lot of the time similar to Mermaid Saga that happens to have some action split into it. The cast does have run ins with occultist stuff similar to Holic though it doesn't have as episodic a structure. It's interesting that's for sure.
jpablojr Apr 29, 9:43 PM
Not much has changed since I last spoke to you about MAO. Not much has really happened other than we've gotten another side character who'll be important and is connected to MAO's past. We found out a tad bit more about MAO's past in general. but not much plot stuff has really happened. Seems the story is kinda still in baby steps similar to InuYasha before Naraku's introduction. It seems to me Rumiko Takahashi is still laying down the ground work before getting the story rolling. I will say that the previous few chapters have definitely been improving. Not that the series started bad by any means, if anything the beginning is quite solid. But I guess I'm starting to feel more interest than I was in the beginning with these past few chapters. Sadly the translation is pretty behind the Japanese release which I think is in the 40-50 range by now. I'll definitely keep you updated once the story starts delving into the meat though.
jpablojr Apr 15, 12:37 AM
Karakuri Circus is definitely a far more ambitious and plot focused narrative with many moving pieces throughout the story that are slowly being connected as the story progresses. Ushio To Tora on the other hand has a more simple structure that reminds me of Urusei Yatsura's or even Conan's structure. A bunch of seemingly at first episodic stories that introduce important characters who will matter down the line, developing characters and their relationships, and introducing/foreshadowing/developing important story elements, all in build up to the final arc in where everything comes together for one massive payoff that wraps up everything that was set up in one big swoop. Karakuri's plot is insane and it has a lot fantastic moments through out, and it's in general a really well structured story considering how much is happening in the story. It's not One Piece level of massive but the story definitely has a big scale to it. The cast is really fun and memorable each with their own journey's that come together really well, and the side cast are pretty good too. I think the only reason I like it less than U&T is because it's still not fully translated. I do know how it concludes because of the anime, but the anime skips a lot of material and is in general an anime not meant for those who haven't read the manga with how much it skips. So, I'm basically waiting until the full manga for Karakuri is translated to see how the entire final arc pans out (without skipped/rushed material). Even then, I still think I'd give U&T the upper hand because of how fantastic of a final arc it has. The final arc is one of the best in shonen with how much it elevates the rest of the story while managing to give the perfect closure. The arc is just on another level. I think that while the side cast is weaker in U&T than the side cast in Karakuri (though both side casts are good and serve their roles in the story, it just so happens that Karakuri's side cast are more memorable to me) I think the main duo of U&T more than make up for that. While Masaru, Narumi, and Shirogane are all really great, the friendship and rivalry between Ushio and Tora is one of the best in all of shonen manga for me. It's one of the manga's biggest strengths in seeing the twos relationship develop. I also think that Hakumen no Mono is one of the best plot device villains of all time who just has this nightmarish precense about him that really adds to the final fight between it and U&T. The main villain of Karakuri is great as well, especially with how well foreshadowed he is. He's a great twist villain and he was right under your nose too which makes his reveal all the greater. Even then, while he is a fun time and a fairly interesting villain in regards to his purpose in the story I think Fujita's villains in his other manga stand out to me more. In general I think Karakuri and U&T are fairly close, but Ushio and Tora slightly inch out because of a great villain, great main duo, a top tier final arc, and the fact that it's actually fully translated. This doesn't take away from Karakuri Circus however which is a really great battle shonen manga in its own right, with it's terrific story structure, interesting and loveable large cast, and it's utterly bonkers plot that has a bunch of crazy twists and turns that makes the ride worthy even if it is still being translated. I think both are a great showcase of Fujita's talents as a writer and artist. Both have his exceptional artwork, his hot blooded passion, and his big bombastic emotional moments that very clearly had an influence of Makoto Raiku for Gash Bell (who was working as Fujita's assistant for Karakuri Circus before starting Gash Bell). I highly recommend reading both as they're some of the finest battle shonen stories you can find. Depending on whether you're more interested in reading an emotional and hot blooded traditional battle manga that stands out as one of the best of its kind or a more complex and ambitious plot focused narrative with a ton of moving threads will probably lead to which you'll be more interested in reading first and which you'll be more interested in at first, but as I said earlier both are worth the reads. I just happen to like U&T slightly more than Karakuri.
Armando Apr 13, 12:20 AM
oh yes!
YangWen-li82 Apr 9, 6:34 PM
The other characters that i really like are Ryunooksuke, Ataru, Shutaro, Benten, Megane
Armando Apr 4, 4:21 PM
she's a GODDESS!

i add u cuz i see u have taste for a classical anime too :)
jpablojr Apr 3, 11:43 AM
What'd you think of Astro Boy/Atom?

I own the first omnibus and I tried reading it but I ended up getting extremely bored and uninterested it so I never finished. Do you think it's worth reading to the end?
jpablojr Mar 28, 8:48 PM
I can definitely agree that Cutie Honey isn't very good. And with it only having 3 chaps left when the main conflict just got rolling tells me that it probably doesn't have an ending. As for a core group of main characters, I think it depends, but I've noticed that 4-5 seems to be the magical number. Kenshin, Dai, Tsubasa, InuYasha, Gintama and even the original Dragon Ball to name a few examples/ There are some exceptions like One Piece Ushio To Tora, and FMA but for the most part I think 4-5 seems to be the number that I think has managed to work the most for me personally. What do you thinK?
jpablojr Mar 27, 6:08 PM
Having already seen Devilman Crybaby, I was expecting to actually quite enjoy the manga. Surely enough, I was actually surprised as to how much I would enjoy it. It still holds up as a really haunting and disturbing manga about the dangers of human paranoia, fear, and hatred. I think the story and characters are relatively simple but I think the reason why the message still has the power and impact that it still has is because of Nagai's art. It was pretty ambitious for Nagai, considering the art was far scratchier than that of his other works. Reading Cutie Honey, which looks fine but it doesn't match up to Nagai's best art in Devilman at all. It manages to still make its readers feel the emotions that Nagai intended. The ending especially, holds up as a really somber ending that makes you feel like shit after having read it. Seeing Ryo's regret at his action, as his humanity begins to make him see the value of humanity. But he was too late in realizing it, and now he remains alone with what remains of Akira, who he fell for. It's a great manga, that's reputation still very much holds up/
jpablojr Mar 23, 12:46 AM
Oh wow, I actually forgot about most of those guys that you mentioned with the exception of Tien and Smoker. Even though I liked Koga I almost entirely forgot about his existence. But yeah, I can see many problems with those type of rivals.

I've been slacking a lot on Mazinger Z sadly due to a rough past week, but I'm hopefully going to be able to watch more this week as I really want to watch more. I've only seen 4 eps but so far it's neat. Nothing has really wowed me yet, but I've found it pretty fun to just sit down and watch. Boss and Koji are also beginning to endear me towards them at the moment. I also like that they're using the villain of the weak formula to further develop Koji mastering the Mazinger. I haven't read the manga for Mazinger Z but I feel that the anime probably handles this better considering how much longer it is. It's allowed to flesh out Mazinger as a machine but also developing Koji while he masters it. It also allows for the cast to have more dynamics from the looks of it which has me excited. It's pretty typical 70's anime in where the animation is pretty stiff and there isn't much movement but I don't really mind it at all, as I think the show still looks pretty good. The only problem is that the show is pretty hard to find in good English subtitles. The fan subs are some of the worst I've ever encountered and I don't want to buy the official releases which are the only source of good Mazinger subs in English, so I'm just watching it in Spanish atm. This is a case where Spanish being my first language became really useful. As for how much of the genre I plan to explore, I actually plan on exploring a good bit of it. A friend of mine got me really interested in Super Robot atm. I've dipped my toes into the mecha genre with having seen some Gundam shows, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, Code Geass and Eva, but I really wanted to experience more mecha, mainly Super Robot. After going through the Getter Robo manga I can pretty much say that I am hooked on getting to more. Alongside Mazinger Z I also plan on watching Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Shin Mazinger, Giant Robo OVA, Tesujin 28 (2004), The King Braves series (GaoGaiGar, J-Decker etc), Xabungle, The Combattler series (can't remember its official name), Getter Robo Armageddon, Mazinkaiser OVA, and Gunbuster/Diebuster are the main ones I one to get through atm.
jpablojr Mar 20, 1:27 PM
Probably Gray from FairyTail. I think as a character he's one of the better ones from FairyTail but he's not particularly effective in his role as a "rival" and so when Mashima tried to shove it in about how he's a rival it really just didn't work. Especially with Gray wanting to destroy END and all that. It had build up but it ultimately went nowhere. Ban from NNTS is another where as a character he's fine but he just didn't work as a rival to Meliodas, and the constant shoving of him being a rival just didn't work. I would say those are my two main examples. How about you?
jpablojr Mar 15, 7:26 PM
I'd probably Sui Ishida from Tokyo Ghoul and Hiro Mashima. Ishida is a really talented artist but his manga making skills are what makes Tokyo Ghoul so frustrating. His pages are laid out in a way where it makes it so hard to tell what is happening, to the point where I can't tell which character is which. It feels like he's trying to portray it as fast as he can rather than trying to portray it as clearly as he can, which leads to his pages feeling extremely cluttered and messy because of how much he's trying to fit in to his action pages, trying to get it over with as fast as he can. Mashima on the other hand, his pages aren't messy or cluttered, rather just very average looking. Nothing downright offensive, but nothing that doesn't use the medium of manga to its fullest potential, and that a competent anime adaptation couldn't go out of its way to portray the story in a more interesting manner. While Mashima is a good artist (especially his FairyTail art) and can draw some pretty cool things and do good character designs, I feel that his overall page composition is just the definition of average. Nothing offensively bad, and it can be read and understood, but I ultimately feel like I'm not getting something that I couldn't get from a better manga and mangaka with better understanding of manga layout. I would say Ishida is the complete inverse of Togashi while Mashima is an example of the norm/the bar. Nothing below it like Ishida but nothing above it like Togashi.